Extreme tourism in Russia

Mountaineering and mountain tourism is

“A smart one will not go uphill - a smart one will bypass the mountain” - the proverb is not about climbers. These guys just conquer the peaks in order to emphasize their enviable qualities. Climbers have become as romantic heroes as astronauts or pilots with submariners. The sporting essence of mountaineering is overcoming obstacles - height, terrain, weather - on the way to the top. Of course, no one races in the mountains, but there are daredevils who want to be higher and faster.

Types of mountaineering

There are several types of mountaineering. The first is rock climbing. Climbing usually takes place where there is no snow and ice. The altitudes are small, there is no oxygen starvation. You don't have to take a lot of warm clothes with you and go in light rock shoes.

Rock and ice - these are combined ascents, during which you need to be able to move on rocks, snow and ice. On such routes there are overnight stays, the pace of movement is low due to the large amount of equipment, plus when climbing 5 thousand meters or more, the body begins to adapt to new conditions. Those who could not get altitude sickness.

High-altitude mountaineering is the conquest of peaks from 6500 meters above sea level. Few are engaged in these types, only professionals. At an altitude of 8 kilometers - the so-called death zone - it is impossible to stay for a long time without oxygen equipment.

Big Wall is an American term for the passage of large walls for a kilometer or more. These ascents have rather difficult routes.

Separately, climbers can engage in ice climbing - this is a competition, the essence of which is to overcome ice walls. The faster one won. The International Mountaineering Federation will never get ice climbing included in the Olympic program.

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Mountaineering Features

Mountaineering and mountain tourism is

Mountains have always attracted people with their majestic beauty and tranquility. People began to conquer mountain peaks in the old days, but even now the craving for difficult routes in the highlands has not lost its relevance. In our article we will tell you what mountain tourism is, where you can do it in our country, and what you need to know in order to ensure your safety and comfort in such extreme conditions.

Mountain tourism is understood in different ways. Someone understands it as rock climbing, someone - as a rafting on dangerous mountain rivers, someone includes in this concept short hikes in the mountains in order to study rocks and flora. We will consider mountain tourism as hiking trails in the mountains. As a rule, such hikes take place at an altitude of 3 thousand meters above sea level.

Some people think that mountain tourism is mountaineering. It's a delusion. Mountaineering involves the obligatory ascent to a mountain peak, while mountain tourism does not set itself a similar goal. Mountaineering can only be done by specially trained and well-equipped people with excellent physical fitness. Mountain tourism involves uniforms and some other components, such as the ability to overcome passes, mountain rivers, etc., but crossing mountainous terrain "horizontally" is considered less dangerous than the constant movement "vertically".

Where to start

If you are tired of spending your holidays on the shores of sandy beaches, you are attracted by the spirit of adventure and unexplored sensations, you may like mountain tourism. To understand what to expect from such sports tourism, it is necessary to study this issue well. Here you will be helped by books and the Internet, communication with professional trainers and amateurs of hiking on mountain routes. Currently, on the global network you can find a lot of information about mountain tourism. If you wish, you can join a group where questions regarding this type of outdoor activity are covered. You will learn a lot of new and useful things for yourself.

Don't try to go to the mountains on your own the first time. It is life threatening! The trouble of an experienced mentor is that the first mountain hike cannot be done.

After you get acquainted with the information you need about mountain tourism, you should understand what equipment you need, as well as soberly assess your physical data.

Mountain tourism outfit

It's over, you can't go to the mountains in a T-shirt and sneakers. You must have suitable clothing, footwear, and equipment available from specialized stores. Remember that you cannot save on uniforms, because on a hike you will not have the opportunity to look into the store and buy a new pair of shoes if your boots are unstuck from water and dirt.

The most minimal set of clothing for a beginner mountain hiker should include good boots, a hat, gloves, breathable T-shirts and T-shirts, durable pants, sunglasses and cream, removable shoes, a sleeping bag, a roomy backpack, a camping mat, a water bottle for liquid and so on. A list with the things you need during the trip will be given to you by a coach-mentor.

Don't forget about your equipment: carabiners, ropes, belays and special trekking poles you will definitely need.

Physical and psychological preparation

You cannot go camping if you have never played any sport in your life. Of course, this does not mean that you have to be a master of sports, but you need to keep your muscles in good shape in any situation.

Extreme tourism is becoming more and more in demand in Russia. Now tour operators even offer special extreme tours that include outdoor activities in many parts of Russia. In addition to relaxing on the beach by the sea and in an all-inclusive hotel, stretched nerves are also able to relieve stress and fatigue in a person. Today we will consider extreme tourism in Abkhazia and southern Russia, in regions such as Krasnodar Territory and Crimea.

Crimea is very multifaceted and generous in terms of natural attractions, giving the opportunity to try a bunch of varieties of extreme recreation. Moreover, in the Crimea there are all types of outdoor activities known to mankind, with the exception, perhaps, only of alpine skiing.

Freeride, tracking

Hiking in mountainous terrain does not require any special expenses, except for comfortable shoes and water, and, believe me, there will be a lot of impressions. We suggest considering specific places in Crimea for this type of recreation:

  • Mount Ai-Petri with three of its impregnable battlements (there is also a stunning suspension bridge);


For scuba diving in the Crimea there are many grottoes, flooded objects and caves. Fauna of the Black Sea of ​​Crimea has not yet managed to acquire due to its young age, but not a single tourist will be upset by this for sure.

  • Sevastopol is rich in sunken ships;
  • You can get to paradise for diving fans by visiting Cape Tarkhankut. More than 30 different diving sites;
  • in Sudak for divers there are many grottoes, wells, underwater caves, the remains of ancient ships and ancient galleys;
  • near Feodosia - the ship "Jean Jaures", sunken in 1942;
  • you can search for artifacts that are associated with Turkey and Greece near the Kerch Strait.

Rock climbing and mountaineering

Mountain Crimea is the dream of anyone who is fond of mountaineering and who wants to test their strengths in climbing the inaccessible rocks. Even for beginners in Crimea, there are schools with experienced instructors who will help you take the first steps in this direction.

Here are some of the routes you have taken:

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