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A business idea for those who want to go beyond passive relaxation in a sun lounger and feel strong, capable of decisive action and survival in unusual conditions

A well-known proverb says: "Find a job that you like, and you won't have to work a single day in your life." In fact, few lucky people are able to receive high income from their favorite activity, because in order to turn a hobby into a profitable business, in addition to extensive knowledge in the chosen field, entrepreneurial qualities are also necessary for this. However, if you are an avid hiking lover and prefer an evening by the fire to any five-star hotel, if you do not walk the same road, but prefer to master new routes, if you know how to plan a hike and what to take with you, then your hobby can be easily turn into a way to make money.

People planning a weekend or going on vacation are tired of the same type of offers from travel agencies, compiled in an "all inclusive" format. The consumer wants to go beyond passive relaxation in a sun lounger and feel strong, capable of decisive action and survival in unfamiliar conditions. Or simply - change the boring "beach" vacation for something more interesting.

Therefore, such a direction of recreation as independent (or amateur) tourism is gaining momentum. It is distinguished from other types of outdoor activities by the independent development of hiking routes (these routes can be tested by you personally, or you can take the idea from other experienced instructors). There are many options for recreation in this format - from weekend programs to multi-day trips to other regions. The consumer in this service is attracted, firstly, by the absence of the need to take care of organizational issues (such as transport, accommodation, food and, in some cases, the necessary equipment), and, secondly, of course, the novelty of sensations and contrast with the monotonous everyday life.

There are many classifications of self-tourism - depending on the purpose, duration, etc. Of course, when starting a business, first of all, it is most reliable to "put into operation" those routes that are already well known to you, however, to create a more complete overview of this industry, we will give you a general scheme.

So, the main criterion for distinguishing the types of amateur tourism is the goal. Depending on the purpose, tourist trips include some defining element (the main thing for which tourists pay money in this case):

  • - visiting reserves and simply beautiful natural monuments
  • - visiting historical sites
  • - visiting disaster zones
  • - hunting or fishing
  • - "photo hunting"
  • - overcoming any obstacle (extreme tourism - climbing to the top or rafting on a mountain river)
  • - entertainment (adventure tours with the involvement of animators), etc.

According to the duration, the hikes are divided into "weekend tours" and multi-day routes. Depending on the season - seasonal and non-seasonal. In terms of focus - on thematic-excursion, health and fitness and combined.

“What you need to start a business”

So, the business of organizing trips is really nothing super complicated, especially for a person who is already used to organizing such leisure activities himself. And yet you cannot do without a certain "starter kit".

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Rural tourism is becoming more and more popular, as it incorporates many of the things that vacationers are interested in. Unity with nature, ecology, natural products, cultural values, history of the village - all this helps a modern person to really take a break from the urban rhythm.

What is rural tourism

Rural tourism is a type of tourism, the main feature of which is the stay of guests in the countryside, away from industrial enterprises, closer to nature. Tourists make a trip to the village to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, as well as to learn something new about life in the outback and agricultural production, to join the local traditions.

Peculiarities of rural tourism:

  • Opportunity to change the urban rhythm of life to the rural one. Completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of unhurried life against the backdrop of nature.
  • Obtaining new knowledge about the cultural and historical features of the visited territory.
  • Immersion in the atmosphere of rural life: communicate with pets, see the peculiarities of gardening and gardening.
  • If desired, a tourist can join rural work: caring for animals, pruning plants, harvesting and processing it, participating in haymaking, mastering local crafts.
  • Various types of village recreation: walks in the woods, hike for mushrooms and berries, fishing and horseback riding.
  • Fresh air, "live" spring water, natural fresh food - "right from the garden to the table"

Rest in a village is very different from a trip to a camp site. As a rule, a hostel is a place near the city, with typical houses and infrastructure. Usually, this format does not imply acquaintance with the peculiarities of life in the countryside. There you will not learn about the rustic flavor and most likely you will not be able to relax and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a leisurely life.

History of rural tourism development

In the 70s of the last century in Europe there was a crisis of the existing form of agriculture. This was due to the fact that the products of the villager's labor became less in demand and the villagers rushed en masse to the cities. Thus, it became necessary to offer rural residents other sources of income. One of the measures supporting the rural economy has been the development of agritourism. And the result of such a measure was very successful. Rural tourism turned out to be in demand, the infrastructure of the village began to develop successfully, unemployment decreased, and the income of rural residents increased.

In Russia, agritourism began to gain popularity in the 90s of the last century. The state of the agricultural sector in those years was the reason for this. Village tourism has come to be seen as one of the ways to modernize agriculture.

Different countries have their own social and economic characteristics, which leave an imprint on agritourism. In Western Europe, the tourism sector in the village received an impetus for development due to the fact that there was an overproduction of agricultural products. In Russia, there is no such situation, therefore, an approach seems to be more logical, in which the production of agricultural products and agritourism should develop on an equal footing.

Types of rural tourism

Guest houses located in rural areas most often arise on the basis of an existing personal subsidiary farm and a peasant farm. A vacationer has the opportunity to rent a house for any convenient period and enjoy the silence and communion with nature. Rest in a country house is always something special for a city person. Most often, people from big cities who want to leave for the weekend, take a break from the hustle and bustle, and recuperate before a new working week pay attention to this type of rural recreation. Often, mothers with small children are happy to rent a house for the summer. In the era of the development of the Internet, demand arises from people who work remotely.

  • Gastronomic tourism

The fast pace of life in megalopolises tires people, so many city dwellers prefer to relax in nature. And, as a rule, these are country houses or summer cottages. But what if there is neither one nor the other? In this case, you can rent an agriturismo with everything you need for recreation. And for the owner of the estate, this is a great chance to make money.

In this article, we will consider an agritourism business plan with detailed instructions for organizing it.

First of all, this idea will suit those who already have a country house. But location also plays a role. An ordinary dacha cooperative or a village on the outskirts is unlikely to attract many people. The site should be located where there is beautiful nature, there is a reservoir (preferably a lake or river, not an artificial reservoir), an attraction. It is best if all three conditions are combined.

Rest in an agriturismo is, first of all, a life in silence in the fresh air, surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape. So that vacationers do not get bored, it is necessary to offer them leisure. They can go swimming or fishing themselves. You can also organize horseback riding, pet care, field work, and the preparation of native Russian dishes.

Guests are usually accommodated in old wooden houses, where everything inside is done in the appropriate style. As for food, a kitchen with all the necessary utensils is needed, but in parallel it is possible to organize three meals a day for guests. By the way, this is an excellent option for additional income.

Who are the customers?

This kind of vacation is preferred by families with children, foreign tourists, teams of companies. Any other categories of people have taken advantage of this leisure option at least once. But first of all, agro-estates are visited by those who want to relax in peace and quiet, get acquainted with the traditions of the area or organize a collective trip to nature.

Business Registration

To organize a rural business, it is enough to register an individual entrepreneur or a peasant farm. The activities of agricultural estates are not regulated in any way, so you can arrange everything as you see fit.

There is little competition for this type of business at the moment. Therefore, you have a great opportunity to succeed in this direction.

We offer a business plan of the tour operator for free. The active development of tourism contributes to an increase in demand for the services of travel companies and tour operators. Opening a tour operator provides for certain organizational nuances and difficulties, at the same time, with the right organization, you can achieve quick payback and high profitability. The business plan of the tour operator is provided for assessing the economic efficiency of the investment project, its prospects and trends. The same document can be offered as a commercial proposal in negotiations with potential creditors or investors.

Features of the tour operator's business plan

The project is a sequence of stages for the creation of a tour operator lasting 2 years. The goals of the project can be stated as:

- creating an enterprise with a high level of profitability;

- getting high profits;

- meeting the needs of consumers in the relevant market segment.

To create and develop a company, the founder needs additional financial support from bank lending. Therefore, before the opening of the enterprise, it is planned to take a commercial loan. The details of the financial plan are set out in the corresponding section. The defining points are as follows:

- the required loan amount - 3 million 610 thousand rubles - the amount at which the total cost of the project is estimated;

- the payback period (taking into account discounting) is 2 years, initial investments are paid off within the first 3 months;

- loan interest rate - 16%. This rate is being revised downward;

- the amount of the investor's income (the total amount of interest payments for the specified period) - from 316 thousand rubles. Interest payments on the loan will start from the first month of the company's activity;

- the total economic effect for the specified period of the project will reach 43 million rubles.

In general, regardless of the size of the company and the characteristics of its work, the nature of the organization can be defined as an enterprise providing tourism services.

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