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A body slagged with life in the city and a head full of vain thoughts require a reboot. The crystal water of mountain rivers, the frosty air of the mountain morning and the bright sun of the snow-capped peaks help to restore the balance of vitality in the best way possible. In addition, endorphins are produced in the body at altitude, so mountains are really a drug. Caucasus, Alps, Sayany, Altai, Kamchatka, Fany .. Surprisingly, even in our age the mountains remain wild and untouched, you just have to put on a backpack and embark on the trail!

To Arabica through the Khashupse river canyon

Region - Abkhazia | Duration - 4 days | The length is 45 km. | Climb +3700 m. | The difficulty of the route is extreme!

A short hike "under the forecast" in the "home mountains". The implication was that we would thoroughly explore the northeastern regions of Arabica (in Abkhaz correctly - Arbaiki), climbing into the heart of the region through the Khashupse river canyon. Instead, because of the treacherously not melted snow, we once again climbed the Arabica Peak, and after descending we almost burned down in a mountain forest fire. All in all, it was really hot and dangerous! A real extreme.

Classic Fan Mountains

Region - Central Asia | Duration - 14 days | The length is 48 km. | Climb +4300 m. | The difficulty of the route is sporty!

Fans are a fairy tale, guys! Large, beautiful and at the same time warm mountains. Does this really happen? It is absolutely unacceptable to live life and not see these mountains. And in combination with a visit to the legendary Samarkand and Bukhara, this is also a vivid journey. And no problems with visas and passes, just buy tickets and fly! Will definitely come back here with my son and wife!

Amuko (m) across the Shukha Ridge

District - Sochi | Duration - 4 days | The length is 39 km. | Climb +3400 m. | The difficulty of the route is sports!

This route is for those who are bored with “just walking in the mountains” and want wild forests, mountains and canyons. The main thing is to catch the right weather for such a route and have enough experience so as not to drown in the canyon, not get lost in the forest and not surrender in windbreaks!

Mountain hiking and climbing

When you love mountains and for some reason are far from them, time drags on forever. It remains only to count the days until the next meeting with the silent giants. The conquest of mountains is, first of all, overcoming oneself. And while there is no way to be physically in the mountains, it is possible to plunge into their atmosphere on the screen. Documentary and feature films about climbers, explorers and rock climbers tell amazing stories about human resilience and irresistible movement towards the goal. The list of films is suitable not only for mountain lovers, but also for everyone who is interested in learning about our world.

Free solo, documentary

The story of rock climber Alex Honnold who climbed Mount El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, California. El Capitan is a 2307 meter high mountain popular with climbers around the world. Honnold was able to free climb, i.e. without the use of artificial support points and ropes. The ascent took almost 4 hours. The shots are capturing from the first minutes, and you constantly empathize with the hero and seem to follow him step by step together. In 2018, the film won an Oscar for Best Documentary. The film is directed by Jimmy Chin, Alex's friend, photographer and climber.

Interesting fact: Alex Honnold underwent a brain study, and doctors found that his response to fear is completely different from that of ordinary people. In a sense, he is fearless.

The Dawn Wall - documentary

Again, Mount El Capitan and one of the most difficult routes in the world called the Wall of Dawn. Two climbers, Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Yorgesson, embark on a perilous journey to the summit. The preparation took 6 years of constant training. Maximum concentration, perfected movements and an immeasurable desire to complete the route.

It was a personal call for Tommy. Due to an accident, he lost his index finger, which is critical for climbers and mountaineers. Then he went through a tough divorce, but was able to come back and prove that a big goal is achievable if you have the courage to go after it.

hours (hours,) - feature film

The true story of Aaron Ralston, climber and adventurer. During one of the walks through the canyons and mountains, he is caught in a large boulder. The film shows his thoughts, actions and endless will to live. For 127 hours he was unable to eat, drink or move. What does a person feel at this moment? How can he not give up in the face of circumstances? A complex and deep film about the dangers in the mountains and the indomitable human will.

Everest - feature film

The dream of conquering the highest mountain in the world captures many people. Everest, or Chomolungma, as the locals call it, does not forgive an amateur approach and makes severe demands on its conquerors. The film is based on the real events of 1996, when a group of travelers storm Everest, but as a result of a series of events it ends tragically. There are no trifles in the mountains, no one will come to the rescue there, and you must first of all rely on yourself. The atmosphere of the Himalayas, their true grandeur and the serene beauty of the mountains are perfectly conveyed.

Touching the Void - feature and documentary

It's a rare case when a movie about a mountain is shot on it, and not in the studio. Joe Simpson and Simon Yates decide to conquer one of the peaks of the Andes in Peru, Siulu Grande, which is over 7000 meters high. The action takes place in 1985. They take the remote and difficult route of the western slope. On the way back, Joe falls and breaks his leg, and the friends face a difficult choice. How much does a person want to live? What are you willing to do for the sake of another person? And most importantly - why do climbers like to go to the mountains?

Reports, maps and photos from my mountain hikes in the Caucasus, Sayan, Altai, Kamchatka, Tien Shan, Alps, Carpathians and other mountainous regions

For many years now I have been collecting interesting quotes from travelers, climbers, researchers on outdoor topics.

All this is mainly accumulated “on the table”, although sometimes it finds application.

So, for example, we made packaging for our ExJe - extreme jewelry with some quotes from my collection.

But still, the bulk of it lies “dead weight” and does not work, although many quotes are the quintessence of experience and views on the life of people, great and versed not by hearsay in matters of travel, mountaineering, human interaction with the wild nature and mountains, can be useful and interesting for many.

Some quotes can cause a smile with their naivety, for example, I liked the statement of Maurice Erzog about Annapurna, and I took it to my collection. The words about the mountain were said even before the expedition to this eight-thousander began, in Russian translation they sound like this:

"As for Annapurna ... this summit is easily accessible and that is why it is of limited sporting interest." © Maurice Herzog

It is difficult to agree with this statement now, knowing that Annapurna is one of the most difficult and dangerous eight-thousanders on the planet.

Some quotes bear the imprint of the era, are a product of their time and personify the development and ideas of society, which we can look at through the prism of the achievements known to us. As an example, a blatantly racist quote by Robert Peary

“One smart white man should be at the head, two whites invited on the expedition because of their courage, determination, physical endurance and dedication to the leader should make up the hands, and the dog drivers and other locals should make up the body and the legs of the expedition. For the peace of mind of men, it is necessary to take women on the journey; in addition, they are in many ways as useful as men, and in terms of strength and endurance, they are often almost equal to them. "

But what I think is of particular value are the thoughts of great travelers, climbers and investigators on preparation, organization and safety. Very often, one apt and strong phrase uttered by a distinguished person can give much more to understand the essence of the issue than lengthy articles and verbose explanations.

The highest peaks on Earth are those that are more than 8 kilometers high. All the main mountains of eight-thousanders are located in Central Asia: China, Nepal, India, Pakistan. Climbing even one such mountain is not given to everyone. But there are people on the planet who are trying to conquer all the difficult mountain peaks. To date, only 42 climbers have been able to do this.

Chomolungma (Everest)

The Chomolungma Upland or Everest (8849 m above sea level) is the highest peak of the Earth. Here is the state border between China and Nepal. Geography of location - Himalayas, Mahalangur-Himal region. The mountain range also includes three heights of Changse (7544 m), Nuptse (7863 m) and Lhotse (8518 m). The highest elevation in the world attracts a large number of climbers from all over the world. In technical terms, climbing the mountain along the usual route does not cause great difficulties. However, on Everest, the most serious hazards are lack of oxygen, disease, harsh climate and strong winds.

Interesting facts:

  • Chomolungma every year increases in height by 4-7 mm and moves to the north by 8 cm.
  • Everest, which is also called Chomolungma, can be deciphered from Nepali as "Mother of the Universe", from Tibetan - "Mother of Snows". This place is sacred to the population. The name comes in honor of George Everest, the first person to measure the magnitude of the great elevation.
  • The largest expedition that climbed Chomolungma consisted of 411 climbers who were in the Chinese group in 1975
  • The first ascent was made by Edmond Hillary (New Zealand) and Tenzing Norgay (Naples) in as part of the English team in 1953
  • Nepalese Sherpa Appa most often ascended the highest peak of the Earth, Mount Everest. The climber has climbed 22 times and is listed under the corresponding letter "E" (Everest) in Wikipedia, as an absolute record holder.
  • 1994 is the safest year when 128 climbers climbed Mount Everest and only 9 people died. The saddest year is 1997, when 98 people climbed the peak, and 15 did not survive.
  • The highest mountain peak on the map is located at 86.9251 degrees. east longitude and 27.988 deg. north latitude.

Aconcagua Ridge

The second mountain on the list is Aconcagua - the highest elevation on the American mainland. It is located in Argentina, Mendoza region in the Andes. It is also the highest point of both hemispheres.

Part of the Aconcagua National Park. The upland consists of several glaciers. The most famous is the Polish one of the main routes for climbing the mountain.

Interesting facts:

  • In terms of mountaineering, Aconcagua is classified as an easy hill for climbing. If you go along the northeastern route, where there is practically no ice crust and you can move by land. This does not require ropes, hooks and other necessary equipment.
  • The name "Aconcagua" means "The Stone Watchman" from the Quechua language. And from the Araucanian "from the opposite part of the Aconcagua River."
  • The youngest climber to reach the peak is Matthew Monitz (11) The oldest is Scott Lewis (88).
  • The first to climb Aconcagua in 1896 was the Englishman Edward Fitzgerald.

Mount McKinley

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