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Altai Mountains: where to go, attractions

Everyone to Altai! To the Altai Mountains! Perhaps, it is with such a call that this article should be started. There is almost everything for recreation - mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, cozy hotel complexes and houses in the forest, as well as the fertile nature that gives vacationers health and harmony.

Gorny Altai is a unique natural and recreational complex in Russia. This is a wonderful combination of picturesque mountain landscapes and various climatic zones, a trip through which will give a lot of impressions and enrich your horizons.

We have found at least three reasons to visit Gorny Altai. And so ...

Extreme entertainment and eco-tourism

Gorny Altai offers excellent conditions for various types of recreation - rafting, speleotourism, mountaineering, multi-day trekking tours (hiking).

Rafting or water tourism is one of the most popular types of recreation in Altai. Clearly, the nature is favorable - rivers, lakes, lakes and rivers. There are more than 20 thousand of them in Gorny Altai! The most famous lakes are Aya, Teletskoye, Manzherok, rivers - Katun, Charysh, Biya. As part of water activities and rafting, guests are offered river rafting and boat trips on Lake Teletskoye, reputed to be the pearl of the Altai Mountains.

The variety of rivers in Gorny Altai allows you to go on multi-day rafting tours of various difficulty levels (up to grade 5).

The most common rafting on the Katun River and its right tributary - Chuya. Wonderful mountain landscapes, clean air and adrenaline await you.

Speleotourism is also developed in Gorny Altai: there are more than four hundred caves on the territory of the region. You can choose an underground route of any complexity, from simple to extreme, combined with mountaineering and speleological diving.

For those who want to enjoy unspoiled nature, the region offers many hiking trails. For example, horseback riding routes allow you to explore remote areas of Gorny Altai, access to which by car is practically impossible, for example, the Karakol lakes.

Hunting and Fishing

Gorny Altai has long attracted hunters and fishermen.

The duration of hunting tours is from one to ten days. Hunters live in tents, hunting lodges or campervans, and move on horseback or on foot. If you don't have your own gun, you can rent one. As a trophy, you can get a deer, mountain goat, bear, wild boar, wolf, fur-bearing animal. By the way, the cost of such tours usually already includes the primary processing of trophies.

Diverse rest in Gorny Altayev bookmarks 6


Belokurikha lies in a green valley among lush grasses and low mountains. In this extraordinary resort city, the sun shines much more often than in other places - 260 days a year. Siberia, but some kind of non-Siberian: the climate is mild, the winters are warm, there are sanatoriums, alpine skiing, mineral springs, paragliders. And, of course, horseback riding, thanks to the pedigree horse farm with purebred horses.

Relic Ribbon Burs

About a million years ago, the Earth got noticeably colder, and then, as usual, it got warmer and the glaciers melted. Then the waters from the foothills of Altai rushed along the ancient channel of the Ob to the north, but the ice dam forced them to turn towards the Irtysh. Then the continental ice melted, and the Ob and its tributaries laid their own channel, which is very similar to the current one. Unique ribbon pine forests have grown on the remaining layers of sand brought into the hollows by ancient rivers. The largest belt originates from the Ob River near Barnaul and stretches for almost 400 km. Its width in some places reaches 15 km.

Tsarsky Kurgan

Charyshsky District of Altai Territory

Kurgan, which is located in the valley of the Sentelek River, is almost two and a half millennia old. You can find it near the country road between the villages of Sentelek and Pokrovka. In the center of the mound there are huge stone pillars - this is the answer of our ancestors to the British Stonehenge. Some scholars say that the stone pillars standing in a row served as observatories for the ancients: at sunrise, on the day of the equinox, the shadows from all the steles converge.

Bishop's courtyard

Biysk city

It was Biysk in the second half of the 19th - early 20th centuries that was the center of the Altai spiritual mission, the heart of which was the bishop's courtyard. This is a kind of city within a city, where there was even a place for parks and reservoirs. Today it is a museum where an artifact is kept: one of the first printed books of Russia "Octoich", published in Moscow in 1618. There are also unique Orthodox collections of icons, copper casting, old printed books, pectoral crosses and other amazing things.

Lake Light

Soviet District of Altai Territory

Snowdrifts, ice floes, glass trees from frost, steam rises from warm water. And here snow-white swans sliding along the dark surface fall into this mez-en-scene. What is this - a mirage, an illusion of sight? Not! Almost half a century ago, on a small non-freezing lake, a small flock of wild whooper swans suddenly remained for the winter. And every year they began to return, already with their offspring. Now up to five hundred beautiful white birds winter here, and these lands received the status of a reserve. This miracle is located on the Pre-Altai plain among the meadow steppes and ancient terraces of the Katun.

Various recreation in Gorny Altai

Gorny Altai is known for its majestic beauty of nature. The variety of natural sites and their attractive beauty attracts the attention of many tourists. In Gorny Altai there are: river valleys, plains, caves, mountains, rivers, tourist sites, museums and lakes. You will find out about the most interesting sights of this place, as well as where to go, in this article.

Altai Mountains: where to go, the most popular attractions

So, the most interesting places and sights of Gorny Altai

Katun River in Gorny Altai

This river is the most important in Gorny Altai, and its name translates as "dominant". The Katun originates from the Belukha Mountain. The water stream spills over the entire territory of Altai. Pines grow near Katun, fog often appears, and the sound of river water fascinates people. Near the river there is a stopping point where you can stay in a hotel or a tourist center, you can also live in tourist tents. Here you can book an excursion to the Tavdinsky caves, karst arch or to Maralniki. The places of visit have their own unique history, which you can learn from the guides.

Geyser Lake

This lake is known for its colorful views and indescribable beauty. The geyser lake looks like the lake from Yellowstone Park. As you know, there are geysers under the lake, which, when interacting with water, form silt circles, which change their color over time. The geyser lake has the color of the firmament. Everything looks very beautiful, but you can't swim in this lake! Tourists come to this natural site either early in the morning or late in the evening. If you take a photo here, you will get photos that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Kalbak-Tash cave with ancient images

This place is known for its ancient history. The cave depicts drawings and symbols from different centuries. The drawings were made with ancient tools, and later these pictures were carved with sharper objects. In the Kalbak-Tash cave, images of ancient people, everyday life and their lives are painted. You can travel in the cave alone or with a paid guide. The tourist site is very popular among those who come to Gorny Altai, moreover, not far from this cave, you can park your car.

Lake Teletskoye

This is the largest lake of all that exists in Gorny Altai. The reservoir contains clean and fresh water. The depth of this object is 325 meters. Lake Teletskoye resembles Lake Baikal, only the difference is in volume and location.

Not far from this lake are other attractions of the area: Korbu waterfall, Kishte waterfall, stone bay.

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