A famous traveler is building an eco-hotel in Altai, but dreams of a tourist cluster

What is the future of your; tourism on; Altai

- What is rest? This is the desire to get a piece or two of life. Let for two or three weeks, but be transported to an unfamiliar world, to join something bigger, irrational, - Moscow experts of the Center for Strategic Research - Region Foundation believe that this is exactly what a vacation in Altai should be like. Last week they presented the regional target program "Tourism Development in the Altai Territory" (the program was presented in the Altai region as part of the annual meeting on tourism. It is expected to be finalized in July, and approved by the governor by the end of the year). It is assumed that our hospitality industry will develop according to this document.

How will it be?

In a nutshell, it will be complex. The Moscow experts especially pressed on this: we need coordination of actions, a unified management and promotion system, the creation of regional quality standards, according to which everyone, without exception, will work, and an information base on personnel, security.

- As for the management system, tourism clusters will be formed on a territorial basis, - announced Denis Denisov, expert of the Center for Strategic Research - Region Foundation. - Currently, there are four or five zones - Belokurikha, Altai district, Biysk district, Zmeinogorsk, where there is already a tourist flow and a tourist activity management system has been organized. In fact, these points can become engines of growth for areas where tourism is not particularly developed at the moment.

The bottom line is that everyone can be involved, and there is a hope that sooner or later investors will come to those areas where they are not expected. In the Sovetsky District, for example, routes have already been developed, there are also routes with a visit to the Swan Sanctuary, but there are no people willing to start organizing them yet.

For children and families

Experts strongly recommended the development of children's, rural and historical and cultural tourism. For example, to create myths and thereby give tourists "something more, irrational", to be guided by the reception of family vacationers.

- Security is a matter of principle, - said Vladimir Kuznetsov, an expert of the foundation. - In my opinion, you can not spend 50-60 million on exhibitions, but decide something to support emergencies and then position the region as a place stronger in Russia from this point of view. Let's bring the infrastructural conditions to mind - safety, medicine, children and families. Plus the protection of nature, and then we should have a picture of an "Alpine-style" recreation.

Nevertheless, you will have to invest in promotion, and significantly. And it's not just about exhibitions - you need to do targeted advertising in target regions, create TV projects. In a word, sound no less than the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory. Although, judging by how Vice-Governor Mikhail Shchetinin blamed the Belokurikhintsy (see "Comments"), we are still far from that.

Personnel Needed

Experts also talked about threats: the tourist flow will begin to dry up if the quality does not improve, if everyone is on their own, if they cannot resist competition from Siberian regions (Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk) and inexpensive foreign countries. One of the weaknesses of Altai tourism was named the inconsistency of the material, infrastructural base of the cost of services. Simply put, the prices are overpriced and the quality is lame.

- There should be a training center for working specialties, because at the moment there is an overabundance of managers of the tourism industry and few people who can really work "on the ground" - guides, guides, tour guides, - said Denis Denisov ... - And if we teach a maid, then 50-60% of the time should be spent on practice. This requires, for example, attracting accommodation centers in Belokurikha.

The tourist flow to the Altai Republic in 2018 amounted to 2.1 million people. However, this amazing region still remains inaccessible for residents of central Russia: only 2% of tourists arrive here by plane. Rosturizm and the Russian government intend to change this situation.

Last weekend in Gorno-Altaysk, where a meeting chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets was held, experts from the tourism industry, representatives of regulators and republican authorities spoke about the measures that need to be taken to develop the tourism potential of the Altai Republic.

The meeting was also attended by Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Sergey Galkin, Head of Rostourism Zarina Doguzova, Acting Governor of the Altai Republic Oleg Horokhordin, Executive Director of the Association of Tour Operators (ATOR) Maya Lomidze, representatives of the region's tourism business.

The event was held in a live and open dialogue mode. Acting Governor of the Altai Republic Oleg Horokhordin, opening the meeting, stressed that tourism in the region is now considered a priority industry, which is given special attention, including at the federal level, as evidenced by the meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister. He recalled that today the republic is developing two tourist clusters, partially funded from the federal budget - Manzherok and Karakol Lakes.


The starting point for the discussion at the event was detailed statistical information on tourism in the region, which was presented by Fedor Rotar, Minister of Economic Development and Property Relations of the Altai Republic.

According to these data, the aggregate (both Russian and foreign) tourist flow to the Altai Republic in 2018 amounted to 2.115 million people, which is 3.1% higher than in 2017. At the same time, the tourist flow is distributed by seasons as follows: for the period May-September there were visits (64.1%), during the off-season and winter season - 19.3% and 16.6%, respectively.

As for the structure of the tourist flow by geography of arrival, 90% of tourists visiting the Altai Republic are guests from the regions of the Siberian Federal District, and two-thirds of them arrive here by private vehicles, a little less than a third - by commercial vehicles, and only 2% - by plane from other regions of the Russian Federation.

Accordingly, more than two thirds of tourists come to the Altai Republic for a period of less than 5 days, the share of tourists who used the services of hotels and boarding houses in 2018 was 46.1%, and those who stayed in tents - 33.8% ...

During the high season, the most popular among guests of the republic are water rafting (rafting is in demand among 45% of tourists), excursions to natural, historical and cultural sites (28%). Medical and recreational services are in demand only by 8% of tourists.

The planes from Moscow to Gorno-Altaysk are overcrowded: there are no empty seats even in business class. The situation is similar with housing: it is almost impossible to book at least something for mid-August - holidaymakers are snapped up by both expensive hotels and modest tourist centers. In normal years, more than two million people come to Altai, but this summer the influx of tourists is clearly higher: according to a study by the Biletix agency, tours to Altai this season were booked four times more often than in the same period last year.

And this despite the fact that the tourist infrastructure of Altai cannot be called highly developed: there are problems with roads, communications, catering, and banal amenities. So what is the secret to the popularity of this region?

“Gorny Altai is a historically established tourist brand, therefore it does not need additional advertising,” says Ekaterina Povarova, acting minister of natural resources, ecology and tourism of the republic. - Our main efforts are now focused on creating high-quality infrastructure and a decent product for all categories of tourists with a wide variety of needs. Of course, we are looking towards the transition from “wild” tourism to organized tourism: this is largely due to the desire to reduce the anthropogenic load on the unique nature of Gorny Altai. And this requires a year-round well-developed infrastructure with attractive prices. "

Hotels, glampings, helicopters

However, the average check for holidays in the Altai Republic this year cannot be called modest. A night at the Altai Village hotel, which is popular with Moscow tourists, will cost 25,000 rubles in August. However, you can book a room only at the end of the month. In addition to direct accommodation, the hotel offers a wide range of excursion programs for all types of transport - from expensive jeeps to helicopters. Accommodation in another popular hotel - Altay Resort will be a little more budgetary: a night here will cost 17,500 rubles. The main feature of the hotel is a large selection of spa and wellness treatments: many people come here for them.

One of the trademarks of Altai tourism is horseback riding. The agritourism complex "Inegen" breeds horses and arranges horseback riding in the picturesque surroundings. Here you can also try out agritourism, immersed in the joys of rural life for a few days.

Glamping is a good alternative to regular hotels. This is a suitable option for those who want maximum unity with nature with minimal damage to the usual level of comfort. The price for a night in the Saikol glamping sites (there are two of them on the territory of the Altai Republic: in Kurai and on Kamain Island) starts from 6750 without meals. For this money, guests receive a spacious tent with a double bed, shower, sink and dry closet. In the evening, the glamping sites turn on the electricity for 3-4 hours, which allows not only recharging the gadgets, but also warming up the bed with the help of electric sheets, so you won't have to freeze at night, even if the changeable Altai weather decides to demonstrate not the hottest indicators. You can even do without thermal underwear: sleeping under a thick duvet is comfortable in the most ordinary pajamas. Glamping tents are installed in secluded places away from settlements, so at night you can observe the placers of huge stars in the sky - light pollution is minimal. Well, in the morning it's time to enjoy beautiful views: to the sacred mountain Aktru in Kurai or to Lake Teletskoye on Kamain. When asked what makes well-to-do tourists choose Altai for recreation, the project manager of Saykol, Alexander Chernov, answers: “Only industry professionals are capable of attracting the middle segment and above. And these professionals certainly exist in the republic ”. It sounds promising, and the efforts of the players in the tourist industry are noticeable. Although, it is still difficult to deny the fact that in many cases the Altai service has yet to catch up to the European level.

However, vip tours in the republic are actively developing, and the demand for them is increasing. Elizaveta Bordykova, CEO of LB-Tour, a company specializing in serving high-profile guests, says that in the year of the pandemic, many of those who only potentially considered a vacation in Altai as a vacation option decided to come here, taking the current situation as a unique opportunity. Bordykova's company specializes in individual tours with a personal approach to each guest. The cost of such a trip starts from 100,000 rubles and can reach several million, depending on the wishes of the client.

Mountains, lakes and breathtaking nature

There are enough places in Altai that can capture the imagination of even an experienced traveler. Miracles that ask for the cover of the magazine are everywhere here: mountain rivers, flowing waterfalls, snow-covered peaks, bizarre Martian landscapes, flowering alpine meadows ... Sometimes it seems that it couldn't be more beautiful, but here the sun peeps out from behind a cloud and completely changes the picture, making it even brighter. In the Altai Republic there is the majestic Teletskoye Lake - one of the largest in Siberia: to swim across it from one end to the other, you will need a fast boat and 2 hours of time. There will be no boring road: on both sides there is a virgin forest and picturesque waterfalls. However, Teletskoye sometimes loves to show character and to arrange a storm with real, like at sea, waves: in such it is sometimes scary even for seasoned sailors. The Altai Republic also has its own Mars: an amazing red-red hue of mountains, which are ideal for space photo shoots. Taking a ride along the Chuysky tract, you can easily fall in love with the Chike-Taman pass immersed in greenery or burst into tears from the beauty of the turquoise Geyser Lake. The confluence of the Chuya and Katun rivers resembles the scenery from the movie "The Lord of the Rings", and the Chulyshman valley amazes with its pacifying grandeur. However, the path to not all Altai sights is equally simple. On the local roads, you can cover a distance of over a hundred kilometers for almost 8 hours. It is impossible to do this way on an ordinary passenger car: it is better to immediately make a choice in favor of a passable jeep. It is even safer to be in the passenger seat of an UAZ, which is driven by an experienced guide. He already knows exactly where to go, and will not sit "on his belly" somewhere in the area of ​​the Katu-Yaryk pass - one of the most dangerous highways in Russia (if the word "road" is generally applicable to a narrow dirt road winding over an abyss). It is because of the state of the mountain-Altai roads that many wealthy guests choose a helicopter: yes, an hour of flight will cost at least 60,000 rubles, but you will not have to endure hardships.

Mysterious Places of Power

Demand for luxury holidays has grown in Altai, altapress reported. u g in the travel agency "Plot". The cost of the tours reaches 1 million rubles for a small group. At the same time, there is a shortage of premium hotels in the region. Currently, only a few tourist complexes of Altai Mountains offer an elite level of comfort.

Demand creates demand

Today the arrival of famous people to Altai has become a common event. Representatives of government and big business are increasingly visiting us. Given the short periods of vacations and their stay here, it is impossible to offer them a typical tour. Therefore, it is formed by their requests.


According to travel agents, the active demand for expensive rest began to grow last year. For example, on the base with a high price tag in the summer of requests there was more than usual, says the director of the Siberia-Profi travel agency Elena Trekkin.

This year, in Altai, the turmpotok as a whole rose by about 10-12%. Increased interest in domestic tourism Sergey Zäbylitsky also binds that only 18% of Russia's inhabitants have a passport, and the rest cannot go abroad. Therefore, many choose rest within the country. In addition, with each year, Altai acquires broad fame in foreign countries, and in the internal tourism on the popularity of the brand, it is almost "Doros" to Baikal and Karelia.

According to Alexander Smirnova's travel agency director, the interest of status persons appeared to Altai after the president of the country Vladimir Putin has become even more common here.

This is a kind of prompted approximate, where you need to rest. The effect of "Sarafan Radio" also does not need to discount. High status people rest in Altai and after they make impressions with their familiar. Some of them told me that after traveling in the wild conditions they were shifted by value in the right direction. Over time, they moved away from gorgeous conditions, lived in tents and experienced a large emotional rise away from the urban environment.

For local tourocracks, the rest of the famous people in Altai serves as a kind of marketing move. For example, on the site "Marina Island" (Cheval) there is an autograph and wishes of the president who stayed there a few years ago. When choosing a place of rest and entertainment, other tourists take into account such "star" complexes.

In one of his trips, Vladimir Putin made an equestrian walk in the Charysh district. Next year, this "presidential" horse was used by us in horseback tours. Tourists, having learned this story, wanted to ride on this animal.

in winter and summer different "color"

Individual VIP tours differ from ordinary in that they are formed by special requests for customers who have increased requirements for comfort and filling the tour program.

Eco-hotel build a private investor for money. Project cost - more than 10 million rubles <

The new eco-hotel will be built in the Kuray steppe in the Altai Republic already in July 2020. The project is overseen by the Altai traveler, the general director of the company "Guild of Travelers" Daniel Besenasy.

Project cost - more than 10 million rubles. The payback period, told the moneyless "sense", quite real. "Disable" costs are planned for several years.


But the new hotel is not an end in itself. In the future, the Altai are going to create a new tourist cluster.

What is glinding and what's the kings here

Eco-hotel in the Kurai Steppe will begin work from July 1, 2020. But it was not even started to be constructed. All the work will begin as soon as the weather is allowed, at about late April, says Daniel Neman. The hotel will be built by type of glinding. This is a new type of ecotourism, which connects comfort and immersion in nature.

Dome structures can be erected in a couple of days, only one capital construction is planned on the territory of the base, where the complex with warm shower and bathrooms will be. And in the future, they will be in each room. Also erected a bath on the river bank.

Tent for thousands of rubles

The cost of living in a double room in the eco-hotel was installed in the amount of 8 thousand per day, or 4 thousand per person. Breakfast is included in this price. But the excursions are paid separately, each approximately 1.5-2 thousand rubles.

There is also bicycles, kayaks, a star sky map - a telescope will be installed on the basis. In the future, in the Kurayaya steppe, they are planning to hold festivals and concerts of national music, the stages of the World Cup on Rafting, the steps of the Russian Cup and Photo Tours.

"Dear project would pay for forever"

The amount of investment to create a turnkey project - more than 10 million rubles. The last name of the businessman-investor is not called, but it is known that this person is familiar with the specifics of Altai.

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