Active Tours

Active Tours

There are people who have long dreamed of trying something new and those who are looking for a way to spend their vacation interestingly. Different types of outdoor activities meet these requirements. This article presents the advantages and features of mountain tourism, so that in a short time everyone can understand how much such a pastime suits him.

Mountain tourism is a type of sports recreation, the main idea of ​​which is to go from point "A" to point "B". This makes it similar to regular hikes, so there is a condition that the route to be overcome must pass at an altitude of more than 3000 m above sea level.

Mountain hikes, like any others, have their own difficulty levels, which depend on the length of the path, the time spent and the types of obstacles located on the route. There are 6 categories of difficulty in total, from the 1st - the easiest and to the 6th - the most difficult. The article will present recommendations that are applicable only for level 1 hikes, as well as for non-categorized ones, since it is not recommended to go on more complex trips without special preparation.

• Mountaineering is a rather dangerous type of active tourism, the purpose of which is to climb to the top. But even here there is an option for non-professionals. If the ascent angle is less than 20 °, then even a novice climber can easily climb to the top.

• Rock climbing is a type of active recreation, the essence of which is rock climbing. Here the difficulty categories start from level 5.

• Trekking is the most widespread and versatile type of mountain tourism. In other words, a walking trip.

Some sources also include rafting here - rafting on rough rivers, but this is a kind of water tourism.

Mountain hikes are definitely suitable for outdoor enthusiasts and those who are looking for new experiences, and the fascinating views will definitely appeal to nature contemplators. However, you need to understand that traveling in the mountains requires a certain physical fitness from the tourist. It is best to start preparations a few months before the hike.

• Daily gymnastics to improve your overall physical condition. Visiting fitness rooms, home strength training to strengthen muscles and develop endurance. • Ability to navigate the terrain. • Readiness for 2-3 hours of constant movement. • Familiarity with the terrain and the route to be followed. • Proper nutrition, which will give energy during the hike. • Search for tourist clubs to find like-minded people and an instructor. • Reading as much verified mountain tourism information as possible. • Passing a medical examination.

On non-categorized tours and hikes of low difficulty, you will need a little equipment. The most important thing is the right shoes. These can be trekking shoes or simple trekking boots. These shoes have a tough sole that can protect your feet from the elements. Sports socks are also very important, because if you rub your leg somewhere in the mountains, there will be nowhere to look for help.

It is better to take a backpack with you with a volume of at least 30 liters, and also sporty, so that everything you need can fit in it. Sunscreen and sunglasses should not be neglected, as ultraviolet light is very aggressive in the mountains, its action can adversely affect the skin and vision.

If you are planning a route through an area where there is already snow, you should take with you an insulated jacket, gaiters, gloves. Hygienic lipstick, vitamins B-6, B-9, B-12, trekking sticks - what can facilitate activity in the mountains.

Hiking in the mountains will leave unforgettable memories and a lot of impressions. But since this is not an easy walk in the park, you need to prepare responsibly. It is important not to go on weekly hikes right away, but to start with one-day hikes. So after a while, gaining experience, a novice tourist will become a real professional.

Mountain tourism: what a novice traveler needs to know

There are many types of tourism nowadays. The main characteristic is formed based on the needs of travelers. The tourism activity itself was constantly changing, new directions appeared, and the process continues to this day.

Most popular types of tourism

The most popular type of tourism is the classic format - cultural and educational. It is associated with the need of the traveler to expand the boundaries of his horizons. Cultural objects are chosen independently, depending on interests.

Cultural and educational travel is grouped by factors:

Types of tourism and their characteristics are presented below.

Water tourism

Water tourism is when all or a separate part of the route passes on the water surface.


  • combines several areas - health improvement, sports and active pastime;
  • there are programs for any traveler, regardless of age, gender or medical indications;
  • there are subspecies - river rafting, liner cruise travel, rafting or yachting.

Disadvantages: water tourism is not available to people who cannot swim. You also need to go on a trip, having previously studied the vessels, what it is planned to use and the rules for first aid.

Mountain tourism

Mountaineering is different from mountaineering or rock climbing, although there are elements of it. The task of the climber is to climb to the top, and of the mountain traveler - to overcome the passes of various difficulties.

Traveling in the mountains is interesting and exciting. Physical training is required, as there are passes of particular difficulty. Total difficulty categories (KS) 6. An ordinary tourist is not allowed to all passes. Getting up requires good health. When checking, attention is paid to the heart and lungs: the higher you need to climb, the greater the load on these organs.

Advantages and features of mountain tourism

best beaches

1. Curonian Spit (Kaliningrad)

A wide beach of fine crystalline light sand on the shores of the Baltic Sea. It stretches along the villages of Rybachy, Morskoye, Lesnoye - only 98 km, along the edge - coniferous forests.

2. Baikal (Irkutsk region)

A huge lake with Baikal dunes - kilometers of wide beaches with fine light sand.

3. Sea of ​​Azov

The shallowest sea in the world - depth up to 13.5 m. Several wide beaches (spits up to 25 km in length) made of fine shell rock (sand). There are also a lot of surf schools here.

4. Lake Brosno (Tver region)

Russian analogue of the mysterious Loch Ness. 9 km long, 1.5 km wide. According to legend, a monster lives at the bottom. For those who are not afraid - clear water and sandy beaches.

(Tver and Novgorod regions)

One of the most developed tourist zones with natural sandy beaches around the lakes, housing for every taste and budget. On the spot, they provide everything you need: a bicycle, fishing tackle, you can take a boat and retire on the islets (there are more than 160 of them). Price: 9000 rub.

Active tour from "Rest + Sports"

In different parts of the country, including Moscow, more and more attention is paid to outdoor activities. Many people strive not only to lead a healthy lifestyle every day, go to the gym, exercise, walk more and eat right, but also during the holidays do not slow down the pace, preferring an active tour with extreme sports in the program to the beach pastime.

Active tours

By contacting us for help, you can choose a trip that includes:

  • long hikes over rough terrain;
  • rafting on mountain rivers;
  • trekking;
  • horseback riding.

They are organically combined with rich excursion programs. The popularity of active tourism in Russia is gaining momentum. Going on a similar voyage, you can feel like a character in an adventure film or a discoverer of unknown lands. We offer active tours in Russia, taking into account the different level of training of tourists, the preferred price and duration.

For example, an excellent snow safari in the Khibiny will take only three days from vacation, and climbing Kazbek will last as much as ten. Experienced managers will advise an active tour for every taste; you can get acquainted with the travel program on the website. You can get to the place of the beginning of the trip by different means of transport: by car, plane, by rail.

Active travel in Russia and the world

It is known that the best rest is a change of activity. As strange as it may sound, not everyone knows how to rest properly. Psychologists recommend spending leisure time completely opposite to usual activities. Most people are in the office all day. This means that their rest should be active. With the right approach to free time, not only the mood improves, but also the ability to work, a surge of strength is felt, life becomes much richer. Every new day brings joy, new interests appear. Nowadays, there is a huge selection of active tours, each of which is able to distract from the gray everyday life, relax, unload your brain, and leave a pleasant aftertaste in your soul in the form of unforgettable impressions and memories. Once having gone on a trip, many can no longer give up this pleasure and become ardent fans of tours with active rest. Travelers dream of new achievements, countries, merging with nature, plan new hikes and fully enjoy life. Such people are never bored. Closing their eyes, they can find themselves anywhere in the world, where they have already been. Memories change one after another, and there is a pleasant feeling from the realization that all this happened and, if desired, can be repeated.

It's better to see once than listen to stories a hundred times. Therefore, there are many options for how to spend your vacation, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of beauty, take a break from the city bustle. Routes of active recreation tours differ in duration, complexity, modes of movement. For example, one of the most common types of extreme tourism is river rafting. This is a great way to reboot, test your strengths, teamwork abilities. Even beginners can go rafting without having any experience in hiking. To do this, you need to choose calm rivers of 1 or 2 categories of difficulty, 3 category is suitable for those who have once rafted and are not afraid of dangerous rapids and pitfalls, 4 and 5 difficulty levels are for real extreme lovers, only professionals can pass 6. In Russia, the "lightest" rivers are the rivers in Karelia - Shuya and Suna, Chusovaya in the Urals and others, and the most interesting - Katun in Altai, Belaya in the Urals, Kema in the Far East. One of the most unforgettable active trips will be rafting on the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe, many rafters are fans of extreme sports, so they strive to get to Costa Rica or Nepal. However, wherever the rafting takes place, unforgettable emotions, a sense of drive, delight, rumbling rivers, landscapes that excite the imagination are guaranteed.

  • The most romantic and intriguing active tour is considered to be climbing the mountains. Some have dreamed about it since childhood. This is a kind of victory over oneself, over insecurity, a struggle with one's fears, a test of one's own capabilities. Mountains attract and delight. When climbing, it is important to soberly assess your physical capabilities and listen to the instructor. Those who have already been lucky enough to conquer the summit equate mountains with the main wonders of the world. Standing there, at the top, one feels a completely different energy, other experiences, feelings, even the world is seen in a different way. For all this, the adventurers go. Nowadays, anyone who is confident in his abilities and is not afraid of difficulties can get to many peaks. The mountain peaks of the world - Elbrus, Kazbek, Goverla, Petros, Laila, Mont Blanc, Kilimanjaro, Chomolungma, Everes are already waiting for their conquerors. They will give you many unforgettable days, the beauty of the surrounding nature, magical moments and delightful memories.
  • Trekking is the most common outdoor activity tour in the mountains. This is an exciting cross-mountain trip. Tourists set off to explore the area along the trails of the mountain range. This type of active travel makes it possible to see the pristine nature, to visit places where no man's foot has yet set foot. Tourists spend time in pleasant company and return home with a huge number of pictures, which capture the most picturesque views and unforgettable moments. Trekking can be not only in the mountains - it is deserts, forests, hills, protected areas, river beds, etc. You can try your hand in almost every natural region of Russia, for example, in Altai, Karelia, and the Urals. And Tibet, Italy, Japan, Iceland, Spain, USA, Antarctica are the regions where the most interesting trekking routes are located.
  • Active leisure travel by bicycle or cycling tourism has managed to win the hearts of many. After all, this is a unique opportunity not only to strengthen your health, but also to climb into the most secluded corners of the globe, ride along mysterious paths and see completely extraordinary, amazing places. In addition, the trip does not require any special physical preparation. It is only important to have such qualities as endurance and an irresistible desire to expand your horizons. Going along the "Golden Ring" in Russia, you can see the beauty of ancient cities, on the Pushkin Mountains follow the footsteps of the great poet, and on Lake Baikal, the Urals, Altai, a tourist will come into contact with pure, virgin nature, feel like a part of it. It is possible to go around the whole world on bicycles! The choice of routes and countries is simply huge - England, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, France, Czech Republic and many others. Perhaps this trip will seem a little risky, but it will give so many emotions that a tourist will never regret that he once sat behind the wheel of an iron horse and decided to push the boundaries of his capabilities.
  • Recently, diving is gaining more and more popularity among tours for active recreation. This is a dive, swimming underwater in a special suit. At the same time, there is a feeling of complete weightlessness, the swimmer is given freedom of movement. And what cannot but admire is the amazing underwater world. No matter how many divers dive, no matter what experience they have, they still find something new, delightfully beautiful or mysterious for themselves. It may be the most beautiful unusual fish, or it may be the secret of a sunken ship. Diving gives the brightest emotions, for some this activity becomes a real hobby. The best places in Russia are located on Baikal, the Caucasus, Crimea, the Barents Sea, Kamchatka. The most inspiring scuba diving sites in the world are the North Pole, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Sipadan Island in Malaysia, the Gili Islands in Indonesia, Abu Nukhas Reef in Egypt and others.
  • Surfing can turn active travel into great fun. It is considered to be one of the leading water sports. Attracts fans to conquer the sea element. These are strong-willed, courageous, free from prejudices people. Daring conquerors of waves, having only a light board, set off to meet the mighty elements, therefore this sport is classified as extreme. Surfers move so beautifully that this activity can be safely called an art. The best places to catch the wave are Hawaii, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Bali, Australia. Perhaps the phrase "surfing in Russia" sounds unusual, but there are places in the homeland where you can usefully spend your time. These are Sakhalin, Vladivostok, Kamchatka, Sochi, Crimea.
  • Winter active recreation ski tour will be no less exciting and interesting. Skiing down the snow-covered mountain slopes is a special pleasure. The tracks are usually divided by the level of difficulty, so it will be interesting for both beginners and professionals. What could be better than bright sun, light frost, clean fresh air and beautiful views. And after a productive day, you can visit cozy restaurants, coffee shops, warm up by the fireplace, go to the sauna or bathhouse. The best Russian ski resorts are located in Sochi, Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, Leningrad, Murmansk regions, Baikal and the Caucasus. Fans of outdoor activities, namely ski tours, can also go to Finland, Poland, France, Austria, Slovakia and, of course, Switzerland.

Active tours with our agency turn into unforgettable adventures. It is interesting, reliable, safe, fun and comfortable with us. Active rest is a great opportunity to restore the body, relax and get a lot of new emotions. Contact the managers of the company for advice, choose a tour and go on your most extraordinary journey.

Distance (mountain tourism)

Mountain distance is a discipline in sports mountain tourism, competitions in which take place in overcoming distances laid in the natural environment or on artificial relief.

Mast bayonet

A mast bayonet is a nautical knot made up of a pair of knots. In mountaineering, this knot is made up of three knots - stirrup, reef, control, and is used to temporarily stop when moving on a rope and self-belay. In Ashley's book of knots, the knot is described as 1851, and is named "Backhanded Hitch".

ⓘ Mountain tourism

Mountain tourism is a kind of sport and active recreation, the essence of which is to pass a linear route along mountainous terrain. One of the types of sports tourism.

Included in the All-Russian Register of Sports under the number 084 003 1 8 1 Ya. The complexity of mountain tourist routes according to the Russian classification is determined by a set of formalized requirements, the main of which are the length of the route, the time to overcome it, the number and category of difficulty local LP obstacles passed during it.

Competitions in mountain tourism, mountain tourism technology or tourist all-around are held in two disciplines: "distance" - formalized competitions on usually natural terrain, involving the passage of groups of athletes in a certain composition for speed and compliance with safety requirements of a predetermined set of obstacles , and "route" - definitions of the strongest sports groups in a certain class among the declared participation in the championship.

Until the end of the 19th century, this type of active recreation in Russia was not developed and was considered exotic - the lot of individual financially wealthy representatives of the nobility, merchants, etc. mountain tourism was identified, due to which, in a fairly short time, it became a mass phenomenon. The division of mountaineering and mountain tourism took place in the USSR in the 1930s on purely formal grounds, and this, according to experts, led to negative consequences for the development of these sports and the emergence of "wild tourism" - information about the passage of those or other routes, including ascents, did not fall into official sources. Only since 1989 mountain tourists were allowed to include mountaineering ascents in their routes.

As a sport, it is widespread exclusively in Russia and a number of CIS countries.

A Brief History

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