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Troodos is a mountain resort region in Cyprus and the only place in the country where it snows. From October to March, the majestic peaks, including the highest peak Olympos (1952 m), are covered with a white blanket.

The Troodos mountain range was formed over 70 million years ago. On its slopes are picturesque villages adjacent to the ruins of temples and ancient monasteries dating back to the Byzantine era.

In winter, the resort is occupied by skiers; in summer, cool valleys are saved from the scorching heat. Local forests have been declared a nature reserve, where age-old oaks, pines, junipers, cypresses, strawberry trees and cedars grow - according to scientists, some specimens are more than 800 years old. Clean, healthy air and natural beauty attract tourists who like to hike. For them, routes and hiking trails of varying difficulty have been developed.


Troodos, like the rest of Cyprus, has a Mediterranean climate. However, because of the mountains, which are a natural obstacle to the movement of air masses, more precipitation falls in the local area in winter, and the temperature in summer is 10-15 ° C. less compared to the flat part of the country. It snows steadily in winter. The average summer temperature is + 23-25 ​​° C, winter -10 ° C.

Mosaic Villages

The settlements in this area are not inferior in attractiveness to the famous Cypriot attractions. Miniature villages, as if they have stepped out of advertising brochures or postcards: stone houses under terracotta roofs, an abundance of greenery and winding narrow roads along which donkeys laden with simple belongings slowly move.

Every village in Troodos is famous for some kind of fishing or specializes in the cultivation of certain fruits and vegetables.


A tiny village known for its natural beauty. Its narrow streets are always full of curious tourists who never tire of taking selfies against the backdrop of ancient buildings. Local craftswomen offer to buy products with national embroidery, as well as a variety of handmade glass products.

The main pride of Omodos is its delicious preserves and jams. The main ingredients are tangerines, kumquats, nuts, figs and dates.

The local winery is famous throughout Cyprus. The brands Herolimo, Linos, Marion are produced here. These wines are even exported in small quantities. Everyone can visit the plant and see the process of making alcoholic beverages.

Troodos mountains

Despite the fact that Cyprus is, first of all, a country of sun and beaches, there are all conditions for a ski holiday. The vast and majestic Troodos Range of Cyprus is pleased to welcome skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts on its slopes in winter.

If in Cypriot cities and on the coast in winter the weather is humid and warm enough (in the region of 16-18 degrees), then in the mountains, starting from 1000 m altitude, permafrost reigns, due to which the ski season is active.

Mount Olympus

The largest Cypriot ski resort is located in the Troodos Nature Reserve, on Mount Olympus (Olympus), 2000 m high. It was built several years ago with the support of England. Today it is one of the best winter resorts that provides all the necessary services for alpine skiing for professionals and beginners.

The season suitable for skiing is December-March. Much depends on the weather conditions and the level of snow, but, on average, two months of good ski runs in Cyprus are provided for athletes. The best time for skiing is January and February.

Alpine skiing on the island itself is not big enough to go there just for that. But if there is an opportunity to combine it with other types of holidays in Cyprus, you are guaranteed a wonderful trip! Ideal: enjoy skiing in the resort and come to Cypriot cities, where it is warm in winter and the atmosphere of Christmas and New Year blows in the air.

The resort provides everything skiers need. The Cyprus Ski Club will provide you with quality and reliable equipment. And if you are completely new to alpine skiing, then here you can take individual or group lessons in skiing or snowboarding.

Rental is located in the point of Solnechnaya Dolina. Thanks to the qualified consultants who work here, you will be provided with the most suitable equipment for skiing. There is a huge amount of uniforms here and everything is in good condition. But due to the abundance of people who want to go skiing, there can be long queues at the rental, so it is better to come here in advance in order to have time to take what you need. The resort also has a specialized store where you can buy professional equipment, sportswear and accessories.

Trails and lifts

Mount Olympus is equipped with nine equipped trails: four of them are on the north side, and five on the slope of Sunny Valley.

Not only the name of the resort has a mythological meaning, but the slopes also support this theme, and therefore are designated by the names of the gods of Ancient Greece. For advanced skiers, the Zeus and Hera slopes, located on the northern slope, are suitable. And for beginners or children, ideal options are the slopes of Aphrodite and Hermes, on the slope of the Sun Valley.

The resort has four comfortable lifts:

- chair lift on the slope of Zeus (380 m);

Troodos Mountain Resort: climate, picturesque villages, cultural attractions, nature, hiking trails, excursions and prices.

Medical Tourism Practice

In recent years, medical tourism in the world has become more and more popular. This phenomenon is by no means new for the global health care system: for example, already in the mid-80s of the twentieth century, some US residents began to travel to different countries to receive medical care. Among the countries to which such trips were made, Thailand, China and India stood out. This was due, in particular, to the fact that most insurance companies do not cover the treatment of chronic diseases, and the cost of medical services in other countries is many times cheaper than in the USA and Europe.

Well-developed medical infrastructure, high professionalism, state support

According to a number of experts, today Cyprus is one of the countries with great potential for the development of medical tourism. The good prospects for this direction in relation to Cyprus, first of all, are due to the developed infrastructure of medical institutions, as well as a number of other competitive advantages. In this region, there are already quite strong players who have won their niches in the medical tourism market: the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Slovenia and Turkey. However, Cyprus is able to offer a comprehensive service that will undoubtedly attract healthcare consumers as guests to the island.

It is known that in the last decade, especially before the crisis of 2013, there has been a significant increase in investment in the medical sector. And along with the public health sector, a significant number of highly professional modern private clinics and specialized medical centers are emerging, equipped with the most modern equipment and having qualified personnel.

Among the main advantages of the development of medical tourism in Cyprus are the following:

  • widespread use in medical institutions, in addition to Greek, also Russian and English;
  • a convenient geographical location of the island and unique, from a preventive and medical point of view, climatic conditions;
  • highly professional medical personnel trained and practiced in the UK and other European countries.

The Cyprus Tourism Organization (CTO), the Cyprus Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economy are very active in organizing cooperation both directly through the medical industry and when working with travel companies involved in organizing health and medical tours.

Competitive advantages and ecology

Experts believe that in order to gain a dominant position in the international medical services market, Cyprus needs to focus on providing services to patients, in particular from those countries where there are long waiting lists for medical procedures (Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, North Africa, Middle East). At the same time, Cyprus is widely known to tourists from Arab countries (UAE, Syria, Lebanon), as well as from most Western European countries.

The tourist infrastructure of the Mediterranean is not in vain described with excellent epithets, the resorts of Cyprus offer leisure options for the most demanding taste. When choosing a place, it is worth considering that the coast of the island is full of resorts that offer both active pastime with fun and drive of nightlife, as well as quiet corners with beautiful beaches that are suitable for couples with children.

South Cyprus Resorts

Cyprus is famous not only for its ideal beaches and emerald sea, tourists come throughout the year to get acquainted with the rich cultural heritage, attend educational excursions and participate in colorful festivals. Here, a wellness beach holiday can be combined with mountain bike rides, delicious local cuisine and velvety wine. Choosing where to go is not easy, because each city is attractive and distinctive in its own way.

Ayia Napa is the choice of the young and energetic

The place, which was a modest fishing village in ancient times, has turned into a modern young resort. Ayia Napa will not offer old sights for sightseeing, but there are beautiful sandy beaches, awarded the Blue Flag sign for the shining purity of sea water, and party-goers will love the areas with entertainment and nightclubs.

Here you can choose a pompous, luxurious expensive hotel or more modest, with a 3-star level of service. For families with children, Ayia Napa offers hotels away from the center, glowing with night neon, and little ones can always be entertained at the local water park or dolphinarium.

Active tourists can go surfing, wakeboarding, sailing, water skiing.

Simple and quiet Larnaca

Larnaca is the best option for tourists who want to simultaneously see the sights of the ancient city and soak up the sea. This city is suitable for a relaxing family holiday.

There are many hotels in the city with a wide price range. In Larnaca, the coast is represented by the purest sand and pebble beaches, the depth of the sea near the coast is insignificant, which is important for tourists with small children. In the evening, it is pleasant to stroll along the palm-tree resort promenade. On the outskirts of the resort there is a small lake where nature lovers come to admire pink flamingos.

Admirers of antiquities are offered excursions to the ancient chapel of Ayia Faneromeni, an inspection of the ruins of Kitium or an examination of the remains of ancient ships left after shipwrecks under the guidance of an experienced diver. An unforgettable experience will be left by a yacht trip along the azure coast.

Cheerful and diverse Limassol

The popularity of Limassol, the second largest city in southern Cyprus, is well known. Many do not want to stay in a large city, but this does not at all reduce its tourist value, since you can choose a modest hotel in the center, and comfortable living conditions with well-developed infrastructure on the outskirts. This popular place is chosen by families with children, as Limassol offers entertainment for kids in water parks, playgrounds, gardens with birds and animals, and entertaining animation.

Standard tours in Europe now do not surprise anyone, almost all travel agencies have such vouchers. But we offer something that will appeal even to sophisticated travelers who have already been abroad - active tours in Europe. On such trips, you feel not just an observer of various sights, but a full-fledged participant in a big adventure with elements of exploration and competition.

It doesn't matter how old you are, where you work or how much you earn. In hikes, all boundaries are erased, the participants become a single, cohesive team and communicate with each other at ease. We do not just walk in beautiful places. Each participant of the trip gets what he lacked in everyday life: lightness, positiveness, new discoveries, sincere conversations, beautiful landscapes. The mission of the Adventure Club is to make life brighter by introducing people to the culture of travel.

Types of European Tours

The choice is not just big - it's huge. More than 100 different routes in different European countries are waiting for you. Some are designed for experienced tourists, while others are suitable for beginners. Routes are divided not only by direction, but also by type of activity:

  • Hikers - tourists travel light, but on foot. During the day, the group goes 10-15 km with rest breaks.
  • Automobile - the main part of the route, participants travel by car, but short walking tours are also provided.
  • Aquatic - participants travel across the waters of Europe in kayaks, sea kayaks or catamarans.
  • Horsemen.
  • Combined - includes different types of activities (mainly hiking and water rafting).

The programs of selected tours in Europe include amateur mountaineering and/or speleotourism. A detailed description of each trip with a list of all the attractions along the route can be found on the tour page. There are also contacts of the coordinator who is responsible for organizing travel.

Popular destinations

We take the planning of every hike very seriously, regardless of direction. The instructors accompanying tourists on their travels know the language and mentality of local residents well and successfully communicate with them where it is necessary - for example, when checking into a hotel. The necessary general equipment (sleeping bags, tents, bowlers) is provided by us. You need to take only personal equipment with you - clothes, shoes, chargers, etc. The list of recommended personal equipment is in the description of each tour.

What is included in the cost of tours in Europe

Most of our travels are all inclusive, but this rule takes effect from the moment we arrive at the starting point of the route. Since the participants live in different cities of Russia, they get to this point on their own in the most convenient way for themselves. The price of European tours includes accommodation in hotels, hostels or campsites (depending on the type of travel), the services of an instructor who also acts as a guide, rental of general group equipment and all service payments on the route - for example, recreational fees in national parks or excursions - in museums.

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