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Resorts of Albania: a journey to a mysterious country in the Balkans

Among the Balkan countries specializing in tourism, Albania is the least studied. This hospitable place is washed by the waves of the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic, there are hidden pristine beaches, picturesque canyons and unexplored attractions, which can make a vacation in Albania extremely exciting and something completely new.

We will tell you about the climate and beaches of Albania, walk through its Adriatic and Ionian resorts, get active and find out when is the best time to plan a trip. In the end, a description of the three "top" Albanian resorts awaits you.

Beach holidays in Albania

Albania is located in the zone of influence of the mild Mediterranean climate. Winters are wet and cool here, while summers are dry and hot. On the coast in the middle of summer (July) the temperature is kept within + 28-32 ° С, in January it does not drop below + 8-10 degrees. The July heat is easily tolerated, since a fresh breeze constantly blows from the sea.

The tourist season starts in May and ends only at the end of September. Many travelers claim that the weather is pleasant here even in October and April.

Albanians have as many as 300 sunny days a year - it rains only in late autumn and early spring. As for the temperature of sea water in summer, it fluctuates slightly in different cities of Albania:

  • Saranda - 22.6-25.8 ° C;
  • Vlore - 22.3-25.5 ° C;
  • Berat - 22.9-25.7 ° C.

In September, the temperature of the water and air practically does not drop, which cannot be said about the prices for accommodation. The "velvet season" covers the first weeks of September, but in other years it stretches until the beginning of October.

Prices for holidays in Albania cannot be called expensive, but during the low season (September, May) the trip is even cheaper. At the same time, from a climatic point of view, it is better to go in September - the water has already warmed up enough, and at night it gets slightly colder.

In the Adriatic, the beaches are long sandy spits with gentle slopes and shallow sea. The banks are decorated with pine forests. The local elite prefer the Ionian south, which consists of picturesque sandy beaches, high mountains and rocky coves.

Automotive tourism in Russia and Europe

Excursion to Ohrid and Macedonia (two days)

The cost of the excursion is from 450 euros per car.

While walking around the city, we will definitely visit the Byzantine fortress of the 5th century, which preserves the history of Orthodoxy for 2500 years. We will also walk through the old town, built right on a rock near the lake. From here we will admire the beautiful view of the coast, see the Macedonian and Albanian parts of the lake.

Excursion to the city of Tirana

Price of excursion from Durres 30 euros per person (group of 3 people)

Tirana is the capital of Albania, a friendly, welcoming city with a relaxing atmosphere, where you can find some of the best restaurants, shops and markets. During the excursion, you will see the main sights of colorful Tirana, as well as learn a lot of interesting things about history.

Excursion to Montenegro and Budva

Excursion price from Durres 60 euros per person (group of 3 people)

An exciting journey to Budva, Montenegro. We will drive along the picturesque coast of Montenegro. Let's stop near the panoramic view of the island. Saint Stephen. We will visit Budva.

Excursion to Vlora, Logara and Dhermi Nature Reserve

Automobile tourism in Russia and Europe as a direction of recreation. What you need to travel by car, popular countries and routes.

Friendly Albania is a hidden Mediterranean gem, because until recently this country was closed, so today the least explored Balkan state enjoys special attention among tourists. Clean beaches of the Adriatic, beautiful natural landscapes, numerous cultural monuments and restaurants of local gourmet cuisine will not leave indifferent any traveler.

Country overview

Mysterious Albania is located on the Balkan Peninsula, bordering Greece and Montenegro. In the west is Italy, divided with Albania by the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. The state is covered with dense forests and high picturesque mountains. Due to its rich history, Albania has many unique historical sites.

The Balkan miracle is famous not only for its purest snow-white beaches, amazingly beautiful nature and various monuments, but also for thermal springs and healing mineral waters, for this reason tourists from all over Europe come here for medical holidays. Albania enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate with cool, wet winters and hot, dry summers. In July, the air temperature reaches + 32º, but the heat is easily tolerated thanks to the wind blowing from the coast. Albania is a sunny country, it is comfortable to relax here at any time of the year.

How to get to Albanian resorts from different CIS countries

During the summer season, Russian citizens have unhindered entry into Albania for up to three months. In autumn and winter, a visa is required to visit the country. You will have to get from Moscow to Tirana by plane with a transfer in Vienna, Milan, Ljubljana, Frankfurt or Warsaw, as there are no direct flights from Russia. Average journey time with docking is 6 hours. Some tourists fly first to Turkey, Montenegro or Greece, from where they take a direct flight to Tirana.

From June to September inclusive, Ukrainian citizens have the opportunity to visit Albania without a visa. To do this, you will have to fly to Montenegro on a charter flight, from where by bus - go to the border. Flights with connecting flights in Belgrade are in operation during the visa regime.

There are no direct flights from Minsk to Albania, but there are flights connecting in Vienna or Munich. Fans of car travel will have to overcome Poland, Macedonia, Slovakia, Hungary and Serbia.

Sea and beach resorts in Albania

Sunny Albania is famous for the following resorts with developed infrastructure, clean beaches, numerous entertainment venues and restaurants:

Saranda. The small village is suitable for a relaxing holiday. Not far from the city is the Greek island of Corfu, which is worth admiring from the cape. The resort is famous for the ruins of the ancient settlement of Butrint. The local cuisine is famous for its grilled dishes. Saranda is rich in luxury and more affordable hotels.

Nice price for a package tour to Albania. the Ask Sea and a cheap country that has not yet been trodden by crowds of tourists. 52470 rubles for two/26200 for one goo. l/7J61sC included: direct flight, accommodation, transfer, insurance and breakfast no visa required. For the period from April 01 to October 31, visas for citizens of the Russian Federation are canceled.

Albania is one of the most unexplored countries in Europe. Tourists are just beginning to discover its historical sights and the beauty of nature. We tell you about the most interesting places and hope that this will push you towards amazing discoveries and a good rest.


If in Italy all roads lead to Rome, then in Albania it is impossible to bypass Lake Skadar, its second name is Shkoder. It is the largest freshwater body of water on the entire Balkan Peninsula - an area of ​​almost 400 sq. km, and even more in high water. The giant water table is partly owned by Montenegro, but most of it is Albanian.

Take a trip along the coast to plunge into the thick of forests, climb sand dunes, see distinctive villages and medieval monasteries. But be careful: the lake has a lot of wetlands. Shkoder is located on the southeastern coast - a city with a thousand-year history. Be sure to check out the Rozafa Fortress here.It was built in the 4th century and is shrouded in many legends.

Observe the behavior of a huge number of birds: pelicans, ibises and 270 other bird species. With a boat rental, go on an excursion to the numerous islets and appreciate the scope and beauty of Lake Skadar from its very center.


In the central part of the country, at the top of a picturesque mountain, rises the ancient fortress Berat - the heart of the city of the same name. The grandiose structure dates back to the XIII century, earlier on this place there was a fortress of the Illyrians. A bird's eye view shows that the fortress walls form a giant triangle.

For a closer look, walk through the historic neighborhoods at the foot of the hill. Then hike up a paved road or a winding shepherd's path. A little more - and the stonework of the main gate and defensive fortifications begins, in the grooves of which ancient cannons are installed. Admire the surroundings from the observation deck. Once from this place, ancient warriors gazed into the distance in order to see the approaching enemy in time. After examining the fortress, pay attention to the sculpture of Emperor Constantine, the Turkish mosque, Christian churches, go to the local museum.


On the shores of the Ionian Sea, there is the southern pearl of Albania, a resort town with the poetic name of Saranda. A very short distance separates it from the Greek island of Corfu. The inherent advantage of the area is the warm climate and many sunny days. Swim in the sea and appreciate the transparency of the water, sunbathe under the gentle sun, enjoy the picturesque landscapes. If you prefer a quiet, budgetary and at the same time high-quality vacation, then there is no better place to find.

The excursion program will also not disappoint: ancient Christian temples, synagogues, ethnographic museum. The ruins of the historic village of Butrint are just 8 km away. The rarest karst formation is located nearby - the source of the "Blue Eye". When you find yourself on the bank of a seething spring, look into the very center - you will get the impression that an “all-seeing eye” of sky-azure color is looking at you in response.

15 years ago no one considered this country as a place of rest and no one went there, and most of our population did not know the exact location of this Balkan state. Albania, a country that has fought for independence for almost its entire history, and having achieved it, went into self-isolation, closing itself from the whole world for forty years.

Albania is a secluded getaway


This also played a positive role. Since nowhere else in Europe have such natural natural beaches and the amazing nature surrounding them survived. And the purity of the sea in the sea resorts of Albania is a separate song. The coastline of Albania runs at the junction of the two seas, the Adriatic and the Ionian. Because of this, the sea on most Albanian beaches has a unique deep blue hue.

The sea in Albania is saturated with color

The attitude towards tourists in Albania is reverent, because due to high unemployment, almost complete absence of industry in the country, the tourism sector brings this country the largest income. At the same time, prices for food and souvenirs here differ from neighboring Montenegro and Greece by about 2-3 times. Coming to the country of "mountain eagles" you immediately understand how strong the stereotypes imposed by cinema and television are.

Albanian cities look European

There are no militants with "Kalashnikovs" at the ready, the mafia in bright kid jackets with gold teeth and gilded pistols does not walk the streets. In terms of security, Albania is in the middle between Belgium and Poland. In the evenings, walking along the well-lit streets at night is quite safe here. The Albanians themselves are sincerely benevolent and always ready to help. And most importantly, they have not yet been spoiled by "easy money", like the majority of the population of tourist regions, and therefore do not require any small help or remuneration.

Thanks to the communist dictatorship, the population is quite educated, although foreign languages ​​are practically not spoken. People over the age of 50 understand Russian, which until the 90s was included in the school curriculum. The main thing is not to argue with old people about the role of the Albanian dictator Enver Hoxha, under whom the country was isolated. Since their opinion about this person is fundamentally different from the official versions.


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