8 types of motorcycles you need to know before buying

8 types of motorcycles you need to know before buying

Photo by Rustem Tagirov

Where are we going?

The offer to make a trip on motorcycles to the places where all motorcycle tourists strive to get at least once in their life - to Altai, came from where they did not expect. The Russian dealership of BMW, the manufacturer of the world's most popular travel enduro, would, as one might expect, offer to conquer the mountains in heavy 1200s or medium 800cc GSs, but things turned out to be even more interesting. We had to conquer the mountain roads on the "historical" F650GS, taken out of production many years ago. Don't grin into your mustache. Once upon a time, this "single barrel" was named the best motorcycle for long-distance travel. And it still remains a very competitive car, albeit not very fast.

Intrigues to the trip were also added by the fact that our guide, road captain and, in general, the leader of the Comanches was to become a completely extraordinary person, a three-time champion of the Union for Motorcycle Tourism (yes, such competitions were once held), people, who on his Java has traveled the entire USSR along the parallels and meridians more than a dozen times, - Viktor Pantykin. Now his combat "Java" stands in a place of honor on the basis of the "Tursmoto" company and collects well-deserved laurels, and around it, like a brood of young Padawans around the master, there is a dozen BMW F650GS.

I must say that this model cannot be called very young either. On the contrary, discontinued in 2007, the "little goose" also managed to get enough fame and even at one time was recognized as the best motorcycle for traveling in the world, but against the background of Java, even this "German" looks young and inexperienced. Nevertheless, we have to make our way through the whole Altai on the “Bavarians”.

Learning to conquer off-road

However, the story about this journey should start not with disembarking from the plane in Barnaul, but with the much closer Yakhroma, which is near Moscow. The BEMV specialists approached the issue more seriously and, before throwing us into the arms of the mountains, offered to take an "accelerated" enduro course on the basis of their training center. So for two days we were in the hands and at full disposal of the instructor (by the way, the only certified BMW motorcycle instructor in Russia) Vladimir Burtsev.

Over and over again I have to admit that there is no limit to perfection, whether it is riding a snowmobile or a motorcycle. I saw a fair number of motorcycle schools, both road and off-road, but it was here that I was convinced once again that it is never too late to learn - this is one time, and you can learn very quickly - these are two.

For two days we were immersed in the conditions of a complete off-road, weighed down by all kinds of obstacles: logs, ramps, "ruts" made of boards and logs. The exam was held in conditions close to "combat", on a technical road laid along the power transmission line, broken by 66 "lawns" of electricians, ATVs and other "cutlets" based on UAZ vehicles. In general, we prepared well for the trip to the mountains and in a week we went to Barnaul.

Waiting for the Mountains

Golden Mountains - motorcycle trip to Altai

After spending the night at the source of Aman Kol, we go to the nearest gas station - the village of Elbrusky ... 70 km on a reserve lamp for a tour - endur, some mountain serpentines - it would seem, no difficulties ... After 30 km of run we find ourselves on a track drawn along Power transmission line ... 30-degree descent, as if along the river, only instead of water -

Blog named after John_N → Motorcycle travel across the Caucasus Kislovodsk - Monakhova cave - Berezovaya gully

We continue our motorcycle tour of the North Caucasus on the Racer Ranger RC250-GY8A tourist enduro motorcycle. Today on the agenda is Monakhova's cave, at the base of the Borgustan ridge. Heading to this place, I expected to see a small hole in the rock, and it turned out to be a real, rather large cave. Then I went to Beryozovaya Balka - a beautiful gorge, the entrance to which is practically from the center of the city of Kislovodsk. Waterfalls, fords and majestic rocks - these are all theses about Beryozovaya Balka. And also, in this gorge, a very strange bus found its refuge ...

Blog them Storm → Homeless tour Elbrus | On elephants in the Elbrus | Part "Aman Kol"

In the sixth part of our trip we will move away from the Bermamyt plateau.

After returning to the “normal” road, we drive towards the Phi Phi glade, look at the “stone gate” and head to the Narzan springs - Aman Kol. (# storm08travel)

Blog them Storm → Homeless tour Elbrus | On elephants in the Elbrus | Part of Eshkakon hydroelectric complex

And again about the Elbrus region. The third part has arrived! Let's go further! Eshkakonsky hydroelectric complex and the "Zen of the traveler". We are approaching Bermamyt! More “overcoming”. (# storm08travel)

Travel → - all roads lead to Crimea

Summer flew by imperceptibly, September is in the yard, it's time to travel, but closed borders give only one direction - Crimea)

Blog im RomBike → Solo motorcycle trip with a backpack to the Carpathians Tarasova Gora Pop-Ivan Montenegrin days, km HONDA NCX (Video)

Hello everyone! Finally, I finished work on a new video about my solo trip to the Carpathians, 12 days long and 2035 km mileage.

Earlier I wrote that I plan to get to Montenegro, but the quarantine rules have changed, so I had to get to know only Ukraine :). It was a new adventure for me in its own way, since I took with me a very small one-person tent, in which I could only lie down :), and I had to live in it for 10 days out of 12. But, on the other hand, it was just super compact for carrying it in a hiking backpack, and, by the way, I also took the backpack with me, because the plans were a solo hike with an overnight stay in the mountains. Yes, it was cold, hard, not so comfortable, but there were a lot of memories and moments, some of which are in this video.

On the eve of the new season, it is customary to plan trips and trips, remembering the trips of the past year. One way or another, the brightest moments are recalled. Thus, one of the brightest impressions of 2014 was a motorcycle trip in the Altai Mountains.

Long-distance travel was perhaps the main goal and joy of riding a motorcycle, as soon as a person first installed a motor on a bicycle. Of course, riding a motorcycle around the city on business is easy, and commuting to work and home is convenient, but it is motorcycle trips that delight the spirit, purify consciousness and give new sensations. This is an absolutely unique experience.

Driving a car is impossible to experience new places like on a motorcycle. But if you are reading these lines, then you yourself know this very well.

Here's a list of the top 10 touring motorcycles. These may not be the cheapest or most affordable models, but by choosing any of these bikes, you are guaranteed to get one of the best cars of its kind.

# - Triumph Trophy

One of the newest models in the class starts our list. Triumph Trophy is not shy about comparison with competitors, but on the contrary, it is a serious performance tourer that has surpassed many of its rivals.

Special praise deserves a three-cylinder nimble 1215cc engine (the same engine as on the Explorer 1200) and an impressive arsenal of electronics as standard, including an electronic suspension adjustment system (ESA), control system traction and unconnected ABS, as well as a bunch of other amenities like cruise control, multiple 12-volt outlets, headlight adjustment systems and a heated windshield. Perhaps in the future, the Trophy will be higher in a similar list.

# - Kawasaki Vulcan Voyager

Such a list will inevitably include huge, hung-up touring cars, and the Kawasaki Voyager is a worthy option. The bike has excellent wind protection and comfortable ergonomics, and the 1700 V-Twin engine from Kawasaki outperforms the Harley-Davidson Twin Cam 96 in performance by almost 10%.

I am also glad that there is a stereo system and cruise control as standard. In addition, the motorcycle has very spacious and cute side bags, and the case holds two full-size helmets.

# - Can-Am Spyder RT Limited

The Can-Am Spyder RT Limited is a completely unique machine. Is it a motorcycle? Yes, there is a steering wheel and a rotary throttle, but there are two wheels in front! So you cannot slip between the rows of cars, and this trike takes up a whole place in the parking lot. It's hard to get used to such a miracle, but the abundance of technology, comfort and power cannot but fascinate. In addition, the spaciousness of the Spyder's luggage compartments is striking, which any other tourer would envy.

In terms of travel, this is perhaps the most comfortable bike. Although with the word "motorcycle" this statement may be controversial.

What are dual-use enduro motorcycles? Differences from sports enduro

When I am asked to help with the choice of an enduro motorcycle for off-roading, I always immediately ask several important questions that will help determine the future owner of the required type of that very enduro motorcycle. First of all, for what purpose you need a motorcycle and where you plan to ride it: local weekend rides, so to speak, take your soul away, or relatively long runs, for example, to the mountains. Well, the second question is, of course, the planned budget.

In the case of rides around the house, enduro sports are perfect. They are also called cross-enduro. Although they have nothing to do with the cross, except for a similar appearance. These are real off-road vehicles in the enduro world. Strong frame, reinforced rims, hubs and handlebars; narrow seat, primarily designed for riding in a rack; a small plastic tank and the absence of unnecessary off-road elements such as turn signals, taillights and, very often, dashboards. These bikes are generally not afraid of falls (in moderation, of course) and are great for serious off-roading, rocks, logs and jumps.

If an off-road motorcycle is needed for motorcycle tourism and travel, as well as for leisurely trips on light off-road, enduro dual-purpose motorcycles, or another name - dual-sport or soft-enduro, will be an excellent choice. Typically, this class of bikes has a large tank coupled with economical fuel consumption, a comfortable seat for long-distance riders and infrequent service intervals.

Excellent representatives of this class include the “great Japanese trinity” - Honda XR250, Suzuki Djabel 250 and Yamaha TTR250, as well as their modern counterparts Kawasaki KLX250S, Honda CRF250L and CRF250 Rally, as well as Yamaha WR250 in R version This also includes the legendary and perhaps the most versatile of all Suzuki DRZ400, as well as modern and highly technological KTM 690 Enduro and Husqvarna 701 enduro.

All these bikes are light touring enduros, made for moto tourism and travel, and not particularly suitable for hard enduro. They are not intended for rough terrain. If you use them for their intended purpose, they will give a lot of unforgettable impressions and memories and, of course, will disappoint you in hard enduro, primarily because of their considerable weight.

TOP-China Dual Purpose Enduro Motorcycles

In addition to high-tech Europeans and good-looking Japanese, there are also more budgetary Chinese dual-use enduro motorcycles. In this article, we will look at those that are sold with us and make a certain top. Motorcycles similar in price and characteristics, I will group in one place.

place Up to thousand rubles

Motorcycles of the lowest price segment. Only mopeds are cheaper. But nevertheless, these vehicles are quite capable of giving the joy of motorcycle adventures. In fact, these are off-road road bikes. Their path is asphalt roads and light off-road, in the form of dirt roads and forest paths. The simplest suspensions, in most cases with a thin classic fork, engines of 200 or 230 cm3 with a capacity of 15 to 16.5 liters. Equipped with a balance shaft for greater comfort due to the absence of vibration from the engine. If these motorcycles are regularly maintained and used solely for their intended purpose, they live happily ever after. When used on a serious off-road, at first they “burp” unnecessary parts, and then quietly die. Cruising speed 80-90 km/h. Maximum speed 100-110 km/h

place - thousand rubles

At this stage, there are units that differ from drooping from the fifth place, in fact, only with a slightly improved suspension, in the form of an inverted fork, but nevertheless, they still do not turn into a hard enduro. These forks are usually more rigid and are designed for people weighing between 90-100 kg. But such motorcycles are equipped with a large tank, scanty fuel consumption and a comfortable "sofa", as in general all motorcycles of the "dual-sport" class

place - thousand rubles

In some ways, motorcycles are like power tools: many different types, dozens of manufacturers, each type for its own purpose

Unlike tools, motorcycles can excite the soul, make the heart beat faster, easily turn into a worthy companion, in short, a motorcycle is more than just a tool for work

If you are new to the two-wheeled world or are thinking that it would be nice to get hooked on this wonderful form of transport, for example, next year, this article will help you to know the difference between the abundance of motorcycle classes, teach you how to distinguish between "scramblers" from "cafe raisers", "sports" from "sport-tourers", in general, will broaden your horizons.)

standard motorcycles

Standard motorcycles are one of the most common motorcycles found on the road every day. They are popular because of their comfortable ergonomics and upright seating position, which does not force the motorcyclist to ride with legs extended forward or lying on the tank in a fetal position.

These bikes have a minimum of plastic body kit. But, of course, in the crowd no one says that "Monster" or "Sibiha" are standard motorcycles, we just took this classification of ordinary naked as a starting point.

Cafe Racers and Scramblers

Cafe Racers and Scramblers can also be classified as standard motorcycles. The cafe racer is a motorcycle designed for walking and outing over short distances.

Its design is optimized to achieve speed and handling at the expense of ride comfort.

The term "Cafe Racer" itself originated in the UK in the 60s, as an ironic name for motorcyclists posing as "cool" professional racers, parking their cars next to their table in a cafe. There are also other hypotheses about the origin of the "cafe raisers", for example, the race against the clock from the cafe and back to the cafe while the musical composition was playing.

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