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More than a quarter of Romania's territory is mountainous. Romania is inferior to Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Slovenia and even Bulgaria in terms of infrastructure, but not in terms of surrounding beauty, number of attractions and hospitality. If we talk about the most popular ski resorts in the Romanian Carpathians, these are Poiana Brasov, Sinaia and Predeal.

Romanian ski resorts on the map

All ski resorts of the country are located in three regions: Bukovina, Maramures and Valya Prahovey.

Bukovina is one of the most popular tourist areas in Romania. The area is becoming more and more popular with lovers of winter entertainment: the slopes of Vatra Dornei, Gura-Humorului, Karlibaba, Campulung-Moldovenesc are developing rapidly.

In the northern part of Romania is the Maramures ski region with a predominantly mountainous relief, where snow lies from December to April. Ski resorts here are located in the Rodna and Gutai mountains, where trails for winter sports enthusiasts are equipped at an altitude of 800-1500 m. Accommodation in ski Maramures will surprise with reasonable prices, and the locals consider themselves the most hospitable in the country. Recommended resorts in this area: Mogorcha, Borcha, Suior, Izvoare.

Valea Prahovei is one of the most colorful and extensive ski regions in Romania. Winter sports can be practiced here in almost the entire region. The best resorts in this part of the country are Poiana Brasov and Sinaia, Predeal and Slanik-Prahova, Busteni and Azuga. During the skiing season, tourists here can do not only skiing, but also hiking, skiing, ice skating and ATVs, as well as relax in numerous cafes, bars and restaurants.

Poiana Brasov

Poiana Brasov is the most modern ski resort in Romania, one of the best ski resorts in southeastern Europe. It is located at an altitude of 1020 m at the foot of the Postavar massif. You can get here by car from the city of Brasov or by bus from Livada Postey.

The first lifts on the Postavar massif were installed in 1883, the first national level competition was held here in 1906, and an international competition was organized in 1951 - the Winter Universiade. In addition to the ski slopes, the massif offers tourists to get acquainted with several attractions: the Milk Cave and the Stones of Solomon, the Temple of Idols and the Tampa Reservation.

The most popular slopes are Drumul Rosu (5.8 km), Drumul Lupului (2.62 km), Subteleferik (2.86 km), Sulinar (2.82 km), which are considered to be high and medium slopes. difficulty, as well as Bradul (500 m) and the Stadium (100 m) with a low level of difficulty. There is almost always enough snow in Poiana Brasov, if it is not enough, the area is covered with snow cannons.

Being an international resort, Poiana Brasov is also considered the most expensive ski resort in the country. For example, ascent and descent by cable car costs 20 lei for an adult and 10 lei for a child. Transport inside the resort is much cheaper, if you purchase a reusable pass, there are options for both an adult and a child. Ski equipment rental costs 35-40 lei here. A weekend in Poiana Brasov costs about 300 euros, more expensive during the winter holidays.


Ski holidays in the resorts of Romania

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More than a quarter of Romania's territory is mountainous. Romania is inferior to Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Slovenia and even Bulgaria

Romania is one of the largest countries in Europe. Its location at the crossroads of major trade routes has endowed it with a rich and difficult history. The sights of Romania testify to the diversity of the country's tourism potential.

Where is Romania located on the world map

Romania is located in Southeast Europe, in the northeastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. The state borders on Ukraine, Moldova, Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria. Romania is washed by the waters of the Black Sea (Wikipedia data).

The main attractions of Romania

The peculiarity of Romania is its geographical position. A complex chain of the Carpathian mountain system runs through the whole country. Transylvania is located in the ring of the mountain range with the main attractions of the country - picturesque natural landscapes and mysterious medieval castles, shrouded in many legends.

Small villages are scattered among the wooded hills, where the cultural flavor of the country has been preserved, untouched by modernity. Many charming trappings of medieval architecture can be seen here. They represent popular tourist sites.

Among the sights of Romania are beautiful architectural monuments, which harmoniously combine traditions of different styles.

Palaces of Bucharest

Bucharest is the capital of Romania and the main cultural center of the country. Here you can see a unique mixture of medieval sights with modern buildings. Particular attention is drawn to the beauty of the numerous palaces of Bucharest:

  • Cotroceni Palace.
  • Crezulescu Palace.
  • Cantacuzino Palace.
  • Mogosoai Palace.

Parliament Palace

Skiing may not be happiness, but it may well replace it!

From O. Onne's book "Skiing in French"

From the author: This page was first prepared at the request of RASC in 1999, and then turned into a separate site, significantly expanded and constantly updated. On this site, in addition to background information about the weather and the latest news, numerous photographs and reports are presented, both by the author himself and by my friends, with whom I was lucky to ride in Romania in different years from 1995 to 2004. I decided not to change the main text, but all changes to date, if they are fundamental, are indicated in brackets. Prices corresponded to the moment when the story was written, then they naturally grew, and today you cannot be guided by them, but you can only remember them with envy

Why did I decide to write about Romania? Firstly, it seemed to me that the ski resorts of Romania are somehow deprived of the attention of the press. Even on special ski sites you can find as much information about skiing in France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, and sometimes you even come across notes and offers to ski in such exotic places as Japan, Chile or even Novaya Zemlya, but about the nearby and inexpensive Romania, few people know. All ski resorts in Europe can be roughly divided into 2 categories: the highest category includes such well-known to everyone as Switzerland, France, Austria, Italy, Germany and maybe even little Andorra. In the second category, I would classify the Scandinavian countries, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia and Romania. The service here is more modest, but they are also much cheaper. Those who are just starting to explore foreign slopes or are simply not yet ready to shell out big or very big money for a trip at the highest level tend to the second category. And here I would like to fill the gap and tell in more detail about Romania, i.e. much less is known about the ski resorts of sunny Romania than, for example, about holidays in Bulgaria or Slovakia, and Romania is much more affordable at prices. In addition, in recent years I moved to Moldova, where, as you know, there are no mountains or snow, and Romania was very close. This is how I mastered the Romanian Transylvanian Alps and Carpathians a few years ago, and I must say I don’t regret it!

Every year we are now looking forward to returning to the winter wonderland, and I invite everyone to join us on this exciting journey!

Sinaia, Predeal, Brasov

This essay does not claim to be a comprehensive and complete description of all slopes and ski slopes - there are a lot of them in different parts of Romania. I would like to share my impressions of the most famous and, as it seems to me, the most beautiful winter resorts - Sinaia, Predeal, Brasov. All of them are located an hour away by train from each other, and you can ride anywhere in one season. But it's better not to rush, because each of them is beautiful in its own way and, for sure, having visited here at least once, you will want to come here again! It is very easy to get to them - from Bucharest it is about 120 km and with an interval of one hour there are regular and fast trains. The whole trip will take 2 hours to Sinaia and 3 to Brasov. The Predeal is located between them - this is a pass located at an altitude of 1000 m and separating the Transylvanian Alps and the Carpathians. There used to be a direct train from Chisinau to Brasov with stops in Sinai and Predeal, but now we have to travel through Bucharest and lose 2 hours, but we still have time for the opening of the lifts! At 17 o'clock every day the train leaves and at 9 am we are already in place. If we consider that a trip to Romania is visa-free (this was the case beforeJ) and no special documents are required except for a passport, then it turns out quite simply. However, I must add that for residents of Russia and the CIS countries, you also need a voucher, which can be issued in Chisinau. (Everyone needs a visa now.) As a rule, there are no problems with tickets, the cost is about $ 23. In addition, buses run daily, both to Bucharest and to Brasov. (for 2002 the price for a bus is $ 10-12). If a group is traveling, you can order a minibus that will take you from the train to your destination at a negotiated price. Distance 500 km, travel time 8-10 hours. A return train ticket can be bought immediately, but it is better not to associate yourself with a specific date, i.e. it is possible that the mountain sun, fresh air and excellent skiing will have a certain effect on you and you will want to extend the pleasure for a few more days.


So, the first stop on our way is Sinai. For its charm, this resort has rightfully received the name "Pearls of the Carpathians". It is a small, quiet, cozy and very picturesque resort with ancient architecture, surrounded by mountains in one of the most beautiful valleys in Romania - the Prahova Valley. The name Sinai comes from the biblical name for Mount Sinai. The resort is distinguished by a magnificent natural environment: mountains, the height of which exceeds 2000 m, coniferous forests with clean, ozone-rich air, sunny alpine meadows. Sinaia, like a Frenchwoman, is good from all sides and at any time of the year! No wonder a little over 100 years ago, the first king of Romania, Carol I, built here a magnificent palace called Peles, which is somewhat reminiscent of the Hermitage in miniature.

The interior of the palace is extremely interesting. Everything here is a work of art - and numerous paintings on the walls, and unique carved furniture by the best masters of the country, carved ceilings and doors, and patios with very beautiful sculptures and, of course, the richest collection of Venetian glass and mirrors, and the famous collection of weapons.

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