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Resort; Rosa Khutor: only mountains can be better than mountains

Here you will find the most popular questions about the resort and its services. If your question is not on the list, then you can get the necessary information by calling the hotline number 8-800-5000-555 or in the Resort's Info Center.

Resort Operation and Infrastructure

Resort Operations & Infrastructure

The Rosa Khutor Resort is located in the Sochi mountain cluster, 45 km from Sochi International Airport. To get to the resort from Sochi, from the Adler railway station and from the airport, you can take the Lastochka electric train, shuttle buses, taxis or use the transfer service. You can find more information here.

What hours is the resort open for guests to visit?

Resort opening hours vary by season. In winter, the cable cars are available from 8:30 am, from which time you can start skiing or snowboarding or go to enjoy the mesmerizing mountain landscape at an altitude of 2320 meters. And in the summer season, you can go to the mountains from 9:00 - at this time, cable cars begin to work, which will take guests from Rosa Dolina to the Mountain Olympic Village and to the peak of Rosa Peak. The current lift schedule can be viewed here. And you can visit our resort and walk around it at any time of the day.

How to register in the My Rose program?

Install the Rosa Khutor mobile application, register in the My Rosa tab, confirm your phone number. If you have previously made purchases on the shop website. osaski. om, log in to the application using your credentials and confirm the phone number. You can read more about the terms of the program here.

What to do if personal belongings are lost at the resort?

The resort administration is not responsible for things forgotten and left unattended. However, we have created for you special sections on social networks and in the application, where you can post an announcement about things found or forgotten. In addition, guests and staff of the resort often bring found items to the Info Center, where lost items are kept. There you can leave a request for a lost item, and if it is found, pick it up.

Summer season

Summer season

The first place to go to Sochi is the Rosa Khutor ski resort. In this article, we have collected and systematized all the information about the ski pass, route schemes, reviews and prices.

In 2014, the quiet life of the resort town of Sochi was divided into "before" and "after". The Winter Olympics changed everything. Those who have not yet been to post-Olympic Sochi will find themselves on another planet - whose orbit is in the zone of gravity of a star named "Sport".

On the way from Sochi airport to Rosa Khutor, you will be overwhelmed by a wave of emotions already in a taxi. Five giant Olympic rings are woven into the web of the traffic junction. They literally grow out of the ground, majestically float before our eyes, giving way to each other.

And now it seems that the air, sun, mountains are calling and beckoning, offering to set, if not Olympic, then your own record.

Why go to the Rosa Khutor ski resort

Rosa Khutor is the most famous year-round world-class ski resort in Russia.

The mountain Olympic village Rosa Khutor has nothing in common with roses, although other associations usually do not arise. Roses grow here only in flower beds, and even then not in the ski season.

This place was once glorified by a simple butcher named Rosa. Greek by origin, he was unsociable and sullen, and therefore settled away from annoying neighbors on the banks of the obstinate mountain river Mzymta, whose name translates as “mad”.

Poor Rose! Today he would not recognize his native place. The season almost never ends here. In winter, all "snow" sports are available at Rosa Khutor - skiing, snowboarding, ski jumping, freestyle, luge and so on.

Summer is a treasure trove of mountain hikers and cross-country cycling and horseback riding.

Meeting Rooms at Radisson Rosa Khutor *

Comfortable accommodation, high level of service and picturesque surroundings make the Radisson Hotel Rosa Khutor 5 * an ideal place for holding business meetings and exciting celebrations of your most important events.

Conference Rooms Golden Tulip Rosa Khutor *

For business meetings, the Golden Tulip Rosa Khutor 4 * hotel offers 5 conference rooms and a multifunctional banquet area.

Conference rooms at Park Inn *

Park Inn by Radisson Rosa Khutor offers a modern Sochi conference hall with an area of ​​150 sq. ... and accommodating up to 100 people, as well as a "Smart Meeting Room" with an area of ​​48 sq. ... and accommodating up to 30 people.

Rosa Springs Hotel Meeting Rooms *

The largest conference hall in the Mountain Olympic Village - 123 sq. etra, accommodates up to 120 people. The hall is equipped with all the necessary equipment for holding events of various formats from conferences to banquets.

Conference rooms at Mercure Rosa Khutor *

6 modern conference rooms for events of the highest level, modern lighting and sound equipment, natural lighting, individual temperature control, capacity from 20 to 120 participants, high ceilings 4.m., separate coffee area -breaks, buffets.

Conference rooms at Green Flow Hotel *

We planned a family trip to the mountains in advance and with great care, making a detailed plan of the trip to the resort "Rosa Khutor" and trying to foresee everything to the smallest detail. The reward for such training was an amazing day, which we spent with the children on the slopes of the Aibga ridge.

Modern cable cars, mesmerizing panoramas of the peaks of the Caucasus Mountains, untouched nature of the Mendelikha Waterfalls Park ... It can take a long time to list the advantages of the chosen walking route. The main thing is that now we know for sure that only mountains can be better than mountains!

A trip with children to the mountains or One day at the Rosa Khutor resort

We went to the Rosa Khutor resort by Lastochka, the departure station is Olympic Park (Imereti resort). The composition of the tourist group - mom, dad, three children (8 years old, 4 years old and 2 years old).

The end point is Rosa Khutor station. Travel time is about 45 minutes. We chose the earliest express with departure at 9:25 am and arrival at 10:12 am, the program of events is going to be rich.

The cost of a ticket for an adult is 250 rubles. Of course, you can get there cheaper by taxi or by bus, but with young children, modern Swallow cars with air conditioning, toning, spacious toilets seem to be the best option.

The Rosa Khutor resort offers a free bus route from the terminal train station of the Lastochka electric trains to the ski lifts.

The bus schedule is tied to the "Swallows" schedule, from the station square buses leave for the resort as they fill up with tourists arriving with the next train, arrive at the station taking into account the time required to buy tickets (about half an hour before departure electric trains).

The travel time is about six minutes, the distance is a little less than 2 km (we walked back from the lifts to the station on foot, the road took 25-30 minutes). The final stop is a platform located behind the Mzymta Dvor building.

The guide (he accompanies a group of tourists on the bus free of charge, helps to purchase official tickets and conducts a short briefing) gathers all guests on the Rose Square in front of the Town Hall tower (on the right in the photo, with a clock) and says, what, where and when you can see how to make the right plan for visiting the resort.

Just a few years ago, there were not many people who wanted to go on vacation in winter Sochi. Now everything has changed. The renovated city has turned into a year-round resort, in which in winter there is not only palm trees and the Black Sea, but also snow. And it is quite enough in Krasnaya Polyana - the most famous Russian mountain resort located on the territory of the Sochi national reserve.

The places here are extraordinarily beautiful. Sparkling snow, stunning mountains, lakes, rivers and glaciers are unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. And in terms of the softness and uniqueness of the climate, Krasnaya Polyana resembles the famous ski resorts of Europe. And, as it turned out, in our country, many people like this type of recreation, although not the cheapest, but quite affordable.

Winter resorts of Sochi are noted as the best not only by Russians. According to the World Ski Awards, the Rosa Khutor resort was recognized as the winner for the third time in the category "The Best Ski Resort in Russia in 2015". And Sochi is leading among the cities of Russia as the best destination for family travel for the New Year.

Ski resort "Rosa Khutor" in Krasnaya Polyana

Rosa Khutor is not just a mountain resort, but an Olympic-level sports center with the largest ski area in our country and tracks of different difficulty levels, 77 kilometers of excellent tracks, this is speed, sports atmosphere and adrenaline. And it is the landscapes of this resort that we most often saw in broadcasts from the Olympic Games.

20 modern gondola, chair, drag-type lifts and two "magic carpets" are delivered to the mountain slopes. There is a rental of snowboard and ski equipment.

Last year's season has delighted holidaymakers. There are many new products at the resort. A special area for tubing and tobogganing lovers has been opened at Rosa Plateau near the Mountain Olympic Village. And for those wishing to ride in the evening was organized "Riding under the stars."

Snowboarders were not ignored either. The resort opened Russia's first unique amusement parks: The Stash Park (for advanced skiers) and Riglet Park (a center for little extreme lovers with mini-figures).

This diversity attracts ski enthusiasts of all skill levels to this resort. Families with children also like to relax here. For their training according to a specially developed methodology, the Egorka ski club was organized at the resort, where children receive their first lessons on mastering skiing skills. If you wish, you can learn skiing with the whole family.

In addition to ski slopes, the resort complex includes Olympic facilities - an extreme park with exciting attractions, a ski center and the Mountain Olympic Village. Gyms, SPA-complexes, saunas, restaurants, cafes, an ice skating rink, boutiques and shops are open for the guests of the resort. Animators work tirelessly all year round, organize fun sports competitions, games, master classes, and themed contests.

Rosa Khutor is a year-round resort. The last winter season, which ended on May 15, smoothly turned into summer holidays from June 1, which lasted until October.

As it turned out, the summer is not boring here either and there is something to do - hiking on the mountain slopes, rock climbing, horseback riding and biking, an overview of the picturesque surroundings from the Rose Peak site (the highest point resort - height 2120 meters). In addition, in summer, vacationers at the resort are waiting for numerous sports grounds, a rope amusement park "Panda Park", buggy tours, an eco-trail with impressive waterfalls, yoga classes.

While vacationing in a mountain resort in summer, it is simply impossible not to visit the sea. All summer guests of the resort are delivered free of charge on a comfortable shuttle to their own equipped beach. Rafting is possible in the recreation area on the shores of the mountain lake Rosa Beach. For younger guests, fun animation and sports activities are organized on the grounds.

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