Abstract on the topic: Hiking in the flat and mountainous terrain

Abstract on the topic: Hiking in the flat and mountainous terrain

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On vacation days, in summer and winter, millions of people rush from the city to the bosom of nature, go on hiking trips that last several days. In our blood there is this passion for the path, the desire to see the new, the unknown. Tourism is the most affordable and rational form of active recreation, physical culture and sports. Changing the usual, everyday environment gives a person the opportunity to wake up, find vigor and health.

Thanks to the way it is organized, tourist trips can be planned and implemented in an amateur style. To travel along the planned route, the tourist receives a ticket. On the way, he is provided with everything he needs: food, accommodation, equipment, transport and excursion services. On the planned routes with an active type of movement (on foot, in kayaks and boats, on skis and horses), tourists travel along specific routes, developed and prepared in advance with an experienced instructor.

Amateur tourism is based on the self-organization of tourist trips. The tourist group chooses a walking area and develops a route, supplies themselves along the way. A well-organized and well-executed trip not only improves health. She develops initiative, courage, resourcefulness, a sense of community, cultivates love for nature, for the Motherland.

But without the necessary skills and experience, without good maps, route descriptions and special equipment, without knowledge of the upcoming difficulties and dangers, it is impossible to make long journeys. Start with a weekend hike - the cheapest and most effective form of weekly rest and workout for hikes that last several days while on vacation.

Migration Classification

In the classification of tourism campaigns, they refer to a particular type of tourism, to a particular category of complexity. This is the basic principle. The rules for conducting tourist sports campaigns and the requirements of the Unified All-Union Sports Classification (USCC) determine that sports campaigns are carried out for the following types of tourism: hiking, skiing, mountain, water, cycling, motorcycle, automobile and speleotourism. In order of increasing length, duration and technical difficulty, they are subdivided into walking tours of I, II, III, IV, V and VI categories of difficulty.

Migrations, the duration and duration of which are less than those set for migrations of the first category of complexity, are not categorical. The most common type is walking on weekends. Hikes that do not fall into the category may contain elements (sections) of any hike up to difficulty category VI. They are most common in water tourism, less often in the mountains. The experience gained from such campaigns will be taken into account when deciding whether to participate in future campaigns, as well as to compensate for a category that obviously will not be accepted.

There are no standards for Category VI trekking in Table 1. Such actions are not required for the performance of sports categories and the title of "Champion of Sports of the USSR" in tourism. Compared to "five" they contain pages of increased technical complexity. Their classification into an independent category is dictated by the same security concerns. Basically, these walks are carried out in mountain and water tourism, incomparably less - in ski and hiking tourism.

The nature and diversity of natural barriers and their technical complexity vary from region to region. The information available to date has made it possible to determine, with a certain degree of convention, the categories of maximum difficulty for all types of tourism in each region.

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