6th grade

6th grade

OBZH class Preparing and conducting hikes

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Hiking tourism is currently the most widespread, due to its availability. Let's talk first about the features of hiking on flat terrain.

When driving on level ground with a backpack, the speed reaches 3.5 - 4 km/h, and when driving through a forest, swamp, sand, through a bush, the pace decreases by about 1/3, and sometimes more. When walking, the tourist's torso leans forward slightly to balance the weight of the backpack. The stride should be of medium length. The feet turn slightly outward and are placed from the heel with a roll onto the toe. The supporting leg is not fully extended.

Long walking on very hard surfaces - stone, concrete and asphalt roads - should be avoided: this will protect your legs from muscle pain and abrasions.

You should not talk on difficult sections of the path: conversations knock down the rhythm of breathing, irritate tired tourists.

Order of movement of the marching group

Tourists move in a column, one person at a time - in single file. When moving along a route, it is necessary to be no further than the limits of visual or voice communication from each other.

You cannot move outside the column, as this increases the likelihood of loss of orientation, injury, etc.

The pace of movement of the pedestrian group is usually determined by the conditions of the terrain and weather based on the rule: alignment according to the weakest.

Rhythm of movement is one of the main means of preserving strength and increasing human performance. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the regime of a hiking day, which should provide the necessary rhythm in the alternation of loads and rest. As you remember, the transition regime usually consists of 40 minutes of movement and 10-20 minutes of rest on small halts.

Although the mode of movement significantly depends on the area of ​​travel, the season and other factors, in the first half of the day you will have to go up to 2/3 of the day's crossing, which takes from 3 to 5 walking hours.

The line of movement on foot is determined by the features of the relief, vegetation and the presence of trails. Therefore, it is necessary to be prepared for various ways of choosing the direction of travel.

Package tour or independent travel? All the pros and cons

Hiking is a kind of outdoor activities. They are classified by type, duration and purpose. For some, a tourist trip is the conquest of a new peak and increased stress, for others - a joint vacation with friends in the fresh air.

If you are thinking of embarking on the path of tourism, determine what type of activity you can master. Do not hesitate to ask more experienced comrades for advice and do not be upset if you do not understand something. After all, even seasoned travelers once went on their first hiking trip ...

Classification of tourist trips

Any hiking trip, regardless of the difficulty category of the route, requires certain skills and suitable equipment.

And in order not to waste time and money on the acquisition of obviously unnecessary things, first of all, sort out the purpose of the hike: testing your own capabilities or outdoor activities?

Types of hiking trips are different in terms of difficulty, duration, nature and purpose.

Tourist routes are classified by:

  • the way of crossing (on foot, skiing, bicycle, car, boat, train, etc.);
  • the purpose of the trip (sports, scientific, religious , wellness, cognitive);
  • duration (short-term, medium-term, long-term);
  • season (year-round, warm season, winter);
  • contingent of participants ( school, youth, family, professionally oriented);
  • form: linear - the beginning and end of the path in different places, circular - the starting point and the ending point of the path coincide, radial - exits from the established camp are periodically made.

In the process of preparing for a tourist trip, it is classified into one of 6 categories of difficulty. Criteria: the duration of the tour, the length of the route, the requirements for the physical training of the participants.

Competent organization and conduct of the hike will help to avoid injuries.

Next, we will consider the types of tourism that are classified as the most massive and interesting travel.

Hiking (traverse)

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