Beach Holidays in Mexico

Mexico resources in brief

Cheerful Mexico is well worth the 12-hour flight. Washed by the seas of two oceans at once, the Pacific and the Atlantic, it attracts not only American, but also European tourists with the most luxurious beaches in the world.

Do you consider yourself a hardened diver who longs for new discoveries, or a gambling surfer in search of his wave, or a fisherman dreaming of fabulous trophies, or maybe you are an ordinary tourist dreaming of a paradise where can you hide from the hustle and bustle? For every traveler, a beach vacation in Mexico will undoubtedly be a discovery and meet even the most daring expectations.

Popular Mexican Resorts

Cancun, located on the Caribbean coast, is considered not only the best resort in Mexico, it is included in the top list of the best resorts in the world. Cancun's beaches, which are located in the bay area, are ideal for families with young children; the other part of Cancun with its constant waves is attractive for surfers, and with numerous discos and bars - for party lovers. Cancun is located two hours from the famous Mayan monument of Chichen Itza, and this is another indisputable plus.

Another famous resort on the Caribbean coast is Rivera Maya, the coastline of which stretches for 100 km. Once a simple fishing village, today the Playa del Carmen resort has gained fame as one of the most incendiary places where life does not stop for a minute. Tourists make the most of the possibilities of Playa del Carmen: they sunbathe, swim, swim with dolphins, snorkel, dive and windsurf, ride catamarans and fish. In the nearby Playacar resort area, there are many luxury chain hotels that operate on the all inclusive concept and offer impeccable service.

The resorts of the Pacific coast are also worthy of attention. Acapulco is famous for its mild climate, delightful beaches and vibrant nightlife full of entertainment and recreational activities. It is here that the famous Mexican gaming clubs, the best discos in the country, countless bars and restaurants are located.

Holidays in Los Cabos are more measured and respectable, there are the most luxurious hotels and the most refined restaurants.

Puerto Vallarta, with its stunning beaches, countless lagoons and clear waters, is considered a Mecca for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts.

When to go tanning

Mexico is one of those countries where beach holidays are possible throughout the year. Climatic features and a huge selection of resorts located throughout the country make it possible to spend holidays here both in winter and in summer.

It is believed that the most favorable time for beach tourism is the Mexican spring. At this time, beautiful sunny weather is established here with an average air temperature of +25. +30 ° C.

Most of the tourists flock to Mexican resorts in the summer, which is associated with the holiday season. It is important to remember that in June, with the arrival of tropical cyclones in the southern part of the country, the rainy season begins, and from July to October in the country, the likelihood of hurricanes also increases. In addition, in the summer months, the air temperature reaches + 40 ° C, such a heat can negatively affect health. In winter, in Mexico, it is comfortable enough to fully sunbathe and swim, the mercury column is kept at around +25. + 28 ° C, the water is only cooled by a couple of degrees. February is the least crowded month in terms of tourist activity, a great time to sit on the beach with your favorite book and enjoy peace and quiet.

Beach Holidays in Mexico

What does a person represent when he hears the word - Mexico? Small villages in the desert, or a certain Ramirez carrying a revolver and terrorizing the local neighborhood? Of course it is. Today, Mexico's educational tourism will help you take a fresh look at a dynamically developing country.

Beach Destinations

If you are planning a trip to this distinctive, beautiful and always warm country, we will help you to recommend visiting one of the following regions.


This port city on the Pacific coast will allow you to combine a resort vacation with shopping in large shopping centers: Galerias Acapulco, Plaza Bombay, La Isla Acapulco Shopping Village. The soft sands of Icacos Beach are designed for relaxation, while for a vivid experience, head to the picturesque Roqueta Island or climb the La Quebrada cliff.

Los Cabos

The small municipality consists of two resort towns: Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. The main attraction and symbol of the region is the mountain arch of Cabo San Lucas, towering over the Gulf of California. We advise you to visit the Cabo Pulmo Marine Park, famous for its coral reef, ideal for snorkeling and diving.


The resorts of this city are the most popular among Russians. It is located on the Yucatan Peninsula, washed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea. Nearby is Kotoy Island, famous among divers for the opportunity to watch whale sharks. You can also visit the Xcaret Ecopark, where you can feed pink flamingos, or the underwater sculpture museum.

Riviera Maya

The Mexican Riviera stretches for a snow-white 100-kilometer strip from Cancun to Tulum. Here are the best resorts for a measured holiday with a soul mate and children. Mexico is renowned for its excellent service and good food, thanks to local All Inclusive hotels. We will help you choose the best one!


Beach vacation at sea in Mexico: tour operators, tours and prices. Vacation packages to the seaside resorts of Mexico. All about beach holidays: hot tours, hotels, reviews and advice - where to go and where to relax.

Mexico has the sixth largest area in the world, with high mountains, deep depressions and plains. But it is remarkable not only for this. This amazing country is called the cradle of civilizations: at a time when Europe was still far from many scientific discoveries, the Maya Indians already applied their knowledge in the field of astronomy, mathematics, alchemy and other sciences. Until now, many mysteries of this amazing and wise tribe have remained unsolved.

The Indians knew about the rich subsoil of their state, then it was not yet called "Mexico", they mined minerals in an open way, processed them and used them in their economy. The conquistador conquerors were amazed at how much the local inhabitants had items made of silver and precious stones, as well as iron.

Mexico's minerals are very diverse. This is due to the fact that there are volcanoes in the country (both active and extinct). During the outpouring, magma falls not only on the surface, but also inside the earth, where various processes take place and intrusive rocks are formed.

Geological structure

Why Mexico is rich in minerals, it will not be possible to briefly consider, since the country has a large number of different geological structures that affect the formation of rocks.

The territory of Mexico is located on such large geological units as:

  • Folded zones of the east, west - Sierra Madre.
  • Paleozoic folding of the south of the Sierra Madre.
  • Baja California block.
  • Sonor block.
  • Mexican trough.
  • Yucatan Plate.

Folded zones of the east and west of the Sierra Madre

These are the largest structural elements of Mexico. The eastern fold zone of the Sierra Madre is located at latitude north between 19 ° and 20 °. Between the folds there are structures of the Transmexican Volcanic Belt, where there are many active volcanoes. They were formed by Neogene-Quaternary volcanics. In this area, Mesozoic-Early Cenozoic folds can be distinguished, which occur on crystalline schists and Precambrian gneisses. Unmetamorphosed Paleozoic sedimentary deposits are represented by the Lower and Middle Paleozoic. Triassic and Jurassic multi-colored sandstones, evaporites, mudstones, clays and limestone form the Mesozoic complexes.

The western fold zone of the Sierra Madre stretches from the northern border of Mexico to the volcanic belt. This folding is mainly composed of volcanic Late Cretaceous, Cenozoic rocks, which include basalts and andesites. Deposits of copper, silver and lead-zinc ores can be confined to the outgoing volcanic rocks of the Cretaceous period.

Paleozoic folding of the southern Sierra Madre

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The best countries for body tourism (+)

Do you want to escape to warm countries and lose your human appearance there in the company of passionate Aboriginal women? You can call it sex tourism. Although is there any other?

Anyway, in today's nightly selection I offer you the best countries for sex tourism, routes "for rest with the body" that do not lose their relevance.

1. Brazil The most dynamic country, where shootouts in slum areas alternate with merry carnivals, cars run on sugarcane biofuel, locals speak Portuguese, the capital is in Brasilia.

Best location: Of course, Rio de Janeiro. Now that the city has been chosen to host the 2016 Olympic Games, it will keep getting better and better. Opponents of unnecessary ceremony should go to the Help club, a rather vulgar place where expats like to hang out. And everyone else can put on swimming trunks and boldly go to the famous Copacabana beach. No prejudice, just sun, ocean and bikinis. There are also thermal baths in the city, or, in our opinion, baths, with a full list of services for tired tourists. And there is nothing to say about the carnival in Rio: a celebration of sex as it is. It is curious to see the expression on the face of Jesus watching these lewd practices from Mount Corcovado.

Girls: Without a doubt, some of the most beautiful on the planet. Their outstanding forms and sexual figure in every sense are exclusively a gift of nature, and not the result of the dubious labors of plastic surgeons. A trip to the beach and the weary contemplation of the resting graces can be a real test even for the strongest organism. Although Brazil is considered the largest Catholic country in the world, this is in no way reflected in morality and ethics, and here you will find the best sex tourism on the planet.

2. CubaA country visited from time to time by tropical cyclones. Timeless classics of sex tourism. Everyone knows that there is nothing on Liberty Island except socialism and Fidel Castro. However, the latter has already left the department, handing over the reins of government to his brother Raul. Now, instead of nine hours of fiery speeches, the leader of the Cuban revolution gives short interviews and hosts crazy Latin American presidents who yearn for blessings. Rare Cadillacs drive around the streets of Havana, rum pours in a river and relaxed old women suck on huge cigars. This is how socialism with a human face should look like.

Best place: In good old Havana, entertainment for all tastes. The main place for sex dating is the Malecon embankment, on the parapet of which local beauties are romantically and somewhat ostentatiously relaxing. If you rent a car, your chances of getting to know each other grow several times: you just drive along the embankment, slow down at the girl you like, and she silently gets into the car. No sentimentality! You can also walk around the pompous building of the University of Havana in the Vedado area.

At worst, there is a boring tourist reservation Varadero, but here prices are higher, and there are professionals who have many years of selfless service to the cause of the revolution behind them, so you won't be able to get rid of a piece of soap, a keychain and a T-shirt from Che. here is an option for the most courageous: again, rent a car and go on a trip around the country. You can stay overnight in almost any home. Before going to bed, the owner will insinuatingly offer a choice of a daughter, sister, wife, or himself. Growth Situation: Illegal.

Girls: Everyone is amazingly beautiful, regardless of the amount of alcohol drunk, but first of all, Creole girls deserve attention, in which the stormy blood of Spanish colonists flows.

Traditionally, tourists come to Mexico to get acquainted with three important things: the culture of the Aztecs and Maya, painting of the early 20th century and colonial architecture. But this picturesque country is also able to give every traveler an unforgettable vacation on wonderful beaches and discover the sights of ancient port cities.

Popular Mexico Resorts on the Pacific Coast

Some of the best resorts in Mexico are located on the Pacific coast. The waters here are characterized by large waves, which attracts a huge number of surfers. In addition, Europeans traditionally prefer to rest here.

Acapulco Resort City

One of the favorite beach resorts in Mexico among locals is the city of Acapulco. It's hard to believe today, but back in the 1950s. of the last century, this place was one of the most visited resorts among Hollywood stars. However, the accelerated construction polluted the coastal waters, and in 1976 the status of the "capital of the beaches" passed to Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

The once brilliant, but today has lost its former significance, the city of Acapulco is gradually aging and falling into decay. However, this place still lives up to its title of "the nightlife capital of Mexico", thanks to the huge number of casinos, shows and restaurants. The main attractions of Acapulco:

  • Petroglifos de Palma Sola is an archaeological site where rock carvings have been found dating from around the 2nd century BC. ... The messages left by an unknown artist tell about the daily life of the local population, battles and sacred animals.
  • Fuerte de San Diego is a pentagonal fortress located in Piazza Zocalo. It was built in 1616 to protect the coast and Spanish ships from Dutch and English privateers. Today, this building houses the Historico de Acapulco Museum.


The best time for a spa vacation in Acapulco is from late autumn to mid-spring. It is at this time that there is no rain, and the average temperature of +27 ° C is ideal for a beautiful tan. Main city beaches:

Puerto Vayarta

One of the most expensive resorts in Mexico - Puerto Vayarta is located on the coast of Banderas Bay, 330 km from the city of Guadalajara. It was founded in 1851 as a fishing village and gained its current popularity only in 1964 after the release of the Hollywood film "Iguana Night", which takes place in these picturesque places. As part of the expansion of Puerto Vayarta, the tourist area of ​​Nuevo Vayarta has been equipped with luxury luxury hotels, villas and celebrity homes.

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