Extreme tourism 2019; and here's what you need to know

Extreme tourism 2019; and here's what you need to know

Various types of extreme tourism have for many years been attracting the attention of travelers who are already fed up with standard hotels and sightseeing walks.

It is for them that special tours have been developed in recent years, including climbing the mountains, inspecting destroyed historical buildings and, of course, traveling not with the usual sightseeing buses, but hiking, hitchhiking and motorcycle trips.

There are really many interesting options for the modern traveler. Their potential participant only needs to choose a suitable one and join a specific tour so as not to miss anything.

So that you can do this without any problems, let's see what exactly they mean by extreme tourism, and what types of it are available to all travelers today.

Extreme tourism

At the moment, there is no common understanding of the term extreme tourism. Usually, they designate those types of activities associated with staying in territories different from the place of residence in terms of landscape, social foundations, climate, cultural heritage, which pose an increased risk to human life and health.

This risk can be associated with various factors, including the possibility of falling from a height, exhaustion, drowning, and more. The list of such risks is currently very large and depends rather on the type of tourism you choose.

Various types of extreme tourism can both promote a complete rejection of the use of the benefits of civilization and require the use of only improvised means in a hike: flasks, shovels, matches and others. Others, for example, diving, are unthinkable without modern equipment.

Adventure tourism is currently available to travelers in virtually any country. You just need to decide what kind of its direction you want to do. Fortunately, there are a lot of them today.

Types of extreme tourism

Extreme tourism in all countries is quite diverse. There are such types of this pastime:

  • Automobile tourism. This is one of the most common movements in the West, involving travel to other countries by car. It can be either your own or rented;
  • Mountaineering. This direction sets the goal of climbing various mountain peaks. The most important thing in it is to constantly overcome natural obstacles - height, relief, as well as various unfavorable weather conditions. Mountaineering can be done with or without safety equipment;
  • Mountain tourism. Another extreme type of sport with overcoming the relief and height, in which the ascent is carried out exclusively due to the muscular strength of a person;
  • Diving is a type of extreme activity that involves diving to the bottom of the sea or ocean using special equipment for these purposes ;
  • Rafting - rafting on mountain rivers with a fast flow using a special inflatable boat - raft;
  • Hiking - a direction that involves the movement of one person, or a group of people on rough terrain without use of any transport;
  • Industrial tourism. A kind of extreme direction, involving the study of buildings, including abandoned ones. In some cases, even a pilgrimage is considered a kind of such tourism;
  • Hitchhiking is a kind of travel using associated transport. Such tourism does not provide for payment for movement;
  • Rope - jumping - a direction, the basis of which is jumping from various stationary objects using equipment for mountaineering, including insurance, or sophisticated modern depreciation systems;
  • Motorcycle tourism - travel exclusively by motorcycle. As a rule, they provide for crossing the borders of other countries and completely abandoning other types of transport;
  • Alpine skiing - downhill skiing or snowboarding along prepared or wild tracks. Here, the level of skill is determined by the slope of the track, the presence of obstacles on it, as well as the speed of the athlete's movement;
  • Easy walking is another extreme direction of tourism, in which it is envisaged to overcome various sections of the path through various types of terrain using only light equipment. The main requirement is that the rejection of heavy ammunition does not increase the risks of travelers.

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