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Trekking was invented by ancient people when they were exploring new territories. Yes, this sport is thousands of years old. In those days, he was unkempt and unkempt, everyone was indiscriminately engaged in it. Moreover, people did not even realize that they were preaching trekking - that is how they were.

We're talking about hiking. You wake up, dress and put on your shoes for the sake of decency and set off on a journey. Everything is very simple. Trekking is subject to everyone who has legs and who is able to move them. A simpler type of tourism, perhaps, cannot be found.

What is trekking

In terms of democracy, trekking is similar to football. In both cases, no special equipment or equipment is required. However, if you go on a long trip, you will have to take care of comfort and safety. So after all, professional footballers do not play barefoot.

Winter: pristine nature, downhill skiing.

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Hiking welcomes everyone, indiscriminately. The main thing is that you can walk and not complain about your health. There are difficult routes, running through mountains or deserts, which only a physically tough person can master.

Usually during the tour the traveler walks about 40-50 kilometers. Of course, a lot depends on the weather and the road. In the heat you get tired faster, in the fierce cold you think about how to get warm as soon as possible, during a strong wind you don't go, but barely crawl.

Trekkers usually choose routes with already paved paths. They collect as much information as possible about them in order to take the necessary equipment with them. One of the tasks of hiking is acquaintance with nature, terrain, customs and life of other peoples. These are such educational walks.

In general, tourists say that walking, first of all, helps a person to know himself, and only then the world around him. Imagine: you are walking along the road, relying in fact only on yourself and the people who are walking next to you. You don't have any transport. Rescue services can only contact you with walkie-talkies, but when they arrive. Think about it: whether you trust yourself or not, whether you are ready to walk hundreds of kilometers or is it better to stay at home in front of the TV.

Trekking Features

History of tourism in the southern Urals

Climbing the summits

Brutal ascents for strong-minded men and motivated ladies. Suitable for the first experience of mountain climbing and diving in mountaineering.

Hiking sports

An opportunity to combine the dynamics of trekking with a visit to a high-mountainous zone. The length of the routes suggests a large number of sights to be visited and the autonomy of stay in the Caucasus mountains is a real extreme.

Cave descents

Creative recreation for extreme lovers. Descent to unequipped caves with an experienced instructor with and without ropes. Skinners, siphons, manholes and wells ...

Climbing Canyoning

We invite you to visit the canyons of the Caucasus. Dry canyons are traversed with ropes, wet with wetsuits. Vivid impressions are guaranteed!

Extreme tourism

In the modern world, keeping pace with the times, it becomes increasingly difficult for a person to find a truly suitable vacation that will overshadow all the hardships of everyday life and bring a lot of unforgettable impressions. That is why ordinary tourism is gradually fading into the background, giving way to a still not so widespread type of tourism - extreme.

In fact, extreme tourism has existed for many decades - everyone remembers hiking trips in Soviet times with tents, incredible length routes and difficult mountain crossings. And in those days, such a rest was in the order of things, because it is useful both for health and for the state of mind.

Modern people can choose the type of extreme tourism to their taste - here and mountaineering, here and transitions through virgin mountain trails, here and exciting safari in wild and dangerous places. But what distinguishes extreme tourism from the usual and familiar?

Firstly, such an unconventional vacation implies a complete lack of communication facilities. A tourist simply needs to give up all kinds of gadgets, mobile communications and Internet access in order to fully enjoy the new impressions. Extreme tourism, as a rule, is chosen by the most fearless - after all, it really poses a risk not only to health, but also to life. Before embarking on such a journey, you need to think over the route, take with you all the necessary things that will help you cope with unforeseen circumstances.

History of tourism in the southern Urals. Tourist potential of the Urals. Developed types of tourism. Major centers. Tour programs and routes. Winter Tourism Industry Introduction to the Russian Institute

Hiking - travel that combines day trips and camping. This allows you to expand your horizons and enjoy a rich and exciting outdoor recreation. The key difference from day trips is the size of your backpack, as you need to carry all your essentials on your back. And you must choose your gear with care.

To prepare for your first hike, follow these steps:

  • Choose your destination: short overnight hikes in familiar surroundings are the best choice for your first trip.
  • Take the necessary equipment and clothes for rent: this will be the best choice if you are not sure that this type of recreation will suit your taste in the future. Rent equipment or borrow from friends.
  • Plan your menu: Freeze-dried instant meals are lightweight and easy to prepare. Also stock up on snacks on the way.

If you have a friend with overnight trekking experience, invite him to become your guide and companion. For the first time, it is better not to risk going alone and use the services of mountain guides.

Choose your itinerary

The key point is that it is easy to make mistakes in the mountains. If the hike is too hard it can lead to accidents. If the hike is easy, you have more time to explore the area. For a successful first overnight hike, follow these tips:

Consult experienced tourists: in our Outdoor Center Almaty lecture hall you can meet experienced tourists and sportsmen who can give recommendations for a trip. Travel guides are also a valuable source of knowledge and will help you plan your itinerary correctly.

Travel close to home: Plan to hike shorter distances than your regular day hike, because walking with a heavy backpack is harder and slower.

Gain altitude gradually: even if you've been on a lot of daytime hikes with significant gains, it's best to conserve your strength on your first overnight hike on your own.

Choose a well-known route: when choosing a route for an independent hike, try to choose well-known hiking trails, where you will definitely come across people on the trail who can help you if you encounter difficulties.

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