Active rest in mountainous Adygea

Active rest in mountainous Adygea

The Western Caucasus is a land of wonderful mountains, decorated with peaks and ridges. The snow-capped peaks of these places are especially beautiful in the morning, when the first rays of the sun are just beginning to slide along the slopes.

The foothills and slopes of rocky giants are covered with dense and lush vegetation of forests, among which here and there you can see golden hay meadows. The higher the rise from the sea level, the darker the forests become - deciduous trees become less and less, and their place is taken by conifers. And at the very tops, white hats literally pierce the cloudy sky.

The mountain peaks and ridges of Adygea and the entire Caucasus are an order of magnitude more beautiful and majestic than the advertised European Alps. They are inferior to the latter only in that over a thousand-year history they have not been so strongly influenced by man - nature here is as majestic and untouched as when the first people appeared.

Mount Big Thach

From the north, Bolshoi Tkhach is covered with snow for a long time. If we look at it from this direction, then we will see a human fist. The western slope forms a giant stone wall. From a distance, the ridges of the mountain resemble the teeth of a huge saw.

Observing the mountain from the east, we will see the bow of a huge ocean liner gliding across the expanses of the surrounding alpine meadows. Only the south remains, and here we see an equally fascinating picture - an old castle in the Gothic style.

Una-Koz Ridge

More than a hundred kilometers of boulders stretched all the way to Karachay-Cherkessia. Una-Koz is famous for its large number of deep grottoes. And the tops of the ridge are ideal viewing platforms offering views of the White River and the Lago-Nak plateau. Soon a lift will appear near the village of Dakhovskaya and tourist walks will become easier. In the meantime, hiking routes are actively used, to which you can go from the Dakhovskoy settlement, here is their official website - . u/otdyih_v_gorah

Mount Trident

Three mountain peaks rise into the sky near the village of Khamyshki. Hiking upstairs is designed for one hour. During this time, you will cover more than a kilometer. Granite Gorge, White River, surrounding villages and neighboring mountain peaks will be a reward for the time spent on the rise.

The Trident is part of an ancient legend, according to which it is nothing more than the staff of the ancient god Neptune, forgotten by him in a hurry.

Rock Camel

Many mountain peaks are named by their external shapes. The camel is a humpbacked animal with a characteristic hump on its back. The mountain of the same name has exactly the same shape as that of an animal, standing alone near the ruins of an old gypsum quarry.

The administration of the village of Kamennomostsky plans to create a mountain tourism center, where, in particular, they will train specialists in sports tourism.

Now the base of the future center is being formed, the main goal of which will be to attract children to tourism, a healthy lifestyle and professional training of specialists in the field of tourism, local history.

Experienced instructors and athletes, as well as members of the Federation of Sports Tourism of Adygea, are ready to join the implementation of the initiative.

Adygea remains a favorite place for active recreation of tourists. Rafting, canyoning, speleotourism and a number of other areas are popular here, which are constantly developing and require serious preparation.

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Choosing a place for a winter vacation is problematic due to the small number of resorts on the map of Russia. The exception is the Caucasian ridge. Here you can ride ready-made tracks, try your hand at freeriding. A trip to the ski resorts of Adygea guarantees active rest, an increase in the level of skiing, snowboarding.

About the Adygea mountains

Recreation centers in this region of Russia are located on the Lago-Nagi plateau. This is a high-mountainous plain, which is located in Adygea and partly in the Krasnodar Territory. There are all conditions for organizing ski resorts - the Fisht-Oshten massif and the Kamennoye More ridge are located on the edge of the plateau. For extreme descents, tourists and independent travelers choose the slopes of the Blyam, Oshten, Pshekha-Su and Abadzesh mountains.

What you need to know about the natural landscape of the region:

  • there is little large vegetation, which makes it possible to ski on all slopes;
  • the minimum track length is 1 km, the maximum is 2500 m;
  • height difference up to 800 m;
  • soft snow does not stick to equipment, which makes it possible to snowboard.

Now the ski resorts of Adygea are at the first stage of development. Therefore, most of the slopes are intended for experienced athletes and hikers. There are no instructor bases, few first aid stations, equipment rental centers, skis and snowboards. Therefore, before an independent trip, you need to prepare. Decide on a place of residence, choose a list of equipment, arrange meals.

Recreation center "Lago-Naki"

This is the only recreation center in the region with a drag lift. The tourist complex consists of one L-shaped building. It contains rooms - from single to triple. Here you can order medical procedures, spa services. Accommodation prices are lower in winter than in summer. A double room can be rented for 1800 rubles. per day.

Near the ski resort of Adygea there is a track that has not been assigned an international classification. But after analyzing the relief, it can be attributed to green slopes. The maximum ascent height is 580 m, the length of the descent is 1230 m. The drag lift operates from 11:00 to 19:00.

The disadvantage of the Lago-Naki recreation center is the lack of equipment rental. You need to take everything with you. The infrastructure is designed for summer holidays. But the surrounding nature makes it possible to make a ski trip along the plateau without climbing the slopes of the mountains. You can create the route yourself. You don't need to stray too far from the ski resort. In places the snow becomes loose and sticks to the skis.

Main impressions

An exciting journey to a blooming land! Adygea is a small republic in the Caucasus with stunningly beautiful nature. This is a unique paradise of nature, which will definitely amaze you with its singularity and will remain in your heart forever.

What will we do on the tour

Our tour is an excellent option for a short vacation in the mountains, which is suitable for all those who like to actively spend time and get away from the bustle of the city. Only the most extraordinary places, the most interesting excursions and many activities. Relax really in the company of like-minded people! We start from Krasnodar in a comfortable minivan, after the tour we return back to Krasnodar. If you are from another city, then you just need to get to Krasnodar on your own.

  • The beauty of untouched wilderness. Amazing flora and fauna of Adygea. Mountain clean air and stunning views;
  • Exciting excursions. Stories and legends of the wild Caucasus;
  • Lots of activities - let's add adrenaline and colors to gray everyday life;
  • A real rest for body and soul. Cool company and new friends;
  • Lots of photos for memory;



We meet with the whole group in Krasnodar and set off. We arrive at the recreation center Gornaya. We are accommodated, have a rest and have lunch.

Then we go on an excursion to the Rufabgo waterfalls. This place is amazing in its beauty. Rock formations, huge ferns, age-old oaks, granite canyons - all this has been forming for more than one hundred years. Just imagine a walk through these places. Fantastic beauty. We walk, learn the history of this place and take a lot of photos)).

And then we go to the Khadzhokh gorge. It is also called the "Stone Miracle of the White River". This unique natural monument is known far beyond the South of Russia. The depths of the canyon are very impressive: the rocks rise up to 50 meters above the water, and the distance between the shores does not exceed seven meters. The canyon is just huge, with many secret beautiful places. Let's go for a walk exploring this stunning place, its flora and fauna.

Then we return to the recreation center. We have supper, walk, admire the sunset. And in the evening we will have an amazing Welcome Party.

Main impressions

Amazing reliefs of mountainous Adygea, the rapid Belaya river, mountain plateaus and forest coolness. Horseback riding, rafting, hiking, fresh waterfalls, cave trips and bathing in hot springs. And all this in just three days off!

This trip is perfect for those who like a variety of outdoor activities. And also for those who come to the beautiful Adygea for the first time. Great reboot in a short time.

What will we do on the tour

Multitour is when we combine several types of outdoor activities in one trip. In our program, you will try:

- walking mini-hike along the most beautiful waterfalls

- rafting on a mountain river

- excursion to the equipped cave

- bathing in hot springs

- extreme park: riding on an iron cable over a mountain gorge (trolls, zip-line) and an equipped rock trail via ferrata (optional)

In such trips, a day goes for three. Impressions from a busy weekend will remain as if after a week of travel!

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