8 killer films about mountains and climbers and a little about how they are filmed

Mountaineering and climbing documentaries

I decided to replenish my library with popular science and documentaries about mountaineering and climbing. Such films inspire me, charge me with even more love for the mountains and give me the willingness to test myself and go to the mountains myself. I am not a climber, but I was seriously carried away by mountain tourism. The main thing is to do what you really want. There is only one life.

Some movies can be watched online right here. The rest will have to be looked for somewhere on the Internet. In the content, you can select the mountain you are interested in, about which the film was shot. Happy viewing!

What a grief the film is about:

Gene of height, or how to get to Everest

A small series of documentaries about mountaineering in the Himalayas has recently been released. You will see a real, "live" climbing Everest; you will see exactly how it happens in modern times. Commercial mountaineering is certainly not good. But this is the reality, everything is decided by money. And if you have an unrealistic amount of more than 3 million rubles, then you can climb Everest.

Excellent quality of the film, the team of Valdis Pelsh and the host himself - all did a great job. The film turned out to be excellent, I will be happy to review all the episodes in a year. It is worth watching at least for the sake of chic time-lapses and majestic mountain landscapes. And, of course, find out: what is it like to climb to the top of the world?

Everest Reaching the Impossible

A 2013 film that tells the story of the world's first successful ascent of Mount Everest.

In 1953, almost everyone dreamed of being the first to be on top of the world. The American bee, Edmund Hillary, was no exception. He was firmly convinced that reaching the summit of Everest and descending alive was real. Edmund made no less than ten attempts at ascents until the moment when he managed to fulfill an old dream.

An exciting film in excellent quality, which I have already watched 2 times. The picture clearly demonstrates the difficulties of staying at altitude in the fifties. An informative and interesting film.


Mountaineering and climbing documentaries

For some time in a row I have been watching movies about mountains, climbers and accompanying beautiful landscapes on my free evenings. A very effective combination, I can tell you. And today I want to talk about what has already been seen.

"Gene of height or how to get to Everest" (Russia,)

A documentary mini-series that was discussed quite vigorously some time ago on the Internet. In my opinion, it is quite interesting with the undisguised truth about many of the nuances of commercial mountaineering, and indeed to get acquainted with the topic. The picture, by the way, is also on the level. Many are confused by Valdis Pelsh in the role of the presenter, but if we abstract from "Guess the melody", then it is quite organic. It is reported that he himself climbed up to 6,000 meters. The film is absolutely legally available on YouTube.

Everest (USA, UK, Iceland,)

Honestly, I watched this film not now, but right after the premiere at the cinema. And I must admit that then on the big screen he made a pretty strong impression on me. Now, having watched several documentaries on this topic, I do not know how I will react to it. In a nutshell, for those who are not in the know. This tape is about one of the most tragic and resonant dramas that have ever played out on the slopes of Everest. After her, several of its real members wrote books with memories. Including the famous Russian climber Anatoly Bukreev.

"Vertical Limit" (USA, Germany)

Why did I recommend the previous point so cautiously? Yes, because, damn it, #Hollywood The day before yesterday I started watching "Vertical Limit", which also seems to have a rating of more than 7, but it turned out to be just a laugh. Pomaded refined actors with snow-white teeth, including beauties with a cleavage, pretentious dialogues, love-carrots and other Hollywood cliches on the slopes of K2 (the second highest peak in the world). Finished watching, but in some places I wanted to laugh where the filmmakers would like me to cry.

"Touching the Void" (UK, USA)

And why? Because before that I watched "Touching the Void". And this, in my opinion, is the best that I have seen on the topic of mountaineering and mountains. The movie is documentary, but the shooting is very cool. Based on the book by famous climber Joe Simpson. In 1985, he and his friend got into a terrible batch at a seven-thousander in Peru. And both survived, although they had to make very dire decisions. Everything about the film is cool. Frank interviews of the main characters, incredible outdoor shooting, acting as young ambitious climbers, that's all! In general, I will not spoil, but you can not watch everything else from this list, but this film is simply a must!

Alluring Silence (UK)

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