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Ski resorts in Saratov and the Saratov region

Sun, air, snow, frost are the best companions for active winter holidays. In Saratov and the region there are excellent conditions for skiing and cross-country skiing. Here are 5 places where you can go skiing and snowboarding in the Saratov region.

Ski resort "Khvalynsky"

The Khvalynsky ski resort is located in the north of the Saratov region, it is rightfully considered the best among competitors. The history of the resort began in 2005 on the Khvalynskaya Volga Upland, 379 meters above sea level. Lovers of downhill skiing and snowboarding come here every year.

Scheme of the slopes of the Khvalne ski resort

Resort Facilities:

The Khvalynsky ski resort is rightfully considered one of the best in the Saratov region. Residents from neighboring regions come here to relax and ride.

Ski center "Assol"

The Assol ski center in the Saratov region is located near Volsk. It has existed for more than 10 years and only professionals ride here. Let's explain why now.

The slopes here will not show off their length and height difference, the longest stretched only 450 meters, and the height difference is 45 m.But the slope here is short, narrow and steep, which only experienced skiers can handle. for maneuvering is not here.

Resort Facilities:

Of course, the ski center "Assol" in its infrastructure cannot be compared with the "Khvalynsky", but here extreme alpine skiing and snowboarding can get a huge dose of adrenaline.

Ski base "Luch"

The ski base "Luch" is located in the vicinity of the city of Saratov. This base has become a favorite place for families with children. And no wonder, the elevation difference here is small, only 42 meters, and the longest track stretches for 300 meters.

Winter is coming. Frost hit the street. All in anticipation of snow and anticipation of the New Year holidays. What to do in winter on a winter weekend? This is a great time for active winter holidays. There are many ski resorts with different slopes in Saratov. For beginners and professionals. For you, we have collected TOP-5 ski resorts in Saratov and the Saratov region. Where you can go not only skiing, but also snowboarding. And so we went.

Mountain base "Grove"

It is located within the city of Saratov. In a forested area. You can get there both by public transport and by car. On the territory there is a rental, a warm cafe, and a sauna.

To ride, there are 3 tracks from 500 to 680 meters long. At night, 2 tracks are illuminated, which allows you to ride not only during the day, but also in the dark (because we remember that in winter it gets dark in our lane for 17 hours). To climb to the top, you can use the drag lift, and there is a baby lift for children.

Address: Saratov, st. Suvorov 63a

Park Hotel "Vishnevaya Gora"

The park-hotel complex also includes a ski base. "Vishnevaya Gora", like the "Grove", is located within the city in a forested area. On its territory there are two ski slopes of varying difficulty. There is a ski lift for children on the slope for beginners, and for adults on a more difficult track. There is a ski slope preparation system that allows you to start the ski season earlier. There is also a rental service that you can use. This is a good place to relax with the whole family.

Address: Saratov, 2nd Pharmacy, 11

Ski complex "Assol"

It is located near Volsk. He has been working for over 10 years. Most of the riders are professionals, that is. the slope is very steep and narrow. Only experienced athletes can do it. There are 5 tracks, 2 lifts, lighting. There are also ramps and jumps for snowboarders. This place is suitable mainly for extreme lovers who want to get a dose of adrenaline.

Address: Volsk, st. Firstova, 55

Sun, snow, frost, clean air, beautiful landscape and winter landscapes are the best companions for active winter holidays. In Saratov and the region, excellent conditions have been created for skiers and snowboarders, there are already six ski resorts and complexes to experience the adrenaline and delight of downhill skiing along a winding, snow-covered track, as well as instill a love of the whole family for sledging and other active mountain activities. If you wish, you can get up on skis without spending a lot on the purchase of equipment, and the division of trails into several types according to the level of training of athletes - for beginners, intermediate athletes and professionals - allows every vacationer to spend time fully and feel confident.

In the Saratov region, as well as throughout Russia, ski tourism is developing and guests are offered ever better service and interesting proposals. Skiers, who until now preferred to go on vacation further into the mountains, switch to local skiing. For winter sports enthusiasts, there is no better vacation than a trip to the ski resort. You can go skiing with friends and with children, but it is not at all necessary to go somewhere far. A varied landscape, ski slopes created by nature itself - these are the main prerequisites for winter recreation in our region. Modern ski resorts have appeared on the map of the region, where skiing tracks are open for every taste - from calm, gentle routes to steep, sports slopes. Here you can rent alpine skis, go snowboarding to your heart's content, and then warm up with strong tea in a buffet or cafe. Staying in the fresh air will strengthen your health, and sports will cheer you up, well, and the affordable location and prices will give you the opportunity to go skiing and snowboarding all winter.

Ski base "Grove"

Extreme sports are the best rest from everyday problems and routine, a kind of escape from reality (better than drugs and alcohol) into a world where your status does not depend on your intellect. Young people at all times were distinguished by radical views, therefore, first of all, it is among the youth that extreme sports are most widespread. It is the thirst for risk and the pursuit of thrills that brings many here. But this is not a reason for those who think that they are already "for.", And can continue to lie on the couch near the TV. Both young and old come here to ride and relax. The Roshcha ski base is located in a unique place in the city of Saratov, in the forest - the lungs of the city, close to the city center, 30 minutes drive by almost any public transport. The ROSCHA ski base is 100% rest in winter and summer. If you are passionate about alpine skiing and love fresh frosty air, speed and thrill, then this kind of winter sports and recreation is just for you. How about spinning the pedals of a bicycle with the whole family and traveling around Kumysnaya Polyana? This is also for you. The base has a two-story building of 340 sq. ., which contains: cafe, rental, recreation room.

Saratov region Saratov - st. uvorova 63a

Ski slope of the Vishnevaya Gora Park Hotel

The infrastructure of the complex includes two ski slopes of various configurations. They are served by a quality Austrian lift, as well as a children's lift on a gentle slope for beginners. The system of artificial snowmaking helps to prepare the ski slopes, which allows you to open the season without waiting for snow - just the presence of sub-zero temperatures is enough.

Saratov region Saratov - 1st Dachnaya, 2nd Pharmacy proezd, 11 (Rodnika district)

Skat Ski Club

Skat Ski Club invites its visitors to plunge into a pleasant atmosphere and clean air. An active holiday on the ski slopes is not only a pleasant pastime, but also a great way to improve your health. Ski club "Skat" and the slopes of the King's Garden are the best places for freeride skiing and snowboarding. Ski club "Skat" is not only the longest slide in Saratov, an excellent place for freeride skiing, but also a large and convenient parking lot. Want to go snow tubing? This is also in "Skat". The track is snow-ice, the speed is good, and most importantly, there are few people, you won't have to queue. In between rides, you can drink delicious herbal tea from a real charcoal samovar.

About the resort

The main ski season is from December to March (if the snow cover allows it, then to April).

Winters in Saratov are mild, no sudden temperature changes are observed. The average temperature in winter is within -15 degrees.

Trails and lifts

Those who have already visited this resort claim that the ski complex is perfect for beginners and skiers with minimal experience, since it is best to practice on your slopes before going to European resorts.

The slopes on Vishneva Mountain are quite gentle, have a very slight slope (no more than 20 degrees).

You can climb to the beginning of the trail on a quality Austrian drag-type lift.

Lovers of evening skiing can not worry that it gets dark early - all the tracks and slopes are well lit, so evening skiing is quite real.

Artificial snowmaking systems in the Vishnevaya Gora complex allow you to start the season even when the snow cover has not reached the required level.

Prices and services

Lifting cost:

  • 1 ascent - 30/40 rubles;
  • 1 hour of ascents - 250/300 rubles;
  • 1 hour on a training slope - 100/150 rubles;
  • children under 8 years old go free of charge (accompanied by an adult);
  • deposit for a ski pass - 100 rubles.

When arriving at a ski resort, it is not at all necessary to bring ski equipment with you (especially when the trip is for the first time), you can rent everything on the spot. Moreover, the employees of the rental office will tell you about the features of skis and snowboards, and will select a model individually.

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Saratov is rich in sights! We love our city very much and are happy to show it to you! We will organize for you: hotel accommodation; transport services, transfers (including VIP); rest at the tourist centers of the region; excursion programs for any number of days; assistance in organizing corporate events. We accept both individual tourists and tourist groups.

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