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The state is rich in a variety of different types of entertainment that will appeal to many tourists. Tourism in Cyprus is both snow-white beaches, and many different antiquities, and all this just takes your breath away ...

The vibrant tourism of Cyprus

Tourism in Cyprus in all its forms is simply a super-powerful adversary for other countries in this area. The power of tourism lies in the fact that literally all the conditions that a visiting tourist may need are created on this island. Namely, excellent landscapes, pleasant and healthy sea air for breathing, many erected various centers for entertainment, various attractions of Cyprus, many shops that will definitely not leave their visitors indifferent after visiting them.

And what is especially worth noting is just great beaches. There is no other way to name it. And when you come to Cyprus, you should definitely visit one of the many great beaches to relax, relieve stress accumulated for the whole day, sunbathe or just swim for fun.

Cyprus Resorts

There are a lot of resorts in Cyprus. What can tell us about the large number of tourists visiting this country. Here are some resorts in Cyprus: Pissuoria, Kyrenia, Catalkoy, Paphos, Nicosia, Larnaco.

Pissuoria is a small, quiet, green and modest resort. Suitable for those who do not like large crowds.

Larnaco is a resort that will delight you with beautiful landscapes. You can enjoy the beauty of tall palms. The beaches of this resort are also magnificent.

Limassol - partial hosting of various fairs and festivals. Suitable for those people who love a variety of gatherings and dynamic spending of their time in large companies.

Cyprus Ski Resorts

Unfortunately, especially for ski lovers, Cyprus is not a country to boast of this. In general, the ski resorts of Cyprus are practically undeveloped, and there is nothing to talk about.

Health Resorts in Cyprus

Cyprus Tourism

Excursions with the #nature tag can have different topics: naturalistic, sightseeing, pilgrimage, etc. But the route of these excursions passes through the protected areas of Cyprus and involves visiting interesting natural sites, panoramic and observation platforms.

Despite the relatively small size of the island itself, the nature of Cyprus surprises with its diversity. The majestic Troodos mountains, age-old pines, the endless sea are the scenery of cultural, historical and pilgrimage routes. On the routes of such excursions, there may be waterfalls, mountain peaks, beautiful coastal cliffs, picturesque hills and fields, reservoirs (see description of excursions).

Half a day of happiness and wonderful views! Travel through the exotic natural monuments of the Cavo Greco National Park. Explore the locations with illustrations from brochures and travel guides!

from 30 € per person 5 hours

An excursion for the most courageous and daring conquerors of Cyprus! See Cyprus from the highest peak, swim in a waterfall, overcome all obstacles in Sparti Park and get the Cyprus Conqueror Certificate!

from 30 € per person 5 hours

Majestic mountains give peace and harmony if you enjoy them without haste and fuss. If you love mountains, find inspiration and peace in them - be sure to go to Troodos!

from 40 € per person 8-9 hours

For lovers of the beautiful and varied coastline! Unlike each other, famous and little-known, resort and wild, but in general the most interesting and beautiful beaches of Cyprus. Suitable for romantics, photographers and everyone else.

from 40 € per person 8-9 hours

The most beautiful naturalistic route in mountainous Cyprus. All the best views of Troodos: waterfalls, mountain peaks, relict forests, old mountain villages and ancient monuments. Suitable for children.

from 50 € per person 9-10 hours

An incredibly beautiful trip to the Kantara mountain castle and the picturesque Karpasia National Park. A visit to the ancient Salamis and Famagusta is also provided.

Who runs the program?

The Spring Tour will consist of 5 tours. Each of them is a unique story that we have to live through.

We will not just visit different parts of Cyprus. We will live for it, learn its secrets, immerse ourselves deeply in culture, observe beauty. And the main helpers in this matter will be Scandinavian walking and our new scenario.

It doesn't matter if you've been to Cyprus before or not. In any case, a real discovery awaits you!

Cyprus is not only a place ideal for Nordic walking. This is a huge world filled with beauties, legends, surrounded on all sides by the most beautiful sea. All this can be yours!

We have prepared for you:


DAY 1: scandi hike along the natural mountain route, excursions, walks in mountain villages, overnight in a hotel high in the mountains


The conquest of mountain peaks gives an incredible feeling of flight and freedom. Our path today lies from the dense green forests of the foothills to the rocky peaks of the Troodos Mountains. Here, with every turn, horizons expand, more and more Cyprus opens up in all its splendor. At the top at our feet are the villages lost in the mountains, and the age-old pines, in the shade of which we began our ascent, seem like a carpet at the foot of the mountains.

Main impressions

Do you want the summer not to end ?! We offer to extend it with us on a trip around Cyprus. Mountains, relict plants, exotic fruits combined with azure beaches will charge you positively before the long winter.

What will we do on the tour



The main and largest airport in Cyprus in the city of Larnaca. From here, a hike around the sunny island begins. From Larnaca we move to the picturesque mountain village of Kakopetria. It is a beautiful, authentic village with cobblestone streets and toy houses. The name of the village is shrouded in amazing stories and legends that we will certainly tell you. The deepest river in Cyprus flows through the village, on the bank of which we will stop with tents.

Today we begin our ascent along an amazingly picturesque trail to the main Troodos mountain range. The trail will slowly traverse the mountain slope, taking you higher and higher. All the way we will be accompanied by a mountain river, luring us with its coolness. After 12 km, we will go to the Troodos tourist camp.

The morning begins with an invigorating warm-up and a delicious breakfast. We collect backpacks and continue our hike in Cyprus. A scenic mountain path leads to the low but beautiful Caledonia Waterfall (13 m). We will stop at this wonderful place to relax and have a snack. Having recovered our strength cheerfully and cheerfully we will reach the “picnic-site”. This is how they call spacious areas with tables and places for tents in Cyprus. A very comfortable place for the rest of hikers.

Today the Cyprus trekking route follows the medieval path of copper miners in the mountains. Many roads leading to the mines were laid in the mountains during the colonization of Cyprus by Venice. Venetian arched bridges were built across mountain rivers. This path has long lost its practical use, but the bridges have survived and perfectly fit into the local landscape, attracting tourists from all over the world. There are 13 Venetian bridges on the island. We will visit the best preserved ones: Chelefos and Elia.

We continue to explore mountainous Cyprus, discovering new places to admire. The route passes through another masterpiece of Venetian architecture - the Rudia Bridge. Beautifully built and built for centuries, the bridge connects the two banks of the mountain river. Linger here for photo shoots and lunch. The next point of the trip to Cyprus will be an abandoned mountain village, long abandoned by the locals (Turks) due to the 1974 Cyprus conflict. Now there are only walls of houses, obeying the power of nature, and rich orchards.

In the morning, having overcome a short distance, we go out to the settlement, from where we will take a bus to Paphos, where we will replenish food supplies. Then we go to the village of Latchi. Not far from it are the famous Baths of Aphrodite, where the goddess took baths before meeting her beloved Adonis. We will spend the night at a camping by the sea, spending the rest of the day swimming and relaxing. In the evening we will see a stunning Mediterranean sunset.

This day we will devote to rest at sea and hike along the coast of the Akamas peninsula. Rocky shores, azure waters and exotic plants - these views will not leave anyone indifferent. Certainly the goddess Aphrodite, who chose Cyprus as a holiday destination, had good taste. We will look into every cove, swim in the Blue Lagoon. Let's try the magic water from the source "Fountain of Amorosa", which in Greek means "Fountain of Love". According to legend, everyone who drank water from this source will certainly fall in love. It was here, according to legend, that the goddess Aphrodite fell in love with Adonis.

After a short walk, we leave for the settlement. We take a bus that will take us to Paphos. From where there is regular transport to Larnaca. A return plane ticket can be bought both from Larnaca and from Paphos. If you want to extend your holiday in Cyprus after the hike, you will not be disappointed. The island is rich in attractions and delightful sea bays with pristine beaches that meet European standards.

Cyprus - this name alone gives off warmth, gentle sea breeze and the aroma of sweet southern fruits. I remember the myths of ancient Greece and their heroes. And that's right, because according to legend, Cyprus is the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. This island attracts romantics, adventure lovers and just those who want summer right now, and it is here almost all year round.

This route is thought out according to the principle "forward for romance". We will swim and relax a lot, climb the mountains, admire how the sun sinks into the sea at sunset. Walking with or without backpacks, so this hike will also overcome yourself.

If these words are in tune with you, then let's go on the trail together - where the waterfalls rustle, where the grass sways in the wind, and at night the stars cover you with a cozy cap of eternity!

Participation with children from 10 years old is possible, if they are ready to walk a lot.

For the weather forecast see for the first half of the route to Troodos, for the second - Polis

Daily program


Meeting the group at Larnaca airport.

Before that, you can check in your luggage at the airport's storage room, get to the city by bus 425 and take a walk. To drop off your baggage at the airport, go to the “SPECIAL BAGGAGE”, which is located next to the “Diner Onair” restaurant in the check-in area on the second floor. Read more here

Larnaca is one of the most popular resorts on the island. One of the airports is located here. Larnaca can rightfully be considered the most ancient city of Cyprus: according to archaeological research, the first people appeared here 6 thousand years ago. Today's view of the city is not so similar to the ancient one, now it is a modern resort with an old city center and a promenade along the sea. Cozy and democratic.

When everyone is assembled, we go to the Troodos National Park. Overnight in tents at the campsite with shower and toilet. Camping dinner. Those who wish can stay at the hotel for an extra charge. lats from 15 euros per night (the cost depends on how many people want to stay in the hotel and on the month) - requires advance booking through the coordinator at least 2 weeks before the tour. There is a shop next to the campsite.

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