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Mighty mountains, amazing forests, striking in their beauty and unique nature. Where can all this be found? Of course, in the Far East! Now you will learn about the most remarkable places for mountain tourism in Primorye.

The Primorsky Territory itself can be considered a treasure trove of beautiful and amazing places that every person should visit and see with their own eyes, not only living in Russia, but also from all corners of our vast planet. But today our article is aimed at telling you about the most famous mountains of Primorye. Every year, both experienced climbers and beginners in mountain tourism climb them to enjoy the beautiful views and write another conquered peak in their life "diary" of achievements! Well, let's get started)

Mount Pidan in Primorye

There are a lot of mystical stories and legends about this mountain. They say that ancient civilizations used to live here, so the mountain has a special energy that will take your breath away. It is located relatively close to Vladivostok, and the height of Mount Pidan is 1333 meters. Getting to it is not very easy, but the trip to the mountain itself will already be very interesting and informative.

Your journey here will begin with the fact that you need to get from Vladivostok by train to the Lukyanovka station. Already during the trip you can enjoy the most beautiful views and splendor of the nature of Primorsky Krai. To the foot of the mountain you have to walk 4 hours, and climb to the top for another 2 hours, at least. The path, of course, is not an easy one, but the ascent to the very top is worth it, believe me. You will see views of the Livadia ridge, and in sunny weather you can also admire the Sea of ​​Japan. The rich flora of the mountain will surprise you with its diversity.

Here you can find not only centuries-old trees, but also rose hips, seaside grapes, lemongrass, wild strawberries, lure and many other plants. Also, mountain springs with crystal clear and cold water gush here, forming small and large waterfalls.

Interesting places on Pidan mountain

Snow Mountain

This mountain is one of the five highest mountains in Primorsky Krai, and its height is as much as 1650 meters! The most important feature and distinctive feature is that it is here that the Ussuri River originates, making its way through the boulders and the thickness of the earth. The main thing is not to confuse the source of the river with the course of the Klyuchevoy mountain stream. The stream flows from a concrete pipe, and the river flows directly from the bowels of the mountain.

It's better to get here by your own car. To do this, you will have to get to a village called Yasnoe, and then make your way along the rolled road to the very foot of the mountain. Then you will experience all the delights of mountain tourism, climbing the path right to the very top, and watching the wild nature.

The views from here are simply gorgeous. The majestic ridges and endless expanses will delight you at a glance. Also, do not forget that wild animals live on the mountain: brown and Himalayan bears and the owner of the taiga, the Amur tiger. If you look closely, you can see minks, sables and ermines.

Mount Anik

Take it even higher and more unknown! Not every tourist seeks to climb Mount Anik, and in vain! The height of the mountain is 1933 meters and it is considered the highest point of the Sikhote-Alin ridge. According to the conditions, Anik is considered the most severe and coldest mountain, as it is located at the highest altitude and in the northern part of Primorsky Krai. It's very difficult to get here, but you can. There is no way for a car to reach the very foot of the mountain, so you will have to get there by other means. If you love extreme and unexplored, then climbing Mount Anik is exactly what you need.

Mountain tourism in Primorye: the main places

Black Sea Coast

There are many options for a possible route through cities and towns, so the choice is really great. We propose to mark on the map, first of all, Yeysk, Temryuk, Anapa, Novorossiysk, Divnomorskoe and, of course, Sochi. So you will get the most out of the trip, and you will also be able to visit two seas at once - the Black and Azov seas.

Don't fool yourself looking for sights - the views from your car window are the main treasure of the Krasnodar Territory. Well, if you go over the points, then in Yeisk, for example, you can see Lake Khan, where herons, pelicans and even flamingos often live in summer. Temryuk is the estuary, the Valley of the Lotus and healing mud. Anapa - excavations of the ancient city of Gorgippia, and do not forget about the famous Sukko Valley. In the suburb of Novorossiysk - Abrau-Dyurso - you can stop by the sparkling wine factory for an excursion (however, be careful with this, because you are driving). Well, Sochi. The city is big, so you will definitely find what to see. We advise you to take a ride along the picturesque road to Rosa Khutor - the views are amazing.

If this is your first autotrip, you need to be as careful as possible with the signs to get to your destination. You can focus on the mobile navigator, but in some places there may be no connection. Therefore, in order not to get lost and not waste time figuring out the route, buy a high-quality navigator. The best option is models with a programmable route. This way you can immediately download the entire route even before the start of the trip and, accordingly, you will not get lost.

Gorny Altai

Gorny Altai is called the second Switzerland - that's a great reason for you to go there and check this statement yourself. We advise you to go along the most beautiful road - Chuysky tract. The full route is Novosibirsk, Novoaltaisk, Biysk, the old town of Maima and the state border with Mongolia.

What to visit along the way? The choice is huge: see lakes Chemal, Aya, Karakol, see Altai Stonehenge. On the way, you can enjoy a wide variety of landscapes - from steppes scorched by the sun to snow-capped mountains.

By the way, if you have enough time left, it's a sin not to visit Mongolia. For Russians, a visa is not required, unless, of course, you intend to stay there for more than 30 days.

North Caucasus

It's almost impossible to see the incredibly picturesque Caucasus in one trip, but you can try. Places that will cause, if not delight, then at least the desire to return again, are the Elbrus region, Arkhyz and its environs, the Lago-Naki and Bermamyt plateaus, numerous gorges and passes.

Mighty mountains, amazing forests, striking in their beauty and unique nature. Where can all this be found? Of course, in the Far East! Now you will learn about the most remarkable places for mountain tourism in Primorye.

Travel is a small life. And she must be beautiful. Increased demands are placed on the car on a trip. It should handle well at cruising speed, have comfortable seats, a roomy trunk and a comfortable suspension, have a lot of power for confident overtaking, be safe and reliable. TopCrop. u collected just such cars in this review. They will not only take you from point A to point B, they will set the right tone for the trip. The story of each model is accompanied by a story about the car trip that has already taken place on it, in order to inspire you for your fascinating auto story.

Toyota Land Cruiser: Uncompromising Durability and Safety

About the car: The Land Cruiser 200 SUV is a car with a 65-year history. For many years it has been in the top 5 best-selling Toyota cars in Russia. Winner of the "Car of the Year 2012" award in the category "Heavy SUVs" and "Best car of 2010 according to Runet" in the category "Full-size SUV".

Its qualities are ideal for the real journey: four-wheel drive, advanced off-road assistance systems, reliable suspension and a robust frame structure. All this ensures cross-country ability and safety. Useful on the road: HDD-navigation system in Russian, 9-inch monitor and a complete set of maps.

Average fuel consumption: 15-20 liters per 100 km.

For whom: Ideal for long journeys that may well be off-road. Suitable for a company or a family of 5 people.

Example of travel: In 2014, Toyota Land Cruiser 200 covered 22,000 km without a single breakdown with members of the Rossiya expedition. The team of the travel blogger Sergey Dolya traveled from Astrakhan to Vladivostok, “writing” the record-breaking word “Russia” on the map of the country using a geolocation system tracker, and visited more than 95 Russian cities. Information about this achievement was passed on to representatives of the Guinness Book of World Records and the Guinness Book of Records of Russia. You can view photos from the expedition, as well as get inspired by the multifaceted Russian nature, on the expedition's instagram account @exprussia.

Find out about the features of the new Toyota Land Cruiser 200 in the TopCrop overview. u.

MINI Countryman: compact and rare

About the car: The Countryman is a four-door MINI with a large boot lid and optional all-wheel drive. It has expressive forms that indicate the sporty character of the car in all road conditions. Received "5 stars" in the Euro NCAP crash test.

The boot capacity is increased from 350 liters to 1170 liters thanks to the rear seats sliding 13 cm forward, and the rear seat backrests are adjustable in tilt angle and fold in a ratio of 40:20:40.

Particularly useful when traveling: xenon headlights and adaptive headlights, panoramic glass roof, removable tow bar for towing a trailer, MINI navigation system, cruise control, Hi-Fi audio system from Harman/Kardon ...

Average fuel consumption: 4-7 liters per 100 km.

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