Extreme walks "; Top 9 tourist trails in Russia

Extreme walks

The Kola Peninsula and the Khibiny Mountains in particular are underestimated by tourists. It is really difficult for them to compete with neighboring Karelia: there are historically popular uncomplicated routes for every taste, dense forests and picturesque lakes are everywhere. The Murmansk region is a more severe region. But that is why the opportunity to grab a couple of weeks of good weather there and see the local nature in all colors looks even more unique.

Hikes in the Khibiny are best planned for July-August-September. Especially August due to the abundance of blueberries, blueberries, lingonberries. Don't be surprised by the light snow in July (it will melt quickly) or the windy rain for many days. Here it is in the order of things. But you better hope for the best. In summer, the Russian Arctic is beautiful. Global warming has already reached here; in recent years, tourists swim in local lakes as if nothing had happened.

Check out the best routes to enjoy and remember hiking in the Khibiny in 2021.

The best routes in the Khibiny

If you are not a very experienced tourist, then it is better, of course, to join the groups that travel companies recruit. However, no special permits are required for an independent hike in the Khibiny. It is advisable only to warn the Ministry of Emergencies, leaving contact details and your route.

Summer hikes

Summer in the Khibiny is short, so there are not many races.

Routes are divided according to the level of difficulty and comfort. There are family tours in which you can take children from 12 years old. You will be provided with accommodation in a hostel or hotel. There will be no long transitions with backpacks, and there will be no overnight stays in the rain in a tent either.

Usually the group is picked up by all-terrain vehicles (for example, UAZakh-"loaves") and a couple of hours taken off-road to the base camp. And from there there are exits to local attractions.

In such trips, in fact, you don't even need a backpack. All you need is comfortable shoes and trekking poles. They will show the Rischorr mountain and the waterfall of the same name (get ready, the whole “geography” is Sami), the surrounding gorges and passes, the Imandru and Umbozero lakes, the Risyok river.

There are interesting routes for more experienced tourists. For example, 10-day sports hikes in the Khibiny are offered in 2021, they are of 1 degree of difficulty: with full backpacks, fording rivers, steep ascent over stones, descending on a snowfield (in some places the snow in the Khibiny never melts), overnight in tents , of course. On this route, travelers will see one of the canon attractions of the Khibiny - the Yumyekorr pass, as well as the Kaskasnyunchorr peak, and will be able to swim in a mountain lake (water temperature +5 degrees).

Hiking in the fall

Autumn in the Arctic is a relative concept. It happens that summer ends abruptly and winter begins immediately. Therefore, all hikes in the Khibiny, which can be called autumn, are planned in September.

Do you like romance? Do you mind testing yourself on an extreme trip? "My Russia" talks about hiking trails that will surprise you with their beauty and test your character.


Baikal is the center of the Earth's power for most people on the planet. Foreigners (and many Russians) imagine the lake as a mysterious and endless body of water in the "heart" of the continent. In many ways, this description fits the subject. There are many ways to get up close and personal with the “sea,” as the lake is called by the indigenous peoples. One of them is the Frolikha trail.

12 days on the northeastern, most virgin coast of Lake Baikal, will be an excellent test of your strength. The route has been sponsored by investors from Dresden since 2010, it is so attractive!

Its length is small - "only" 95 km. But it passes through the natural landscapes of the Siberian taiga. The center of the trail can be considered the Frolikhinsky reserve, the hallmark of which is the beautiful mountain lake Frolikha. The protected area was created in order to preserve the relict population of red fish - Arctic char (salmon family, included in the Red Book of Russia).

The route is decorated with numerous glacial streams, rock ledges and ends with the mouth of the upper Angara.

Great Baikal Trail

The term "Great Baikal Trail" also hides an organization engaged in the development of hiking in the Baikal region. The main goal of the project is to create a developed network of trails for tourists. The number of routes is growing every year. Volunteers carry out trail development projects in summer and winter, creating new routes, developing infrastructure and making maps. At this rate, within 10 years, an extensive system of hiking trails will be formed along the coast of the lake. The prospect looks "crazy" - a single path around Lake Baikal! Such an object will definitely become the center of world tourism.

Steep ascents and abrupt descents are constantly changing along the way. From the very start, tourists are expected to climb 400 meters vertically with access to the top, from which a view of Lake Baikal opens. Part of the trail runs along the coastline, on rocky cliffs. Here you will have to use the rope sections of the passage.

Eco-tourist route

The track is the "legal successor" of the famous All-Union tourist route No. 30 and bears the second name "Through the mountains to the sea." The route is alpine and requires special physical training. In the USSR, this trail was one of the first and most developed. By the mid-1930s, numerous groups were already walking here.

Today the route was "stung" up to 5 days of the road. Now the trail does not reach the sea: it connects the village of Guzeripl and the village of Solokh-Aul. On the way, tourists overcome ice sections, sheer cliffs and vast mountain meadows. The trail is not the longest, but it covers landscapes characteristic of the Caucasus. Tourists pass through ecologically clean and practically untouched by civilization territory.

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