Altai nature

Bases of Gorny Altai: 12 best holiday camps in Altai

The diverse nature of Altai is characterized by its uniqueness. According to its territorial position, the Altai Territory is located in Western Siberia, between the Novosibirsk region, Kemerovo and the Republic of Kazakhstan. Examining the photos of the area, along with the mountain ranges, one can see the existence of valleys, impassable areas of taiga and fertile meadows.

Relief of Altai Territory

The nature of Altai, the photo of which gives a visual representation of the terrain, indicates the mountainous status of the country. Massifs, reaching heights of over 4000 m, occupy most of the remaining territory. In some places, mountain rivers flow in them, of which, together with lakes, there are more than 200 thousand.

Occupying an area of ​​167 thousand sq. km, Altai includes forest, valleys and steppes.

Along with the highest Kautinsky ridge, the average height of the mountains is 1800 - 2000 m. The low elevations are 500 - 600 m. Together with the beautiful mountain landscape, Altai attracts with its gorges and caves.

The following peaks stand out among the Altai mountains:

Sophia Glacier Gorge

The nature of Altai, whose photographs depict the Sophia Glacier, is an impressive sight. It was discovered by Sapozhnikov in 1898. It starts from the Akkol River and is the largest glacier in the South Chuisky ridge. The gorge of the Sofia glacier attracts the attention of climbers.

There are many passes of varying degrees of difficulty.

According to the research of scientists, the length of the glacier is 7 km, and its area is 17.6 square meters. km. The thickness of the ice is 150 m. The height to which the glacier descends is 2520 m. There are 3 peaks on it: Sestra, Olga. Brother.

Altai nature

What to do if you decide to spend a vacation in Russia in 2021, and your vacation in Sochi and Crimea is already a little tired? In this case, a trip to Russian Switzerland - Gorny Altai would be a good idea. I am sure you will not regret it. To help plan where and how to relax, I propose a list of the best recreation centers in Gorny Altai according to tourists' reviews. If you are interested in winter holidays, see the list of hotels and tourist centers in Altai in winter.

Council We went-We know. The cheapest way to get to Altai is by bus. Buses run from Novosibirsk, Barnaul, Kemerovo, Biysk, Novokuznetsk and other cities.

Eco-hotel "Altika" (Ust-Muny) - a hotel in Altai with a swimming pool

An excellent recreation center for lovers of eco-style: modern comfort framed by the unique Altai nature. The main features of this hotel are excellent rooms with panoramic views of the emerald Katun, well-groomed area, good spa service and a deep outdoor pool. Read reviews, find out prices >>

Inexpensive recreation center Bayuta Altai, Ust-Sema

A new recreation center in Altai: comfortable houses with floor-to-ceiling windows, a bathhouse, a well-groomed area with gazebos for a barbecue and a small pool. All rooms have a kettle, microwave oven, dishes. Hospitable hosts are always happy to help. Excellent hostel! View photos, reviews and prices >>

Rest on Lake Teletskoye

There are few places for comfortable rest on Lake Teletskoye, but there are some. Here are the two best options for different budgets: an inexpensive hostel and a comfortable recreation center with three meals a day.

Edelweis Hotel, Artybash - inexpensive, but comfortable

An excellent recreation center "Edelweiss" for lovers of secluded and quiet rest in Altai. The hotel is greeted by hospitable hosts, and also has everything for a comfortable stay - cozy inexpensive rooms, a place for a barbecue, an outdoor pool. Good location: away from camp sites and the lake, but everything you need is within walking distance - tourist spots, cafes and shops. Feature: there is a wonderful zoo at the base! See reviews and prices here >>

Aktra tract - recreation center in Altai with meals - a place where you want to stay!

The "Aktra" complex is located in a picturesque place, the rooms offer a breathtaking view of the mountains and Lake Teletskoye. Excellent service, cozy modern rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows and a balcony. The food is delicious :) Advice: if you want cheaper - choose rooms without three meals a day, but only with breakfast, use the link below to scroll through the list with prices, paying attention to the type of food. See photos, reviews and prices >>

Nature and sights of Altai, one of the most picturesque places in Siberia. Photos of unique places. Mountains, caves, lakes, architectural structures and natural monuments. Short description.

Altai Territory is a complex territorial entity that includes the Gorno-Altai Autonomous Region (Republic of Altai). Here the steppes (Kulunda), mountains (Western parts of the Sayan mountains with a summit on Belukha mountain), caves (Ecological, depth 375 m), high-mountain lakes (Teletskoye, Aya) are surprisingly intertwined here. Altai Territory is often called Siberian Switzerland. There are several world famous resorts here - Belokurikha, the eco-resort Maryin Island and others.

The most beautiful places in Altai

One can talk a lot and for a long time about the beauty of Altai. But the best thing is to go on a journey and see everything with your own eyes.

Katunsky Biosphere Reserve

Katunsky Biosphere Reserve

It is located in the highest part of the Altai mountains - next to the Belukha mountain on the Katunsky ridge. The reserve was founded in the early 90s of the last century. The land area is about 151,000 hectares. The height difference is large - 1300 - 3280 m above sea level. The reserve belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

About 7 hundred species of plants grow on the territory, about 50 species of mammals live, including musk deer, ibex, American mink, sable, 120 species of birds - wood grouse, Asiatic snipe, reptiles and fish.

The landscapes of the reserve enchant the eye. Here you can see tundra, mountain taiga, subalpine large-grass meadows, highlands with caps of snow and ice (glaciers), as well as steppes, forest-steppe, middle mountains.

Turochak village

Once unremarkable, except for the most picturesque landscapes, now the village attracts a large number of tourists. And this is no coincidence. Must see here:

Turochak petroglyphs of the Neolithic era. Rock carvings are located near the village. Urochak writings. Unlike the petroglyphs carved in stone, the drawings here are made with dark red ocher. fucking finger. The top of the mountain range of Mount Salop. If you have the courage to climb here, you can take gorgeous panoramic shots - a magnificent panoramic view of the surroundings opens up from here. conostasis. The image of the leader of all nations on the rock may already be of little interest to anyone, but the rock is ideal for rock climbing. The place is located about 10 km from Turochak.

The very location of the village is remarkable. It stands on Biya - one of the coldest rivers in Altai. About a kilometer from Turochak flows the Lebed - the right tributary of the Biya. This river is notable for the fact that it warms up perfectly in summer (up to + 22 ° С) and you can swim in it. In addition, there are a lot of fish in Lebed, so fishing is always successful.


In winter, recreation centers in Altai offer fewer accommodation options than in summer. Most of them are ordinary rural houses with a dedicated floor for tourists. There are very few good tourist centers, houses, and even more hotels in Altai in winter. But they are! And in Gorny Altai there are original igloos with a transparent ceiling like in Finland. We have collected in one place the best recreation centers and hotels in Altai with prices of 2021–2022, as well as hotels and houses.

See our TOP-15 and add your reviews.

The best recreation centers in Gorny Altai that work in winter

Cheap tourist centers in Altai are easy to find (see the best options below). It is much more difficult to find modern recreation centers in Gorny Altai, good houses for the New Year and comfortable hotels at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, there are very few of them. In this section, we have collected the best recreation centers, where the quality often exceeds the price.

“Cheposh Park Altai” is the best camp site where you can rent inexpensive houses in Gorny Altai

A complex with cozy houses is located on the banks of the Katun, - the territory is small, but perfectly equipped for a quiet contemplative rest.

This is the very place where you can rent a house in Gorny Altai inexpensively with its own terrace and a beautiful view. Comfortable modern houses in the forest on the banks of the Katun River create an amazing atmosphere of outdoor recreation: a pleasant combination of privacy and comfort.

Winter rest at the Cheposh Altai camp site

In addition to individual houses, the base also has ordinary rooms for tourists in townhouses.

All tourist attractions are located outside the camp site, but if necessary, the hosts can easily help organize snowmobiling, skiing and much more.

  • See prices and reviews here >>

Tourist base House, Manzherok - a cottage in Gorny Altai for a large family or a group of friends

Winter Altai - for those who are ready to challenge the bitter frosts and thorny blizzards, to curb deep snowdrifts on snowmobiles. In return, you get fabulous landscapes and a healthy glow on your cheeks.

Holidays in Altai in winter are often compared with the Swiss Alps, and at the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, there are so many festivals and so many entertainment offered here that tickets will have to be bought in advance: there are a lot of people who want to spend weekends and vacations here ... Especially when it comes to New Year's holidays.

During the day, the air temperature is often below -20 degrees, while there are many sunny days. And at night the thermometers show -30, or even colder. Therefore, when going to Altai in winter, it is important to think over what warm clothes and shoes you will take with you in order to see the beauty of this region and at the same time feel comfortable.

When to go

In search of the white-eyed chud

See Swan Lake in December

Rest in Altai in winter in 2020 begins with a big merry holiday "Altai wintering". The main point of the program is a visit to the non-freezing lake Svetloye, where thousands of white swans arrive every winter. In December, they gather in a large flock. Whooper swans scream can be heard from several kilometers away.

There is a special platform on the lake, from which vacationers watch birds. If you're lucky, you can hand feed them. The food is sold right there on the shore.

There are only two such "swan lakes" in Russia. One is in Altai, the other is in Chukotka. According to legend, where swans winter, peace and love reign. So come and recharge yourself with this positive energy. In the spring, the swans leave the lake and return the following winter.

Swim in the lakes in January

If you decide to arrange a New Year's vacation for yourself in Altai, you will definitely not regret it. The feeling that you will find yourself at the end of the world: the phone is frozen and discharged, then the connection disappears and in order to catch it, you need to climb the mountain. Therefore, instead of sitting, buried in a gadget, you will be actively spending time: snowmobiling, mountain skiing, barbecuing, steam in a Russian bath, climbing mountains wrapped in a snow shawl, making wishes during the fantastic starfalls of the night sky. Are you already ready for this turn of events?

On Epiphany there is a tradition to plunge into the Blue Lakes of Altai Mountains. They are located between the villages of Cheposh and Askat in the Chemal region.

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