Alpine skiing and snowboarding: where to ride in Moscow

50 shades of white: where to go skiing in Russia

Swiss charm, French convenience, Italian character? How to choose the right destination for your future ski vacation so that expectations coincide with reality? We understand that any generalization is a rather risky thing. Each resort is unique and interesting in its own way. It doesn't always rain in Austria, France has charming resorts, and Switzerland can be affordable. This article is for those who need to understand the big picture and choose a resort more consciously.


  • Large selection of traditional resorts, pleasant atmosphere.
  • Excellent opportunities for après-ski, especially for young people.
  • Fairly high level of hotels and guesthouses.
  • Some of the best glaciers in the Alps.
  • Modern lift system in many large resorts.
  • Snow cannons everywhere.
  • Not too tiring airport transfers.

  • Most resorts are low, snow cover is unstable, snow melts quickly, especially at the end of the season and warm winters.
  • Not the most interesting country in terms of the dishes offered and their sophistication, with the exception of gastronomic restaurants.
  • The level of prices in hotels and restaurants is constantly growing.
  • Queues for key lifts and restaurants during high season.
  • Many hotels are geared more towards the German-speaking public.

Austria invariably attracts those who value traditional alpine resorts more and are ready to be content with the average size of the ski area. There are many accommodation options available, especially if you rent a car. The most incendiary parties and dances in boots after skiing are a definite plus for those who cannot imagine their vacation without such entertainment. A trip by car takes about 25-26 hours one way (on average, about 2500 km from Moscow), but it allows you to save a significant amount on air tickets.


  • Huge selection of large ski areas with branched lift systems - France has few competitors in terms of the length of the tracks.
  • Sufficiently reliable snow cover in high resorts.
  • Modern, purpose-built resorts are great for skiing - most hotels and residences are located right on the slopes.
  • A large selection of apartments and chalets for every budget, good opportunities to accommodate large companies.
  • Many resorts suitable for beginners and for skiing with children - with wide, gentle slopes and dedicated learning areas.
  • An excellent selection of accommodation options in luxury resorts, in particular, Courchevel and Megeve.
  • Lots of good restaurants.

  • Many purpose-built resorts are not very attractive and cozy. To be honest, some of them are downright scary.
  • In small villages there is nothing to do after skiing.
  • Low resorts annually suffer from a lack of snow and high air temperatures, snow cannons do not save.
  • Long and tiring transfers to many resorts, especially during the holidays.
  • High prices in hotels and restaurants, expensive ski passes (including for children from 4 years old).
  • Language barrier (especially noticeable in small resorts).
  • Excursion opportunities are limited due to the location of the resorts.

Despite a number of exceptions, most ski resorts in France are best suited for those who value skiing and skiing only. Beginners, intermediate skiers or experts - there is something for everyone. The main advantage of France is the huge ski areas with hundreds of trails connected by lifts. But when it comes to prices, especially when it comes to the cost of a room in a good hotel, the price of a ski pass or a restaurant bill, they can unpleasantly surprise tourists. A trip to France is often more expensive than a trip to Switzerland, which has the image of the most expensive Alpine country.


  • Interesting and varied ski areas.
  • Lifts have been modified recently and in most resorts they no longer cause serious complaints.
  • Great food and wine.
  • Beautiful mountains and cozy villages.
  • High level of hotels.
  • Guaranteed snow cover even in snowless winters thanks to modern snowmaking systems.

  • The price level is constantly growing.
  • Good accommodation should be booked well in advance.
  • Some of the resorts were built in the image of the French "stations" and cannot boast of alpine charm.
  • The season ends early enough (except for Cervinia and the glaciers)
  • Transfer times to many resorts can be greatly increased due to traffic jams, narrow roads and snowfalls.
  • During the holidays, the slopes are crowded, there are often queues for the lifts and restaurants.

Ten years ago, Italy was the most budgetary of the Alpine countries. However, in recent years, the most interesting and attractive resorts have caught up with (or even surpassed) their Austrian neighbors in terms of prices. The vast majority of ski resorts in Italy cannot boast of huge ski areas, the Dolomiti Superski region is a pleasant exception.

Choosing a country for ski holidays

A vacation in the mountains is a great idea for everyone who dreams of a fun, exciting vacation. And it doesn't matter if the skis have been gathering dust on the balcony since the school physical education lessons, and there is no desire to restore skills. Modern resorts offer a lot of interesting opportunities for every guest, even if they are completely indifferent to skiing on the slopes.


Skiing is far from the only activity available in the mountains. Snowshoeing, mountain biking, trekking, fitness and other sports activities give vigor, have a beneficial effect on the heart, blood vessels and lungs - in general, they allow you to enjoy incredible landscapes with health benefits.

In Krasnaya Polyana, walking and cycling tours are organized with a survey of canyons, rocks, caves, lakes and other natural beauties.

In "Rosa Khutor" it is worth learning Nordic walking and rafting on catamarans. The sports life of GTZ Gazprom is concentrated in the Galaktika social and cultural center with an ice arena, a water park, billiards, bowling and other entertainments. In the fresh air, vacationers can expect tubing on inflatable "cheesecakes", go-karting at an altitude of almost 1500 m and snowshoeing on the picturesque Psekhako plateau.


Vacation is the best time to take care of yourself: get rid of extra pounds, take a steam bath and sauna, relax in the caring hands of masseurs and undergo a rejuvenation course with experienced cosmetologists. There are modern spas in Gorki Gorod, Gazprom and other popular ski locations. You can also improve your health on the healing springs of the Elbrus region: in the Narzanov glade, water with a high content of iron, magnesium, calcium and sodium beats, and in Aushiger, not far from Nalchik, there is a hot thermal lake suitable for swimming all year round.

By the way, about swimming: fans of classic beach holidays will be pleasantly surprised by Rosa Khutor, where there are two whole beaches - man-made, with a swimming pool and a decorative pond, and a real one, on the shores of the Imeretinskaya Bay.


For skiers to have the strength to conquer the peaks, you need to feed them properly: in almost every resort there are both budget, but very nice cafes, as well as luxurious restaurants with an exquisite menu. For example, "Gorki Gorod" is famous for food with Russian, Eastern, Mediterranean and author's cuisine, amazing panoramas and spectacular show programs. And in Dombai they are treated in a Caucasian way: barbecue, chakhokhbili, manti and khychin pies with original fillings.


Pros and cons of different ski countries, pros and cons, how to choose

Being in pleasant pre-New Year's chores, many of us are already thinking about the upcoming vacation. Why not spend it in the mountains, racing on skis along a well-groomed track and "refueling" after skiing with a delicious meal with aromatic mulled wine? There are many ski resorts - for every skiing level and budget. Surely you have already visited the most popular ones and are not averse to trying something new.

Therefore, we want to tell you about 5 alternative destinations that, according to visitors' reviews, have earned a good reputation, and at the same time are not the busiest.

Encamp, Andorra

Located 186 km from Barcelona and 7 km from Andorra la Vella, the small town of Encamp is an attractive skiing destination, both for confident skiing or snowboarding, and for beginners (for them there is ski school). To the highest mountain in the Pyrenees, Pas de la Casa - Grau Roig, with 210 km of pistes, the Funicamp lift takes just 15 minutes.

There is a good selection of hotels and entertainment - restaurants, shopping in the tax-free zone and the famous thermal resort of Caldea.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

Germany is not as associated with skiing as Austria, France, Switzerland and Italy. Perhaps because in the local mountains, even in winter, there is not always snow. However, it is worth paying attention to Garmisch-Partenkirchen - the center of winter sports and the venue of the 1936 Olympics

Read about the current trends of the new ski season here.

The ski area runs at altitudes from 700 to 2800 m above sea level, and the total length of the tracks is 120 km (the longest of them is 5 km). Slopes of varying difficulty, 20% of them are comfortable for beginners. There are two halfpipes and two fan parks, 150 km of cross-country trails and 120 km of hiking trails. It will be convenient to get here from Munich (90 km) or Innsbruck (64 km), and settle in one of the cozy hotels.

Chimbulak, Kazakhstan

There are only two things that are really missing in Moscow - the sea and the mountains. And if in the first case you have to use surrogates - swimming pools and water parks, then in the case of mountains you can somehow get out of the situation by going to conquer seven legendary Moscow hills.

Of course, mountains in Moscow are a very conventional concept: they are not the Alps, the Caucasus, or even the Tatras. But, firstly, if you are just getting on skis and have not yet decided how much you need it at all, it is worth starting here. And secondly, employers for some reason do not give vacations for 3-4 months of winter, as well as appropriate salaries to spend all these happy days in the Alps. Therefore, in the "capital" you can somehow, but move from hill to hill in anticipation of the long-awaited rest. Let's take a look at the 7 most popular skiing spots in Moscow.

Of course, mountains in Moscow are a very conditional concept, they are not the Alps, the Caucasus, or even the Tatras.


Kurkino boasts one track and 2 drag lifts, as well as a whole lot of services - an instructor, a cafe, lighting, as well as picturesque nature with clean air. After all, this slope is located in a protected area in the valley of the Skhodnya River.

How to get there: the most convenient way to get there is by car, the nearest metro stations are Planernaya (minibuses No. 268 or No. 434, bus No. 434), Mitino, Rechnoy Vokzal (No. 343), Voikovskaya "(minibus No. 43-K). Go to the stop "Fabrika" or "8 microdistrict", then go down past the house number 17 along the Kurkinskoye highway and further along the street. Landyshevaya all the way.


There are three tracks at once, there is a tubing slope, a training slope for children and a halfpipe with big air. One rope and 4 "baby lifts" are lifted to the top of the skiers. The height difference reaches 50 m, and the length of the tracks is about 200 m, all the slopes are artificial.

How to get there: from st. m. "Yugo-Zapadnaya" by bus No. 707 or minibus No. 43 to the stop "Ski slope Novo-Peredelkino".


Krylatskoe is another good place for skiing. There are 8-9 slopes with a length of 150-300 m, as well as 3 drag lifts.

How to get there: from st. ... "Krylatskoe" 10-15 minutes walk towards st. Krylatskie Hills, from "Sokol" or "Oktyabrsky Pole" by bus # 691 or trolleybus # 19 to the stop "Krylatsky Most".

Let's be honest: not everyone can afford a ride in old Europe. And how do you get there now, in this Europe? But even if it does not work out with the Alps this season, then this is not a reason to push the skis/board further into the closet and sit on the couch at home.

Personally, in the past winters, I already had a chance to see for myself that our resorts, albeit slowly, are still striving for European standards. And today I will tell you where in Russia is the best place to go skiing or snowboarding.

In general, there are several hundred places for skiing and snowboarding in Russia. As a rule, these resorts are visited by people living in nearby cities, and they are well aware of all the features of skiing and infrastructure. But at the same time, there are large ski centers of federal significance. In general, I’m unlikely to report anything new to riders with solid experience in this article. But for those who have recently started downhill skiing, it will clearly be useful.

Here is a list of the most popular Russian ski resorts.

Where is “tasty” skiing in Russia?

There are different tracks, take any - green, red and blue. so you can alter Mayakovsky's nursery rhyme in relation to our topic. And it's true: slopes of varying difficulty, with night lighting, ski schools for adults and children, and a large selection of après ski - all this is also available in Russia. Moreover, some resorts are in no way inferior to European ones. And they are pleasantly surprised by the prices.

Ural Mountains

Already in November, in many regions of Russia, the weather conditions are quite suitable for the opening of the skating season.

For example, in the mountains of the Southern Urals - in the resorts of Abzakovo and Bannoe. My daughter is a member of the alpine skiing team of the sports school for children and youth in fy. And already on October 29, the whole team drove to the Abzakovo SLC for training camps. It is at this time (late October-early November) that the season opens here. The resort has 15 slopes with a length of 18 km with a vertical drop of up to 320 m. This ski complex attracts not only winter sports enthusiasts, but also professional athletes, it is no coincidence that the slopes here are of different difficulty. There are three trails with night lighting and the slopes are served by five modern drag lifts. For beginners, the ski resort has excellent conditions for learning alpine skiing, including children. Beginners can use the services of experienced instructors at the ski and snowboard school.

Read a detailed report about the ski resort Abzakovo here - Ski resort Abzakovo:… twelve years later.

The preparation of the tracks in Abzakovo is generally good, although there are also negative reviews on the forums - so lucky. There are no black trails and freeriding here, one might say. But with apres-ski in Abzakovo, there is complete order: you can visit the Amur tigers at the local zoo, drive on ATVs, frolic on the water slides in the water park, practice accuracy at the shooting range, go through a couple of SPA procedures or drive fatigue from the body in a bath.

You can live near the GLC in hotels or in the private sector. We liked it here: Hotel Tau-Tash in Abzakovo

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