Ecotourism in Armenia

Ecotourism in Armenia

As the Armenians say, “it is better to see once than hear a thousand times”. Perhaps they love this proverb, because there is something to see in Armenia: cultural and historical sites, monuments and statues, wildlife, and so on.

Besides the crowded and busy cities, Armenia is famous for its villages. The country has a rich and very beautiful nature, in the arms of which you want to spend a lot of time. That is why people prefer to travel around Armenia and escape from the bustle of the city. They leave their constant worries and rest in the heart of untouched nature.

Perhaps that is why the potential of Armenia in ecotourism is very high. This is especially highlighted in recent years, when Armenia has become one of the favorite tourist destinations. Since 2016, a special event has been held in our country every year - an ecotourism festival.

The Ecotourism Festival brings together eco-travelers from all over the world to bring public awareness to ecotourism in a fun setting. Travelers and locals alike can experience an exciting mix of adventure and experience.

The festival is held in Vayots Dzor region. Here, participants enjoy morning yoga, taste local dishes, take part in photo and art exhibitions about plants and animals of the RA Red Book, take part in cycling, mountaineering and even hiking under the stars.

What is ecotourism?

Ecotourism is a journey through nature, rural areas and a green world. It is also known as green tourism, nature tourism, ethical tourism, mindful travel, pro-poor tourism, etc.

Eco-travel is respect for nature. It combines charming and wholesome. As an ecotourist, you can enjoy your stay in Armenia. The joy that any trip brings depends on beautiful places, great photos, delicious food, and so on.

Ecotourism in Armenia

Armenia is not famous for large urban areas. The largest city is Yerevan - the capital of the country. Even big cities are not so urban. A striking example is Dilijan, known as Little Switzerland.

Small towns and villages occupy the bulk of the country. As a result, Armenia is rich in natural resources, which is lacking in many European countries. Let's find out the trends of ecotourism in our "natural country".

Ecotourism in Armenia # Mountaineering, hiking

Mountaineering is also known as rock climbing. It is very common in Armenia, and this is not surprising. Armenia is well known as a mountainous and rocky country. The highest mountain is Aragats (4090 meters).

Ecotourism in Armenia

Armenia is a country with many sunny days at any time of the year. Warm climate, beautiful landscapes, ancient architecture, clean air, acidic springs and health resorts attract tourists from all over the world. Armenia is at the same latitude as Italy and Greece. You can come to rest in this country all year round. Winters are warm and mild here.

Natural health factors of Armenia

Tourism in Armenia began to develop under the USSR. The direction was very popular with Soviet citizens. In the late 1980s, the republic was visited by up to 800 thousand people a year. It is not hot here in summer, the average summer temperature is +25 degrees. In winter, the thermometer rarely drops below -5 degrees. On average, there are 280 sunny days a year.

There are more than 200 rivers and streams on the territory of a small state. They all carry their waters to the Caspian Sea. The rivers of Armenia are not suitable for navigation, they are used for fishing, ecotourism. There are more than 100 lakes in the country. The largest freshwater reservoir is Lake Sevan. It is located at an altitude of 1900 m. Above sea level.

More than 30% of the state's territory is covered with forests and pastures. Fresh air, clean rivers and springs attract tourists to this region. Visitors come here to combine relaxation and treatment.

There are healing thermal springs with mineral waters in Jermuk. There are more than 40 sources in total. The water temperature reaches 64 ° C. Local residents and tourists use natural baths to treat various ailments. Similar conditions for health improvement and recreation in the city of Arzni, which is located 20 km from Yerevan.

Healthcare destinations in Armenia

The sanatoriums of Armenia with treatment are located in places where there are springs of natural origin with mineralized water, lakes with therapeutic mud.

Patient health is achieved through:

  • an integrated approach to treatment;
  • favorable climatic conditions;
  • availability of highly qualified medical personnel;
  • special properties natural sources, their rare chemical composition.

Such resorts as Jermuk, Arzni, Vanadzor are known outside the republic. Each of them is unique in its own way.

Ecotourism in Armenia is a journey in nature, rural areas and a green world. It is also known as green tourism, nature tourism, ethical tourism.

Spring Armenia Trekking in Armenia with climbing Mount Aragats

Jeep tour "Treasures of Armenia with climbing Mount Aragats"

Rock climbing in Armenia + ancient temples

Trekking in Armenia + climbing Mount Aragats

Rest in Armenia is like a half-open curtain separating the present and the mysterious past. The original culture, luxurious reserves, ancient castles protected by inaccessible mountains and gorges evoke admiration and enthusiasm among those who love extreme relaxation.

Climate of Armenia - when is the best time to visit?

Although excursions in Armenia are held all year round, it is worth considering the peculiarities of the weather of this country; its territory is dominated by a continental mountainous climate. This means that in a short winter frosts here crack up to -15 degrees, and in summer the temperature rises to +30, although the mountainous regions, as well as the Lake Sevan area, are much cooler - maximum +20.

If you are interested in hiking, sightseeing tours to Armenia, then it is better to order them for autumn or spring, this is a warm period without intense heat. Hiking in the mountains at this time will be the most comfortable. Ski lovers will be delighted with the luxurious winter slopes of Tsaghkadzor. For supporters of lazy rest, tours to Armenia, to the beautiful beach of Lake Sevan, are also suitable.

Winter recreation - alpine skiing, snowboarding

The winter of 2016 was distinguished by the fact that many tourists were interested in snowy Armenia, the ski resort was in demand more than ever. By the way, there are three of them in the country: Jemruk, Sevan and the most famous Tsaghkadzor.

The latter deserves special attention, since it has gained immense popularity since Soviet times. This is due to the unique natural location of the resort, its special climate. On Tsaghkadzor, the skiing tracks are ideally prepared; they were appreciated even during the Soviet era by world-famous athletes who came here to train. Accordingly, the infrastructure of the resort is developed at the highest level.

Alpine skiing in Armenia, represented by the Tsaghkadzor resort, is more than a dozen different tracks designed for beginners and experienced skiers. There are only two tracks on Dzhemruk, also prepared for experienced lovers of skiing and not so much. Although Sevan is known primarily as a climatic resort, there are also several ski tracks suitable for beginner snowboarders and skiers.

Mount Aragats has always been of great importance for Armenians in all periods of history, especially in pre-Christian times. It is here, to the Throne of God (this is how the name of the mountain is literally translated from Armenian) since ancient times people have come to get answers to their deepest questions.

Ararat is a symbol of Armenia, and even though the mountain is now temporarily not on the territory of modern Armenia, it still remains in the memory and perception of the people the place where the history of the Armenian people began.

Khustup is located in the Syunik region of Armenia, it is part of the Bagrushat mountain range. The height of Khustup is 3201 m. The mountain arose from volcanic and sedimentary rocks.

The highest mountain of the Lalvar massif - Mount Lalvar has a height of 2544 m. The mountain looks like a stepped bath. It is dissected by ray-shaped mountain valleys.

In the center of the Geghama ridge there is the Azhdahak massif, consisting of four volcanoes - Azhdahak, Kamurj, Tar and Temablur. The highest point of the Geghama ridge is Mount Azhdahak, 3597 m high.

Mount Aramazd, whose height is 3399 m, is the highest point of the Bargushat mountain range, which is located in the Syunik region of Armenia and is the eastern branch of the Zangezur mountain range. The name of Mount Aramazd is associated with the name of the supreme god of the Armenian pantheon - Aramazd.

Ishkhanasar, or Big Ishkhanasar, is the highest mountain of the Ishkhanasar mountain range, which is located in the Syunik Highlands - on the border of Syunik and Artsakh.

The Miapor mountains (Mrguz, Murguz) or the Miapor mountain range stretches on the border of the Gegharkunik, Tavush regions of Armenia and Azerbaijan. These are folded mountains that stretch 54 km towards the northwest - from the junction of the Aghstev and Getik rivers to the summit of Kashatagh.

Ukhtasar is located in the Syunik region, 30 km from Sisian - in the central part of the Syunik highland. The height of the mountain is 3300 m. Ukhtasar is covered with snow for nine months a year.

The Armenian mountains are the mountains of the Armenian Highlands - the territory where the Armenian people originated and developed, and which is one of the centers of the emergence of world civilization. People have been living here all the time since the Paleolithic.

Armenia is one of the countries of the former USSR, currently developing economically, politically and culturally. Many Russian citizens are happy to visit this country, because there are many places of interest for tourists. These are ski resort areas like Tsaghkadzor, and springs with healing waters, which are no worse than those in Western Europe, and ancient attractions - monasteries, fortresses and others. The cuisine of Armenia is able to please the most demanding gourmets, and its nature will enchant any soul with its beauty.

However, some tourists, planning their vacation, are interested in: is it safe to vacation in Armenia in 2021? Read this article and find out the answer to the question of how to make your trip to this country safe and protect your vacation from unpleasant surprises.

Code of Conduct and Ethics

In Armenia, despite the fact that the country is developing dynamically, both cities and resorts have a well-developed infrastructure, they still respect and observe moral traditions and norms. As a guest in this country, no matter how you behave at home, “do not go to a strange monastery with your own charter,” but observe these rules. They will especially help you if you are staying with a family or just meet and decide to make friends with someone from the local.

Visiting Armenians

First, Armenians are very hospitable people. Therefore, in fact, it will be quite easy for you to make friends with someone from the locals, because friendly people treat tourists from Russia well. If you are invited to the table, you should not refuse to have lunch or dinner - this will mean disrespect and even the fact that you do not wish happiness to the hospitable hosts of the house.

By sharing their food, Armenians generously share their happiness, which means it will come in return.

When communicating with an Armenian family, one should remember about respect for the older members of the family. For centuries in this country it was customary to get up when an elderly person appears and not sit down without his permission. Now in most families there are less strict rules, however, it is worth remembering about respect: respectfully listen to the elderly, be polite with them.

You should also remember about respect for a woman. In the presence of women (by the way, as well as the elderly), one should not use obscene expressions - this is an extreme manifestation of ignorance and rudeness.

Armenians highly value the word given to them. Therefore, you should not promise something in the heat of the moment if you do not plan to do so. In addition, these people have a proud disposition, and therefore just communicate politely and respectfully with everyone - however, this will be an excellent recommendation for visiting any country.

Apart from special respect for the elderly and women, Armenians in general value everything that concerns family relations. Therefore, you should not allow yourself to joke about any member of the Armenian family. By the way, the country is very friendly towards children, therefore, visiting an Armenian with the whole family means, perhaps, "to experience on your children" all the love of the people for children.

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