Active rest: types and features

Active rest: types and features

One of the trends of the last decade is the course towards a healthy lifestyle. More and more people understand the need for proper nutrition, rejection of unhealthy substances, crawling playing sports. People of different ages choose active recreation instead of idle lying in front of the TV or on the beach for vacation or weekends. There is a wide variety of ways you can spend your time active, but at the same time relax. In some cases, you don't even have to spend money.

When spending time actively, the main thing is not to overdo it. Indeed, active rest is understood as an activity that will be associated with physical activity, but at the same time will not cause fatigue in the body. How can you relax if you engage in physical activity? The answer is simple: it's all about positive emotions that arise during active rest. It is due to this that the work of all systems and organs in the body improves.


There are many types of physical activity that you can use to relax your mind and body. The most popular is sports tourism. There are different ways to navigate the route

  • By car;
  • By horse;
  • By motorcycle;
  • On foot;
  • Kayaking;
  • Skiing and more.

This also includes mountaineering or just short hikes in the mountains.

On the beach, you can also find a lot of options for how to spend time with benefit. Normal swimming in seawater is active recreation. You can diversify your time on the beach with:

  • Diving - scuba diving at shallow depths for the untrained or deep dives for those with special skills. Even a shallow dive can cause a storm of positive emotions, and if you also manage to see the beauty of the underwater world, then it is doubly excellent.
  • Surfing - beginners will not be able to catch a wave without training. But after you master these skills, emotions will be overflowing.
  • Water skiing - skiing on plastic skis behind a boat. It takes a little time to adjust, but the result is worth it.

Activities include hunting and fishing. If you combine these activities with traveling around the country, you will get positive emotions from visiting new places and your favorite pastime. There are many tours for fishermen to the Karelian forests, Lake Baikal, bird hunting in the taiga, bear hunting among the hills of Kamchatka.

For fans of adrenaline rush in large doses, extreme entertainment is provided. This sport is suitable for people who do not have diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems of the body. The extreme type of tourism includes:

The ski season is, as they say, "on the nose", and in the conditions of the weakened ruble, so popular ski resorts in Austria, Italy and Switzerland were too expensive for many.

Yes, there are, of course, excellent resorts in Russia, many of them will definitely be sold out this year. But there are also quite good budget places in Europe. The tour catalog is going to tell its readers about them.


Traditionally, we associate Montenegro with a beach holiday. But here there are all the conditions for a ski holiday. Moreover, at a very reasonable price. Well, the numerous sights of the country allow you to diversify your active leisure excursion. The largest winter recreation centers are the Zabljak and Kolasin resorts.

The most convenient way to get to Kolasine is from Podgorica, from which the resort is located just 80 km.

But, given the winter schedule of airlines, you will most likely arrive in Tivat, 160 km from it to Kolasin.

The cheapest tickets from Moscow to Tivat and back

The small village of Kolasin is surrounded by mountains, which is why the weather is always great here, without strong winds and snow storms. Local cozy restaurants will surprise you with huge portions and low prices.

The tracks, the total length of which is 15 km, are laid through a high forest.

The peculiarity of the resort is a significant thickness of snow cover - from 1 to 3 m and very soft slopes. It is ideal for beginners, children and skiers with little experience.

The resort is located just 9 km. from the city of the same name, from where regular buses run regularly.

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