Andorra ski resort La Vella, Pas de la Casa, Soldeu

Andorra ski resort La Vella, Pas de la Casa, Soldeu

Andorra is a small state with an area of ​​about 500 km2. square, located between Spain and France. Andorra la Vella is the capital of the country and the Catalan language is considered the official language. Despite this, the local population speaks excellent English, French and Spanish. de Andorrai ski resort what places to visit?

Until relatively recently, the dwarf country was not a tourist center and few people knew about it. In the middle of the 20th century, Andorra attracted the attention of travelers due to its wonderful ski areas and mineral healing springs. The ski resort belongs to one of the highest mountainous countries in all of Europe.

Weather conditions

Andorra has an excellent subtropical climate, during the daytime, when the thermometers are at a plus mark, the snow cover remains more than 65 cm deep. Such conditions are ideal for the ski area, since in winter the temperature does not drop below -8 ° C. The greatest amount of precipitation falls from October to April inclusive, the period from December to mid-spring is considered ideal for the tourist ski season. The rest of the time in Andorra there is clear sunny weather, there is practically no cola precipitation.

Ski Resorts

Despite its small size, the country has a lot of ski resorts where you can spend your vacation interestingly, but not all are intended for beginners, as some slopes have serious slopes and numerous bends.

Around Ordino-Arcalis and Pal-Arinsal there is a picturesque area that houses several Vallnord ski resorts. For winter sports enthusiasts, there are various slopes: steep slopes, gutters and jumps. The tracks have different levels of difficulty. Throughout the resort region there are cable cars and lifts; several special cannons with snow help to maintain the snow cover. At the ski resort, tourists can rent all the necessary equipment. There are also many restaurants and cafes on the territory of Wellnord, where visitors are invited to drink hot coffee and taste fresh pastries.

Wellnord has wonderful climatic conditions, excellent hotels with excellent service.

The ski resort is one of the largest in Europe. At the beginning of the 20th century, Grandvalira was merged into several Andorran resorts. The total length of the tracks is over 200 kilometers, all of them have a different level of difficulty.

Pas de la Casa Grau Roig is located in the eastern part of Andorra and is the highest ski resort. The total length of the ski slopes is over 95 kilometers, which are intended for both beginners and professionals.

Soldeu El Tarter is located 20 kilometers from Andorra la Vella, between small villages. In the region, you can go downhill from the mountain peaks both on skis and on sleds, tubing and snowboards. Some tracks are perfect for young tourists and beginner skiers, there are extreme slopes for professionals.

Landmarks of the country

Where is the ski resort of Andorra

Ski slopes, good freeride trails, service are the main reasons why tourists return to the ski resorts of Andorra every year. The location of the country in the central part of the Pyrenees made it possible to organize a network of sports and tourist ski centers. However, for a good rest, you need to study each sports complex - its location, route scheme, ski-pass prices and other features.

About winter holidays in Andorra

The Principality of Andorra is located between France and Spain. It is a dwarf state with a population of only 90 thousand people. However, the location in the Pyrenees buy the tourism industry. Several ski resorts have been created on the territory of the state. Andorra successfully competes with the recreation centers of France, Italy, Finland. About 9 million tourists visit the principality annually. They replenish the country's budget by 80%. Bus and train connections allow quick access to the ski resorts of Andorra. For the settlement offer hotels, inns or guest houses, chalets.

The culture of the country is associated with France and Spain. After long ski runs, you can taste national dishes. They replenish strength well. The sports complexes have a network of ski schools. They can be taught to children and adults. Developed system of ski equipment and equipment rental.

  • Starts in December, ends in March.
  • Snow cover is monitored at all camp sites. Snow cannons and snow groomers are working.
  • The average height of the resorts is 1500-1700 meters above sea level.
  • Most of the slopes are illuminated at night.
  • Prices are lower in relation to European bases.

An additional advantage of the country's treatment is ecology. There are practically no industrial enterprises here, the air is always clean. The temperature in winter does not drop below -10 degrees. There is no own international airport, so tourists and independent travelers need to buy air tickets to Barcelona or Toulouse. The distance from them to the principality is 200 km, travel time is 3 hours.

Base Soldeu El-Tarter

The sports complex is located in the Grandvalira region. Here are the highest peaks and rather steep slopes. This made it possible to make the map of the slopes of the ski resorts as diverse as possible. The total length of the tracks is 210 km. Accommodation is offered in hotels and inns located in the villages of Soldeu and El Tarter. Lifts are located on their territory, which makes it easier to climb to the top of the slopes.

General description of the ski resort Soldeu El Tarter:

Freeride spots are marked on the slope map of this ski resort in Andorra. There are separate tracks for freestyle and snowboarding. Children's entertainment - tubing, skating, playgrounds. There is a kindergarten, youth sports are developed.

Prices for ski-pass - from 40 Euro for 1 day. You can buy a subscription for several days. The cost of renting ski equipment and equipment is from 60 Euro for 1 set. There is a rental of snowmobiles, cross-country skis.

Sports Complex Pas de la Casa, Grau Roig

Andorra ski resort: climatic conditions, ski season, overview of popular destinations, attractions of the region, visa regime, how to get there, additional information.

Route, prices, schedules and other practical information about ski holidays in Andorra. No photo yet.


February 17 - 26. First time in Andorra.


city N - Moscow - Barcelona and back - Aeroflot. airport - Barcelona - Andorra and back - by car.

February 17-19 - Barcelona (2 nights, one day, Hotel Vinci Maritima). February 19-26 - Encamp (7 nights, 6. skating days, Koray hotel).

Spanish multishengen. Self-service via DHL. 10 days from dispatch to receipt of passports.

Why not a tour, but an independent trip?

First of all, I don't like group trips and all kinds of addictions. I prefer to rely only on myself and almost always travel on my own.

Secondly, there are no flights from the city of N to Barsa or France, so buying a tour has no economic advantages over an independent trip.

Thirdly, I went with my daughter and wanted to show her Barça - I needed at least one full day in the city (it was a pity to take away from skiing anymore, and the time limits were strictly limited).



Trails and lifts

  • Vertical drop - 930 m
  • Ski area - 1710–2640 m
  • Total ski area - 1926 hectares
  • Total length of pistes - 210 km
  • Pistes - 118 (21 green, 42 blue, 30 red, 25 black)
  • 1 cross-country ski trail.
  • 4 routes for off-piste skiing.
  • 3 competition stadiums (2 tracks certified by the International Ski Federation).
  • 3 Freestyle Areas:
    • Nike ACG Free S.. ... Area in El Tarter.
    • Halfpipe and boardercross in Grau Roig
    • Snowpark El Peretol (night)
  • 69 lifts with a capacity of 94,931 people/hour ...
    • 5 gondolas
    • 28 chairlifts
    • 26 drag lifts (also for beginners)
    • 5 belt lifts
    • 5 children's belt lifts
. Read in full »

Alpine skiing, snowboarding, freestyle, freeride schools. Children's school.

5 children's thematic zones.

How to get there

Andorra does not have its own airport, and the nearest ones are located in neighboring Barcelona (220 km), Toulouse (195 km), Carcassonne (176 km), Girona (260 km), Reus (240 km) and Lleida ( 150 km). From the airports of Toulouse, Barcelona, ​​Lleida, Valencia and Madrid buses of the Nadal-Eurolines company go to Andorra, from Reus - Hispano Igualadina. And from the airports of Barcelona, ​​Girona and Toulouse - buses of the Novatel company.

There is no railway station in Andorra either. The nearest station is located in the French town of Hospitalet, 3 km from the border with Andorra, from where regular buses run by Hispano Andorrana to Pas de la Casa. In addition, Andorra can be reached by bus Viatges Montmantell and Alsina-Graells from the train station in Lleida.

By plane: Lleida-Alguayre International Airport (150 km) - Spain Carcassonne International Airport (176 km) - France Toulouse International Airport (195 km) - France Barcelona International Airport - El Prat (200 km) - Spain Reus International Airport (240 km) - Spain Girona International Airport - Costa Brava (260 km) - Spain

By train: Train "El AVE" Madrid-Lleida

Andorra is considered an ideal winter resort. The location right in the heart of a large mountain system, the mild sunny climate, and wet, stable snows attract tourists every season. Fans of alpine skiing have already appreciated all these qualities.

About the ski resorts of Andorra

The mountains of Andorra are part of the Pyrenees mountain range, also located in France and Spain. The principality with a population of about 80 thousand people annually receives more than 10 million guests.

This was facilitated by:

Andorra is completely mountainous. Therefore, all tourists anywhere in the country have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the mountains around the clock.

How to get to Andorra

To visit a mountain resort, you need to take care of obtaining a double Schengen visa. A multivisa is also suitable for this. In such cases, you should not apply for a single entry visa. There is no way to get to the resort by air: it does not have an airport.

All tourists go to Andorra by cars, trains, buses only through France, Spain. You will also have to return in 2 stages. Make a visa at one of the many visa centers of the Schengen countries.

The Spanish visa is the most convenient in this case, because:

  • The Spanish visa is provided faster and easier than, for example, the French one.
  • The easiest way to get to the resort is from Spain.
  • Spain is willing to issue double-entry visas, unlike France.

If you are sent to Andorra only for excursions, you still need a double-entry visa.

French, Spanish buses run across the border with Andorra all the time. The police check passengers selectively or not at all. If you're lucky and they don't check at the border, a single-entry visa will do. This is a dangerous lottery. A tourist who could not provide documents faces a fine or more serious punishment.

To enjoy Andorra for more than 3 months, you need to come to the embassy of this principality. There are embassies in the Spanish and French capitals. There is no Andorra representation in Russia. Andorra is a ski resort with no railway tracks and no airport. The table shows the best options for how to get to the country.

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