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Are you fond of extreme sports? Prefer to spend your free time racing, skydiving, climbing mountain peaks, exploring the ocean floor, or just exercising at the fitness club? But do they meet your individual requirements and requests? Unfortunately, casual and classic models are not suitable for sports. Indeed, in this case, the watch should not just show the time, but become an "intelligent", almost omnipotent personal assistant. Only specialized models are capable of this! If you are still looking for a decent gadget, then our article will help you make the final decision. We will tell you how to choose a wristwatch for outdoor activities. Discover something new, join!

How to choose a watch for active leisure?

First of all, you need to decide what technical characteristics the wristwatch that is optimal for you should have. Perhaps this is the most difficult stage in the selection process, but it can also be dealt with. What should you pay special attention to?

A strong steel structure is indispensable if you prefer dynamic sports such as scuba diving, mountaineering, yachting or mountain biking. It is able to withstand heavy loads (impacts, falls, deep water pressure, elevation changes, and so on). Enclosure tightness is optional, but desirable. Especially if there is a possibility of rain or another dive to coral reefs.

Wristwatches for active sports are distinguished by high strength of the case, glass and bracelet

Usually outdoor models have a quartz movement. Its main advantage is its precision. You can forget about changing the battery for several months, since such a mechanism absorbs little energy.

Bracelets of watches for extreme types of leisure are most often made of steel, strong textiles, rubber, rubber. It is important that the strap is durable and suitable for the intended use. After all, these are not men's bracelets for a stylish look, but real "workhorses". But the design and colors are a matter of personal taste.

Glass can be different: sapphire, mineral or polymer. Any of them is highly durable and can withstand large overloads (shocks, scratches, falls, water pressure). But in a special pleasant surprise in such models is the absence of glare under any rays of natural or artificial light. A very useful little thing for true extreme lovers!

The dial on watches for outdoor activities is most often made in black, but there are also white, green, brown, blue variations. In principle, this does not really matter, but arrows and numbers are better visible against a dark background. At night, the dial readings will become visible thanks to the backlight. In some models, this function is automated and works from a slight rotation of the wrist relative to the person's face.

Additional functions. The wristwatch can be equipped with a stopwatch, timer, barometer, compass, GPS navigator, pedometer, altimeter, heart rate monitor and other useful devices. Which model to choose depends entirely on the sport you prefer and the objectives you have set for you.

The design of a wristwatch belongs to secondary characteristics and is selected based on the individual preferences of a man.

Brief overview of models relevant for extreme sports and recreation

Light, bright, comfortable, practical, functional ... These are the epithets that come to mind when looking for an optimal model of a wristwatch for an active pastime. What do manufacturers offer for inveterate fidgets?

Active Leisure Watches

In the life of almost every person, there comes a moment when everything is bored - oatmeal is too bland in the morning, traffic jams on the way to work are endless, the rhythm of the city is too fast or, on the contrary, too slow. In general, everyone has their own list. In this case, a good way to defeat the blues is to change the scenery and go to unknown places.

Hours for tourism

Traveling is interesting and exciting, but first of all, you need to prepare and stock up on everything you need. I will not describe everything point by point, because the article is actually about a wristwatch for a tourist. And this is really a necessary and useful accessory in any kind of recreation.

To choose the right travel gadget, first of all, you need to decide how light or hardcore the event is planned. Passive wallowing on the beach does not require a complex set of functions, sufficiently good water resistance and shock resistance in case of beach volleyball or similar activities. But a hike to the summit of Everest at a height of 8848 m or rafting down a mountain river is a completely different matter. There is already an altimeter, barometer, compass, frost resistance and others will not be superfluous.

To cover everything, we will take the maximum and describe the maximum number of functions and along the way we will increasingly recommend sports watches for tourists from our online store TheWatch.

Waterproof and shockproof

The already mentioned waterproof and shockproof properties. A good level of water protection is at least 10 atm, but in general the usual range of tourist models is somewhere around 10-20 atm. Sufficient level, for example, for rafting. Shock resistance is provided mainly with the help of a high-quality plastic case, which has an important property - to damp shocks and save the mechanism inside from damage.

Usually this minimum is accompanied by the presence of a stopwatch, timer and alarm clock. By the way, seasoned tourists say that several alarm clocks are needed - not only so as not to oversleep the rise in the morning, but also to regularly check the connection. A large selection of models with such functionality can be found from the Japanese brand Casio, and bought by clicking on the link.

Digital Compass

A tourist's compass is like a fishing rod for a fisherman. Should be anyway. Another thing is that in inexpensive models, the digital analog can produce data with such an error that it becomes inconvenient for manufacturers who have added curve functionality to a wristwatch. But according to real user reviews, the Japanese manufacturer Casio solved the problem: it supplied accessories of the Pro Trek line and more expensive G-Shocks with a high-quality digital compass, which still shows adequate data. Options with different sets of functions can be viewed in our store by clicking on the link.


Next comes the barometer - a very useful trekking thing that measures atmospheric pressure. Depending on the dynamics of indicators, you can make an approximate weather forecast. In the event of a fall, the weather is likely to deteriorate and it may rain, if it goes up it will be sunny and pleasant. The barometer is also useful for fishing - different types of fish like different pressure, and depending on their “fish” preferences, they can rise to the upper layers of the water, closer to the fishermen.


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