Equipment repair in AlpIndustry on Pervomayskaya

Equipment repair in AlpIndustriya on Pervomayskaya

AlpIndustry on Pervomayskaya is more and more no longer just an equipment store: interesting samples of Soviet equipment are presented here in the format of a museum, lectures and master classes are regularly held, and useful services for climbers, tourists and skiers are constantly being added. Now, at Pervomayskaya, you can repair your camping equipment, replace the strap on your Suunto watches, and fix the inflatable or self-inflating mat.

Camping equipment repair

Services and Estimated Cost

The foreman takes on minor and medium repairs. For all positions, the foreman determines the total cost of repairs after inspection and assessment of the complexity of the work.

If you do not have your own parts, the master will select suitable ones from his stocks or he can select specific components, then the lead time will increase. If the clothes can no longer be repaired, then you can hand them over for recycling in our store.

Please note that the membrane can now be repaired in the workshop!

Service Estimated cost Notes Replacement of a zipper From 300 rub. Performed if the required part is available Embroidering a new zipper into clothes From 500 rubles. Color and tone may differ from the original Sewing of a zipper into a sleeping bag From 1000 rubles. Color and tone may differ from the original Sewing a zipper into a tent From 400 rubles. depending on the size and material of the tent Tent repair From 500 rubles-Repair of backpacks From 300 rubles-Repair of clothes * From 500 rubles-Repair of the frame of tents From 200 rubles-Repair of covers By agreement after inspection-Repair of sleeping bags From 300 rubles-Repair of down products By agreement after inspection-

* Please note that the workshop does not have a Gore-Tex seam plywood service.

Master contacts

You can contact the foreman directly to clarify the possibility and feasibility of repairs, estimated cost, availability of necessary parts and approximate terms of work, by phone +7 (977) 424-84-28, +7 (926) 423-54-14 (Irina) call from 11:00 to 22:00 Moscow time

Master on vacation from February 10 to March 03, 2021

About the wizard

He has been repairing equipment almost all his life, starting with sewing anoraks and tents at an amateur level. She worked in a production workshop in AlpIndustriya in the 1990s, then in her own small production, handing over gaiters, compression bags and other equipment for sale to tourist shops. Until 2017, she was in charge of equipment repair at Tema Sport. She worked directly with retail equipment stores to restore the presentation of damaged goods. Has its own equipment park and impressive supplies of consumables.

Equipment repair in AlpIndustriya on Pervomayskaya

Where to order goods for outdoor activities.

Good afternoon, friends! Now air traffic between the countries is practically paralyzed and no one undertakes to predict when everything will return to normal. This means that one cannot dream of visiting distant foreign resorts on vacation.

But don't be upset. On the contrary, this is a great reason to pack up your backpack and go to explore the interesting corners of our Motherland. Just before that, do not forget to visit the online travel equipment store and buy everything you need to travel. This article will introduce you to the best of them.

Rating of the best travel online stores

Today, almost every outlet has a site in the network and delivers within the country and abroad. But not all of them do their job really well. Let's make a rating of the best from the variety.

Top Online Travel Stores

For clarity, look at the table that reflects ratings on Yandex. the arcade of the ten largest stores.

The AlpIndustria climbing store was established in 1991 as part of Russia's first sports and production cooperative for high-rise work. Now it is a network of 25 partner establishments.

The catalog contains over 200 brands. There is a discount program and free delivery to the regions for purchases from 5,000 rubles. There is even a “Mountain Club” with training in mountaineering.

The 10Points group of companies includes three sites: "Green Sea" - goods for tourism and camping; Predelanet. u - ski specialization; “10 Points” - cycling.

There is a huge assortment on the pages. There are about 900 tents alone! Order from 15,000 rubles. free of charge will be brought to the point of issue in 65 cities.

The Sport Marathon offers everything for skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, rock climbing, camping and travel. This store has at least 300 top brands of equipment. Everyone in the team is fond of sports, and you can always get professional advice on a matter of interest.

Bask is the official store of the clothing and equipment manufacturer of the same name. Products of the BASK trademark have been produced since 1992. Now the collection contains about 500 high-tech models of tents, sleeping bags, backpacks. The prices are "non-sagging", and the quality is on the level. Buyers leave comments directly on the product page.

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