Caucasus Mountains

Caucasus Mountains

Main impressions

The route passes along the mountain paths of the Caucasian reserve. Here the harsh peaks of the Fisht and Oshten mountains are perfectly combined with the flowering meadows of Lago-Naki. In 9 days you will completely forget the noise of cities, change several climatic zones and finally dive into the warm sea.

What will we do on the tour



The group meets at the Krasnodar railway station, from where the ordered transport will take them to the mountains. The first thing that you will feel, getting out of the car, is fresh mountain air and you will see mountains beckoning to you. Upon arrival, we will issue passes to the reserve and distribute the public load. Then, after passing a little through the forest, we go out to a clearing on the bank of a mountain river. Great place, we'll spend the night here!

Today is a busy day. We will overcome a distance of about 15 km and take the first height of the Abadzesh Pass (2044 m). You will certainly be imbued with the beauty of flowering mountain meadows, the freshness of rushing streams and mighty mountains on the horizon. If you're lucky, we'll eat blueberries on the way. We will stop for the night at the instructor camp with a view of the Oshten spurs and the blue mountains on the horizon. A mountain stream flows through the clearing. In one place, it even forms a waterfall, where the bravest can swim.

Wake up early - mountains love larks. We have a responsible event - we have to climb Mount Oshten (2804 m). Let's do this lightly, leaving our things in the camp. The summit is not technically difficult, no special equipment (ice axes, crampons) is required. With a little effort, patience on the steep rocky climbs and you already admire the amazing views from the top. Upon returning to the camp, we will have lunch and recuperate.

On this day, we hike 10 km with backpacks. The landscapes will impress you with their views. We will go out on a tourist trail, which bends around rocks and passes, we will discover new amazing mountain landscapes. We will pass two mountain passes Guzeripl and Armenian. From the last pass there is a view of the Fisht with glaciers and the Belaya River valley, where the Fisht tourist shelter is located.

Take the height today. The camp will remain below, and we, having taken everything we need, will climb the Big Glacier of Mount Fisht to an altitude of almost 3000 m.With each step, you will more and more clearly feel the power of the Caucasus Mountains, submitting to their perfect beauty. Carefully following the instructor, we overcome rocky ledges and stone cracks. As a reward for our efforts, we will get a view of a huge glacier and a fantastic mountain landscape that creates an alien impression.

We leave the Fisht shelter to continue our hike across the Caucasus to meet the sea. From the camp, the trail will lead us through the forest, past tall pine trees with spreading branches. Then he will begin to bend around the spurs of Mount Fisht and lead to the Belorechensky pass (1782 m). This is a special place on the route, here, for the first time in the entire trip, there is an opportunity to get in touch. After lunch and rest, a small climb to the Circassian pass awaits at the nearest stream. The 7 km of the final descent to the Babuk Aul shelter will not seem easy to many. But having a hot shower at the shelter is very motivating to move on!

The mountains are left behind, it's already warmer below. The mountain river that accompanies us today throughout the entire journey gives a pleasant coolness. The route of this day is beautiful and picturesque. It passes through the valley of the Shakhe River, boldly and confidently, overcoming rocky rapids on its way. Today we are leaving the territory of the Caucasian reserve. We will stop for the night in the forest on the banks of the Bzych River.

Centenary projects: tourism

The Caucasian mountains, the highest in Europe, of extraordinary beauty, delight with their grandeur, grace and originality. The songs of the Caucasus are famous for their unusual manner of performance, and the peoples of the Caucasus have preserved their culture, striking in its antiquity. People are the pearl of the Caucasus, but the most important thing for people is the Caucasus Mountains. The Caucasus Mountains lie between the Black and Caspian Seas in the Caucasian region of Eurasia. The mountain system consists of the Greater and Lesser Caucasus.

If you want to explore the great unknown, then the Caucasus Mountains are a great option to immerse yourself in solitude and experience a region rarely visited by people. In the article, we will consider 7 interesting routes in Georgia and some tips at the end of the article for those who want to spend their holidays in the unforgettable Caucasus Mountains.

Interesting Caucasus Mountain Hikes - Routes

  • Hike from Mestia to Ushguli, located in the Georgian region of Svaneti, is one of the most popular multi-day hikes in Georgia. It is easily accessible and not too long.
  • The route is 54 km (34 miles) long and should take 4 days. This route is considered moderately difficult, but should be possible for most physically fit people.

The longest day is about 19 km, but the rest of the days are 10 to 15 km long. There are several stepped parts, but they will not be longer than 2 hours. The hallmark of this hike is the presence of guest houses along the route, which means you will have access to food, hot showers and a comfortable place to stay.

If you want to do it in extreme mode, you have the option to carry your own camping gear and sleep in the wild, this will add a layer of difficulty as your backpack will be significantly heavier.

Ushguli Caucasus Mountains

This route offers great views and passes several traditional villages of Svaneti. This trek offers a varied Caucasus landscape including fields, forests, mountains, and glacier views.

  • The Glacier River Crossing is part of this trek.
  • This hike is not too difficult and you will experience the true beauty of the Caucasus region.

Mestia On the Chkhuti-Ushguli Ridge

This hike is one of the best day hikes you can take from Mestia. It rises to a prominent ridge lying northeast of Mestia. This hike can also be included in the Mestia-Ushguli route.

  • The hike is round trip and is 23.2 km (14.4 miles). This should take 6 to 8 hours depending on how high you want to climb.
  • Caucasus Chkhuti Range
  • The hike is as difficult as you make it, and the higher you want to climb, the more difficult it will become. However, there is no water on the trail, so make sure you bring enough water with you for the duration of your hike.
  • There is only a narrow trail, and sometimes it is not, the area is not used for grazing, so you will definitely see countless wild flowers along the way.

Karelia develops a systematic approach in the field of tourism. Creates tourist clusters, develops a new regulatory framework, builds infrastructure. The most ambitious projects are included in the federal target program for the development of the republic until 2020.

The Russian Caucasus is a vast territory between the Black, Azov and Caspian Seas. The region includes the Western Caucasus (up to Elbrus), the Central Caucasus (between Elbrus and Kazbek) and the Eastern Caucasus (east of Kazbek).

In the Caucasus, there are almost endless opportunities for recreation: beautiful landscapes and varied landscapes, beach resorts and ski slopes, a mild climate, unique flora, ancient monuments, healing mineral springs, as well as the famous Caucasian cuisine, which has become popular far outside this region.

Individual selection of a resort and sanatorium, taking into account diseases and

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65 best sanatoriums in the resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters.

Take a break from the bustle of the city, enjoy the virgin nature.

All inclusive, take only your passport with you!

Tours with local guides and top viewpoints

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Caucasus regions

The Western Caucasus is the most attractive part of the region for tourists. The landscape consists of forests, medium and high mountains with rocky peaks and peaks covered with snow and ice. This is a popular ski resort; in winter, travelers are welcomed by numerous camp sites and hotels in Krasnaya Polyana, Arkhyz, Dombayskaya Polyana and the Elbrus region. And in summer, lovers of mountain trekking, hiking and cycling and other outdoor activities come here.

ATTENTION! For foreign citizens (and citizens of the CIS countries), a pass to the border zone is required, an application for a pass must be submitted 2 months before the trip. For registration, please contact the coordinator. Choose your trip dates in advance! It is enough for Russians to simply have a passport with them.

A trip for those who want to see the beauty of the Caucasus Mountains, living only in comfortable rooms at a camp site in the mountains. Walking to waterfalls and peaks. All transitions without backpacks!

The route is unusually rich and spectacular, emotions and wonderful photos are guaranteed.

We invite participants from 8 to 60 years old. Minors are allowed only if accompanied by parents or relatives.

Meals 3 times a day, we prepare ourselves at the camp site. On radial excursions (walking tours), dry rations are taken for the whole group (it is advisable to have your own thermos - what could be more pleasant than hot tea with a view of the mountains?).

Accommodation in a hotel in standard rooms, combined with a daily active and rich program, visiting the most beautiful and picturesque places of Dombai under the guidance of enthusiastic instructors - will make your vacation unforgettable for a long time! In the evenings after dinner you will have a meeting with an instructor and various fun games or just a heart-to-heart conversation with fragrant tea and snacks!

Daily program


We leave the station in Nevinnomyssk early in the morning. On the way to the place of accommodation, we will make two excursions to the Orthodox churches - Shoan and Sentin, witnesses of the time of the existence of the Alan kingdom.

Lunch at an Ossetian cafe.

After accommodation in double and triple rooms, we have time for a small sightseeing tour of the village.


Today we go to the Chuchkhur waterfall. This is one of the easiest and most spectacular excursions. First, we will take a little ride on a chairlift, and then through the forest and open alpine glades with a view of waterfalls and mountains, we will come to the waterfall, consisting of three parts, in three hours. We will examine all three of its steps, but for this we will have to climb the slope somewhere. In good weather, you can climb to the observation deck above the waterfall, which offers a beautiful view.

Reviews of trips and tours to the Caucasus

Interesting route, amazing guide Nastya and comfortable accommodation. Was on this tour in July, I got a double room with a beautiful view of the mountains. We had breakfast at the hotel (porridge, scrambled eggs, pancakes, cheesecakes, instant tea and coffee). Then exit to the radial, lunch with you. We saw very beautiful gorges, waterfalls, lakes, springs and, of course, mountains from all sides. Dinner either in a cafe, or in a room with a view and hand-picked tea from mountain herbs. The week was very busy, the participants were interesting and the places were unforgettable. Special thanks to Nastya for her stories, getting to know people, places, customs, nature and for her care. P.. Zhrunzel, you're cool))

Thanks to instructor Anton and the club team for the excellent organization. Bolshoi Tkhach is the most beautiful rock mass in Adygea. Alps in miniature here in Russia. On the way to Thach you need to work hard - all day uphill with a backpack, but what kinds of views open up around. Be sure to go to the ascent to the top of the Big Tkhach - you will not regret it! We went at night and waited for dawn - we did not regret it, the spectacle is magnificent.

Thank you for the excellent organization of the tour. I always wanted to visit the mountains, but there was no understanding of how to do it without compromising comfort - where to wash and all that. The Dombai program is a great option to try. Hotel Zvezdny is above all praise. The guide Dima is an excellent person and a professional in his field. Daytime walks in the mountains are super, in a day, of course, you get tired, having walked 15 kilometers up and down, but this is a pleasant fatigue, you return to the hotel filled with pleasant memories. I am happy to review the photos, I dream of returning to the mountains!

Now I will definitely climb Elbrus! I always thought that it was incredibly difficult, but after trekking along the Elbrus, after the guide's stories about the ascent, after spending the night at the hotel with those who descended from the top, I believe that I can too! There are such beautiful mountains, so many interesting trails along which we passed every day, and from Cheget you can see the handsome Elbrus! The program of the hike is well planned - we started with simple walks (here I learned that they are called radial, when you go to the mountains light and return in the evening to the place to spend the night), and then went further and further into the mountains. And at the end - the most interesting thing - we climbed 4000 meters on the cable car to the slope of Elbrus! It was so awesome! I also took a snowmobile climb to 4700 meters - it was such a thrill to stand at such an altitude! Thanks to instructor Anton for opening the world of mountains for me! And the guys from the office who helped and answered my million questions! I will definitely come back to you, but already on Elbrus

We went hiking with Seryozha and Yula very cool in the summer of 2019! I liked the guesthouses in which we stayed, everything is so homely and cozy. Leah in Mestia and Bido in Ushguli are wonderful and sincere people. Every day there were beautiful places - Mount Ushba, about which there are so many local legends, Svan towers in every village - so colorful! In Ushguli, there is a very steep road along the gorge to Mount Shkhara - you can walk on foot, you can take a horse from the locals. In Mestia, the museum is interesting - it has many different artifacts, and I also really liked the museum of the climber. Thanks to MyWay for giving me such an experience! Georgia is a wonderful country!

Tours and hikes in the Caucasus: instructors and guides

Roman Chizhov

Mountain guide, climber, lifeguard, mountain hiker

  • climbing Elbrus from the south and north, Kazbek

Dmitry Chesnokov

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