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Slovakia is a state in Central Europe. It shares borders with the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and Austria. It has no outlet to the sea.

Most of the country is mountainous (the highest point of the country is Gerlahovski Shtit, 2655 m). A third of the country is occupied by the fertile South Slovak and East Slovak lowlands in the southeast and the Danube lowland east of Bratislava.

State structure of Slovakia:

Parliamentary Democratic Republic. The head of the country is the president. The highest legislative body is the National Council (People's Rada).

Slovakia weather:

Temperate continental with warm summers and cold winters. Precipitation on the plains ranges from 450 to 700 mm. per year (mainly in winter and in the off-season), in the mountains - up to 1600-2100 mm. in year. At the same time, snow in mountainous regions, despite the relatively low height, lies 4-5 months a year, but the weather is quite changeable, therefore thaws are frequent. ...

Language of Slovakia:

The peaks of the Carpathians and the spurs of the High Slovak Tatras are comparable in beauty to the famous Alps.


Slovakia abounds in river flows suitable for water sports (there are more than six dozen of them), and attracts fans of active tourism of various levels of training. The Vag, Nitra, Poprad, Hron, Belu, Dunajec are considered the most beautiful and suitable rivers for rafting.

Rafting on the Bela River in Slovakia

Vag flows among the mountain ranges of the central part of the country and has both calm areas, suitable even for family rafting, and rough rapids. Rafting down the Bela River is considered more difficult, but the wild Tatra nature and picturesque landscapes leave unforgettable impressions after traveling along this stream. Bela is full enough for descents only in spring and summer, and its upper reaches are only capable of experienced connoisseurs of extreme sports.

Quite simple, but also memorable and exciting - rafting on Orava, Hron.

Rafting on the Dunajec mountain river

Fans of extreme recreation on the water can safely go on rafting on the mountain river Dunajec. The rafts are connected from narrow dugout canoes. A raft raft in a national costume deftly manages a clumsy "floating craft", the raft jumps on large rapids, increasing speed. Sheer cliffs sweep by, the water boils and boils with white foam - scary and fun.

By the way, rafting can be done not only on natural river resources - excellent artificial canals are equipped in water sports centers in the capital Chunovo and Liptovsky Mikulas.


Amazing natural landscapes, splendid architecture and relics of centuries-old history are far from all the heritage of Slovakia. The main trump cards are miraculous medical and ski resorts. If your goal is to improve your health and enjoy your vacation, this region will welcome you with sincere cordiality at any time of the year.

General understanding of the country and its resorts

Slovakia is gaining popularity, and more and more Russian and European tourists seek to spend their holidays in these parts. It is a small country with an area of ​​less than 50,000 km 2, but there is enough entertainment for the discerning tourist. The republic is famous for thermal and mineral springs, fun entertainment and fairy-tale castles.

Almost 70% of the Slovak territory is covered by the Carpathian Mountains, and in the north and south the republic is surrounded by the High and Low Tatras, Bolshaya and Malaya Fatra and other mountain ranges. Slovakia is renowned for its abundance of spa towns, renowned for museums, architecture and high quality service. The first place among the popular resorts of the country belongs to the city of Piestany, which leave incredible impressions about the country as a whole.

How to get to the resorts of Slovakia from different CIS countries

As in most popular resort countries, the tourist has a large selection of vehicles with which he will arrive at his destination. People get to Slovakia by:

  • by plane ;
  • by train ;
  • by bus ;
  • by car.

As a rule, the fastest way is flight. From Moscow to Bratislava fly direct flight "Aeroflot". In addition to the capital, you can go to the airport of Poprad. There is no direct flight from Kiev to Bratislava. You will have to take a ticket to Budapest, and then take a taxi or train to Bratislava. In Ukraine, the flight to the capital of Hungary is carried out by WizzAir. From the "National Airport" located in Minsk, you can fly to Bratislava, the flight time is 1 hour 40 minutes.

As for trains, from Moscow it is required to make several transfers on the route "Moscow - Warsaw", and then "Poland - Hungary" with disembarkation on the territory of Slovakia. In Ukraine, there is an opportunity to purchase a ticket for the Chop - Cerna nad Tisou train.

In the capital of Belarus, they use Ecolines bus transportation services. To get to Slovakia, you will need a Minsk-Bratislava flight with a connection in Warsaw. It is easy to get from Ukrainian cities by buses. The only "but": you will have to go with a change. Buses from Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Ivano-Frankivsk go to the Czech city of Brno, located two hours from Bratislava.

A lot of tourists prefer to get to Slovakia by private car, which greatly facilitates movement in the selected country.

Medical spas in Slovakia

Slovakia is a land of beautiful mountain landscapes, crystal ponds, forests and plains, ancient castles and modern, comfortable hotels.

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Popular winter destinations

From three sides, this country is surrounded by the majestic Carpathian mountains, ideal for skiing; The mild climate, clean and salubrious mountain air, and most importantly, the moderate cost and excellent recreation conditions attract tens of thousands of tourists here every year.

The most popular ski resorts in Slovakia: Jasna, Smokovec, Strbske Pleso, Tatranska Lomnica are absolutely not inferior in quality to the famous alpine resorts of Switzerland and Austria, and offer vacationers everything they need for an unforgettable and exciting winter vacation.


Seasoned skiers, and those who are just mastering all the wisdom of this sport, unanimously claim that Jasna is the best resort in Eastern Europe.

It is comfortably located on the southern and northern slopes of Chopok Mountain, and during the season it is literally crowded with tourists, so it is best to book places here in advance.

How to get there

Jasna is located 70 km from the airport in Poprad, from where you can reach your destination by car or bus. In addition, you can choose another route - take a train to the Liptovsky Mikulas station, and then change to bus no. 90419.

Where to stay

Most of the hotels here are located in the immediate vicinity of the ski lifts - literally 50-300 meters away, and guests can choose both budget options and more expensive institutions of increased comfort.

Skiing season: December to early April.

The relief of the country's territory is mostly mountainous. The geography of Slovakia is a combination of uplands and the Middle Danube lowlands. This area is home to Bratislava and the Komarno region.

Diverse geography of Slovakia

The northern part of the country is surrounded by the mountains of the Western Carpathians. From the west, the hills alternate with valleys where agricultural work is carried out. The plain at the mouth of the Danube is the most densely populated area. Many rivers and streams flow into this waterway of the country. The geography of Slovakia is replete with tributaries of the Danube. The largest rivers, which are tributaries, are Nitra, Hron and Vag. Some small streams flow into the Tisza. It is considered the largest tributary of the Danube.

All agricultural activities in the country are associated with the Middle Danube lowland. It is this area that is called the granary of the country.

Slovakia Time

The time difference between Slovakia and Moscow is twenty hours. The country has a summer and winter time regime. The transition to summer time is carried out on March 29 at two o'clock in the morning. They return to winter mode on October 25th. Time in Slovakia differs from Moscow time, therefore, when traveling, there may be problems with acclimatization.

Climate of Slovakia

Due to the fact that the country has mountainous and lowland areas, the climate of Slovakia and weather conditions are different. In the mountains, winters are cold with heavy snowfalls. More than a thousand millimeters of precipitation falls. Summers are not very hot, there are often light winds.

In the lowland areas, the precipitation is half as much, so the climate is drier. However, winters are also quite cold and dry. All precipitation occurs in summer, so summers are hot and humid. The country has no outlet to the sea, but its geography is such that the rivers completely saturate the soil and air with moisture.

Slovakia Weather

The coldest month is January. At this time, the thermometer's thermometer can drop to minus ten degrees. The weather in Slovakia in summer in the lowland areas reaches thirty degrees with a plus sign, and in the mountains twenty-five. At the same time, precipitation falls quite often. Mountain areas in winter are covered with a thick layer of snow. Due to this, winter tourism in Slovakia is flourishing.

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