Alpine skiing in Georgia - which resort to choose

Alpine skiing in Georgia - which resort to choose

Daily program


Meeting of the participants of the hike, check-in at one of the guest houses in Tbilisi.

Depending on the time of arrival, a walk accompanied by a guide through the old city: the sulfur baths area, the Fig gorge, a ride on the cable car to the Narikala fortress - the citadel of the ancient city. Lunch at a national restaurant.

After lunch - general meeting of the group, discussion of the upcoming campaign and all questions of interest.

Free time, independent walk in the evening Tbilisi and dinner. Overnight at the guest house.


Departure to the Borjomi gorge.

The car route runs along the Tbilisi-Borjomi highway, which makes it possible to visit historical monuments located along the route of the car or near the main highway:

- The city of Mtskheta is the ancient capital of the Georgian kingdom, located at the confluence of the Kura and Aragvi rivers. The first historical mentions of the most ancient capital of Georgia date back to the second half of the 1st millennium BC. e. - Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (translated into Russian as "life-giving pillar"). In its modern form, the Temple has existed since the 11th century and is a place of storage of religious values ​​and relics, the interior decoration is painted with frescoes. The Svetitskhoveli Temple is a symbol of the spirit of Georgian Orthodoxy, a place of baptism and burial of Georgian kings. The territory of the temple monumental building is surrounded by a strict fortress wall.

- Jvari Monastery is a famous temple of the 7th century, located on a mountain near the city of Mtskheta. Its name means "cross" in translation. The mountain on which Jvari is located offers a magnificent view of the confluence of the Kura and Aragvi rivers and the city of Mtskheta.

- On the left bank of the Kura River, 10-12 kilometers from Gori, there is an amazing cave city Uplistsikhe, carved into wide rock formations of volcanic origin about three thousand years ago. During the period of prosperity of the city, the number of caves created by the joint efforts of man and nature reached several hundred. The ancient city, both in the pagan and in the Christian era, existed at the expense of gifts and religious donations.

The historical monument of Georgia Uplistsikhe is included in the list of protected monuments of UNESCO.

Mountains and cave cities of Georgia (without backpacks): description

Ski Resorts in Georgia - Detailed Guide

Everything You Need to Know About Skiing in Georgia - The Complete Guide

A decade ago, the opportunity to ski in Georgia was kept in the strictest confidence. Only a few locals and the most daring ski travelers knew about it.

But today everything has changed. Many tourists from different countries of Europe and the world come to Georgia precisely to go skiing. That's why it's time to write a comprehensive guide that includes everything you need to know. Here's what you need to know about skiing in Georgia!

What to expect when you ski in Georgia

Local facilities have not yet reached the level of ski resorts in the Alps. The cost of skiing here is quite affordable. You need to pay only 14 euros per day for a lift ticket. This is why Georgia is suitable for almost everyone but the wealthiest skiers.

Old and new ski lifts are used in Georgia. Modern high-speed lifts are constantly being added, which are constantly being modernized.

In the mountains, in cafes and restaurants, the cost of food and drinks is almost the same as in the city. This is completely unheard of in other parts of the world (you only need to pay 5 euros for a large serving of mulled wine!).

The roads to ski resorts leave a lot to be desired, but who goes to a ski resort ?!

The best skiing in Georgia

Equipment rental is getting better quality and more affordable. The restaurants have menus in English. Hostels or hotels are offered for accommodation. Each tourist can choose a room for himself at an affordable price.

Georgia - want to go there? Mountains and cave cities of Georgia (without backpacks): a detailed description of the route, a trekking plan and other useful information.

In the Georgian region of Adjara, on the Arsian ridge, there is a mountain pass called Goderdzi. This is one of the hardest to reach passes in Georgia. It connects two regions of the country - Adjara and Samtskhe-Javakheti. Views of amazing beauty open from the pass.

Just 100 kilometers from the city of Batumi and the Black Sea coast on this pass there is a young and promising ski resort with the same name Goderdzi.

Resort Description

Goderdzi has become the fourth ski resort to open in Georgia. Before that, tourists could only conquer the mountain slopes of the Caucasus in Gudauri, Khatsvali and Bakuriani. Goderdzi is located 2000 meters above sea level and is covered with snow from November to May.

The ski tracks are located in the alpine zone on wide slopes - here, for many kilometers, there are routes for fans of freeride and backcountry. The total length of the tracks is 13 kilometers, and the longest track is 7 kilometers. They are served by several snow groomers. The highest point of the resort is 2390 meters, and the lowest is 1700 meters.

Goderdzi Ski Resort

Two Dopelmayer cable cars with a length of 4 kilometers have been launched and are operational. Both are gondola type. They work every day from 10:00 to 17:00.

Goderdzi Resort is expanding. Over time, a chair lift will be additionally equipped here, which will deliver snowboard and alpine ski lovers to an altitude of 2390 meters, and the total length of the tracks will increase to 35 kilometers.

At the Goderdzi resort, you can rent equipment for ski slopes if you are a casual traveler and have not planned to conquer the mountain peaks.

Why Goderdzi

Tourists are attracted not only by the famous Georgian hospitality, delicious wine and beautiful mountains. We are talking about the first-class ski resorts in Georgia in 2021: when the skiing season comes, the features of the tracks and infrastructure, the prices and reviews of tourists.

Modern ski resorts in Georgia are not much inferior to the famous winter resorts in Europe. They are famous for their affordable prices, a good level of service and high-quality track preparation. For beginners, the resorts have many short slopes with little elevation difference. Seasoned athletes enjoy the challenging trails and freeride areas.

Ski holidays in the Caucasus are not only vivid emotions from skiing on the slopes. Traveling here allows you to get acquainted with the rich history and culture of the country, enjoy Georgian cuisine and plunge into the atmosphere of national traditions. During winter holidays, you can see medieval Svan towers and traditional houses - machubi, go on excursions to ancient temples and castles.

Exchange rate: 1 Georgian lari (GEL) ≈ 23 RUB.

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(Photo: pkmk/ BY 2. License)


The ski season in the resorts of Georgia starts in late November - early December and ends in mid-April - early May. Most vacationers come to ski from December to March, when there is a lot of snow in the mountains.

The climate in Georgia is quite mild. The average air temperature in winter is kept at around -3. −1 ° C. Almost everything is sunny on the slopes. High mountain ranges stand in the way of cyclones coming from the continent, so there are no strong winds here.

Useful selection:

Ski resorts in Georgia are successfully located throughout the country and were considered one of the best back in Soviet times. The closest to the capital, in the north-west of it, is Gudauri - a large modern ski resort, Mecca for freeriders. To the north-east, in the high mountains of Svaneti, is the Hatsvali resort and the new Tetnuldi ski resort, which opened only in 2016.

And farthest south of all, almost in the center of Georgia, in a pleasant neighborhood with the famous springs of Borjomi, is the oldest Georgian ski resort Bakuriani, which is now experiencing a triple birth. The young resort of Goderzi, built in the mountains near Batumi, also has excellent prospects.


The ski resort is located near the village of the same name on the slopes of the Greater Caucasus Range, along the Georgian Military Highway and not far from the Cross Pass. The resort complex itself is located in the village of Upper Gudauri at an altitude of 2196 m.

The season in Gudauri officially opens in the second half of December and lasts all spring, and in especially snowy years, including May. But it happened that in snowless winters, skiing on the main tracks began only in January. For example, in December 2019, only the upper slopes were open, and quite a lot of snow fell on January 31, 2020. But the 2016-2017 season began earlier, on December 10.

In December and January, it is sunny and cold, people arrive on New Year's holidays, and from mid-January to the end of the month there is a relative calm.

The high season in Gudauri is from the second decade of February to the second decade of March inclusive. There are already fewer sunny days, but more snow falls, the snow cover at the resort at this time reaches a maximum (1.5 m), and skiing is excellent both on and off the slopes.

It's warm and sunny in April, skiers often ride in T-shirts. Although there may be heavy snowfalls in April, there is no wind. The slopes of this ski resort in Georgia are almost empty, and it is a pleasure to ride at this time - the lifts and slopes are not closed until the very end of the month.

There are 22 tracks in the resort, their total length is 57 km. The ratio of slopes in terms of difficulty for amateurs and professionals is approximately 80:20 in percentage terms. Ski area: 1990 m. ... sea ​​(lower station), 3239 m (upper station). Experienced skiers, descending from the very top to the lowest point, cover a distance of 7 kilometers.

Map of hotels, slopes, slopes and lifts in the Gudauri ski resort

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