Arkhyz ski resort

Ski resort Arkhyz 2020-2021

A small village located in the picturesque mountain valley of Karachay-Cherkessia is Arkhyz. The uniqueness of the place lies in the combination of a mild climate, picturesque nature and the presence of healing springs with a rapidly developing tourist infrastructure. In winter it is a ski resort, in summer - trekking, historical sites, horseback riding, rafting. People with diseases of the respiratory and nervous systems come here, for whom the mountain air, filled with the aroma of conifers, is healing. The sights of Arkhyz are, first of all, the unique nature of the mountain valley, historical sites and monuments that you can visit and study on your own.

Alan settlement in Arkhyz Photo taken from yandex. u

Alan settlement

Currently, the settlement is the ruins of an ancient Alanian settlement. According to experts, the city in the X-XII centuries was the capital of the Alanian state.

Sofia waterfalls. Photo taken from yandex source. u

Sofia Falls

This place in Arkhyz is especially popular with tourists. Incredibly beautiful mountains, glaciers and waterfalls 90 m high cannot leave anyone indifferent.

Lake of Love in Arkhyz. Photo taken from yandex source. u

Lake of Love

Hundreds of tourists annually travel to Lake Suuk-Dzhurek, which means "cold heart", or to the Lake of Love among the common people. This is one of the many mountain lakes in Arkhyz, which are no worse, but Suuk-Dzhurek is famous for being heart-shaped. The Lake of Love is located at an altitude of 2350 m, and the way to it lies along a difficult tourist trail with large differences in altitude. It is impossible to get to the lake by transport.

The face of Christ in Arkhyz. otography taken from yandex source. u

Mountain tourism in Arkhyz

Hiking without backpacks, outdoor activities, hotel accommodation

7 days/6 nights - 15 900 rubles.

Dates of arrival: 26. 9.1 - - 09.0.1 10. 0. 1 - 16. 0. 1 17. 0. 1 - 23.0. 1

Escape from the stifling captivity of cities, shake off the dullness of everyday life and feel truly free ... Isn't that what each of us dreams of? These dreams are destined to come true - here, in one of the most beautiful places in the Caucasus - in Arkhyz. Autumn is perhaps the best time to visit the Caucasus Mountains. The majestic slopes are already touched by crimson and gold, the warm wind carries the aromas of alpine meadows. There is an amazing silence, the trails are deserted. The crystal waters of mountain rivers and protected lakes shimmer with turquoise and azure, and the distant peaks are already silvering with the first snow that has fallen at a height. At this time, rains are very rare here, the weather is warm, but without summer heat. In principle, it is still possible to hike in the Caucasus with tents, but at night there are often frosts, so we decided not to risk it and instead of the usual hikes to offer you active tours to Arkhyz in the fall - with yoga, healthy and tasty food, daily radial hikes and ... cozy hotel!

Active tour program in Arkhyz

On a day free from hiking, hiking in the surrounding mountains of Arkhyz, picking mushrooms and berries, tasting mountain teas are provided. For an additional fee, horseback riding, rafting on a mountain river, as well as a real country sauna on wood are possible!

How is our day?

Every morning of our active tour in Arkhyz opens a yoga class for beginners. Participation in the classes is optional, but we still recommend that you do not miss them. After all, it is morning yoga that allows you to relieve tension from muscles and ligaments after yesterday's hike and to meet the new day fully armed. Yoga is followed by a delicious vegetarian breakfast, already lovingly served for you in the common wardroom. After that, grabbing everything we need, we go on our daily hikes without backpacks. We have selected for you walking and auto-walking routes through the most beautiful places of Arkhyz and its picturesque surroundings. Most of these unique natural spots are especially great in the fall. However, you will probably still form your own enthusiastic opinion about them, because you only need to see such a miracle with your own eyes!

At lunchtime we have a picnic somewhere in a picturesque meadow, among mountains and gorges. The instructor prepares tea over a campfire or camp stove, slices delicious sandwiches, distributes dried fruits, nuts and other goodies. Having rested and refreshed, we continue our journey. Hiking without backpacks in Arkhyz, as a rule, takes more than half of the day, and we return to our cozy guest house closer to sunset. And in the evening, after a hot dinner, games begin, entertaining psychological tests and practices, songs with a guitar in a cozy courtyard under century-old pine trees and communication with new friends.

On a day free from hiking, everyone is free to dispose of free time at their own discretion: you can all go for a walk along the Teberda Nature Reserve or walk alone along the nearby mountain slopes, admiring autumn. You can pick mushrooms and berries, or order a horse ride along Arkhyz, or learn the basics of rafting on the Bolshoy Zelenchuk River. The day will fly by and everyone will find something to their liking! And in the evening we will all go to a real country bathhouse: there will be a hotly heated steam room, fragrant mountain tea, birch brooms and (this will be especially appreciated by girls) fragrant scrubs with essential oils.

We especially welcome all parents who strive to instill in their children a love of nature and outdoor activities. We are always ready to make pleasant discounts for them. Come to us with the whole family - it will be interesting and fun for everyone, regardless of age!

Attractions of Arkhyz A small village located in the picturesque mountain valley of Karachay-Cherkessia is Arkhyz. The uniqueness of the place lies in

Arkhyz was built in Karachay-Cherkessia in 2013 from scratch. Among similar resorts in the North Caucasus, the complex is considered one of the most beautiful and is very popular with our and foreign tourists. It is located 10 km from the village of the same name and 220 km from the airport in Mineralnye Vody. The resort includes two tourist villages: Romantic and Lunnaya Polyana, on which 25 km of ski slopes are equipped for skiing, the height differences there are from 60 to 585 m. The southern slope is chosen for quiet skiing. The blue trail stretches for 3 km with the highest point at an altitude of 2240 meters, the route for beginners was laid down at the hotel complexes of the Romantic village, and the small black and red trails are located at Lunnaya Polyana. The situation is different on the wooded northern slope, where three of the six routes are red, with a high level of difficulty, and the most difficult, black, stretches for more than 2 km. At the same time, the zone for beginners is located very high on the mountain.

The Arkhyz ski resort in late 2020 and early 2021 is a cottage village, four ski lifts and six large hotels near them. The winter season will begin there with the opening of new cable cars in the southern and northern parts.

Ski season

The Arkhyz ski resort pleases guests with prepared slopes for a long time, this year the season will last from early December 2020 to April 2021. Snow cannons started working in November and will continue to cover the tracks until mid-spring.

The most suitable time for skiing in Arkhyz is considered to be the period from January to March, because in December the maximum snow cover is just forming, and in April the tracks thaw in places. In addition, at this time, the weather is good throughout the day: it is sunny and almost windless. Winter in Arkhyz is mild and snowy with an average January temperature of -5 degrees. In March, the trails of the southern slope can become soft by mid-day, even with the artificial snow system working. By the way, artificial lighting is also provided on routes 8 and 10 under the Sputnik cable car. On them, buying a separate subscription, tourists ride after sunset.

Be sure not to be caught off guard by accidents. When choosing an active holiday, take out insurance. You can handle any mountain!

Equipment set

Skis or snowboard + poles + boots2000 rub. - VIP, 1000 rub. for adults, 700 rubles. for children (up to 14 years old inclusive) A set of equipment for evening skiing: skis/snowboard + poles + boots1000 rub. - VIP, 500 rubles. for adults, 350 rub. for children (up to 14 years old inclusive) Skiing 1400 rub. - VIP, 700 rubles. for adults, RUB 500 for children (height from 80 to 130 cm inclusive) Snowboard700 rub. for adults, RUB 500 for children (size from 80 to 130 cm) Ski boots550 rub. - VIP, 350 rubles. for children and adultsSnowboard boots350 rub. for adults, 250 rubles. for children (size 15 to 23.5) Ski goggles200 rub. for adults, 100 rubles. for children (up to 14 years old inclusive) Ski poles150 rub. for adults, 100 rubles. for children (length up to 100 cm inclusive)


Cheesecake200 rub. for 2 hours Skates200 rub. for 2 hoursHelmet250 rub. for adults, 200 rubles. for children (up to 14 years old inclusive) Luggage room 150 rub. cafe with drying for 2 sets 300 rub.

Good afternoon, dear travel lovers!

Let's digress from Crimea for a while and talk about the mountains of the North Caucasus.

Have you heard about Arkhyz?

I live in the south of Russia and have been to this place often, since childhood. But people from the middle lane and above have not even heard of him. They know that there is Dombay, Elbrus and Krasnaya Polyana, but that the mountains are beautiful in Arkhyz and there you can ski there, almost no one knew!

There is of course an explanation for this - the above mountain resorts have been developing since the times of the USSR, and Arkhyz was just a village with several boarding houses. But now you can easily find housing there.

Arkhyz or the village of Romantic?

Around the time of preparation for the Olympics, a little further along the road from Arkhyz, they began to build cable cars and several hotels. This place was named the village of Romantic, from Arkhyz to it 5-10 minutes by car. At the moment they are very different. The village of Romantic is similar in style to Krasnaya Polyana and is all designed in a single architecture.

Everything is very clean and modern

The entire area is concreted, there are benches, trash bins, cafes and restaurants.

But Arkhyz, the village itself is still interesting and distinctive!

The architecture is something like this

You can live in a small, new, modern hotel, but sheep will graze right under the window!

Many people confuse these two concepts - Arkhyz and Romantic, but even if you just open the map, you will see two different points.

Arkhyz, a year-round ski resort, is located in Karachay-Cherkessia. The resort is part of the future mountain-tourist association of the North Caucasus. According to reviews, the Arkhyz resort, at least that part of it that is already functioning, corresponds to the level of the project announced in 2010 to create a tourist recreation area in the mountains of the North Caucasus.

Concept of Arkhyz Resort

In the development plan of the resort, it is said about the intention to build five tourist facilities located between the rivers Arkhyz and Phiya. All objects are supposed to be connected by a network of cable cars. From every village it will be possible to get to any part of the resort.

The resort is constantly developing, in 2016 it received recognition as the best among young resorts, to date, about 500 vacationers have visited Arkhyz.

Location of the resort, how to get there

The ski resort is located at an altitude of 1450 meters in Karachay-Cherkessia, in the Zelenchuk region, in the northern part of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. The valley of the Bolshoi Zelenchuk river, where the resort area of ​​Arkhyz is located, is surrounded by two high, over 2700 m, mountains - Mog-Syrt and Krasnaya.

You can get to the Arkhyz resort by train, car or by plane. From the airport Mineralnye Vody to Arkhyz 220 km by bus or minibus. The closest railway station to the resort is in Nevinnomyssk. From here there is a bus to Cherkessk (1.5 hours), then you need to get to the resort by taxi or bus (117 km).

By car, residents of Central Russia can reach the resort along the M29 highway.

Project implementation history

Arkhyz - a ski resort, reviews of which are easy to find on the Internet, is part of a project to create tourist zones in the North Caucasus. The project was adopted in 2010 and should be completed by 2025. The construction of the resort was started by private investors back in 2009, and in 2010 the future resort became part of the North Caucasian Tourist Association.

Since that time, the Arkhyz resort has been an example of joint work of private investors and the state, and is a pilot site for the implementation of the grandiose plan of building tourist facilities in the North Caucasian mountains. The ski resort began operating in December 2013.

By this time, of the four planned settlements, only Romantic was functioning, Lunnaya Polyana began to receive guests in 2016

The villages of Phia and Dukka are still under construction. In the winter season 2017-18. the resort has 14 km of trails of different difficulty levels, 3 cable cars, 2.4 km long, in the winter of 2019, the 4th is preparing to launch. In the nearest plans of the resort - the opening of at least 10 km of trails on the slope of the northern direction.

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