Beautiful places of Gorny Altai, which everyone must visit

Where to go on vacation in Altai in the summer of 2021


Altai is a country of contrasts.

Due to the pronounced vertical zoning, in one trip you can see huge tracts of coniferous taiga on the slopes, sometimes cliffs to the water, alpine meadows with legendary edelweiss, snow-capped mountain peaks, cold rivers seething with rapids and waterfalls high in the upper reaches and serenely calm in the lower reaches, expanses of dry stony steppes and mountain-steppe landscapes of intermontane basins.


This is an amazing and very beautiful land, about which many enthusiastic words have been said and written. European tourists, who are attracted to these places more and more every year, often call Altai "Siberian Switzerland", thanks to the striking similarity of the Altai Mountains and the Swiss Alps, as they once were, before the start of the tourist invasion. Altai is also often compared to Tibet. According to many legends, somewhere here there is an entrance to the mystical land of Shambhala (Belovodye, as the Altai Old Believers call it) - the land of touching the Mystery, knowing the truth and enlightenment.


Mountain Altai and its weather. The weather in Gorny Altai is sometimes very capricious and unstable, which is not surprising, because this is a place where clouds live. So, do not blame the hydrometeorological center for its unfulfilled forecasts. The climate as a whole is characterized as sharply continental, which, again, is not surprising, since Altai is located almost in the very center of the continent, far from all oceans. The warmest place in Western Siberia, like its cold pole, is located on the territory of the Altai Republic.

If we continue talking about contrasts, it is noteworthy that here are the highest peak in Siberia - Mount Belukha (4506 m) and the first deepest cave in Russia - Ecological (345 m), as well as the third deepest in Russia Lake Teletskoye.


Just like Altai itself, tourism in Altai can be very different. Sports tourism lovers have known this region for a very long time. Climbers and mountain tourists, water workers, speleotourists and simply travelers from year to year come to these places for new impressions, experiences and sports achievements. The construction of tourist complexes and recreation centers in the 70-80s of the last century laid the foundation for "cultural" tourism (sometimes it is also called "trade union"). At the same time, equestrian tourism was developed with the organization of planned routes. Tourists without special sports training were able to discover Altai. In the post-perestroika period, the stage of private investment in the development of the tourism industry of the Altai Republic began. New tourist centers, holiday homes, hotels with services claiming European quality appear. The road network is being developed, old bridges are being reconstructed and new ones are being built across the Katun and its tributaries. Medical and recreational, educational, ecological, festival and rural tourism are actively developing. The number of travel agencies offering tours to Altai is also growing.


Hunting in Gorny Altai. What could be more interesting for a real man than hunting? The richest hunting grounds, experienced huntsmen - hunting with Siberia - Altai LLC will be a real adventure for you. Bear hunting, roe deer and Siberian ibex hunting. Hunting for wood grouse on the current. Oh yeah, we almost forgot! Wolf hunting. And hunting for maral will bring you simply indescribable delight! Hunting with LLC Siberia - Altai is the right choice for those in whose life hunting is not the last place.


Altai is a unique region of Russia. Such a delightful nature is nowhere else to be found. There are mountains with snowy peaks, impenetrable forests, and large caves. Given the restrictions on international flights due to the pandemic and quarantine, this destination will be one of the most popular during the holiday season. Holidays in Altai in the summer of 2021 can be organized in different ways, depending on interests and financial capabilities.

Where to go and what to see in Altai: sights

Different types of tourism are available here - both for people who like to risk their lives, get closer to wildlife, and for those who love a calm, unhurried vacation. For example, to see the most beautiful places, you can:

  • conquer mountain peaks;
  • enjoy the natural spaces;
  • swim in turbulent rivers and quiet lakes;
  • fish and hunt;
  • go skiing and snowboarding;
  • take excursions in beautiful landscapes;


Those who like inactive rest can just lie on the beach.

Korbu Falls

The attraction is located on the eastern coast of Lake Teletskoye, in the middle of the Bolshaya Korbu River. Belongs to the territory of the Altai Nature Reserve.

A wooden deck leads to the waterfall, which ensures the preservation of the vegetation cover. It rests against a platform from which you can admire the falling water. The height of the waterfall is 12 m.

Blue Lakes

Tours to Gorny Altai: active rest and active routes in Altai, camp sites of Gorny Altai

The Mongols translate Altai as golden. It is believed that this place has golden mountains and blue waters. That is why Gorny Altai turns out to be a real find for travelers. Tourists dream of visiting here, as this region is rich in its natural attractions, incredible landscapes, smells, and culture.

So today we decided to show you some interesting and some of the most beautiful sights of Gorny Altai.

Lake Kucherlinskoye

This is a picturesque natural reservoir, which is located at the source of the river of the same name.

The lake is famous for its incredibly beautiful water color, namely - turquoise, sheer cliffs, slopes that are covered with vegetation. Lake Kucherlinskoye attracts not only tourists from different countries, but also wild animals of Siberia, which can often be seen in the "alpine" meadows not far from here.

Big Chulchinsky waterfall (also called "flying") is the largest cascading waterfall in the Republic. There are not many places of the Altai State Nature Reserve that are allowed to be shown to tourists.

However, Uchar is not one of them. And it is located less than 10 km from the reserve. Uchar is a relatively young landmark in Russia, as it was formed only about two hundred years ago after the earthquake.

Unfortunately, Uchar is quite difficult to access. You can go there by car or walk along a mountain road, but it is better to go by boat and enjoy the beauty of nature. The map can help overcome obstacles regarding the location of Uchar. But even in spite of this, it is almost impossible to admire the waterfall from close range.

Kamyshlinsky waterfall

Kamyshlinsky waterfall - located on the Kamyshla river. The drop height is 12 meters, it consists of two cascades. This waterfall, unlike Uchar, is easily accessible and quite popular among tourists.

To have a rest, you don't need to travel abroad, you just need to know about the unique places of our homeland. Why are the mountains near the Katun River worse than the Alpine mountains, for example?

To enjoy the clean mountain air and see the pristine beauty of nature, you can visit amazing places for recreation located on the banks of the Katun River.

I want to tell you about 10 recreation centers where you should go.

Eagle's Nest Tourist Complex

Quiet place in a pine forest on the banks of the Katun River. Families who prefer quiet and measured rest come here.

The complex provides for recreation with children.

For lovers of active pastime, excursions to the surrounding places are provided, including climbing a mountain. As well as rafting of any difficulty level, horseback riding and bicycle rental. If you love sports, play table tennis or billiards.

  • parking for guests;
  • SPA area;
  • 2 Russian baths;
  • conference hall; <
  • restaurant (children's menu, high chair);
  • inflatable pool;
  • playground.

  • One room - 3000 rubles/day.
  • Junior suite - 3500 rubles per day.
  • Apartments (two-storey cottage with 4 bedrooms) - 20,000 rubles per day.

How to get there: Republic of Altai, Ust-Muny village (3 km).

Address: Chuysky tract - 490 km

Phone: mob: 8-923-664-0666

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