Crimea route by car: the best places for independent travel

Sights of Crimea, which you should definitely visit

Tourists need a detailed map of Crimea!

If you are interested in recreation in Crimea, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with and download tourist maps of Crimea with varying degrees of detail. The emphasis was made, first of all, on the requests of "secular tourists", and information about secret mountain trails, passes and other things is not provided.

The most detailed in this article are maps of the southern Crimea (South Coast and Yalta in detail), i.e. here are the most attractions, there are mountains, sea, beaches!

Crimea coastal map

This map of Crimea not only shows the sights in the form of pictures with the corresponding numbering, but also offers a three-dimensional image of the peninsula, which increases clarity.

The following sights are marked on the map of Crimea in exactly the same numbering order:

  • Dacha "Zarya"
  • Foros Church
  • Baydar Gate
  • Rock Diva
  • Alupin Palace Museum
  • Miskhorskaya Rusalka
  • Sanatorium "Ukraine" (Crimea map)
  • Swallow's Nest
  • Uchan-Su Waterfall <
  • Museum "Glade of Fairy Tales"
  • Camping "Glade of Fairy Tales"
  • Pension "Kurpaty"
  • Livadia Palace
  • Hotel "Oreanda" (Crimea map)
  • Berths of boats
  • Hill of Glory
  • Winery "Massandra"
  • Yalta seaport
  • Yalta Hotel
  • Massandra Palace Museum
  • Nikitsky Botanical Garden
  • Ai-Danil Sanatorium (Crimea map)
  • Genoese rock
  • Rocks of Adalara
  • International Children's Center "Artek"
  • Mount Bear
  • Mount Ai-Petri
  • Cable car on Ai-Petri
  • Tourist center on Ai-Petri

You can download the Crimea map here and below by doing the following simple steps:

Click on the image, if necessary, in the lower right corner, click "maximize" to maximize the detail of the image, and after right-clicking on the image, select the "Save Image As." menu item.

Detailed map of Yalta

Below is a map of Yalta with streets, as well as a detailed visualized central part of Yalta and photographs of the city's attractions. Having familiarized yourself with such a detailed map, you will quickly find your way around the area: there is a list of streets and squares signed on the plan, telephone numbers of train stations, main hotels, emergency numbers, etc.

Extreme vacation in Moscow and Moscow region 2020

Crimea is an all-Union health resort, as Shurik would say in the USSR. It remains so now, offering quite international conditions for recreation at domestic prices. The best resorts of Crimea allow you to fully improve your health, have fun with water sports, admire the natural beauty and learn about the culture and history of a unique corner of the planet Earth. Let's talk about them today!

The best resorts of the South Coast of Crimea

Southshore is usually the first to be remembered when it comes to Crimean holidays. True, its geographical definition is somewhat vague. Sometimes under the concept of "South Coast" is meant only the districts of Yalta and Alushta. But often it also includes the southeastern part - up to Feodosia. The problem is with the identification of the position of Sevastopol - it delimits the south and the west, "according to the mood" the hero-city is "attributed" here and there.

Yalta is an unambiguous leader among the South Coast resorts, no matter who prepares the rating. The most prestigious and expensive hotels of Crimea are located here, resort service is well developed. This includes the nearby resort villages - Mishor, Gaspra, Foros, Livadia, Simeiz, Gurzuf, Alupka, etc. The beaches here are mostly pebble or artificial, but perfectly equipped. There are also a lot of paid territories. Yalta is an interesting land for sightseers, they tend to see the Swallow's Nest, Nikitsky Botanical Garden, the palaces of Livadia, Alupka, Koreiz and Massandra. There are many medical institutions of various profiles here. The disadvantage is the high cost - because of the "fashion" the resort charges a fee "for the brand".

If we consider the southeastern coast to be the southern, then the second position according to the results of recent surveys belongs to Sudak - this is the warmest resort town in Crimea, storms are rare here. It is small, but it is developing rapidly. In it and its surroundings (Novy Svet, Morskoe) there are many spacious beaches (coarse sand and pebbles), there are hotels for every taste. Tourists are attracted by the Novy Svet winery and the Genoese fortress, where historical reconstructions are organized.

Alushta combines the advantages of a mountain and coastal resort town. It is better to choose it for tourists who prefer active leisure - walks in the mountains, various excursions. Alushta is not very rich in sights, but it is convenient to get from it to any point of the Crimea. There are many hotels of different levels in it. It cannot be called inexpensive, but it is cheaper than Yalta.

Resorts for families with children in Crimea

Ideal resort cities in Crimea for family vacations are located in the west of the peninsula. The absolute leader is Evpatoria. She herself and her surroundings are popular due to the presence of salty healing lakes and the peculiarities of the coastline. The sea is shallow here, often the "paddling pools" stretch for tens of meters. Here it becomes safe to swim even very small children who cannot swim. The best children's sanatoriums of Crimea are located in the region.

The disadvantage is the frequent appearance of jellyfish. But experience shows that children are not afraid of them and are not even averse to arranging a hunt for them with buckets. Many beaches are already equipped with special jelly traps - nets that drive away sea animals.

Due to its natural features, the ZBK is generally convenient for families. If there is no need for sanatorium treatment, you can stay at one of the resort villages - Popovka, Mezhvodnoe, Chernomorskoe, Steregushchee, Mirny, Okunevka, Olenevka, Sandy, Shtormovoe, Novofedorovka. There are no fancy entertainment venues, but prices are lower than in popular resorts, there is a lot of space by the sea, there are many sandy areas. Their pensions and guesthouses will provide a cozy stay without luxury, but with everything you need.

A good option is the Azov resorts. It is shallow and warmer than Black. There are many sandy edges. For spending time with children, Shchelkino, Novootradnoe, Arabatskaya arrow are suitable.

If you dream of an active vacation this summer, the best way to have a good weekend is to go to the Moscow region for an extreme vacation or

Friends, hello, interest in recreation in Crimea is growing, so I decided to draw up a logical author's route around Crimea for you, you can rely on it when planning your trip to Crimea. This route is based solely on our personal experience and in no way claims to be the only one possible. In the article, we describe our trip to Crimea by car in April, and also tell you what you can see in Crimea in a week, in 10 days and in two weeks, for convenience, we publish what the routes of Crimea look like for independent travel on the map.

Traveling in Crimea: our route and map

Our blog has already written a lot about the sights of Crimea and excursions in Crimea, but how to fit all this into one short trip is not always clear. Therefore, our tourist route in Crimea is an attempt to embrace all the most interesting places in a minimum of time.

The route turned out to be very busy. We spent a lot of time walking, and also tried to touch all the Instagram places of the Crimea so that you will have bomb photos as a souvenir. Read about how much a vacation in Crimea costs and how much we spent in this article.

The route is circular, the starting point depends on how you arrived in Crimea. If you are to Crimea by plane, then the start will be from Simferopol, and if by car, then the beginning of the journey will be from Kerch.

This route can be traveled either by car or by public transport. But I still recommend that you rent a car, it will solve many problems. You will not be tied to the bus schedule and will do much more in the same amount of time.

I advise you to rent a car on Myrentacar services. om or Economybookings are reliable aggregators, prices are adequate, from 1,200 rubles per day for a standard sedan. I also recommend reading about our experience of renting a car in Crimea and reviews →

When planning a route in Crimea by car, decide for yourself that your priority is to drive along the most beautiful places and roads, thereby lengthening the path, or to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. p>

In the first case, you should move along the coast through Sevastopol, Yalta, Alushta, Sudak and Feodosia. In the second case, you should drive through the central part of the peninsula along the federal highway Tavrida, which connects Simferopol and Kerch, passing Stary Krym and Belogorsk along the way.

In our author's route, we combined both of these options. From Simferopol we will drive a long scenic route along the coast through the southern coast of Crimea, and we will return back through the central part of the peninsula.

We were looking for housing on the booking (along the way we will leave links to the selections, if nothing is found, just click the checkbox “I travel for work.” We have already told in detail about all the nuances of booking accommodation in Crimea through booking) here.

The Internet appeared in our lives just a few decades ago, and now it is difficult to imagine what a person's life looks like without it. It is likely that the last time you saw globes and maps was in a geography lesson at school, but before that it was the main means in order to determine your location and to figure out how you can get to this or that place.

Where to rest in Crimea

Many people remember how fun it was, dreaming about travel, spinning the globe, then stopping it with a finger and looking at which city or country he came to. Today, they have been replaced by interactive 3D maps, and you can spin a virtual copy of our planet like a globe in the Google Maps application. We offer you to stop your gaze on the map of Crimea and see what resorts and interesting places are waiting for travelers.

By the way, a little secret for attentive readers: many might have noticed that booking. om does not allow you to book the selected place in Crimea and gives the following error "Unfortunately, at the moment on our website it is impossible to book accommodation in Crimea for the purpose of rest." But if you tick the box "I travel for work" when entering a request, then all hotels, boarding houses and other places of residence will immediately become available for booking.

Crimea is one of the most popular resorts of recent times, which quickly won the hearts of Russians with its unique climatic conditions and memorable nature. It is hard to believe, but the coast of Crimea is washed by two different seas: from the west, south and southeast - the Black Sea, and its northeastern part is washed by the Sea of ​​Azov. As a rule, the Sea of ​​Azov warms up faster due to the vast strip of shallow water, however, the Black Sea also has such areas.

The ratio of sandy and pebble beaches in Crimea is approximately equal (you can read more about the best and best pebble and sandy beaches of Crimea in our articles). Surprisingly, Crimea is one of the few places on our planet where you can find nature in its original form, untouched by man. The unique natural conditions and mountainous terrain of the peninsula gave us such dissimilar resorts: near the western coast you can find bare steppes, and almost the entire central, southern and eastern parts of Crimea are real subtropics with exotic trees, cypresses and juniper groves. This was used by many sanatoriums, which, as a rule, have huge (several hectares) territories. Crimean sanatoriums are based on the numerous healing springs of the peninsula, which are found in almost every part of it. In this article we will tell you about the main resorts of Crimea and, of course, show them on an interactive map.

Southern coast of Crimea

If you look at the lower part of the Crimea map, you can see the southernmost point of the peninsula - Cape Sarych. The resort village of Foros is located 5 kilometers away from it, and it is from here that the line of the southern coast of Crimea begins, which stretches along the Black Sea for hundreds of kilometers and ends in Sudak (you can read more about the beaches of Sudak in our article), the famous resort town that borders with one of the main wine-growing regions of Crimea - Novy Svet (in this article you can learn better about the beaches of Novy Svet).

The southern coast of Crimea is geographically divided into two large regions - Big Yalta and Big Alushta. As you might guess, these territories have formed around large resort cities - Yalta and Alushta, which are one of the main attractions of the southern coast, and also have an advanced tourist infrastructure and really outstanding hotels (for example, Yalta-Intourist, Riviera Sunrise Resort and many others).

You can read more about the South Coast of Crimea in our article.

Western coast of Crimea

The coastline of the western coast begins from Sevastopol and with bizarre bends stretches to the westernmost point of Crimea - Cape Tarkhankut, and then, bending around it, cuts off Lake Liman in the Karadzhinskaya Bay and passes through such resort villages as Olenevka, Chernomorskoe and Mezhvodnoe. There are also sandy beaches of the Belyaus Spit, the famous center of sanatorium treatment Evpatoria (you can familiarize yourself with the best sanatoriums in Evpatoria on the seashore in our article, and also read about the Cote d'Azur beach in this article), as well as the quiet seaside villages of Mirny , Sandy, Novofedorovka and Saki resort.

It is in this part of Crimea that the most beautiful beaches are located, looking at the photos of which you can easily confuse them with the Maldives - Miami Beach and Bounty Beach are just such (you can read more about each of them in our articles).

What is the special charm of Crimea? The abundance of the sun, sea expanses, amazingly beautiful mountains, salubrious air and the riot of southern nature beckon vacationers. And there is also an abundance of attractions that are worth visiting - from cave cities and the Nikitsky Botanical Garden to the Swallow's Nest and the Livadia Palace. And I want to see all this!

Getting to know Crimea

In the south of the Eurasia continent, there is a unique territory with a special climate and rich nature. The Crimean peninsula, to someone reminiscent of a bunch of grapes, to someone a rhombus and even a heart, is surrounded by two seas.

Features of the peninsula:

  • The waves of the Black Sea wash the Crimea in the south and west, and the waters of the shallowest sea in the world, the Azov Sea, in the north.
  • Plain landscapes of most of the peninsula to the south gradually rise and are replaced by the Crimean Mountains with the highest peak Roman-Kosh (1545 m). This entire territory covers an area of ​​26,860 km ².
  • The population of Crimea is 2,340,921 people. Most of the inhabitants live in the federal city of Sevastopol, the capital of the Republic of Simferopol is the second most populous.
  • Crimea is famous for its healing climate, which differs in different parts of the peninsula: in most of its territory there is a mild steppe climate of the temperate zone, in the mountainous Crimea it is more humid and cool. On the southern coast of the peninsula, the climatic conditions are close to the subtropical Mediterranean. Summer is sunny, but the heat is not exhausting, the sea breeze refreshes the air, the water warms up to + 24 ° on average. Autumn on the coast is warm, winter is mild and short-lived.
  • Crimea is good for recreation in any season.

Main attractions

Each guest of the peninsula discovers his own Crimea. For some, natural attractions are of interest - caves, waterfalls, mountain plateaus.

Others are attracted by archaeological sites, museums and palaces of the Crimea. Moving by car from Cape Tarkhankut in the west to Kerch in the east, you can discover all the beauties of the peninsula.

Cape Tarkhankut

The most western point of the Crimean Peninsula is Cape Tarkhankut. These places are famous for the most ecologically clean waters with clear water.

Divers, surfers, and simply beach lovers away from the hustle and bustle of popular resorts have already appreciated the advantages of Tarkhankut.

Fans of new experiences have something to see here too:

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