Eastern Kazakhstan

Eastern Kazakhstan

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General information

East Kazakhstan borders with China, is located in the upper basin of the Irtysh River and includes the East Kazakhstan region. The nature of this region is diverse. In the southeast, the Saur and Tarbagaty ridges rise, and between them and the Southern Altai lies the Zaisan depression. The rivers of East Kazakhstan - the right tributaries of the Irtysh Kurchum, Bukhtarma, Uba, Ulba - are stormy, full-flowing, conceal not only the richest reserves of energy, but also places for extreme recreation. Below Ust-Kamenogorsk to Semey (Semipalatinsk), the Irtysh flows through a wide valley.

Consider this region as a single tourist destination from the point of view of a potential tourist, for example, a European one.

East Kazakhstan is located in the center of the Eurasian continent.

Intersection point - 79th and 49th latitude. Moreover, East Kazakhstan is of particular geopolitical importance. That region is located at the junction of the borders of China, Mongolia, and Russia. These two facts are another confirmation of the uniqueness of this region. The possibilities of this region are a source of favorable tourist promotion.

An interesting feature of East Kazakhstan is the ability to study all types of landscape available in Central Asia in a relatively small area. The beauty of this region can be enjoyed within one tourist tour. Here you can see:

  • sandy-desert zones
  • clay canyons
  • steppe zones
  • mountainous areas
  • forests and taiga
  • alpine meadows

mountain peaks whose height exceeds 4500 m above sea level (the peak of Altai and Siberia - Mount Belukha).

East Kazakhstan is the most biodiverse region, i.e. includes 24 national reserves, the total area of ​​which is 6% of the entire territory of the East Kazakhstan region. Rare animals living only in this area will meet you. The fauna of Asia and Siberia is present throughout the conditional border of Asia and Siberia.

The territory of Kazakhstan Altai, which is part of the Altai-Sayan ecological region, deserves special attention. Due to its unique landscape and biological diversity, this region is included in the 200 priority global ecological regions defined by the International Organization “WWF Living Planet”.

Eastern Kazakhstan

Extreme types of recreation in Kazakhstan are becoming not only affordable, but also widespread. This is facilitated by the popularization of "adventure" tourism, and the natural resources that the country is rich in. The portal "ZagraNitsa" talked with the editor-in-chief of the most famous tourist publication in Kazakhstan "Wind of Wanderings" Natalia Borova, and offers you a selection of places to visit for those who like to tickle your nerves.


The Wind of Wanderings magazine is a full-color edition published since 2006. Volume - 112 pages, circulation - 5000 copies. The electronic version of the journal can be found on the website. Also, for more than a year under the auspices of the magazine, the PhotoTravel project has been operating. On the portal, everyone can upload their photo reports about interesting places in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, and if the photo report is unique, then the author automatically becomes a participant in the "Best author of photo reports" competition.

"The Wind of Wanderings" is the organizer of the festivals "Okunkol" (fishing and tourist) and "Wings of Alakol" (festival of bird lovers). Both events are aimed at the development of domestic tourism in Kazakhstan.

The Wind of Wanderings is a team of like-minded people united by love for nature and hobbies associated with it: hunting, fishing, mountaineering, tourism and others. This is the first edition in Kazakhstan and Central Asia with a clear focus on ecotourism, nature conservation and the rational use of natural resources, promoting respect for the environment.

Down the river! Rafting and kayaking

There are several extreme water activities. If you are a fan of wrestling with water obstacles, kayaking is suitable for you - descent on the water in single boats (kayaks), which does not require team efforts.

If you have a team spirit, try rafting: down the river in canoes, inflatable rafts or boats. This team type of active recreation has already acquired the features of a sport. Rafting competitions are regularly held in Kazakhstan during the season: from early spring to late autumn.

By the way, rafting is included in weekend tours by many travel companies.

Descent of 2-3 difficulty categories costs from $ 25 (along the Ili, Turgen rivers, with an excursion to the Medvezhy waterfall)

Descent 3-4 categories of difficulty - from $ 40 (rafting on the Chilik river)

The payment includes equipment rental, transfer, instructor's services.

Age restrictions apply

Winter is a favorite time of skiers, snowboarders and connoisseurs of outdoor activities. Sports tourism is becoming more and more popular every year, especially in winter. Every athlete, both professional and amateur, annually asks the question of choosing a place for active recreation. For most athletes, a well-equipped area is a key factor; for some, comfortable living conditions and delicious food are an integral attribute, and tourists who prefer to travel with the whole family need a variety of recreational activities for all ages and qualified medical support.

Geographical information

Kazakhstan (Republic of Kazakhstan, abbreviation KR) is located in the central part of Eurasia.

  • Population: more than 18 million people;
  • Area: 2 724 902 km 2 (Kazakhstan ranks 9th in the world in terms of territorial indicators);
  • Capital: Astana;
  • Currency: tenge;
  • Religion: secular state, Islam, Christianity (Orthodoxy) are present, to a lesser extent Buddhism and Judaism.

A large part of the country's population has no religious affiliation, preferring atheism.


A sharply continental climate dominates on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic, with a pronounced seasonality:

The coldest month of the year is January. The temperature in the northern regions of the country during this period can drop to 20C o below zero, in the southern - up to + 1C o. The winter period is characterized by a low amount of precipitation, in the extreme northern regions, as a rule, it is dry and frosty.

South Kyrgyzstan in winter is one of the most climate-friendly places. There are practically no severe frosts here and it is rare to find those days when the temperature drops below -5C o. This makes the resorts especially attractive for those who cannot tolerate severe frosts and prefer to travel in comfort.

In the summer season, being at the resorts of the Kyrgyz Republic is no less pleasant than in winter: in July, the thermometer rises to 17-25C o. This climate is due to the country's territorial location relative to the sea.

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