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Horseback riding on the Ukok plateau

Equestrian tourism in Gorny Altai Equestrian routes and tours in Altai

Horseback riding will help you forget all the troubles of city life. To plunge into the times of nomadic tribes, to feel the unity with nature - all these sensations are given to travelers by horse trips. After all, equestrian tourism is an opportunity to feel the feeling of flying above the ground, without breaking away from it. Altai horses will be your faithful helpers on this exciting journey. These amazing, noble animals, striking in their endurance and unpretentiousness, are the best means of transportation along the mountain taiga paths of the Altai midlands. Disappear from the screens of color monitors into the “unreal world” of nature! Equestrian tourism in Gorny Altai is waiting for you! Choose the equestrian routes that suit your taste and - go ahead!

What category of tourists are horse trips for?

Equestrian tourism routes that we offer you are designed for people with different levels of training - ideal for both beginners and those who have horse riding experience. The horse trek must be accompanied by an instructor-guide and a groom (groom). Horseback riding along our routes will take you through different climatic zones: on the way you will meet mighty cedars and dwarf birches, colorful flower meadows and snowfields. Horseback riding in the Altai taiga is an exciting adventure on horseback. For beginner riders who want to acquire riding skills, introductory, walking horse trails are offered. For the experienced, we have prepared equestrian routes of medium and high difficulty.

How horse treks are conducted

Before the trip, participants are instructed in horse riding. During the journey, the guides will introduce you to the secrets of communicating with the horse, as well as tell the stories and legends of these places. Equestrian tourism is a good opportunity to find friends or just pleasant companions among tourists. It will not be difficult to do this - you are united by the spirit of tourism and horses ... Food is cooked on a fire. Overnight in tents. Horseback riding and the complexity of the horse routes, the number of stops varies depending on the preparation of the group or on individual requests.

Horse trekking equipment

Horse routes and tours from Siberia Altai Mountain Altai

Our guides have developed fascinating horseback riding tours in the Altai Mountains. Horse trails pass through the most picturesque places of Altai.

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tel .: (383) 217-80-20 st. Oktyabrskaya, 42, of. 20 are. +79139419250 E-mail: info @ sibaltay. u

BOOKING IS OPEN! Tour "Golden Ring of Altai"

Draw up a business plan for agritourism

You can also see the distant Lake Uymen with the surrounding waterfalls and the legendary Karakol lakes - a national treasure of the Altai Republic, and the mysterious Lake Veronica, explore the upper reaches of the river in detail. Lodge, tracts of Balyktus with their waterfalls, geysers, lakes and magnificent alpine fauna, passage through the legendary Shtad pass to the Uy-karatash trout lakes. This is the best option for those who want to see everything at once!

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Tour program

Gathering of the whole group in the village of Elekmonar.

Transfer to the base camp in the Sortesh tract by off-road vehicle.

Briefing, riding lessons.

Receiving equipment, a set of products.

In the evening you can admire the sunset from the top of Mount Sortesh, and get acquainted with the national Altai custom "Choi-Choi".

The first introductory transition from ur. Sortesh (from the alt. "Yellow stone").

During this trek you will see the Summits of Mount Ak-Kaya, the path to which we will continue the next day, and today we will arrive at a clearing on the Kylai River, where we will stay for the night.

This parking lot offers a view of the Kylaya Summits, from which it is already a stone's throw to the Karakol lakes, but we will visit them on the way back.

The first half of the day is aimed at visiting Lake Victoria.

Upon arrival at the lake - a small lunch and an hour's walk along the lake to the waterfall.

It is difficult to surprise a Russian tourist, because many residents of the country managed to visit various resorts of an immense state. Therefore, sea adventures and recreation at ski resorts have long ceased to make the hearts of some ...

Dear traveler! The tour you were looking for has already taken place. But we have many offers, among which you can find those where you still have time to go:

Briefly about this tour

The village of Chemal was founded in the middle of the 19th century. The name of the village means "anthill with ants" in translation from the local language. At the very beginning, only 30 families lived here, but under the USSR, a real government resort was built in the village. It was not by chance that we chose this particular region, i.e. The Chemal region rightfully bears the title of one of the most interesting travel destinations in Altai.

Tour program.

Day 1. Rilet/arrival in Barnaul, meeting at the airport/train station. Then we go by car to the base, it is about 7 hours of travel (420 km), along the way we will stop for snacks. At first, our path lies through the steppes of the Altai Territory, but soon they will be replaced by the mountainous landscapes of the Altai Republic. The road runs along the right bank of the Katun River. If possible, we will be able to stop at the local souvenir market, visit the museum of Altai culture in the village of Chemal. In Chemal we will buy all our personal "nishtyaks", i.e. this is the last large village on our way. Our base is located on the banks of the Edigan River, 8 kilometers from the village of the same name. And very close to the camp is the place where the river flows into the large river of Gorny Altai - the Katun. The base camp is located at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level among the mountains. There are practically no mosquitoes here, so nothing interferes with a comfortable sleep in the fresh mountain air. In the evening we will have dinner, sauna (optional) and preparation for the upcoming hike. Overnight in tents or pre-booked cabins.

mountain Altai tours

horseback riding in the Altai

mountain Altai travel

Day 2. Day trip 20 km. before the hike! We put all personal belongings, sleeping bags and groceries in saddlebags. The rest of your belongings can be stored in your backpacks. After getting acquainted with the horses and the fitting of the harness, we will once again review the basics of safety and riding rules. After that, our first horse trek begins upstream of the Edichta River. Along the country road along the Edigan village up to the mountains. The landscapes around us are gradually changing. The lower pastures are replaced by hayfields, and then by the cedar taiga. Our ascent to the top takes place at a calm pace, i.e. horses experience an additional load when climbing up (elevation difference 1100 meters). Around us is a panorama of mountains of unreal beauty. We will stop for the night in the Kyzyl-Gak tract. Blooming at this time of the year, a huge alpine meadow under the Tamanyol pass will be our home. Almost all travelers stop here for rest, because there is a long road ahead.

Day 3. outdoor tram and forward to Tamanyol pass. At the top of the pass, a pyramid "kutai" is built of stones. At this point, you must definitely stop and lower your horses, thus thanking the spirit of the pass. On the slopes of these mountains, the snow does not melt until mid-summer. The pass is located at an altitude of 2070 above sea level, so it is quite windy and cool here. And nature is scarce. These are stunted plants and stone deposits. But all around us are still endless mountain ranges. When descending from the pass, we will go on foot to make it easier for the horses to maneuver between the stones. There, at the foot of the pass, there is a small mountain lake, from which the Chemal River originates. Descent to the valley of the Toguskol river. Overnight in this valley at a tourist camp. We will stay here for 2 days. Those who wish (for extra lats) can go to the bathhouse

One of the most mysterious corners of Gorny Altai is the wild Ukok plateau, located far from civilization at an altitude of more than 2000 m. under the sacred five-domed mountain Tabyn-Bogdo-Ola, standing at the junction of four borders: Mongolia, China, Kazakhstan and Russia. The name of this place translates as "listen to heaven". If you have already traveled on horseback in the mountains and are ready to make this active journey, then welcome to our team.

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Tour program

Gathering the group on the territory of the Taezhnik tourist complex until 10:00 am.

Travel along the most ancient route of Siberia - the Chuisky tract to the village of Kosh-Agach, where the group changes from a comfortable vehicle to a cross-country vehicle.

The road, which is one of the ten most beautiful roads in the world, passes through the Seminsky and Chike-Taman passes, past the confluence of the great Gorny Altai rivers Chuya and Katun.

Attention! You must have a passport with you to pass through the border post.

Accommodation on the territory of the tour. complex "Kabarga" in the village. zhazator, in the houses.

Length: by car - 430 km.

Horse riding instruction.

Winter Altai resembles the Russian fairy tale "Morozko". A mysterious snowy forest full of creatures from the mythology of the indigenous people. Horses that will become faithful guides and helpers. Magic in everything. In the grottoes and on the tops of the mountains, in the huts. Pure snow, frosty patterns on glass and fir trees covered with silvery snow.

The island of Patmos, surrounded by the frozen waters of the Katun, froze in anticipation of travelers. Each place here is ideally created for photographs - Karakol lakes, covered with ice, and the peaks of the North-Eastern Altai. Hurry up to take part in this adventure with us.

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Tour program

Meeting tourists in Barnaul: at the airport from 05:00 to 07:00, at the railway station from 07:00 to 09:00. Travel time is 4-5 hours.

Meeting at the airport of Gorno-Altaysk upon arrival of the aircraft.

Tourists arriving at Taezhnik from Novosibirsk, we recommend a flight at 22:15 on the day before the start of the route. Travel time is about 9 hours.

Gathering the group at the Taezhnik tourist complex until 13.0

Moving to the base parking lot in the Sugoina tract. Accommodation in a warm wooden house.

For those wishing to walk through the winter forest. Bath. An evening of acquaintances.

Length: auto - 60 km

There are two possibilities. If the weather and the level of snow allow, then an excursion through the winter forest to the Karakol lakes. If the snow level is too high, then a walk to the valley of the Sugoine River.

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