Downhill skiing and yeti: 5 reasons to go to the south of Kuzbass

The fourth spring or a photo report about a trip to the mountain village of Sheregesh

The skiing season in the Sheregesh resort officially opens in November and lasts until May. Many connoisseurs of winter sports are sure that the best time to relax on the slopes of Mount Zelenaya is November and early December, as snowfalls are especially heavy during this period. The snow falls fluffy, it is called so - "powder". However, even at this time, severe frosts can already hit Siberia.

Holidays at the Sheregesh resort in winter are especially popular during the New Year holidays, in 2020 and 2021 there are more than 70 hotels operating here, but even so, it is worth booking rooms in advance - closer to the holidays, everything is sorted out.

The best time to travel to Sheregesh in terms of weather is the second half of February - early March, when the sun is already shining brightly in spring, and the snow cover on the slopes remains dense. Rest in the Sheregesh resort in winter is also the sensational Grelka Fest - a massive descent from the mountain in swimsuits.

Winter in Sheregesh is beautiful and remains the best time to enjoy the nature of Mountain Shoria.

Snowmobile tours

Sheregesh includes the Zelenaya, Utuya, Kurgan and Mustag mountains. Mount Zelenaya is the most popular skiing place and the most crowded. Utuya is now a promising place for the construction of new routes and infrastructure.

But the Kurgan, on the top of which the Poklonniy Cross is installed, remains a place of pilgrimage for tourists on snowmobiles. The unusual shape of this mountain is also fascinating: from a distance, the outlier rocks at its peak resemble camels.

Popular routes on the slopes of Mount Mustag. It also has ski trails and two cafes, as well as well-worn freeride routes. This mountain was considered sacred by the indigenous inhabitants of Shoria, until now shamans perform rituals and practice sacrifices here.

By snowmobile you can get to the Azasskaya cave, in which, according to legend, the Kuzbass Bigfoot lives. You may not meet the Yeti, but you will admire the beauty of the wild nature to your heart's content.


This time, under the heading "Picturesque Kuzbass", we suggest paying attention to the beauty of the Shorsky National Park. It occupies the third part of the Tashtagol region and is considered one of the most beautiful places not only in Kuzbass, but also in Russia.

Why is the Shor National Park so remarkable, why and how far to go here and how long ago it appeared, you will learn from our material.

Shorskiy National Park is a specially protected natural area of ​​Federal significance. It occupies more than 400 thousand hectares - a third of the Tashtagol region. The highest mountain peaks are Mount Kubez (1555 meters) and Lysukha (1648 meters), and the main "waterway" is the Mrassu River.

History of the park

The Shorsk National Park was officially established on December 27, 1989. On this day, the corresponding Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR was issued. The park was created with the aim of preserving and restoring the unique natural complexes and objects of Gornaya Shoria. When the question of creating a park was raised in the 80s, there were two options for where it could be located. The first one is in Gornaya Shoria in the basin of the Mrassu river with the center in the village of Ust-Kabyrza. And the second - in the southern part of the Kuznetsk Alatau, most visited by tourists, in the area of ​​the Celestial Teeth.

Initially, the area of ​​land allocated from the state forest fund for the national park was just over four thousand hectares. The Kemerovo Regional Executive Committee was instructed, together with the Ministry of Forestry, to carry out everything necessary related to the creation of the Shorsk National Park in the period 1990-1992.

The initial project envisaged the inclusion in the park of almost all the most visited tourist and recreational sites - the territory of the upper reaches of the Kondoma, Mrassu, the vicinity of Tashtagol, Chugunash and Sheregesh. However, in the end, the environs of Tashtagol and Spassk were not included in the park.

Until 1997, the territory of the Shorsk National Natural Park was two parts isolated from each other. But then, on the basis of the order of the Administration of the Kemerovo Region, the park was increased due to the redistribution of the state forest fund. As a result, the two parts were united, gold mining was restored at the Altaysky mine and a number of social problems of a large settlement were resolved.

Since 1999, there have been four functional zones in Shorsky Park: specially protected (17.1% of the total area of ​​the park), a zone of limited economic use (13.6%), a zone of recreational use (31.2%) and an economic zone (38.1%).


Kemerovo region is not the most popular region in Russia among tourists. And, as our author Kirill was convinced, it was completely in vain. He visited Gornaya Shoria in the south of Kuzbass and now he is sure: it is imperative to go there. Alpine skiing, diving, hiking - there are activities in the area for all tastes.

Kirill Komarov

Go to the Sheregesh ski resort

Most tourists to Kuzbass travel with skis and snowboards. There are 15 ski resorts in the region, the most famous of which is Sheregesh. It has long been transformed from a regional vacation spot for the inhabitants of Siberia into an all-Russian resort. In pre-coronavirus times, Sheregesh received almost 2 million guests per season (more in Russia, only the resorts of Krasnaya Polyana are accepted).

Sheregesh is located in the Tashtagol region at the foot of the Zelenaya mountain. Now the resort has 15 slopes of varying complexity with a total length of 35 kilometers, on which 19 lifts (drag, chair and gondola lifts) lead. Most of the trails are located on Mount Zelyonaya (1270 m), and the highest point is Mount Mustag (1570 m).

The hotels are located right next to the mountain, so the journey from the bed to the highway will take 5-10 minutes.

Photo: Smile19/Shutterstock

Sheregesh has one of the longest seasons in Russia: snow falls here already in September, and in October the height of the cover on the mountain can reach seven meters. The official season opens on the first weekend of November and lasts until May. And there is also a unique "powder" - due to the lack of moisture, the snow does not stick together, so professionals consider Sheregesh the best place in Russia for freeriding (off-piste skiing).

The season closes with the Grelka Fest at the end of April. At this time, the resort turns into one continuous disco, and the temperature is already such that you can ski in bikinis and swimming trunks. Actually, this is exactly how vacationers travel - a couple of years ago the festival even got into the Guinness Book of Records as the most massive descent in a bikini from the mountain (the number of participants exceeded one and a half thousand). And British journalists last year recognized "Hot-water bottle" as the sexiest festival on the planet.

Take a break from people in Shor Park

Sheregesh is part of Gornaya Shoria - a large taiga region in the south of the Kemerovo region. In terms of area, it is like Montenegro, but only 20 thousand people live there. Most of Gornaya Shoria is occupied by the Shorsky National Park, where you can walk for weeks and not meet a single person. The perfect place for an introvert.

You can travel around the park on foot or by car, but it is better to book a tour at a local travel agency. In any case, the entrance to the park is only by prior permission, so you will have to visit the local tourist office.

You can get documents for entering the park at the following addresses:

Gornaya Shoriya (Shorsk. Taғlyғ Shor) is a mountain taiga region located in the southern part of the Kemerovo region at the junction of Altai, Sayan and Kuznetsk Alatau. The region can be conditionally referred to the Altai mountain system.


Localities [edit]

Rivers [edit]

Population [edit]

The population density of Gornaya Shoria is low (less than 5 people per 1 km²). The population consists mainly of Shors and Russians.

Industry [edit]

Gornaya Shoria is a large mining region where iron deposits are being developed (Kazskaya and Kondomskaya groups of deposits).

Tourism [edit]

In winter, Mountain Shoria is a ski resort, popular not only in the Kemerovo region, but throughout the Siberian region. Especially popular is the Green Mountain (Karitshal), 1270 m, located near the village of Sheregesh. Professional and amateur Championships of Russia are constantly held there. In winter there is a regular tourist train "Winter Fairy Tale" from Novosibirsk.

The text of the article was updated: 16.4020

There is a place in the Kemerovo region where the Altai and Sayan massifs converge - Gornaya Shoria. The capital of this region is the city of Tashtagol. But I won't be mistaken if I say that most tourists know this mountainous country as the Sheregesh ski complex. It is famous among skiers and snowboarders for its tracks and snow, which is especially suitable for skiing. But I do not understand these sports, so I will not go deeper. I can only say that even from Yekaterinburg, athletes go to ride on the Sheregesh "powder", although we are separated by a distance of more than two thousand kilometers. At least one of my friends traveled to Gornaya Shoria by car on New Year's holidays. Therefore, when I had the opportunity to get to Sheregesh, even in the summer, it was decided to go without hesitation. Today I will show you a photo report about the ascent of three harsh Ural guys and one girl up Mount Zelenaya on foot, in the summer of 2014.

It all started with the fact that at the beginning of June I was sent to take part in the exhibition "Coal and Mining 2014" in the city of Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region. Yes, unfortunately, at every step we have such rubbish words, even in an official speech. In my opinion, in normal language the event should have been called "Coal and Mining 2014". Anyway. I'm not a teacher of Russian language and literature.

The exhibition has passed. I remember a robot from Star Wars, adapted for mining coal in a mine.

Photo 1. Robot from the movie about Star Wars. Guests of the Coal and Mining exhibition held in 2014 in Novokuznetsk had the opportunity to visit Sheregesh.

We were impressed by the wheels for mining dump trucks in diameter more than the height of the visitors.

Photo 2. This kind of thing "bites" into the coal seam. At the exhibition in Novokuznetsk. Before you go to the ski resort in Sheregesh.

Photo 3. Small wheel. Exhibition "Coal and Mining-2014" in Novokuznetsk.

And, of course, the trucks themselves are striking in their size. This Belaz is designed to transport 90 tons of rock in one trip.

Photo 4. Did you play cars as a child? Dump truck "Belaz" at the exhibition "Coal and Mining 2014". What happened before we decided to go to Sheregesh

What then will be a colossus capable of lifting 320 thousand kilograms of ore or coal on board at a time.

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