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Arrivals to Gornaya Shoria WINTER -

DEPARTURE TO MOUNTAIN SHORIA every Thursday and Friday, BACK every Sunday.

First flight November 05, 2020 It will take place if there is snow.

Bus delivery from Novosibirsk to the ski resorts of Gornaya Shoria

will be carried out from November to April in the following schedule:

* Embarkation and disembarkation of tourists in Akademgorodok only when recruiting a group of 5 people or more.

Bus delivery schedule for New Year holidays


Number of seats: 53 + 1 (high, velor, folding, sliding with individual seat belts and adjustable armrests)

Individual lighting: yes

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Gornaya Shoriya (Shorsk. Taғlyғ Shor) is a mountain taiga region located in the southern part of the Kemerovo region at the junction of Altai, Sayan and Kuznetsk Alatau. The region can be conditionally referred to the Altai mountain system.

Mountain Shoria got its name from the small original people of the Shors, whose ancestors were famous throughout Siberia for their ability to smelt iron. It was their first Russian explorers who called them “Kuznetsk Tatars”.

Physical and geographical characteristics

Mountain Shoria occupies the southern part of the Kemerovo region, where the ridges of the North-Eastern Altai, Kuznetsk Alatau and Salair ridge converge into a complex node. For the amazing beauty of nature, this fertile land is often called Siberian Switzerland.

The modern relief of Gornaya Shoria was formed as a result of long-term destruction of rocks and the gradual uplift of the entire territory. These are mountains of medium height, mostly 500-800 meters. The formation of the relief was mainly influenced by flowing waters, fluctuations in winter and summer temperatures, and chemical and physical processes of weathering. As a result, picturesque narrow river valleys with rocky shores, soft outlines of peaks, numerous caves and grottoes were formed.

The height of the region is from 500 to 1630 meters. The highest point of Gornaya Shoria is Mount Patyn. One of the most popular is Mustag (Ice Mountain) - a large granite massif stretching from southwest to northeast for more than 25 km. Under the influence of weathering, rocks have formed here, similar to the humps of camels, peaks of medieval palaces, and a cock's comb. In addition to Mustag, the snow-capped peaks of Patyn, Ulutag, Kubez, Temirtau (Iron Mountain), Green, Kul-Taiga rise above the coniferous taiga. Almost all of them are used by skiers in winter and climbers in summer.

  • Patyn ("Residence of the Kuzbass Yeti") - 1630 meters - the highest mountain of Gornaya Shoria. There is a large system of caves in the area.
  • Mustag - located on the territory of the Sheregesh resort
  • Kurgan
  • Karitshal (better known as Zelenaya, most of the ski slopes of the Sheregesh resort are located on the mountain)
  • Utuya

Mountainous, clean and transparent to the bottom of the river cut the mountain ranges with deep channels. The main ones are Kondoma, Mundybash, Mrassu (according to the toponymic dictionary - "cedar river"; among the Shors Pyras or Pras), Pyzas.

Geological structure

Geological data can be found in the works of K. V. Radugin, A. M. Kuzmin, K. G. Tyumentsev, V. D. Vertel, K. A. Batov, A. S. Egorov, A. K. Kuza, L. L. Pozharitsky, G. L. Pospelova, G. A. Kurganova, V. P. Baturin.

The most ancient rocks are Middle-Late Neoproterozoic carbonate deposits: limestones, dolomites, as well as quartzites, siltstones and mudstones - deep-sea marine deposits. Igneous rocks include Late Neoproterozoic and Early Cambrian ophiolites, apparently formed in the back-arc basin of a primitive island arc: ultrabasites, gabbroids, dolerites, and pillow basaltic lavas associated with deep-sea siliceous deposits. Fragments of sections of these rocks have been preserved in the structure of small tectonic plates, the bottoms of low-amplitude thrusts in the regions of the ridges framing the valley of the river. Mrassu and Biysk Mane. Basin structures of this stage are known as grabens: Telbessky and Kondomsky, although in the modern structure of the region, only fragments have survived from them.Other small tectonic blocks and plates are composed of Cambrian volcanogenic-sedimentary complexes that could have formed within the back-arc basin. In the Cambrian, the region underwent a structural transformation caused by the collision of an island arc with oceanic uplifts that form the modern structure of Gorny Altai, which caused deformation of the crust of the Gorno-Shora region. The magmatism of this stage is expressed in the formation of a differentiated series, with a predominance of high-potassium rocks; syenite and gabbroid intrusions are introduced within the Kondoma structure and the Telbes graben, locally - granites with geochemical characteristics corresponding to island arcs.

At the end of the Cambrian volcanism and sedimentation cease, which may be due to the collision of the structures of the Kuznetsk Alatau with the Siberian paleocontinent, which is reflected in the formation of a number of granite intrusions in the southern part of the region. A mountain structure is formed, and then a sea transgression. Throughout the Ordovician and the first half of the Silurian, calm marine sedimentation takes place in the region within narrow fjord-like basins, fragments of which have survived within the region's large fault zones. An active margin is formed in the Silurian: in the southern framing of the Kuzbass, a differentiated series of volcanics is formed, and granite massifs are formed.

In the Devonian time, the active margin continues to evolve: a stratum of volcanics and tuffaceous deposits is accumulating, associated, for the most part, with the activity of the Telbess paleovolcano, and granite intrusions are being introduced. This magmatism is accompanied by the formation of rifts in the frame of Gornaya Shoria: Kuznetsky, Minusinsky and a series of smaller basins within the fault structures of the region. They are quickly filled with red-colored detrital deposits and undergo minor deformations as a result of shear displacements. The formation of rifts is accompanied by the intrusion of alkaline granites, subalkaline and alkaline gabbroids, nepheline and leucite syenites and corresponding volcanics.

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To Sheregesh from the cities of Kuzbass

Summer bus tours to Sheregesh

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City Break tours to Sheregesh from Kemerovo, Leninsk, Novokuznetsk!

Instructor in Sheregesh

Choose a training program, order a lesson on the website and get a discount.

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Snowiest Sheregesh Winter

Advantageous package tours for skiers and beginners. Sheregesh hotels and cottages, training with an instructor. Maximum benefit: promotions, bonuses, online payment without commission!

Weekly weekend tours to Sheregesh with delivery by comfortable buses from the cities of Kuzbass! Seat selection and baggage allowance are free, air conditioning, passenger insurance. Early booking promotion: until March 31, 2021 - last season prices!

Sheregesh captures in summer no less than in winter. Everyone will find something to their liking. You can climb the mountains, go down the river, go on excursions. There is something to see in this village. The routes developed for the resort do not require any special preparation from travelers.

The object of interest can be quickly reached, because the attractions are located near hotels. Wildlife lovers will find something to do too.

Anglers will be able to spend time with a fishing rod on the shore of the reservoir. There are fish here that will amaze you with their size. Sheregesh is surrounded by a coniferous forest, so the air in the village is very clean. In addition, it has a positive effect on the human body.

Lifts operating mode

Many routes along the summer Sheregesh begin with an ascent by a chair lift. As a rule, lifts start working at the beginning of June.

The following lifts are in operation:

  • Chairlift Cascade-Ascent (blue pillars) to the top of Mount Zelenaya.
  • Freestyle cable car to the top of Mount Zelenaya.
  • SkyWay cable car.

Working hours: Monday-Thursday upon request or special schedule: 9: 00-10: 00; 12: 00-13: 00 and 16: 00-17: 00 (final rise at 16:30). Friday-Sunday - 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (final rise at 4:30 pm).

Peace of mind

Sheregesh hotels are open all summer for lovers of quiet rest, where you can have a good time, sunbathe in the sun, barbecue, just take a walk and admire the incredible beauty of summer Sheregesh. In addition, the prices in hotels during the summer period will pleasantly surprise you.

The beautiful half of humanity can devote time to their beloved ones and go to the Hammam health complex in the Sporthotel-2 hotel, which offers a number of SPA procedures, the passage of which will help restore strength and energy, feel harmony and appeasement. Here you will be offered various types of massages - from classic to exotic, peels and wraps. All procedures are designed in such a way that they can be combined into various programs, depending on the needs of each guest.

SPA, swimming pools and sanatoriums of Sheregesh in this article.

Finnish sauna and Turkish steam room - hammam will also help you to relax and enjoy. A variety of programs will not leave anyone indifferent, even men will want to join and try all kinds of procedures on themselves. Moreover, there are also specially developed programs for them.

The slopes of Mount Zelenaya (the Russian name for the Shor mountain Karitshal) attracted the attention of specialists back in 1980, who found them suitable for sports competitions. In those years, Sheregesh became a training base for Soviet alpine skiers for ten years and was closed for mass tourism.

Currently, the Green Mountain at the Sheregesh resort receives a million tourists during the winter season. The main part of the infrastructure and Sheregesh routes are concentrated on this mountain.

Highest point: 1270 meters.

Coordinates: 52. 49338, 87.28564

Where is located on the map of Russia

Mountain Zelenaya is located in the center of the unique taiga region - Gornaya Shoria. In Shoria, the plains are connected with the large mountain systems of Siberia and Altai at the junction of the ridges of the North-Eastern Altai, Kuznetsk Alatau and Salair ridge.

Administratively, Mount Zelenaya and the village of Sheregesh belong to the Tashtagol District of the Kemerovo Region. The nearest large city with an airport is Novokuznetsk, 160 km from the resort.

The Sheregesh resort is located approximately at an equal distance from the western and eastern borders of Russia, almost in the center, while not far from the southern border with Mongolia and Kazakhstan.

Highest points

Green Mountain in the Sheregesh resort is adjacent to three more peaks, where ski slopes are laid, their heights are as follows:

  • Mount Green (Karitshal) - 1270 meters,
  • Mount Utuya - 1143 meters,
  • Mount Kurgan - 1555 meters,
  • Mount Mustag - 1570 meters.

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