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What makes a mountain bike different from a road bike?


Winter is leaving, but often leaves its unpleasant gifts - despondency, loss of strength, extra pounds. A two-wheeled friend will help you get rid of this ballast! But we will show you how to choose the right bike.


Surprisingly, the most popular form of transport is not a car at all, but a bicycle. In total, about one and a half billion of these structures are rolled around the world, set in motion by just one human force. Almost four times more than cars! In addition, this is a real mobile simulator that allows you to combine different types of loads, and even enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature. And, of course, a great hobby for the whole family. So, it has been decided - we will acquire an iron horse with two wheels. If you are not an avid cyclist, then the variety of brands and models on the market will surely run your eyes. We will show you what points you should pay attention to when choosing a bike, be it mountain, road or touring.


To understand what type of bike you need, determine how and where you will ride it. If your route is a leisurely walk along the flat paths of the park, then a city bike - with an upright fit, often equipped with a trunk and fenders, is quite suitable. If you still want a little more stress and complexity, choose a road, touring or mountain bike.

Road bike Pros (+): Lightweight, high speed

Cons (-): lack of amortization, exactingness to the quality of the road surface

Touring bike, or hybrid (touring, hybrid) Pros (+): versatility, lightness, cross-country ability Cons (-): handling on rough terrain is lower than that of MTV


For ease of selection, bicycles sometimes have the same size designations as on clothes: S, M, L. In order not to be mistaken, you need to "try on" the bike - stand over its frame between the saddle and the handlebars. The seat tube should be 3-5 centimeters below your crotch if you intend to ride only on asphalt, 5-8 centimeters if you intend to move along unpaved paths. Also evaluate how much you can stretch between the saddle and the handlebars, whether you feel comfortable. Here you will definitely need the help of the seller. It should be borne in mind that the dimensions of the bike are usually indicated in inches.

Tour operators appreciated the chances of Gelendzhik to become a year-round resort

Mountain bikes have superior grip and cushioning where road bikes can't handle the road.

Probably, each type of terrain has its own specially designed bike. Paved roads and country roads have very different surface characteristics that require specialized bicycles.

The paved road bike has more than a century of racing heritage and is the forerunner of all bicycles. The mountain bike was invented much later, but it occupies an important niche in all cycling and has a wide variety of styles and designs for tackling difficult terrain.

Designed for speed

The road bike is lightweight and easy to handle on a flat road. These bikes have 700c thin wheels and thin tires that reduce rolling resistance and increase speed. Racing road bikes are used in competition and are designed to travel fast in the shortest time.

On a road bike, the rider is in an aggressive, forward-leaning position, which improves aerodynamics and pedaling force.

The frame needs to be light and rigid, so extra strong materials such as carbon fiber and titanium are commonly used for its construction from various manufacturers. Other strong and lightweight materials such as steel and aluminum have been removed from the market.

Off-road driving

Mountain bikes are designed to conquer off-road terrain - mud, slush, snow, gravel. These bicycles are very sturdy, with thick tires and sturdy wheels to resist damage and shock. The frames are made of aluminum, carbon, steel and titanium to withstand heavy loads.

The suspension system allows the wheels to absorb shock and vibration on rough roads. The mountain hardtail bike is equipped with front wheel suspension, while the full suspension bike has shock absorption on both wheels.

Mountain bikes usually have flat handlebars that bring the rider into an upright position for balance and control on the road.

Key differences

The most direct difference between a city bike and a mountain bike is the wheels. Mountain bike wheels range from 26 to 29 inches and are always fitted with protruding tires. These tread blocks act as teeth on loose ground and provide traction where smooth road bike tires will slide.


Before the advent of aluminum, all frames were made of steel. Although these frames are heavier, they are practically indestructible, even rusting will take 30 years. Any necessary fasteners can be welded to the steel, it is very easy to repair and its price is quite affordable.


Aluminum is lighter than steel and practically does not corrode. Aluminum frames are available with any mountings, but they provide a stiffer ride than steel frames. When riding on narrow tires, the recoil to the hands is more than sensitive. And repairing an aluminum frame is much more difficult than a steel frame.


Fragile and vulnerable, but hard and very light material. Many people will not choose such frames for tourism. Firstly, they have a very high price, and secondly, they absorb vibration poorly, and thirdly, they transfer the load well only in a certain direction, and a small impact from the front or side will easily break such a frame. Unlike other materials, carbon frames are not repaired at all.


The best travel frame material. It combines the lightness of aluminum with the vibration damping of steel and lasts longer. Titanium is lightweight and durable, but very expensive. But titanium frames must be made to a very high level, so when choosing a company in which to place an order, you need to very carefully check the reviews of its products.

Touring Bike Frame Geometry

Frame material is an important indicator, but how the bike rolls, still, has little effect. But the geometry of the frame has a very important role in this matter.

A mountain bike is strikingly different from a road bike in appearance, so it makes sense for a cyclist to acquire a unique appearance. Nobody forbids wearing tight or baggy hiking shorts when you're off the sidewalk. But you will enjoy your time mountain biking if you wear special protective clothing that will fit wherever you are riding.

Protection is fundamental. In addition to tips for choosing special clothing, this article includes some tips to keep in mind when mountain biking.

MTB Shorts & Padding

Like road bikes, the mountain bike shorts have elasticity to allow for more freedom of movement, while the special lining wicks moisture and reduces friction.

For most mountain biking styles, aerodynamics don't really matter, so you can opt for baggy shorts. However, if you are going to ride an off-road bike, then it is best to opt for a more form-fitting aerodynamic shorts. Some cyclists prefer tighter shorts that provide muscle support.

Most of the mountain bike shorts are made from thick fabrics and have many pockets. All that is needed to protect against friction is a denser fabric and a length of shorts. Shorts used for mountain biking should be tighter and longer than shorts for other cycling styles.

Lining: The lining sewn into the mountain bike shorts may be slightly thinner than the road bike shorts, as the rider's position is constantly changing during the ride.

Most of the pads can be detached, which gives the advantage of buying underwear for cycling - soft elastic shorts. (Note the fact that regardless of the choice, do not wear underwear that is not suitable for cycling, or skin irritation is inevitable.) At the end of the day, this is everyone's personal opinion about the choice of special underwear or sewn lining.

Mountain biking jersey

In general, mountain bike jersey clothing is not very different from regular road bike models. To wick away sweat more effectively, they need to be fairly snug, but perhaps a little looser than for road bikes. For a more energetic bike riding style, you can wear an even looser sweater. Long sleeves provide extra protection from tree branches and bushes.

If you plan to travel with a backpack, then the back pockets are completely unnecessary. For cyclists without backpacks, pockets are essential for storing keys, food, tire repair kit, phone and money.

It is desirable to have a zipper on your clothing when riding at high speed or when climbing uphill, and this is the function cyclists are looking for in clothing.

Cycling and cycling - what's the difference?

Cycling must be distinguished from cycling. The difference is that cycling tourism involves cycling routes of a specific category of difficulty (in total there are 6 of them) for sporting achievements and categories, and cycling is rather a combination of business with pleasure: here you will have a sports component and an examination of cultural and natural attractions.

Despite the specific complexity, cycling tourism is in no way included in the line of Olympic sports, despite this, getting the status of "master of sports" or the honorary title of "instructor of cycling trips" is more than real. To do this, it is important to resort to the Federation of Sports Tourism of the Russian Federation, which has a cycling section and to find out the details.

Cycling bike

The main rule when choosing a bike for a cycling trip is that it should not be heavy: every kilogram on the road will affect your fatigue. For this reason, experienced hikers remove all unnecessary things from their steel horse — iron fenders, footboards and other devices. As for the shock absorbers, on the one hand, the front fork will help to reduce fatigue of the arms and upper shoulder girdle, on the other hand, due to the decrease in the "information content" of the steering wheel, the bicycle can sometimes be the most difficult to control. For this reason, it is recommended to opt for the most rigid version of the front suspension. But "two-suspension" and completely unsuitable for cycling - very heavy, and also have problems with the installation of the rear rack. Among other things: a large steering wheel, at least a front disc brake, a regular rear overthrow - 8 speeds are enough, wheels with double rims and good spokes, 3 stars in the system (not 2), a flashing red rear light, stainless steel cables and a comfortable seat.

The existing model line assumes a significant opportunity to select bicycles for cycling tourism, and a competent consultant-seller will certainly ask you about the purpose of the purchase and recommend the best option. As a rule, sports and tourist Multitrack Bikes are suitable for this purpose, their other name is Hybrid, but the main characteristic feature is the diameter of the wheels of at least 28 inches. City bikes are also suitable for simple cycling trips.

Additional equipment

The list of things that must be purchased in preparation for a bike trip include a bike rack, as well as a bike backpack. Cycling trips involve transporting your main luggage in a bicycle backpack on a bicycle rack, but not on your back (there can be a small backpack weighing no more than 3-4 kilograms behind your back). Cycle backpacks for cycling trips are usually 3-volume: while 2 side bags (20 liters each) are hung on the sides of the frame, but one is located on top.

The stock of required items should also include a travel repair kit, a spare bicycle tube and a pump. Well, and also of course - campfire equipment, food, boilers, tents, sleeping bags, clothing for various weather conditions, water flasks, a first-aid kit, a camera.

Regarding weight distribution, all equipment, without exception, is divided into personal and public. Personal equipment is usually 7-8 kilograms; public - 5-6 kilograms per 1 participant. For This Reason, prepare yourself for the additional weight of 12-14 kilograms of luggage that you will have to transport on your own bike.

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