Austria: planning a ski trip

Austria: planning a ski trip

The ski resorts of Austria, located in the Eastern Alps, are chosen both for professional training and for outdoor activities with a company or family.

Exciting slopes with good snow cover, modern infrastructure, a huge selection of entertainment - this is not a complete list of the features of Austrian ski resorts for which athletes and outdoor enthusiasts love them.

Which ski regions in Austria do active tourists and professional skiers choose for recreation and sports?

Ski resorts in Austria on the map

Resort Rating


This world-class ski resort is the only ski area in Austria, located at an altitude of about 3000 meters.

The dense snow cover on the slopes provides comfortable skiing for professionals and good conditions for teaching beginners.

The pistes in the ski area cover 144 km. They are well marked, so it is impossible to get lost here. You can get to the beginning of the slopes using the lifts. In total, the resort has 34 ski lifts.

In addition to skiing down the mountains, guests of the resort can take guided walks along mountain trails, visit swimming pools, saunas, gyms and even cinemas.

In the vicinity of the resort there are hotels of different categories, you can also stay in apartments or guesthouses. Most ski lifts take athletes from the mountains straight to the streets where hotels and cafes are located.

How to get there? By plane to Innsbruck, Salzburg or Munich. You can get to the resort from the airports by regular bus, taxi or car.


Austria Ski Resorts Map: World-Class Service for Outdoor Activities

Winter tourism and alpine skiing Austria has long ago made its trademark. According to a survey by SuperJob, more than 17% of Russians associate this country primarily with the Alps and ski slopes.

Ski resorts in Austria are rightfully recognized as the best in Europe. Therefore, there are always a lot of tourists in the central cities of large ski areas. However, close to the bustling cities are quiet Tyrolean townships that have not lost their dimension, despite the restless neighborhood.

Hippach Resort

In the center of the Zillertal alpine valley there is a small cozy village of Hippach. Only 5 km away is the resort town of Mayrhofen, with which Hippach has a single ski area. The tracks of this zone are located on two mountains - Penken and Ahorn.

Hippach is located at an altitude of 630-2500 m above sea level. The ski season here starts at the end of November and ends at the beginning of April. Distance to the nearest airports:

  • Innsbruck - 65 km;
  • Salzburg - 170 km;
  • Munich - 190 km.

The easiest way to get from the airport to the village is by taxi or by ordering a transfer from the hotel. There is a railway station in Mayrhofen, there is a direct connection with Innsbruck. In addition, a well-functioning bus system operates in the area. Bus and train timetables can be found on the official website of the Zillertal Transport Office.

Resort Infrastructure

The length of the tracks in the resort area of ​​Hippah is about 147 km. Of which:

  • blue slopes (for beginners) - 42 km;
  • red slopes (average skiing level) - 84 km;
  • black slopes (for professionals) - 17 km.

The flat tracks have a total length of 20 km. For snowboarders on Mount Penken, a huge Vans Penken fan park was built, recognized as the best in Europe. It is divided into six parts, has tracks of different difficulty levels, so it will be interesting for both beginners and professionals.

The fastest and most dangerous track in the Alps - "Harakiri" stretches along the steep slopes of Penken. The slope of the slope is 78%, only experienced skiers are allowed on it, and at the end of the descent the daredevil will receive a gift - a T-shirt of the "Harakiri" club. The slopes of Mount Ahorn are more gentle and suitable for beginners, children and older skiers.

Lifts in the Hippach area 44. Of these:

Austria's ski resorts are firmly in the lead among European winter resorts.

Hello everyone! Today, December 27, we are leaving for our little trip ? This time we are going to a ski resort in Austria. And I continue to share with you tips on how to organize your vacation on your own, because traveling on your own is so easy and interesting.

First, a little about why Austria? It so happened that in our life we ​​skied only in the Carpathians - in Bukovel and in the Tatras - in Zakopane and in Bialka Tatranska. But there are "children's" slides, and I really wanted to visit the real, high mountains ? Although to be honest, we also considered these resorts for our New Year's holiday, because we wanted to go for a ride cheaper!

Since initially we decided that we would go by car (I'll tell you why a little later), we needed a country where it would not take very long to get there by car (therefore, for example, France was not suitable). Another very important issue for us is visas. After all, there is a problem with Ukrainian and Belarusian passports with visas to each country. We considered Poland and Slovakia, because it is closer to get there by car, but for citizens of Belarus these countries in Moscow can only open visas if there is a registration for a year, otherwise a visa must be obtained in Minsk, which categorically did not suit us. In addition, the Slovak Embassy requires the original voucher from the hotel. But with a visa to Austria, things are easier for citizens of Belarus - you can get a visa at the Austrian embassy in Moscow and no registration is required for this. Therefore, after weighing all the pros and cons, we decided that we would try to get a visa to Austria and if everything works out, we will go skiing there for the New Year. Read about visa processing for Austria in Kiev here.

After choosing a country, you need to find ways to get there. As I already wrote, we initially decided to go by car. Why? Firstly, we didn’t know if they would give us visas or not, if we bought plane tickets and didn’t get a visa, we would have lost the cost of plane tickets. Secondly, the flight, especially on New Year's holidays, is very expensive.

How to get to the ski resorts in Austria

To get to the ski resorts of Austria, it is best to fly by plane to Salzburg, Innsbruck, Munich or, in extreme cases, Vienna. You can check ticket prices and buy tickets on the aviasales website. u. Not during the peak season, the cost of tickets to these cities from Moscow is about $ 400 per person. And if you take plane tickets in advance and for a promotion, then, for example, you can fly to Munich or Vienna for $ 200-280 per person.

To the ski resorts of Austria from Salzburg, Innsbruck, Munich or Vienna, you still have to get there by transport: either book a transfer in advance, or rent a car, or go by train (where the trains go).

On New Year's holidays, prices for plane tickets are growing significantly, and tickets at an adequate price must be bought in advance, one year in advance! Now you can fly to Munich for the New Year for about 550-600 dollars per person, plus rent a car there (from 300 euros per week) or get to the resort by public transport, but then you should choose a hotel or near the ski lifts, or at least , next to the ski bus stop. In general, without a car at a ski resort is not very convenient: you want to go to the store and to call in neighboring cities ?

For us to fly to Munich or Vienna, and there it seemed very expensive to rent a car, so we decided to get to the ski resorts of Austria by our own car and at the same time see other cities on the way ?? ??

After the question of how to get to the ski resort in Austria has been decided, the second question arises: where to live.

Rental housing in the ski resorts of Autria

The Austrian ski resort Ischgl (ISCHGL) is located in the westernmost part of the Austrian Tyrol, near Innsbruck. There is a large combined ski region Silvretta Skipass (Ischgl, Samnaun, Galtür, Kapl See). Thanks to its extensive skiing region and high-quality snow cover, Ischgl is one of the TOP 5 best Austrian resorts.

our review of Ischgl ski resort

Ischgl is the "Mecca" of ski tourism, a rich and extensive ski region. Highlands. Modern lifts, great snow on the slopes, ski-safari opportunity. The proximity of Switzerland, the possibility of duty-free shopping. There are many Russian-speaking tourists with all the consequences.

key facts about Ischgl

Ischgl on the ski map of Austria

Ischgl - how to get there

The nearest airport is in Innsbruck (100 km).

The main dog in Ischgl is to the west through Innsbruck, where the Austrian Tyrol meets the Swiss Graudünden. You can also get to Izhgl by car from Germany and Italy via an extensive network of autobahns and mountain roads linking together the Alpine powers.

If you don't want to burden yourself with a car rental, use a comfortable transfer from Innsbruck Airport. The transfer can be ordered on the intui resource. ravel or by filling out the form below:

Map (scheme) of the slopes of the Ischgl ski resort

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Glaciers of Austria

Skiing or snowboarding all year round is the dream of all winter sports enthusiasts. It's real in Austria!

Eight glaciers in Salzburg, Tyrol, Carinthia and Styria guarantee snow all year round. Here tourists will find wide, well-groomed trails, virgin slopes with deep snow, routes for freeriders and freestylers, ski parks, kilometer-wide elevations and modern lifts. After skiing, tourists relax in sports complexes with swimming pools and saunas, or head to numerous restaurants and bars.

Salzburg Region

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