Digor gorge

Seven wonders of North Ossetia: description

From 01. 7 to 09. 7, a semi-exploration hike will take place - the instructor was already partially on the route, but with the group he is going to pass the route for the first time, we are preparing for adventures :)

Daily program


Meeting of the group with the instructor at the railway station in the city of Vladikavkaz no later than 12:00 in the morning. Then we change to a custom bus and drive about an hour to the village of Gusyr. There, unloading and dismantling the equipment, we go about 3 km, and we get up for the night near the Fiagdon River.

Walking part 3 km. The nature of the trail: dirt road.


Today we will ascend to the Batayrag pass (1600 n \ k). The pass does not have an obvious saddle, so the feeling that you are on the pass is blurry. It overlooks the valleys of the Fiagdon and Giseldon rivers. After passing along a large plateau, we go down to the village of Koban, where we will spend the night.

Walking part 17 km. The nature of the trail: dirt road.


Our third day of the Ossetian journey will partly pass along the road that passes between high and sheer rocks, creating the illusion that they will close over your heads and bury you alive. Scary?! Do not be afraid! They will stand like this for more than one century. But you should see it, and of course take a picture too. Further, climbing up the valley, we camp at the Gizeldon River.

Walking part 7 km. The nature of the trail: dirt and asphalt road.


The wonders of North Ossetia that we will see:

✔ Karaugom glacier with icefall

✔ Ossetian pies straight from the oven!

Hike with overnight stays in tents, crossings with backpacks. We leave part of the food and personal belongings in the transfer for the second part of the route, which makes backpacks lighter.

Weather. In August: daytime temperature 15-20 ° С. At night 9-12 ° C. At the thermal baths near Kazbek, the temperature is slightly lower. The temperature can drop to 5 ° C at night. Rains are less frequent in August, mostly in the afternoon.

There is no electricity in the parking lots and on the route.

Cellular communication is available only near settlements.

Passes. For foreign citizens (and citizens of the CIS countries), a pass to the border zone is required, an application for a pass must be submitted 2 months before the trip. The pass is issued independently. It is enough for Russians to just have a passport with them.

Daily program


We meet in the morning at the railway station in Beslan. The bus is already waiting for us. We leave the city. On the way there are several stops: in the village of Chikola - to enjoy Ossetian pies, at the entrance to the Digora gorge - at the Devil's Bridge over the Urukh River.


One of the most beautiful corners of the Caucasus

One of the most beautiful corners of the Caucasus is the Digor Gorge in North Ossetia. People come here to study mountaineering. In addition to natural hits, there are fortified castles and ancient burial grounds. Alpine skiing, boating and cycling can be practiced in these parts.

Reserved Alanya

There is a historical region in North Ossetia called Digoria. It spreads out in the west of the republic, on the northern slope of the Main Caucasian ridge. The area along the banks of the Urukh River has been inhabited since ancient times. It got its name from the ethnic group of Ossetians, who called themselves Digors. It is in these places that the Alania National Park is located. The igorsk gorge can be called one of his hits.

The protected area appeared in 1998. It includes not only beautiful mountain landscapes, but also man-made sights - ancient man's camps and battle towers. Since the entire territory is surrounded by mountain ranges, you can get here along a single road. She walks along the valley of the Urukh River. The highest point of the reserve is Mount Wilpat. Its height is 4646 meters.

This is how the masterpieces of the national park look

Over 70 rivers and streams form a dense hydrographic network. The area is famous for its waterfalls. Some are over a hundred meters high! In Digoria there are many lakes of glacial origin with the purest water. The most famous are Fastagskoe, Mikelai, Gular and Donisar lakes. There are also those that appear in the summer during the melting of glaciers, and then disappear without a trace.

The climate in these parts is quite comfortable. It is caused by mountains that protect from the wind. The winter is mild. The average January temperature is only -3.2 °. Summer is long, not hot. The average July temperature is + 20.4 °. During this period, heavy rains with thunderstorms are possible. Precipitation in this area is mainly "supplied" by the Caspian Sea. The mild climate has attracted people here for a long time.

A visit to the past

A fascinating, active road trip awaits us, in prepared four-wheel drive vehicles with experienced drivers, all over the mountainous Ossetia.

We will pass Genaldonskoe, Karmadonskoe, Dargavskoe, Kurtatinskoe, Ardonskoe, Ursdonskoe, Mamison, Digorskoe gorges.

Accommodation in different gorges, for 2 days each, in a guest house and at a tourist center, with shared facilities.

We will be moving every day from 30 to 100 kilometers, so if you are sick, then take care of anti-motion sickness remedies.

Basically, we will drive along mountain dirt roads, mountain serpentines, high mountain passes.

The walking part of the route is suitable for people in good physical shape.

There will be saunas and thermal pools on our route (extra charge).

All our things will travel with us in covered trailers, but it is advisable to put on an additional cover on a backpack or suitcase.

Winter temperatures in Ossetia, in its mountainous part, are different: in the afternoon around -8 +13. At night -5- 15. In the gorges in winter, there is usually snow in places, depth of 5 centimeters.

In the gorges we will go through border control and you should always carry a Russian passport with you, a birth certificate for children. For foreign citizens, it is obligatory to issue a pass to the border territory 2 months before the trip.

Please note that a reconnaissance hike will take place within the specified time frame: both the instructor and the group will be on this route for the first time, but our drivers know this route.

Daily program

Main impressions

For 3 days in the mountainous Caucasian republic of North Ossetia, you will see the most famous sights: the Karmadon Gorge, the city of the dead Dargavs, the battle and family Alanian towers, the 13th century Dzivgis rock fortress, agricultural terraces on the slopes of the mountains, the highest mountain monastery Russia, the famous mountain resort Tsey, swim in hot thermal springs and eat up real Ossetian pies!

What will we do on the tour

You will spend 3 days in active knowledge of one of the most hospitable republics of the Caucasus - North Ossetia! Delicious Ossetian pies, unique ritual beer, a lot of interesting and useful information about the Caucasus and its inhabitants, the history of mountain peoples and unusual traditions - all this awaits you on an excursion tour of Ossetia.



Vladikavkaz city, walk, acquaintance, national Ossetian dinner.

On the first day, the group meets and gets to know each other. A delicious dinner with national Ossetian dishes will contribute to good impressions.

You must arrive at Vladikavkaz (Beslan) airport no later than 13. 0. At the Vladikavkaz railway station - no later than 14. 0. Until that time, the organizers will meet you and take you to the hotel for check-in.

15. 0 - group gathering in the hotel lobby. Informative excursion around the beautiful city of Vladikavkaz. We will walk along the old avenue with houses of the 19th century, see the old Lutheran church, turned into a philharmonic. We will see the most respected old church, the carved mosque of the patron Mukhtarov, a beautiful modern embankment of the Terek River with unusual statues.

After the city tour, we will go to a national dinner tasting local food and drinks. You will taste the famous Ossetian pies with mountain cheese, meat, herbs, potatoes. Enjoy ritual Ossetian beer (has nothing to do with regular beer), araku. If you wish, you can try the national lisha soup and dzykka porridge.

A national dinner is included in the tour price.

After dinner we will take you to the hotel to relax and prepare for tomorrow in the mountains.

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