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Active rest in Dmitrov is a great opportunity to spend time with benefits for the mind and body. Such leisure not only requires physical work of the body, it also perfectly relaxes. After such entertainment, you will feel a surge of strength and vitality. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of making the most of even a few days off, because in a bustling and always noisy city, it is very important to be able to be distracted by pleasant activities.

Dmitrov, Moscow region

Dmitrov, Moscow region

Dmitrov, Moscow region

Dmitrov, Moscow region

Dmitrov, Moscow region

Dmitrov, Moscow region

Dmitrov, Moscow region

Dmitrov, Moscow region

Zelenograd, Moscow Region

Sergiev Posad, Moscow region

Pushkino, Moscow region

Zelenograd, Moscow Region

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Yakhroma is a city near Moscow located on the river of the same name and the Moscow Canal. The name of the city comes from the Finnish word "yahr", which means "lake". Initially, the settlement of the Finno-Ugric tribes was located here. The city is located in the Dmitrovsky urban district of the Moscow region of Russia, 55 km north of Moscow on the Yakhroma river. The population of the city is 14,297 people. (2018).

The modern coat of arms of Yakhroma was approved in 2006.

The shuttles symbolize the oldest enterprise in the city - the spinning and weaving mill, around which the city has developed.

The caravels, located on the towers of the canal sluice, are a landmark of the city, a kind of symbol of the romance of distant wanderings.

Yellow is a symbol of wealth, strength, stability and prosperity; red - beauty, vitality, as well as military and labor achievements. In the left free part of the shield, gold numbers 1940.

The city consists of two parts. The only link between the two parts of Yakhroma (former factory and station settlements) is the bridge over the Moscow Canal, located far from residential areas. This city was founded on the site of the village of Surovtsevo. The name Surovtsovskiy proezd remained from it.

In 1841, a settlement appeared at a cloth factory - Pokrovskaya Manufactory on the Yakhroma River. Named after the Intercession Church in the village of Andreevskoe (now the Andreevskoe quarter), which parish included the village of Surovtsevo.

In 1901, near the village, the Yakhroma railway station, the Savyolovsky section of the Moscow-Yaroslavl railway, was opened, after which the village received the same name. Yakhroma received the status of the city on October 7, 1940.

Currently, the city is famous for its ski resorts and monuments of history and religion.

Sights of Yakhroma

Trinity Cathedral in the city center was built according to the project of S. Odionov in 1892-1895 at the expense of the Moscow manufacturer I. A. Lyamin. In 1908, according to the project of the architect S. alesky, a four-tiered bell tower was built next to it. Both buildings are close in artistic forms to the era of classicism.

- Stop near Sorochan mountain?

- Not local or what? - the minibus driver answers.

I nod apologetically in response. In the bus that goes from Dmitrov towards the ski resort, I am the only passenger. Usually he takes residents of local villages to work, and all skiers come by car. Shouting the thug from the speakers, the carrier broadcasts:

- Sorochany are not mountains, but the surname of the founder. They say he was a tough guy! This is the slope of the Klinsko-Dmitrovskaya ridge, and it was opened for the Olympics in Salt Lake City, - the mustachioed chauffeur demonstrates erudition. - I remember when it was built, they even organized rallies! The locals have been skating here since the time of Brezhnev. And then they overtook the dump trucks, the mountains filled up almost twice. Well, here we go!

Address: Moscow region, Dmitrovsky district, village Kurovo

Coordinates: 56.7573, 37.63375

Official site: sorochany. u

The best and most expensive

The Sorochany ski resort in the Moscow region has regularly pops up in the ratings of Russians' favorite places in recent years. On the website, he boldly calls himself "Switzerland near Moscow." But Rosa Khutor and the Ural resorts are still far away.

At the same time, the price tag for everything is from the capital. Although on the Internet they like to remember that the founder Leonid Sorochan dreamed of a democratic resort. According to the idea, it was supposed to compete with the elite ski "Volen", which was built a little earlier in the neighboring Yakhroma. But Sorochan has been gone for a long time, and this is a business.

- Among all the mountain skiers near Moscow, there is the most variety here. And the tracks are very long, - explains the popularity of Sorochan the snowboarder Oleg, with whom we crossed at the lift.

By the way, the way to the chairlift without skis or snowboard is booked.

- Not allowed. These are the rules, - cut off a lanky boy who was letting vacationers onto the lift. Although the employees themselves ride on business.

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