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Under the guidance of instructor Vladimir Kazartsev, we will hone mountaineering techniques in rock lessons, work out interaction in a bundle and consolidate knowledge and skills on ascents 1B-2B (depending on the level of the group).

A week-long trip for participants with basic training, who have experience in climbing and belaying from the top and who know how to knit basic knots.

Departure to Crimea for participants with initial mountaineering training. If you already know how to knit basic knots, climb and belay with top belay, then here, on real rocks, you can continue your training, hone your skills and consolidate the knowledge gained in training at the climbing wall, and get ready for a trip to the big mountains. Together we will work out the basic mountaineering techniques, we will climb a lot and make several ascents.

Why in Crimea

The Crimean Rocks are perhaps one of the best, where a novice climber can hone his technique and gain enough climbing experience before going to the big mountains. There are dozens of climbing paths, multipitch and climbing routes, from the simplest to the most advanced, and by public transport or by car, you can quickly and easily move around the South Coast, from one massif to another. On the one hand, you are surrounded by rocks and endless green forests, and on the other, a gentle sea stretches to the very horizon, a blue sky above your head and a sun blinding your eyes.

We will stay in a small cozy village of Simeize, in a house with rooms with amenities, within walking distance of the Koshka and Swan's Wing rocks. There are many easy routes here that are suitable for beginners, there are also simple climbing paths and multi-pitches. Shops, cafes, a park, coastal hiking trails, the popular Diva rock and the sea right next door.

What will we learn

During the departure we will practice climbing and belaying techniques, learn how to work in bundles on the route and make several ascents. We focus on the program below, but the instructor will adjust the lesson plan depending on the level of training of the participants.

Indicative departure plan

1 day - Arrival in Simeiz, accommodation, acquaintance with the area, introductory lesson. Day 2 - Climbing with upper and lower belay. An emphasis on insurance. Working on the railing. Day 3 - Installation of insurance points. Stations at their points. Working in bundles. Day 4 - Working in bundles on the multi-pitch route. Using "reverse" in the autoblock. Descent along a double rope with pulling. Interaction of ligaments. Day 5-7 - Ascents 1B-2B (difficulty and number of ascents according to the participants' readiness level). After the ascent, analysis and work on mistakes. Day 8 - Departure.

Departure to Crimea: rock climbing (group of beginners)

Spas and Glampings. How they plan to develop the Voronezh tourist cluster

The Moscow investor will create a large tourist eco-cluster in the Voronezh Region. The tourist and recreational complex will unite nine municipal districts and will be located along the Don River. The project is aimed at developing domestic tourism and creating new jobs. What kind of infrastructure the investor plans to create in the region - in the material of RIA "Voronezh".

What is known about the investor?

A company from Moscow has been engaged in outbound tourism for over 20 years. He works with unusual tourist destinations not related to mass attractions and organizes tours in Northern Europe and the USA.

In 2018, the investor's representatives held negotiations with Governor Alexander Gusev on the implementation of a project for the integrated development of recreational areas in the region along the Don River. Following the meeting, it was decided to develop a tourist cluster project together with the government of the Voronezh region and the Voronezh State University.

- Good tourism requires infrastructure and quality tourism products. We see the birth of a high-quality, interesting and unique tourist product, - said Alexander Kukin, Deputy Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Trade of the Voronezh Region.

- We want our residents and guests in the Voronezh region to feel comfortable, interesting and safe. So far, the tourism industry of the region is at the very beginning of its development. Therefore, we pin great hopes on such investors, - noted the head of the department Sergey Korchevnikov.

What will the cluster look like?

The length of the future tourist cluster is 400 km. The territory will unite reserves, specially protected natural areas and cultural heritage sites of the middle Don into a single whole.

As part of the eco-cluster along the Don River from Khokholsky (Gremyachye village) to Bogucharsky district (Belaya Gorka village), a tourist infrastructure will be built - with hotels, glamping (a comfortable campground on a boardwalk), catering points, viewing platforms and even SPA and wellness resorts. Active guests can rent bicycles and hiking equipment. All tourist points of the eco-cluster will be connected by a network of roads and river transport. Cruises will go along the Don, and embankments, beach areas and marinas will be created on its coast.

- Our task is for the eco-cluster to be considered as a single, integral territory. This is not one resort or one hotel, but a complex project. All these sections should be connected along the Don, - said the head of the eco-cluster project Alexander Evforitsky.

The project is designed for various categories of tourists - individual, family, corporate, people with disabilities and people passing through the Voronezh region along the M-4 highway.

Departure to Crimea: rock climbing (group of beginners) Under the guidance of instructor Vladimir Kazartsev, we will hone mountaineering techniques on rock lessons, work out interaction in a bundle and

Climbing up the wall. How Voronezh hosts the first Russian climbers' tournament in 2021

At the Voronezh climbing wall of the Grand Prix sports center (Voroshilova street, 1a), from January 5 to 10, the "Christmas tournament" is held - a competition of the strongest climbers of Russia in four age groups. These are teenagers (10-13 years old), younger boys and girls (14-15 years old), older boys and girls (16-17 years old) and juniors and juniors (18-19 years old). Competitions are held in three disciplines - "climbing for difficulty", "climbing for speed" and "bouldering". Initially, the tournament was supposed to be held in St. Petersburg, but due to the restrictions adopted in the northern capital for the New Year holidays, the starts had to be postponed to Voronezh. RIA Voronezh reports on what makes the Voronezh climbing wall unique and why the strongest climbers of the country have been coming to our city for several years to train.

"Why are you going up the hill?"

... Outside the window of the former sports complex "Energia" (now the sports center "Grand Prix") it is sowing a light rain, the snowdrifts turn black from the water, and very close to the strongest young climbers of Russia ... And they don't care about slush! Voronezh became the first Russian city to host a climbing tournament of this scale in 2021.

- 650 athletes from 41 regions of Russia arrived here. Of course, the pandemic left its mark on the competition - all participants came with certificates that they did not suffer from covid. In general, the current situation introduced a lot of new things into the very organization of the tournament, some of its regulations had to be redrawn. In Voronezh, the hall has more possibilities than in St. Petersburg, from where the "Christmas tournament" was moved here. Here we have already held the European Championship, and in 2021 the World Championship will also take place here - any tournaments can be brilliantly organized in these conditions. In 2020, the Russian national team held four training camps here, and today this climbing wall has been chosen by the Russian Climbing Federation as the base for the conduct of the national teams camps, - said the chief judge of the competition, referee of the All-Russian category Georgy Bogomolov to RIA Voronezh.

Participants come to the climbing wall for the starts of their age groups at different times, so there is no particular crowd in the hall. The hosts, residents of Voronezh, are one of the most numerous teams: our region is represented by 33 people.

Moscow checkmate

- Three of the four age groups performing here are selected for the European and World Championships. The first tournament will take place in June in Perm, and the second in August in Voronezh. The Voronezh climbing wall today can host competitions of any level, up to the world championships. Although, in my opinion, there is not enough infrastructure for very serious competitions - there are not enough places for rest, warm-up, toilets, and spectator places. For major tournaments, some of the equipment is usually brought to us from Moscow - additional climbing walls, mats, holds, reliefs. Today in our region about a thousand people are engaged in rock climbing - here and at the climbing wall at Rabotnitsa. Now the Voronezh region is consistently in the top five in Russia according to the conditional Russian rating. In 2021, in addition to the world championship, Voronezh will host two major Russian tournaments in our sport, ”said Vladimir Malamid, vice president of the Russian Climbing Federation (FSR), head coach of the Russian national team, chairman of the Voronezh Regional Climbing Federation, in a conversation with RIA Voronezh.

In the meantime, qualifying starts for senior boys and girls began at the country's climbing wall, and the RIA Voronezh correspondent talked with the leading coaches of the regions, whose representatives were just getting ready to start on the afternoon of January 8th.

- I brought several of my guys from Novosibirsk and two from the Tomsk region to this competition. In 1996, when I was still working in Moscow, my program for the popularization and development of this sport won the second place in the competition of copyright programs held at that time by the Ministry of Education and Science. Later I left the capital for Novosibirsk. There we still have a small climbing wall, so we spend most of the training camps in St. Petersburg. Today rock climbing in Russia is developing at a rapid pace, and the Voronezh climbing wall is an excellent base for the development of our sport. Although here there is where to move further, you can further complicate the tracks, - said Alexander Nagorov, one of the most famous trainers in Moscow, who came to rock climbing from mountaineering and brought up a whole galaxy of champions in a new form for himself. Today he lives in Novosibirsk, where he develops this sport.

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