Features of rest in Altai

Big Altai

Recreation in Gorny Altai by savages by car is very popular among our compatriots. We will tell you where to go and what you can see, as well as list the recreation centers where you can conveniently stay overnight if you get tired of living in tents in the middle of nature.

Ecotourism is developing quite actively and there are many people who prefer real nature without embellishment and civilization to snow-white beaches and luxury resort hotels. Indeed, it is in this case that you can put things in order in your own thoughts, achieve harmony and balance, know yourself and enjoy the natural beauty of this world.

Why come here?

Altai is the name given to the entire Altai Territory in geographic terms, and the Republic with the same name is also referred to it. Although, in fact, these are two different regions. In any case, it will appeal to those who want to relax away from noisy cities, civilization and learn the culture of this wonderful place.

In addition to the amazing nature, people come here to get in touch with shamanic magic rituals, to see extraordinary ancient actions, to get to the fabulous land called Belovodye, which is associated with many mystical stories and legends. It is here that old superstitions, belief in magic, service to gods and spirits, communication with nature at an energetic level remain in force. It is not surprising that Altai attracts curious tourists more and more every year.

Most of the region's attractions are natural sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. These include Belukha Mountain, Lake Teletskoye, Ukok Quiet Zone, Altai and Katunsky Nature Reserves. Some plants and animals are considered rare and can only be seen in this area.

How to get there?

Altai Territory is located in the south of Russia and borders on Mongolia, China and Kazakhstan. The climate is continental. Summers are hot but short and winters are long and frosty. The geographic relief is distinguished by high mountain ranges, river valleys, intermontane basins. There are more than seven thousand lakes and even more rivers on the territory. Earthquakes are not uncommon here, the strongest happened in 2003. Therefore, before going to Altai, check the weather forecasts and check the level of seismic activity in the region.

To get to the desired natural sites, you can use different types of transport:

  • By plane - direct flights from Moscow and other cities of Russia fly to Barnaul, Gorno-Altaysk and Novosibirsk. Airlines such as S7 and Pobeda operate in this direction. From each settlement you can get further by buses or cars to any recreation center. Some of them organize bus tours (Busfor) and pre-booked transfers (Kiwitaxi). You can check the price of air tickets on Aviasales.
  • By train - it is convenient and cheap to travel from Moscow to Novosibirsk, Barnaul or Biysk. The cost of the trip in this case depends on the destination. So, it will be inexpensive to travel to Novosibirsk - only 5500 rubles, and to Biysk - 12 300. But remember that trains may not run every day, so it is important to clarify the timetable, for example, on tutu. u. Further, the road is also crossed by local buses, transfers or by car.
  • By car is the most popular way to relax in Gorny Altai with a company or with children. This will be not only more profitable financially, but also much more convenient. You can choose any direction, not depend on the availability of rooms in the hotel, schedules and schedules, excursion offers, etc. If you wish, you can get to any natural site and the most beautiful places in the region using your own transport.

In order to get to the recreation center by a personal or rented car, you need to adhere to the only road - Chuysky tract. Its condition and coverage is considered perfect. At any exits to third-party roads, be prepared for the fact that they will be broken and even impassable. The only drawback is the renovation work carried out here occasionally in the summer.

Features of rest in Altai

Winter Holidays Mountain Shoria

Mountain Shoria is a small mountain taiga region in the south of Western Siberia, at the junction of Altai and Sayan. It got its name from a small original people - the Shors, whose ancestors throughout Siberia were famous for their ability to smelt iron.

Siberia Altai offers accommodation in the best hotels and holiday homes of Gornaya Shoria with many years of experience and colorful traditions, in the spirit of active tourism, with unforgettable impressions of communicating while traveling with like-minded people.

Sheregesh is a popular ski center with the best snow slopes in Siberia. The magnificent slopes of Sheregesh are waiting for beginners and experienced skiers and snowboarders. Sheregesh today is freeride, extreme skiing, jumping from rocks, paragliding, as well as excursions on snowmobiles.

We offer only the best hotels and holiday homes in Mountain Shoria and Sheregesh!

Treatment in Gorny Altai in the Belovodie sanatorium

Treatment in the Altai Mountains in the sanatorium "Belovodie". Traditional (folk) methods of treating chronic diseases under the qualified supervision of specialists.

Altai camp sites

Tourist bases located in the Chemal region, on Lake Teletskoye and on Lake Aya will provide a comfortable rest and exciting excursion programs for lovers of healthy and active recreation.

Winter and summer holidays in Gorny Altai from the Siberia Altai company are represented by a wide selection of tourist centers.

Belokurikha Rest in summer and winter

Winter 2020 reservations are open!

Belokurikha. Rest in Belokurikha. We offer you the best sanatoriums in Belokurikha. Affordable prices for treatment and excursion programs.

It is very popular among our compatriots to rest in Gorny Altai by savages by car. We will tell you where to go and what you can see, as well as list the recreation centers where you can conveniently stay overnight if you get tired of living in tents in the middle of nature. Ecotourism is developing quite actively and there are many people who prefer real

Find out the cost of the rest

white hair

"Grace" is a hotel located in a picturesque place of the resort near the Belokurikha River. In winter, this hotel is ideal for ski and snowboard lovers.

The Altai Spring Sanatorium is an ideal place for a family vacation. All conditions are created here for a comfortable stay of adults with children.

The resort hotel "Belovodye" offers guests comfortable accommodation, treatment and health procedures in the Center for Restorative Medicine.

Altai-West is one of the first sanatoriums in the resort. This is a place where oriental hospitality and European quality standards are combined.

The sanatorium is one of the pioneers of spa treatment in Belokurikha. More than 8 thousand people heal there every year.

"Belokur" is a cozy, truly home sanatorium. Due to its small format, special attention is paid to each guest.

The Aurora sanatorium is located on the promenade of the Belokurikha resort. Nearby for tourists are collected the main places of entertainment - cafes and restaurants

The Altai Castle Sanatorium is considered one of the youngest in Belokurikha. However, this does not prevent him from entering the top of the best sanatoriums in the resort.

Sanatorium "Katun"

"Katun" is a health resort for 315 places with a developed medical and material-technical base.

You come to the forest, to the shore of a lake or climb a mountain, and there ... garbage, garbage and again garbage! Why is this happening and how can it be changed? There are several reasons: Ø People do not clean up after themselves, because they are poorly educated; Ø People do not want to pay for the collection and removal of waste; Ø People do not have accessible infrastructure to throw away waste in a civilized manner; Ø Enterprises do not accept half of the waste because they cannot be recycled. Show in full.

Russian legislation is poorly tailored, it does not encourage the good and does not punish the bad. Instead of creating conditions for separate collection and recycling, the authorities stimulate the production of waste and then approve its incineration. This means that in addition to garbage in the forest, we will also find heaps of toxic ash.

You can change this with the click of a button. Go to roi. u/63007 (authorization through State services) and support: Ø refusal to incinerate, Ø ban on non-recyclable goods, Ø introduction of responsibility of officials for violation of the law, which prescribes the priority of waste prevention and recycling over incineration.

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Dear friends, reservations for New Year 2021 are in full swing

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Hello guys! I need your help !!

I, Alexander Antonenko, head of the "Altai Unlimited" project, the essence of the project is to build a comfortable recreation center for people with disabilities (for wheelchair users) in Gorny Altai !! - When the guys start to participate in competitions, the fear disappears - to cross the threshold of the house, to start communicating with other people. After all, even people with severe injuries are able to fly with parachutes or dive to the seabed, etc. (I'm showing by my own example, see photos and videos)! ”

- I have developed routes in Gorny Altai, Bungee jump, fly over the Katunya River on a rope descent, raft down the Katun, fly on a hang-glider, climb the mountains - to feel like a mountain climber. sledding, downhill skiing on specially equipped sleighs, etc. - Training workshops and demonstration trainings in sports tourism will be organized for children, adolescents and youth aged 7 to 30 years.

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