Everything for winter mountain tourism

Everything for winter mountain tourism

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Camping equipment has a direct impact on successful travel, and the same can be said for clothing. The number of shops specializing in the sale of tourist items is amazing, if you need to buy clothes for tourism, then you must clearly understand where you will apply them and how intensively you will have to move.

Most beginners prefer thick cotton products, and this is their mistake. Of course, it is practical and comfortable, but during active movement you will have to "sweat" and then your suit will surely absorb moisture, while it will become heavy and begin to restrain your movements. Therefore, it is better to opt for a tracksuit that contains polyester and lycra. This material does not absorb moisture, and the excess vapor is discharged outside, where it evaporates. Thanks to these clothes, you will always be comfortable and comfortable.

When choosing clothing for tourism, you should pay attention to the following indicators:

When walking, the seams should not irritate and chafe the skin, the same applies to the fabric. Hiking clothing should not be baggy, but at the same time, it should be loose enough. Choose products that fit your figure and then you will be as comfortable as possible.

Clothing for tourism should combine strength and lightness, as well as be water-repellent. Hiking gear should be easy to wash and dry in minutes.

  • Hygroscopic properties

Moisture must be removed to the outer layer of the product to allow it to evaporate. Thanks to this, tourist clothing will not become heavier and will be able to maintain thermal performance.

  • Compliance

Also, when choosing clothes for hiking, you should pay attention to:

Fishing in Siberia; generous gifts of Siberian rivers and lakes

A winter hike is a serious test both for a person and for his equipment. Therefore, the selection of equipment for winter tourism should be treated with special care and attention. Today we will list the basic necessary things for winter tourism and good proven equipment options, with which you can return safe and sound from the Dyatlov Pass, if necessary.

So, the first main three players: backpack, tent and sleeping bag.


The optimal volume is 70-90 liters.

In winter conditions, it is better to keep all equipment inside the backpack and not hang it outside so that things do not suffer from moisture. A detailed article on backpacks is here.

One of the most seasoned and time-tested backpacks, or, as it is also called, the "king of trekking" - Tatonka Bison 90.

Great for heavy loads and long distances: the unique X1 suspension system and adjustable back will help distribute the weight so that you can walk as comfortably and easily as possible. The backpack is simply indestructible, made of high quality high density Cordura, Cordura 700D. Convenient, reliable, roomy. The ideal solution for difficult conditions, including winter tourism. In order to additionally protect the backpack and cargo from moisture, it is better to stock up on a protective raincoat. The line of Tatonka raincoats is called Rain Flap, they are of different sizes, depending on the capacity of the backpack, and are produced in two main colors - green and red.

Especially for the beautiful part of humanity - Tatonka Tana 60 women's backpack. In fact, this is the same Bison 90, only adapted specifically for women, taking into account the specifics and nuances of female anatomy.

Tana has a raincoat immediately in the set, it lies in the upper pocket of the valve:


You can read our detailed article on tents and their main characteristics. A tent for winter should be two-layer, with vestibules, windproof, with a windproof skirt and guy lines. The windproof skirt will allow you to more reliably isolate yourself from bad weather and drafts from below, plus it will help to increase the stability of the tent. If the skirt is unfolded and fixed on the outside with heavy objects or covered with snow, the structure of the tent will become more stable. Although if the conditions are supposed to be snowy, you can use a tent without a skirt: you can dig it into the snow or build a snow shelter around the perimeter. Guys are also designed to increase the stability of the tent in the event of severe bad weather. The bottom must be made of polyester, and not from tarpauling, so as not to crack in the cold. Arcs - from aluminum alloy, aluminum withstand low temperatures and will not break under the weight of the snow layer.

We list optimal options for price-quality options. In the first place - the line of tents of the forwarding class TRAMP ROCK, represented by two, three and four-seater options.

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