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Western Caucasus, Krasnodar Territory, Mostovskoy District

Waterfalls of Desires, Kyzyl-Bek, White Widow, Gunkina Balka caves, panoramic views of the Gerpegem ridge and Shapka rocks.

Safe, professional, not expensive.

Psebay village

Mostovskoy District, Krasnodar Territory

Presumably the name of the village comes from the ancient Türkic "Pse" - "water" and "Bai" - "a lot, big", i.e. "A lot of water"

Psebay lies at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level. The climate in the village is foothill, with moderate humidity. There are no strong winds here, and the sun shines 180 days a year. In summer, it is not hot in Psebay, the temperature does not exceed +25 + 27 ° C. In winter, it is not cold, usually it does not fall below -10.

Psebay is the starting point for many tourist routes. Hiking and horseback riding are popular here, the famous tourist route Psebay - Krasnaya Polyana operates, which passes through snowy passes along the banks of the Malaya Laba River and ends at Krasnaya Polyana.

The village of Psebay is the center for the development of mountain biking (mountain biking) in the Krasnodar Territory and the Southern Federal District. Since 2011, Sebay has hosted a stage of the Russian Cup in mountain biking in the cross-country race and one of the rounds of the Russian Championship of the uphill race. About 500 athletes come to the village annually as part of cycling competitions. There are active cycling routes on the Gerpegem ridge.

In the vicinity of the village, due to the abundance of karst rocks, there are many interesting and mysterious natural monuments, such as sheer cliffs, grottoes, caves, stone arches and numerous waterfalls. All sights can be visited as part of excursions lasting 3-6 hours. No special skills or training is required. To facilitate the passage of the route, it is advisable to have trekking poles.

As part of each excursion, we offer you to enjoy aromatic tea from mountain herbs. You can take a light snack with you.

Adventure club

Nature has generously endowed the Krasnodar Territory. In addition to the gentle sea and sunny climate, endless fields and dense forests, tourists will find mountains - perhaps the most mysterious and majestic creations of our planet. But most importantly, the beautiful landscapes, which will take your breath away, are available not only to tough men with ice axes and climbing equipment. Absolutely every guest can choose a suitable route for themselves, depending on their preferences, health status and final goal.

How long have you wanted to see the mountains of the Krasnodar Territory? Maybe you dreamed of testing your strength on a difficult route under the weight of a huge tourist backpack? Go to Popeye in the Seversky District. And if you are confident in yourself, you can also aim at conquering the handsome Fisht. Do you want to enjoy the beautiful views from the mountain peak with your kids? A walk to Sober-Bash or Psebay waterfalls is exactly what you need. These routes are available at any time of the year. If you are an inveterate skier or snowboarder, the resorts of Krasnaya Polyana are waiting for you. There you can pick up a track of any difficulty level: from green to red and even black. Or maybe you prefer relaxing ski trips with your children in the winter forest? Then go to the Seversky or Mostovskoy districts, where you can enjoy the winter landscapes. And after walking in the cold, it will be pleasant to warm up in the thermal springs.

It doesn't matter what the weather is outside: get ready for a trip, because the mountains of the Krasnodar Territory are waiting for you, their conquerors!

Mountain Altitude

Leisure activities

The mountains of the Krasnodar Territory are ideal for any type of leisure. Here you can take a leisurely walk with your children along a simple route and admire the local beauty, or you can organize an extreme vacation. For example, master the black trails on a snowboard, climb to the top of a cliff with the help of mountaineers' equipment, or ride a bike along steep slopes with a breeze. In any case, you will definitely not forget your vacation in these places.

Mountaineering and climbing

Red and Planic rocks in the Seversky region

This is the most affordable option to hone your skills and practice using your climbing equipment. These rocks are located near the village of Plancheskaya Shchel. In Soviet times, trainings were held here for students of tourism faculties. Today this place attracts not only novice climbers, but also hikers in the picturesque forest. And from the top of the rocks a beautiful panorama of the surroundings opens up.

Eagle Rocks

They are located not far from Sochi in the canyon of the Agura River. The road from the resort capital takes about half an hour. Strong limestone rocks reach a height of 80 meters. There are about 30 climbing routes of varying degrees of difficulty, designed for beginners and experienced climbers. Most of the trails were laid by Sochi amateur athletes.

Rocky part of Mount Turkey

The mountains Turkey, Turkey and Turkey are located in the Tuapse region. This is one of the favorite places for mountain trekking enthusiasts. But climbers also have something to do here. The Turkey rock massif gained popularity in the Soviet years - it was then that the first climbers chose its rugged slopes for training.

Excursions to the sights of the Mostovsky district: Psebay, Perevalki, Solyony. Zhelaniy waterfalls, Kyzyl-Beksky, Belaya Vdova, Gunkina Balka caves, panoramic views of the Gerpegem ridge and Shapka rocks. Jeeping. Safe, professional, not expensive.

In the group you can learn about the events held by the Center for Patriotic Education of Youth in the city of Krasnodar.

Weekend hikes and multi-day hikes, competitions, training trips and everything related to this. render completely.

We know everything about student life, so all activities are as budgetary as possible, and often free!

If you do not have equipment, we are ready to provide it for free.

Our goal: to involve young people in tourism.

If you are between 18 and 35 years old and you cannot stay at home for a long time, welcome to our club!

We are always open to new things, we are waiting for your suggestions at: g. rasnodar, st. North 279, office. 04 or by phone 8 (861) 259-13-03

While the weather calms down in the mountains, we propose to tune in to a new wave

What do you know about sports tourism? Show in full. Do you know that this is one of the most popular sports in the Krasnodar Territory?!

Want to try your hand at practice? Climb on real terrain? Walk the distance?

Adygea is tourism and recreation, a land of incredible opportunities for lovers of hiking and idle contemplation of the beauties of wild nature. There is no sea here, but there are mountains of the majestic Caucasus, from the tops of which waterfalls cascade and mountain rivers descend. They fill alpine meadows with life and shady gorges with coolness, and thermal springs are always ready to welcome new guests. Adyghe people say that happiness comes with a guest. Therefore, a hike in Adygea will make the tourist not only a little happier, but also leave unforgettable moments in his memory.

Popular destinations and attractions

The republic borders on the Krasnodar Territory. But it is full of its own unique history, the moments of which are organically woven into the excursion routes.

  • Caucasian Biosphere Reserve. Passes through the region and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is a mountainous area where you can conquer one or three peaks of the Caucasus Range at once: Fisht (2867 m), Oshten (2804 m), Pshekha-Su (2743 m). Active tours to Adygea around the reserve can be organized for one or several days and fully experience the natural flavor of the area.

And these are just a few interesting points present on the tourist routes of Adygea. You can discover even more with the Adventure Club!

Types of hiking in Adygea

The Adyghe mild climate will allow you to travel from April to October, enjoying comfortable weather and discovering unexplored corners of Russia. The only thing you need to do is choose the route and format of the trip:

  • walking - it can be, as well as 2-hour excursions, and hikes for several days. Each route has a different level of difficulty;
  • combined - combines two options for movement: on foot and by car, therefore it is suitable even for inexperienced travelers and children;
  • mountain camp - 7 exciting days, thanks to which adults and children will get acquainted with almost all the sights of the region;
  • a hike with children - a specially designed route, taking into account the peculiarities of childhood. Such programs combine active recreation, interesting excursions, acquaintance with the history and nature of a new area;
  • accommodation at a camp site - multi-day tours to Adygea, when a relaxing outdoor recreation with family or friends can be diversified with an excursion program.

Tour features

The journey to Adygea starts from Krasnodar, where a transfer is organized to the starting point of the tour, the price of which includes:

  • transportation and meals on the route;
  • instructor services;
  • museum entrance fees and recreational fees;
  • general first aid kit;
  • group equipment rental.

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