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Hike to Elbrus 2020: test yourself for strength

Reviews about climbing Elbrus and tours in the Elbrus region

We were in July 2019 climbing with a guide Dmitry Podlesny. Dima is a very experienced and responsible guide, a pleasant person to talk to. He acclimatized us perfectly, and in the evenings he told all sorts of stories from the life of climbers - very impressive! I liked that they give various knowledge and train skills, which may not be very necessary on Elbrus, but interesting and useful - it makes you think about further mountaineering. I want to go to Lenin Peak with Dima, but already without my wife) The organizers in the office are very pleasant, they received full information on the preparation from them, in general, the information support is very good. When you just start thinking about going to Elbrus, then nothing at all is incomprehensible. But they help in preparation so that you go already imagining what awaits you. And thanks to the recommendations for preparation, which we completely followed, we were perfectly prepared and the ascent was not quite easy, but it was not prohibitively difficult. When the Caucasus learns to build a normal infrastructure, then people will be drawn there. In the meantime, this is, of course, not the Alps) Thanks to Dima for protecting us from local craftsmen.

Climbing Elbrus from the south, basic level, 26. 7 - 05. 8 I want to start this review with gratitude to the head of the wonderful MyWay travel club - Yula Urbanavichyute. Thank you so much for your advice, support, and joint training! For the ice ax and cats! ☝ ? This year I went to Elbrus with MyWay for the second time. A year ago, due to bad weather, we were unable to climb, but this time everything was on our side. Both the weather and the state of health did not disappoint (especially on the descent ?). And on August 3, my dream to climb the highest mountain in Russia and Europe came true! The organization, like last year, was excellent: good information support, quality public equipment, delicious food! And of course, the best instructor is Dima Chesnokov. Special thanks to him! Dima, if you are reading this, then you should know that your support and words helped me a lot! I would like to add about the basic level for those planning to Elbrus. At this level, be prepared for physical activity with a backpack. And in general, if you go to the mountains, be physically prepared - this is not a light trip! This is an ascent! Take this seriously! And the mountains. They are wonderful! And this is love forever! ? I'm already planning my next ascents to Kazbek and Kilimanjaro, and guess who? With MyWay, of course! And also a hike across the Crimea, Georgia and Kamchatka ? There are many plans and the most important thing is that I know a reliable travel club with which I will go on these trips! Thank you MyWay for giving birth to new dreams and helping to make them come true! And again I want to wish you even more new routes and adequate travelers! ?

Elbrus from the north. I liked the climb very much, the team is super, always a positive atmosphere surrounded us in this adventure. Very positive and experienced instructors, Sergey and Roman were always open to any request and were ready to help with advice in any situation. This was my second ascent with Mai Wei, and I was not at all disappointed in my choice. Feel free to contact them and go towards adventure!)

I want to express my deep gratitude to the MyWay club for organizing my ascent to Elbrus from the north as part of a group. And also to say thanks to the head of the group Sergey Zavoda and the main guide Roman Chizhov for safety, words of support, humor all the way, endless optimism and attentive attitude to each participant. Guys, you are professionals!

Climbing Elbrus (from the south) 24 07-02. 8 It was incredible. Thank you very much to Roman Chizhov, who was our friend and support, with whom nothing is scary and with whom you feel completely safe in such difficult conditions. Thank you for instilling confidence in us on the mountain, when there was almost no strength left, and thank you for believing in us. Thanks to MayWay for a great instructor and a reliable person! P.. Regarding organizational issues, not everything in the company was thought out to the end, every time the organizers had to be pulled. And we also did not calculate with food, initially it was stipulated that food is included, except for the days of spending the night in Terskol. As a result, we lived in Terskol for 5 days, and this is like half of our trip. Not taken into account)))) food these days was completely on us. I think the organizers need to stipulate this more clearly.

Climbing Elbrus and hiking along the Elbrus: instructors and guides:

Dmitry Podlesny

Master of Sports in Mountaineering, 1 grade in rock climbing, instructor-methodologist in mountaineering of the 3rd category, participant of the "Height" project. Experience climbing peaks above 8000 meters. Total experience in the mountains for over 20 years.

Roman Chizhov

Mountain guide, climber, lifeguard, mountain hiker

Elbrus attracts climbers and tourists from all over the world. Not only climbing so attracts people here, but also the unique nature of the Elbrus region, stunning views of the Caucasian ridge.

Climbing Elbrus is available to participants with any mountain experience, as well as without experience - we will help you prepare both physically and mentally :) Experienced guides, a well-thought-out full-fledged acclimatization program, correctly selected equipment, balanced nutrition - that's the key to a successful ascent!

Climbing, hiking and tours to Elbrus 2021

Climbing Elbrus price is suitable for everyone who wants to climb the highest point of the Caucasus, Russia and Europe, start the program of the 7 highest peaks in the world, test their strength, as well as those who want to discover the incredible the world of mountains with its pristine beauty. The difficulty of the ascent depends on the route you have chosen.

Man has always been drawn to adventure and overcoming obstacles. And there is nothing better than testing your capabilities with a challenging yet fun mountain climb. It is here that all the traits of a person are revealed, his hidden capabilities and abilities, which he did not even know about. Another famous conqueror of Everest, George Mallory, who never managed to write his name into the book of conquering the highest peak in the world, to the question: "Why do you strive to get to this peak?", Answered clearly and clearly: "Because it exists!" This is the meaning of human nature - to prove to yourself first of all that you can do more. The conquest of Elbrus is a really dangerous business, but in Russia there are no less difficult extreme trips that will give you the opportunity to feel like a conqueror of the world. Climbing Elbrus, the highest peak in Russia, can rightfully be considered a test for self-confident people.

Climbing Elbrus

If we go a little into geography, then Mount Elbrus, as the highest peak of Russia and Europe, is located in the Caucasus, that is, any Russian or guest of Russia can feel like a conqueror of this peak, whose height reaches more than 5600 meters. It was conquered back in 1874, but still attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year. This is not surprising, because it is included in the list of the "seven highest peaks of the Earth", that is, climbing this peak, you automatically enter yourself into the book of records, even without knowing it. However, it should be understood that mountains do not like thoughtless daredevils and upstarts, but only allow truly prepared people to reach their peaks.

Climbing Elbrus: is it so difficult

Today there are more and more people who want to conquer the highest point of Russia. Climbing Elbrus in 2021 has become very popular among tourists, as it is a truly memorable event that no other sea trip can compare with. Climbing Elbrus is a chance to prove to yourself that you can do more. At the same time, many tourists believe that the ascent can be compared to a walk along the Sochi embankment. In fact, this is a huge delusion, because of which many tourists do not even go halfway, thereby preventing their comrades from completing the journey, since when one person leaves the distance, the whole group leaves the distance. Therefore, despite the popular belief, the conquest of Elbrus is the result of a certain amount of work by both the teaching staff, as well as the guide, and the tourist himself. There is no place for pathos and bravado - only practice and strict adherence to the rules. However, this journey should not be treated like an exam in school (although, in part, it is). Modern companies offer to teach you in the shortest possible time all the necessary skills of movement in mountainous terrain in various climatic conditions.

Climbing Elbrus: routes

Climbing Elbrus for beginners is always a very difficult procedure for the reason that many people overestimate their strengths and capabilities. Often on the rise, the person who spoke about his endurance gives up a kilometer after the start of the movement. Therefore, we try to prepare clients for the ascent as much as possible. For this, a whole range of activities is carried out that will allow you to become one more step higher in your self-esteem. These include the following activities:

  • passing the course "young climber";
  • acclimatization of tourists in conditions of low temperatures and low pressure;
  • full consultations on safety measures, special clothing, rules of conduct in emergencies, etc.;
  • purchase of the necessary equipment.

Climbing Elbrus price for beginners - these are tours that will allow you to feel like the king (or queen) of the world. We employ only professional specialists who are not just guides, but full-fledged instructors who will help you overcome any obstacles without problems. If you are interested in climbing Elbrus routes and how much it costs to climb Elbrus, the price and routes are listed below.

Climbing Elbrus price

On average, the price of climbing Elbrus is from 19,000 to 37,500 rubles.

Elbrus: climbing - only we have a well-thought-out acclimatization program, high-quality equipment, experienced guides and escort of rescuers from the Ministry of Emergencies

If you want to test yourself, get new emotions and make sure of your strength (physical and, above all, moral), go on a hike to Elbrus in 2020. Climbing the mountain will be an excellent start for those who dream of conquering the 7 highest mountains of the planet in the future.

But even if the program of 7 summits is not yet in your plans, and you want to admire the mountain beauties, to feel the beauty of hiking, Elbrus is a great option.

And now you have the option to read this article and deal with all the nuances yourself, or just sign up for a consultation with our manager and he will tell you in 5 minutes how steep your ascent will be and which route to choose)

If you have chosen a conversation with the manager, then just leave a request on the page . om/elbrus /. At the same time, read the reviews and see the photo and video reports. See you at the top;)

Elbrus, mountain, hike!

Elbrus is the highest mountain peak on the European continent. Climbing it is a vivid and memorable adventure. It is difficult to describe the beauty of the mountain and its surrounding landscapes. As well as it is impossible to find words in order to convey the sensations of people waking up in the land of cold, but thanks to that virgin nature.

A hike around Elbrus will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the amazing edge. He is sung in myths. He was worshiped by different peoples and tribes. The mountain has many names in different languages ​​and dialects. Each of them is poetic, fully describing the beauty of Elbrus:

  • in Balkar - Mingi-Tau, which in translation sounds like a Mountain out of a thousand;
  • in the Balkar language there is also such a variant of pronunciation as Ming- Tau - the translation will be a slightly different "Settlement Mountain";
  • in the Kabardian language the peak is called Oshkhomakho - translated into Russian it means Mountain of the Day;
  • Georgians called Elbrus Yal-Buz, then there is a Snow Mane;
  • Abkhazians are Orfi Tub, which means the Mountain of the Blessed.

There are several opinions about how the name Elbrus originated. One of the most common variants is the origin from the same Persian word, which means High Mountain.

Hiking to Elbrus: when is the best time to go and which route

Hiking to Elbrus for beginners is best organized in the summer. They will be the most comfortable.

Please note that hiking in winter is the choice of experienced climbers who have climbed the mountains more than once and are able to withstand the difficulties and hardships of the path.

In summer, tours are usually organized from April to September. Each of these months has its own advantages and features:

Elbrus is a stratovolcano of the Main Caucasian ridge with a height of 5642 meters, included in the list of the highest mountains in the world "Seven Summits". In terms of mountaineering, this is a unique place, because it obeys even beginners if they choose to hike Elbrus from the south. And next time you can go a more difficult path along the northern slope and experience an indescribable sense of freedom, goal achievement and peace of mind.

Programs for climbing Elbrus from the south

The conquest of the "eternal mountain" from the south side is the optimal solution for those who want to climb to the top without the experience of such ascents, but are in good physical shape. Despite the fact that the path is easier than from the north, it takes endurance and endurance to walk 70 km and live in hiking conditions.

  • Classics of Elbrus "Your summit". A real romance of a mountain expedition with overnight stays in tents and an alpine tourist shelter. A gradual acclimatization program, basic mountaineering training sessions and instructor support will help you conquer the summit without fear or hesitation. The route passes along the Baksan gorge, the Adyr-Su gorge, through the Azau glade, the "Bochki" shelter, "Shelter 11". Conquest of Elbrus - on the 8th day. After - descent back. For 11 days, tourists walk 65 km light - backpacks and equipment are transported by snowmobiles.
  • Comfort-climbing. They are distinguished by moderate physical activity and comfortable accommodation for overnight stays in hotels and mountain shelters. Crossings are made light, backpacks and equipment are transported by snow groomers. The hikes take 8-11 days, during which panoramic views of mountain valleys, villages, gorges and lakes open from different heights.

A transfer is organized from Mineralnye Vody to the base camp in the Baksan Gorge and back, which is included in the tour price. The trek for climbing Elbrus from the south is an acquaintance with the nature of the Caucasian mountains, a visit to thermal springs, a ride on a chair-lift and the opportunity to see the endless expanses of the Elbrus region.

What is included in the cost of tours

Advantages of hiking Elbrus, presented on the Adventure Club website

"Eternal Mountain" will surely surrender to a brave, courageous and strong spirit.

Many travelers begin their first ascent of Elbrus along this route - in the summer-autumn period, from the South to the Western Summit (5642 m). An exciting 11-day hike to the highest point of Russia and Europe with a comfortable acclimatization program. The advantage of the route is the availability for tourists of the usual level of physical training. All the way through the most picturesque places in the very heart of the Caucasus we go with moderate loads, small backpacks and a charge to win. We get pleasure from a real camp life - we spend the night in tent camps and an alpine mountaineering shelter. In these places, time stops, the worldview is revised, and the soul finds the long-awaited balance. The conquest of the peak of the cosmic beauty of Elbrus is a personal achievement that you will be proud of.

The last 4 places remain, as not all have confirmed their participation.

The most popular, well-trodden and easiest ascent to Elbrus is the route from the south. It is also called the classic route to the top. The domestic category of complexity of the route is 2A, which means that it includes rocky and snow-ice areas, but to overcome them, you only need a few ropes for simple climbing in bundles and from 2 to 10 hours to reach the goal.

Climbing Elbrus from the south along the routes offered in 2021 and 2022 does not require serious sports training. It is enough to be a healthy person in good physical shape. The task is also facilitated by the infrastructure developed in this part. On the southern slope of the mountain, there are several good hotels and mountain shelters that allow you to get training and acclimatization with the least stress. It is this route that is best suited for the first conquest of Elbrus.

Climbing routes to Elbrus from the south

If you plan to climb Elbrus from the south in 2021 or prepare in advance for a hike in 2022 (and places are booked six months in advance), then expect that your classic route will take from 7 to 14 days ... Depending on the chosen schedule and the group with which you go to storm the main peak of Europe. The most common option is 8-10 days. For clarity, we will consider the averaged version and analyze what awaits you in the Elbrus region during the entire time.

Assigned to check-in. As a rule, a meeting is scheduled at the airport or at the railway station in Mineralnye Vody. From there the group goes to the Elbrus region, where they check into a hotel or set up a tent camp.

From this day, acclimatization and the first stage of preparation for the ascent begins. It can be a walk from Chegetskaya Polyana to the Cheget-1 cable car station (height 2750 meters) or ascent without equipment to the shoulder of Cheget: on two lines of the cable car to a height of 3000 meters, and from there on foot for about two more hours to climb about 3500 meters. Further descent to the camp.

Exit and ascent to a height of about 3500 meters for ice training. At such a training session, they teach how to handle an ice ax and cats, fall correctly, “hack to death” in the snow, etc.

Ascent by cable car to Gara-Bashi station (the highest station in Europe). You will have to pass three lines: from the Azau glade to the Old Horizon, then Mir and further to the destination. The afternoon is suitable for acclimatization walks, for example, to the ice lake (some groups arrange a workout or overnight stay here).

Ascent to the Ice Base (once a scientific center of glaciologists) for snow and ice training: handling cats, working with an ice ax at an altitude of about 3700 meters.

Acclimatization hike and training on the Pastukhov Rocks. The ascent will take about 4 hours. This is one of the most important days, because one more ice training is taking place on the rocks, and the altitude here is already very decent - 4700 meters, the difficulties that await during the ascent are already felt.

Rest time to gain strength before the ascent. This day is usually spent at Shelter-11, checking equipment, packing up our backpacks and going to bed early: lights out at 17-18 o'clock, since getting up and out will be at night.

Storming the summit. Rise at about two in the morning, exit at about three. The ascent takes 7-9 hours on average, so you should climb Elbrus by about 11 am or noon. It will take about three more hours to descend from the mountain.

Reserve day in case of bad weather during the first assault attempt.

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