8 best touring bikes of 2016

8 best touring bikes of 2016

If you are thinking about buying a bike in 2020, or looking for a replacement for your "old friend", then, as an option, you can take a closer look at the Touring/Gravel segment.

Since these classes of bicycles are now at their peak of popularity, manufacturers are trying to produce as many models as possible, and retailers are trying to import as many batches of these bicycles as possible.

Already now it is worth taking a closer look at new bikes, because by the opening of the season (and maybe even earlier) the most popular sizes and configurations will be disassembled. Fortunately, manufacturers show in advance the updated collections of their bicycles and those who take care of this issue in advance will be able to snatch the desired bike.

This article will help you choose the right bike for the price and equipment. All bicycles mentioned in the article can be bought in Russia.

Touring bikes (touring bikes)

Shulz Wanderer

One of the most affordable touring bikes on a chrome-molebden frameset is the Shulz Wanderer. # Shulz is a Russian company that has recently started producing so-called adventure bikes - bicycles for cycling and adventure travel. The Shulz Wanderer is one of three new bikes and is the closest touring gravel bike.

If you have the most limited budget, but really want a bike close to touring, then this is your choice!

The frameset, as we have already mentioned, is made of 4130 chromemolebdenum (hereinafter referred to as chromemole). All cables have closed shirts, which is very important for a touring bike. The fork has 3 bonds on each outer side for attaching roof racks, bottle cages and AnyCage-bags, as well as 2 internal (one on each "leg"), which are intended only for the luggage racks. Installation of full-size fenders is possible if desired. The disadvantages are the entry-level transmission and, as a result, the weight. Also, for beginners, it will be problematic to get used to the so-called barend shifters - vintage switches that are attached to the ends of the steering wheel. This type of shifter is used in pedigree touring by Kona and Bombtrack, but for beginners it can be extremely uncomfortable and archaic.

To learn more about this bike, check out our article.

The recommended price for this bike is 39 thousand rubles

Shulz Boys Don’t Cry

World practice

Hiking bike - model overview

Recently, when it became possible to find a quality bike for tourism, there are many more cycling tourism fans. But how to choose a good car, which will pass along mountain paths without unnecessary shaking and stops, and overcome bumps of country roads, and ride on the highway with a breeze.

A hiking bike must be durable and comfortable

Hiking bike: basic requirements

Regardless of whether your future route is laid along steep mountain passes, along forest roads or along an expressway, you should choose a bike for a hike based on the following general principles:

  • Lightness. No matter how smooth the track may be, there will certainly be moments when it is not the bike that will carry you, but you carry or ride the bike. Without this, no bike trip is complete. And if we take into account that the car will still be loaded with the necessary things for the trip, then the weight of the bike itself will play a very large role.
  • Strength. This does not mean resistance to mechanical damage, but all the same luggage loaded onto the frame. The bike must carry it on itself for a long time and this should also be taken into account.
  • Spare parts availability. An important aspect. Even a first grader can adjust the height of the seat or steering wheel, but if something breaks that cannot be repaired with improvised means, it would be nice if even a small provincial town could find the necessary part.
  • Comfort. This primarily refers to the correct fit. It is necessary to take into account the windage, and maneuverability, and endurance of the muscles of the back and arms. It will be ugly when, after a couple of days, you fall out with lower back pain.
  • Availability of additional fasteners. When choosing a suitable model in a specialized store, be sure to pay attention to the availability of these components. If the model does not have a trunk, then the luggage will have to be put in a backpack and hung on your back, and this is absolutely unacceptable for a cyclist going on a multi-day hike.

If at least one of these five requirements is not met, then no matter what famous brand the bike is, it will not be suitable for a long trip.

Touring bike types

There are only four categories of bicycles that are more or less suitable for cycling tourism. They all have their own characteristics, which should be considered more closely.

Mountain Bike (MTB)

First-hand news

In our time, cycling has become very popular not only among young people, but also among older people. And all because the demand for them is very high both among experienced tourists and among beginners. This sport does not require special skills and financial investments, therefore it is available to absolutely everyone, but the choice of bicycles for it should be approached with attention, since tourist bicycles are faithful two-wheeled friends in cycling.

The health benefits of cycling

Cycling has a beneficial effect on the overall well-being of an athlete, provides good physical fitness, helps to tighten the body and tone all the muscles. Thanks to uniform physical activity, all muscle groups are simultaneously strengthened, this is an excellent cardio workout, thanks to which the level of pressure is normalized and the risk of heart attack is reduced. Also, cycling acts as an antidepressant and improves mood.

Some useful facts in favor of cycling:

  • does not require huge cash costs;
  • this is active recreation in nature;
  • getting aesthetic pleasure from beautiful landscapes and landscapes;
  • does not pollute the environment.

The main attribute for cycling is having your own vehicle. Of course, you can use the rental services, but in this case the athlete will not be absolutely sure of his equipment. But in cycling tourism is the main guarantee of a successful vacation.

The huge assortment of existing models, even in the same price range, can be simply confusing. But the choice of decent equipment is a very difficult job. A good hiking bike is not cheap. But in this case, you cannot save on your health and comfort. Considering that the bike will have to cover more than one hundred kilometers across a variety of terrain, from highways to off-road, when choosing a model, be guided by 3 main indicators:

  • reliable frame;
  • reinforced wheels;
  • low specific weight of sports equipment.

And which model to stop on is already a decision that only the tourist must make.

Touring Bike Specifications

Beginner cyclists simply need to know the basic technical characteristics of a good touring bike:

  • Strong base;
  • Ease of use;
  • Straight steering;
  • Triple crank;
  • Comfortable fit;
  • Replacement parts available;
  • Light weight;
  • Strong wheels;
  • Brakes;
  • Trunk or cycling backpack.

Good touring bikes must have a solid frame. It is best if the frame is made of steel or titanium. Aluminum is a harder and more vibration-loaded material. This will affect the quality of the ride, the tourist will find such a trip more tiring. One of the best options is a one-piece frame without shock absorption, which does not require an enormous cost from the athlete, unlike a frame with additional shock absorption.

Not so long ago, touring bicycles were only made to order. Nothing has been manufactured commercially that is strong and reliable enough, with reasonably low gears, wide tire clearances, steering options and great hub compatibility like Rohloff. Nobody would have thought of buying an entire bike a decade ago.

But fortunately, it's already 2016 and now there are so many truly wonderful opportunities for choosing a touring bike!

The Trek team has been making the 520 since 1983, and since the 2000s, they've been focusing on touring spec. In 2004 Surly began to create one of the best mass produced frame options: the LHT (Long Haul Trucker). The LHT frames are robust, have a spoke holder and use long (460mm) lower rear forks. Slowly but surely, other manufacturers are adopting and improving the advantages of LHT, but this process is not fast.

The following bicycles are the finest in the class of modern touring bikes. They are all made of steel (which means they are less prone to bruising), are inexpensive and can be easily modified. They all also have a wide gear range, down to low enough to allow you to climb the highest mountain.

Many of them have cable brakes, which have already proven their reliability many times, even on the longest journeys. Most have gearshift control mechanisms, and this, you see, is incredibly convenient!

Let's move on to a list of the finest and most affordable touring bike models.

Surly Disc Trucker

Surly has long set the standard in the touring bike world. Its geometry is close to ideal and is the only one on this list that is available with 66cm wheels. It comes with an ultra-wide gear range and reliable performance. The price of such a miracle is almost 100,000 rubles.

Specialized AWOL

It was launched a few years ago, but it already has one of the best bike frames on the market: it's the only one on the list that fits Rohloff hubs. The lowest gear may not seem so low at first glance, but the connecting rod system smoothes this out perfectly. Prices for AWOL start at 90,000 rubles.


The Trek 520 is slowly becoming a super-affordable steel touring bike. It is now available in bullet-proof material, cable brakes and excellent frame geometry. The price of the issue is more than 100,000 rubles.

You can't think of yourself as a real cyclist unless you go hiking. Cycling day trips, multi-day trips, or even just a weekend bike ride have many advantages over other outdoor activities. Neither a car nor a bus tour will give you such vivid impressions as a bicycle trip. It will allow you to take a fresh look at something that you have never noticed when traveling by car. You will not regret choosing a bike and you will have a lot of amazing experiences. Only on a bicycle will you feel real freedom - you ride whenever and wherever you want. This is the best way to truly relax and unwind.

Before going on a multi-day bike trip, you must make sure that you have chosen the right touring bike. Not on every bike you can ride more than one hundred kilometers with camping equipment without breakdowns and with comfort, which primarily depends on the correct choice of saddle. There is nothing worse than constantly feeling pain because the bike is not designed to be ridden all day long. For a hike, you need to buy a tourist bike that would provide an almost vertical fit and have a special tourist geometry.

If you are going on a long hike, then you probably want your bike to break down as little as possible, and if it breaks down it can be easily repaired. Also, a touring bike should have a simple design, not contain expensive components and have a frame that could be easily repaired almost anywhere. A steel frame meets these requirements best.

The best bikes for tourism have been selected for this list due to their versatility, ability to withstand miles of travel with a full complement of camping equipment, and low maintenance. All bicycles, without exception, allow the installation of trailers and bike bags. This ranking includes models in a wide variety of price ranges, from the very best touring bikes to more affordable options. Unlike other types of bicycles, tourism bikes do not differ much in price.

As with any bike, before you buy a touring bike, be sure to adjust the bike for yourself and test it. If you are wrong about the size of your hiking bike, it will no longer matter how good the bike is as a whole.

The Ultimate Surly Long Haul Trucker Touring Bike

The first place in this ranking was taken by Surly with its workhorse - the time-tested Long Haul Trucker. As the name suggests, you can easily drive around half the country without any problems. Surly touring bikes can travel thousands of kilometers with a full set of equipment. Indeed, the best touring bike is the one on which you can make any trip without breakdowns and comfortably - whether it be within a city, a country or around the world. The Surly is available in nine frame sizes and two wheel sizes - 26 "and 700cc. There are two pairs of mounting holes on the fork and plenty of holes to mount your rack. You won't ever have a problem with this dependable bike, but when you're away from home, it's nice to know that a steel frame is much easier to repair than a frame made of any other material.The quality components and reliability of this bike will give you confidence on a long hike.

Trek Touring Bike

The Trek 520 is a classic steel touring bike. Like most bikes designed for touring, it has a low profile which makes it easier to maintain balance on the bike, especially when fully loaded. The Trek 520 comes with a rear rack, so you just have to load it up and hit the road. Thanks to the quality Shimano drivetrain, gear changes are quick and precise, which is especially important on long journeys. Trek has perfected the design of this bike over the years and it justly deserves the title of one of the most comfortable touring bikes. Although this is one of the most expensive bikes in the ranking, if you have enough money to buy it, then it will not disappoint you.

Novara Randonee Tourism Bike

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