Along Chulyshman and Teletskoye lake, simple and beautiful multitour in Altai: description

Multitour Seven Wonders of Altai: description

A chic author's expedition route through the most beautiful places of the Altai Mountains!

The first three days we will be traveling by car. On the way, we will pass through two beautiful passes of the Chuisky tract, Seminsky and Chike-Taman, see the confluence of the Chuya and Katun rivers, see the most beautiful lakes Cheybek-Kol, Uzun-Kol and Kidelya.

Descending from the famous Katu-Yaryk pass, we will visit numerous waterfalls of the Chulyshman river valley. And here we will begin the aquatic part of our journey! On catamarans we will raft along the lower part of Chulyshman, where there are no more rapids, and we will go to the famous Teletskoye Lake.

We will travel along the lake for three days under a motor! We will stop at the most beautiful beaches, swim and take pictures! And we will finish our route on the Biya river.

This is an easy hike that does not require serious physical training, available to everyone and everyone, but you need to paddle a little. The instructors will show you everything. Walking radial exits to the mountains and waterfalls have been added to the tour program. We will see the diverse Altai!

Rafting on the Chulyshman River takes place on six-seater catamarans. We will go along the Teletskoye Lake already under a motor in order to have time to see as many beautiful waterfalls and beaches as possible.

All participants must check the list of equipment that is suitable for this trip in order to feel comfortable.

On the route he catches the phone in places (you can call every 2-3 days). Mostly MTS. The instructor also has an emergency satellite phone.

Mosquitoes and midges are practically absent in Altai. Ticks are also rare.

Approximate daily routine: Wake up at 9 am, breakfast. Camp fees. Briefing and story about the day ahead. We cook food in turn at the stake, breaking up into groups of attendants (for example, in tents). The instructors also take part in the preparation of the food, as do the participants. Help and teach, if required.

We live in 3-4-person tents, if you need a 2-person tent, you must inform your coordinator in advance, otherwise it may not be on the spot.

Maximum number of participants in a group: 14 people + 2 instructors.

Daily program

During the journey we will see and visit:

Affordable 4-day trekking in the alpine zone to the Karakol lakes;

· Village of masters Askat and gallery "Arrow of Sartakpaya", we will get acquainted with ethnic musical instruments of the peoples of the world (singing bowls, tambourines, etc.), visit workshops and master classes, kupin are not trivial gifts;

· Let's make a big rafting trip (8 hours) along the middle reaches of the Katun from Ust-Sema to Souzga,

· The majestic Teletskoye Lake - Altyn Kol - and the Altai Biosphere Reserve,

· Photo trip along the Chuysky tract with a survey of petroglyphs in the Kalbak-Tash tract, a geyser lake, colorful mountain ranges, the Kurai high-mountainous steppe and other picturesque places;

· We will start and end our tour in the village of Souzga or Ust-Uba on the Katun. We will also return here several times. This is one of the oldest

tourist places in Altai. This place will become our home. Accommodation at the base in a cozy house.

During the active part of the tour (trekking to the Karakol lakes, auto tour), accommodation in tents in the most beautiful places.

This is an active, physically uncomplicated tour available to everyone!

Car tours in Altai mountains are ideal for travelers who are just getting to know the region. The travel format allows you to cover long distances (up to 2000 km) and show tourists a maximum of interesting places. Tourists travel most of the way on UAZ "loaf" off-road vehicles, which, in terms of reliability, will give odds to many imported jeeps. On separate sections of the route, pedestrian crossings are provided, as a rule, these are excursions and photo sessions.

Who is suitable for Altai auto tours?

In short, everyone from the age of 12. Driving around protected areas with experienced drivers is even safer than in the city, because there are no crossroads and traffic jams. There will be no shortage of provisions and medicines - their stocks are replenished in every settlement. On each trip, tourists are accompanied by an experienced instructor who knows the route by heart. Therefore, you don't have to worry about travel safety.

We offer car trips in Altai of varying degrees of difficulty:

  • For beginners: sightseeing trips along the Chuya ridge. There is a program "for everyone" with accommodation in hotels and tourist centers and a special tour for photographers with a visit to the most picturesque locations.
  • For the experienced hiker: action-packed routes to the mountain plateaus. The primeval beauty of the Altai mountains reigns here, as our ancestors saw them.

What to take on your trip?

Clothes should be comfortable and fit. It is desirable if it is tracking, i.e. specially adapted for active tourism. The same goes for shoes. It is important that the tourist's entire wardrobe is appropriate for the season. The instructors have spare jackets, but it is better to arrive immediately dressed for the weather. It is also advisable to have a professional camera with you. The places you will see are worthy of being captured.

Features of Altai tours by car

Routes and locations are different, but the timetable for all trips is about the same. In the morning - breakfast and moving to a new place, in the second - photo sessions, excursions and communication. Overnight stays are held in tent camps, on separate routes - in hotels and tourist centers.

The detailed program of each trip is scheduled on the tour page. The contacts of the coordinator responsible for the route are also indicated there.

Chuisky tract is a highway connecting Russia with China and Mongolia. Due to the unique beauty of the surrounding nature, it is a national treasure of the Russian Federation. On the site of the modern road, there was the Mungal tract, which is mentioned in Chinese manuscripts a thousand years ago. This is a rare highway in the world that has its own museum. On this tour we will see the most significant and most impressive places of the Chuysky tract. The route is fascinating along its entire length. Ancient petroglyphs and millennial megalithic complexes. Primordial nature with mesmerizing landscapes of spacious steppes, majestic mountains, crystal clear mountain lakes. Every day of travel will be wonderful and unforgettable! The tour along the Chuisky tract begins in Gorno-Altaysk, from where the group will go to the Uch-Enmek National Park. The program includes a visit to the ethnographic park in the village of Karakol. Further, the path lies through the legendary Chike-Taman pass to the Kalbak-Tash tract, to the Katu-Yaryk pass, where there is an observation deck with views of the Chulyshman river valley, the most stunning panorama of Altai. There is a unique geyser lake near the village of Meny. The next points of the route are the Aktru glaciers, the Kurai steppe, the Dydtu-Yaryk yurt complex, a miracle of nature, popularly called "Mars" because of the truly Martian landscapes on the mountain slopes. The final part of the tour is rafting in several categories of difficulty, which will allow each tour participant to choose the option that suits him.

A tour to Altai will allow you to fully get acquainted with the history and beauty of the Altai Mountains. Tour participants will be able to see how diverse and multifaceted the nature of these places is. The tour program to the Altai Republic passes through 7 districts - this is an excellent option for exploring the beautiful mountainous country!

The described tourist program is combined, which makes it especially interesting: there are rafting, walking, off-road trips, beautiful spectacular natural sites and historical sights.

We organize tours all over Russia, but one of our favorite places is Gorny Altai! We will gladly introduce you to its amazing natural beauty. You will remember this vacation in Altai forever!

day Barnaul - Uch-Enmek

So, the exciting program of our tour to Gorny Altai begins! Transfer from Barnaul to the recreation center on the territory of the Uch-Enmek natural park.

Overnight in tents/houses.

day Uch-Enmek - Aktru alpine camp

Transfer to the "Transfer". After the steep Chike-Taman pass (1460 m) we leave the Chuysky tract and go off-road to the starting point of the hike. Today we have to walk about 10 km along scenic paths along the Aktru River to the alpine camp of the same name, the oldest in the Altai region.

Overnight in tents/houses on the territory of the Aktru recreation center.

Dinner, breakfast and lunch are prepared at the stake by guides, or we order food in the alpine camp canteen.

day Radial hike to Blue Lake

Active day of the tour. Walking excursion to the high-mountainous Blue Lake (2840 m).

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